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Yocan Lit Atomizer
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Dipper Vapor Tip - 2 Pack
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Airistech Dabble Coils
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Yocan Torch 2020 Battery
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High Five Duo Carb Cap
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Yocan HIT Mouthpiece
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Source Versa Ceramic Bucket
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Source Versa Quartz Bucket
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Source Versa Titanium Bucket
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Source Versa Atomizer
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G Pen Roam Battery
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G Pen Roam Mouthpiece
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G Pen Roam Glass Hydrotube
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G Pen Roam Quartz Tank
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FadeSpace 11mm SIC Insert
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FadeSpace V2 SiC PEAK Insert
Regular price $150.00
Carta Titanium Atty Lid
Regular price $60.00
G Pen Connect Tank
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G Pen Connect Battery
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Atmos Vicod Vaporizer
Regular price $99.00 $59.50
Carta Replacement Glass Top
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Carta Glass Carb Cap
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Yocan Stix Battery
Regular price $12.99
Yocan Evolve Charger
Regular price $9.99
Yocan Evolve Atomizer
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Ooze Cryo Glycerin Bowl
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Source Orb 4 Attachment
Regular price $34.95
Atmos Magna Vaporizer
Regular price $54.95
AtmosRx Vaporizer
Regular price $49.95
KandyPens RUBI Pod
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Source Orb XL V2 Attachment
Regular price $59.95
Yocan Evolve-D Coils
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Dr. Dabber Ghost Battery
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Dr. Dabber Light Top
Regular price $18.95
Puffco Plus Dart 3 Pack
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Puffco Pro 2 Atomizer
Regular price $19.99
Puffco Pro 2 Charger
Regular price $7.99
PAX Oven Lid
Regular price $12.99
PAX Screens
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Pulsar APX W Atomizer Tank
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DaVinci Screen Pack
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DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber
Regular price $10.95
DaVinci Flexi-Straw (Short)
Regular price $14.95
DaVinci Wall Charger
Regular price $19.95
Firefly 2 External Charger
Regular price $34.99
Atmos Kiln RA Cartridge
Regular price $36.95
Puffco Torus
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Yocan NYX Coils - 5 Pack
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Puffco PEAK Bowl - 3 Pack
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Vaporizer Parts  

Like any device, vehicle or equipment, maintenance is as important as performance. Your vaporizer is no exception.   

The very basic vaporizer setup is made out of three parts, the mouthpiece, and the heating element/chamber and the battery. Every component is as important as the other and works to keep the unit functioning properly. To keep your vaporizer performing in tip-top shape, it’s important to secure and inspect these parts. Preventive maintenance can save you money in the long run rather than waiting for the whole device to just break off. Whether you’re using a desktop vaporizer, a portable vaporizer or a smaller pen-type vaporizer you’re sure to find what you need in our wide array of collection of vaporizer parts.   

Here at VapeActive, we make sure that all the vaporizer parts in our collection of products are checked and are picked by our professional vaporizer users. Our team is a mix of veteran vape users and vape beginners who can give us a mixed insight into what’s hot and what’s not in the vaporizer industry. Many of the more famous and well-known vaporizer brands will come with various vaporizer parts from both the manufacturer and even from third-party entities that manufacture vaporizer parts for a specific vaporizer product. Case in point, products like the FadeSpace V2 SiC Peak Insert, and the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment set. These products were manufactured by a company for the Puffco Peak and not by Puffco themselves. We do search for products such as these to provide you some of the best vaporizer parts on the market both produced by the manufacturer or manufactured by a third-party company. There are many vaporizer parts out there and it may be confusing to find the best vaporizer part for your device especially if you’re a vaporizer beginner. So, trust in VapeActive to deliver and give you some of the most competitive vaporizer parts sold at the most competitive prices online. Make sure to shop for vaporizer parts only here at VapeActive.   

Importance of Replacement Parts in Vaporizers  

Ask any car guy, a motorcycle fanatic, or anyone who uses tech gadgets. The availability of parts for replacement and upgrade plays a major role in deciding which vehicle or gadget to buy. The same thing can be said with vaporizers. Many consumers see vaporizers as an investment, especially ones that use vaporizers to help them medicate. Many medicating patients use vaporizers to help them manage a slew of medical situations like anxiety, stress, constant pain, inflammation of muscles, and so on. These types of consumers require a reliable and a dependable means of allowing them to reap the benefits of their prescribed medication and could not afford to spend tons of money on cheap, disposable vaporizers that break as soon as you get them out of the box. That’s why those who look for professional quality vapors use professional quality vaporizers.   

Like other devices with moving parts and pieces, vaporizer parts do break down and wear out in time. The fact that these components sit close to a heating element adds more pressure they can sustain and contributes to the many factors that weaken and break these components eventually. So, a vaporizer that can let you change and replace its parts and components make for an even better investment. Instead of having to shell out money to buy a vaporizer for the full price, you can just buy the parts that were broken and have them replaced yourself. Plus, it saves you the trouble and the costs of having to ship your vaporizer back to the manufacturer and go without a vaporizer for days – and worse, for weeks.   

So, having replacement parts in vaporizer plays a critical and important role in how you use and how long your vaporizer will be in use. Likewise, the ability to find the proper replacement part for your vaporizer is as important. That said, make sure to check VapeActive for the latest vaporizer parts online. We are the home of the best and the latest vaporizer parts. Buy your vaporizer parts online with VapeActive.   

Desktop Vaporizer Parts  

Desktop vaporizers have been in the vaping game since vaping was invented, they’re considered as dinosaurs in the colossal sense of the word and are even considered as the golden standard in vaporization. Desktop vaporizers are meant to big since they tend to pack more power and are equipped with more technology compared to any other class of vaporizer.  

Desktop vaporizers have been in production since the 1990s, it was the age when modern desktop vaporizers are being introduced to the general public. Since then, the desktop vaporizer has evolved from the traditional whip-style to the modern age remote controlled units. Because they’ve been out there for a while now, the desktop vaporizers have seen different forms of innovation and transformation making it the vaporizer class with the most number or replacement parts. With a massive breadth and more technology to accommodate, desktop vaporizers offer a wide range of customization and personalization options for consumers to enjoy.   

Here are a few.   


They’re the most used part of a desktop vaporizer and the most likely to be the first part to be replaced. Whips are in most cases made out of medical-grade plastic in which you draw the vapor. They’re highly resistant to heat and since they made from medical grade components, you’re sure to be safe from any harmful effects even after prolonged exposure. However, because they are the main passageway from where the vapors travel, you may find that your whip comes with buildups of residue from the vapor.   


Glassware can be found in almost every class of vaporizer, from the smallest to the biggest. Glassware is known to be highly resistant to thermal shock, especially the tough and durable borosilicate glasses that are commonly found in laboratories. Glassware aid and improve your vaping experience and has been widely considered as a component that could affect the taste of the vapors to the very least. Once a common piece on desktop vaporizers, glassware is now more common on vape e-rigs. They allow vape e-rigs to filter and cool the vapor down for better vapor output.   


Like glassware, mouthpieces are an essential piece of desktop vaporizers and can be seen with all types of vapes. Mouthpieces can be attached to the whip on a desktop vaporizer allowing for a more convenient drawing experience. Often vaporizer mouthpieces are to be replaced because they go dirty with all the mouth-pressing happening during sessions. In many cases, especially when using vaporizers for large group sessions, many consumers may replace their mouthpieces because it could be unhealthy to use mouthpieces that have been used by many other individuals.   


Yes, you’ve read it right. Desktop vaporizers have balloons, balloons are used to contain air which is the product of convection heating in dry herb desktop vaporizers and either convection or conduction for dab rigs or desktop wax and concentrate vaporizers. These balloons come in different sizes and are outfitted with adapters that easily attach to your rig and keeps the vapor inside the balloon. Balloons are a good way of having to take your vapors with you within the house. Plus, it also cools the vapors down if you let it sit in for a while.  

Steamrollers and Bubblers

Steamrollers and bubblers are pipes that can be attached to the desktop vaporizer for a more cooler vapor output to give a more comfortable vaping experience that’s easy to the lungs.  

Here are just some of the attachments that can be affixed to your desktop unit, every vaporizer part here in VapeActive are perfectly compatible with most desktop vaporizers. Be sure to check and read the product descriptions for more information.   

Portable Vaporizer Parts  

Portable vaporizers are more of a compact carry around the unit and have fewer components than the desktop vaporizers. However, its small size does not stop it from having so many replacement parts and, like their desktop counterparts, portable vaporizers come close to the point of extreme customization. It’s almost impressive how vaporizer developers can use such a small canvas to attach a wide variety of components like replacement and upgrade parts to help you customize and personalize your session.   

When wanting to use portable vaporizers, it’s best to search online through online vape stores like VapeActive, where searching for portable vaporizer replacement parts can be easily accessed through a maintained can curated page with a wide collection of portable vaporizer replacement parts you can easily choose from. Make sure to buy your vaporizer parts online from VapeActive.   


Portable vaporizer mouthpieces come in different shapes and sizes, from silicone mouthpieces made from materials that are extremely resistant to heat to glass mouthpieces and metal mouthpieces that are both stylish and functional. Mouthpieces made from high-quality materials ensure that the heat from the actual heating element will not cause the mouthpiece to chemically react to heat and affect the quality of your materials and your vapors. That’s why selecting a high-quality mouthpiece is important in making sure your sessions are of the utmost quality.   

Tanks and Atomizers

Another quintessential part of the portable vaporizer is the heating element/chamber, they are composed of coils and atomizers, and in some cases for e-juices and oil concentrates tanks. In some cases, different parts can be used regardless of what brand they are, especially the 510 threaded atomizers that can be attached to a compatible box mod or battery.   

Depending on the type of material you plan to use, portable vaporizer parts such as tanks and atomizers may vary. As an example, dry herb vaporizers usually come with chambers that are like ovens that can heat your herbs without affecting the overall quality of your herbs and without burning the botanical plant matter inside the oven. When using wax concentrates, the common heating element comes with rods made from quartz or ceramic wrapped in a titanium wire. In other cases, heating elements may use cups without rods for better vaporization. E-juice and e-liquid blends are often housed in tanks but modern-day portable vaporizers now use pods that act as tanks to hold your liquid materials in a leak-proof container. Pods also offer a more convenient means of reloading and connecting it to the battery. That said, we go to the next replaceable part of your portable vaporizer...  


Since portable vapes aren’t designed to stick to a wall socket their batteries must be in good condition. Most portable vaporizers are designed to accommodate swappable and interchangeable lithium-ion batteries compared to vape pens that have built-in batteries. The batteries are commonly 18650 batteries that can be replaced as they go. Batteries are arguably one of the most important parts of a portable vaporizer and the part where you should put most of your investment on.   

Many vaporizer users come across news about issues with portable vaporizer devices having sparked or even exploded. One of the most common mistakes is mishandling batteries which eventually lead to the said problem. Make sure to check out high-quality batteries from a variety of renowned vaporizer manufacturers for a safe vaping experience.   


Chargers are essential when you’re vaping on portable devices. Heck, where are you supposed to plug your vaporizer on without the charger? Most chargers for portable vaporizers are USB compatible, allowing you to charge virtually almost anywhere. This means that you need not search for a wall outlet the moment your vaporizer tells you that the battery is about to go out. So long as you’ve got a computer, a laptop, a power bank, you’d sure to be able to charge your vaporizer. Some chargers are intended for vehicle use so you won't miss out on vaping.  

Portable vaporizers surprisingly have a lot to offer when it comes to parts replacement. Be sure to check our collection for dependable and genuine replacement parts. VapeActive is the best place to start when looking for a vaporizer replacement part online. We’re the home of the best vaporizer parts online so make sure to buy your replacement and upgrade parts from us.   

Pen Vaporizers  

Pen vaporizers are somewhat of a subcategory of portable vapes, pen-type vapes are known for their highly transportable and stealthy design. Ingenious engineering and well thought of layout are something that made the pen-type vaporizers seemingly the smallest yet most popular class of vaporizer. Surprisingly, with its very little space, pen-type vaporizers are actually one of the most stylish, fun and cool looking vapes. With brands like KandyPens producing the Flacko Joyde and the Special K Vape, Atmos’ Tyga X Shine Kiln RA Vaporizer and Grenco Science having products like G Pen Elite Phil Frost X Burton Edition, there’s a lot of cool-looking devices to choose from.   

Moreover, despite its small and compact stature, vape pens or dab pens surprisingly have a lot of features to offer. And, when there are more features to cover, there are more replacement parts to find. From atomizers, batteries, mouthpieces, and airflow adjustment tools, portable vaporizers come with various parts and pieces.   


For most vape pens and dab pens, atomizers are the name of the game, brands like #TTR and KandyPens, both labels have innovated the atomizer game with their patented atomizer technologies. Atomizers come in many variations like coil-less atomizers, coiled atomizers, ceramic atomizers, and quartz atomizers to name a few. Atomizers are closely linked to the vapor output of vape pens, from flavorful wisps of clouds to intense beefy and highly visible clouds of vapor.   

They also use a wide variety of materials allowing consumers to enjoy and achieve varied results. For one, quartz atomizers are often used with wax concentrates because of their ability to quickly heat up and gather energy to immediately vaporize your wax concentrates. They offer almost on-demand results so you can quickly reap the benefits your materials have to offer. On the other end of the spectrum, ceramic is often seen of dry herb botanical vaporizers because of their low and slow heating properties. By heating the herbs slowly, they get vaporized without reaching the point of combustion.   

Coils also play a huge part in how to vape pen and dab pen atomizers function. Coiled atomizers leave room for the materials to cling onto. When wax concentrate and even dry herb strains are heated and vaporized, they leave out residue that can stick onto the coils and the rods. On the other hand, atomizers without rods can vaporize your materials cleanly. All these atomizers and atomizer types offer their own sets of advantages and disadvantages so make sure to choose wisely and appropriately when wanting to buy replacement parts for your vaporizer.   

Atomizer Bases

Atomizer bases are parts of the dab pen or vape pen where the atomizer sits. In modern vape pens, atomizer bases offer customizability with the use of airflow. The base can hold components and tools that allow you to tighten and loosen small holes to allow a controlled amount of air. While it may seem an unimportant and an inconsequential part of your vaporizer pen you think you can do without, your atomizer base allows you to control how thin or how dense the vapors are, how cool or how hot the vapors can be, and how flavorful or how bland the vapors taste.   

Atomizer bases can also fit other accessories like a lanyard hanging hole so you can carry and wear your vaporizer pen even without holding it or putting it inside your pocket. Lanyards come useful when in parties, events like concerts, and places where you might want to take a drag every now and then.   

There’s more to explore in our vaporizer parts section. Be sure to browse through our collection of choice replacement and upgrade parts. Make sure to check out VapeActive to the best vape pen and dab pen parts online.   

Special Vaporizer Parts  

While there are common vaporizer parts, there are some vaporizer parts that are special and are made specifically for certain vaporizers. Because they are made for only specific products, these replacements and upgrade parts are made in small numbers so having to find and track them may prove to be difficult.   

Instead of buying from shady and suspicious-looking websites, make sure to buy from the best source of vape parts online, buy from VapeActive.   

Special Storz & Bickel Vaporizer Parts