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Exxus vaporizers are as easy to use as they are affordable, they have been made from high quality raw materials and are fashioned by some of the best minds in the industry. We carry original and authentic Exxus Vape products like Exxus vape pen battery, Exxus cartridge battery, Exxus box mods, as well as Exxus coils. Choose from a wide array of dab pens for wax and dab pens for oils made by Exxus only here at VapeActive.

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Best EXXUS Products Under $50

Here at VapeActive, we make reasonably-priced vaporizers more affordable. Get select Exxus vaporizers as well as Exxus accessories and replacement parts for under $50.00 and enjoy top-notch vaping with likewise top-notch shopping experience. Get original and authentic Exxus vaporizer products on the cheap by buying them online only here at VapeActive.

Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer is one of the few cartridge devices that improves the traditional and conventional means of cartridge use. It boasts several new features you simply won’t easily find on devices in its class and category.

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Exxus Snap VV Vaporizer

Exxus Snap VV Vaporizer

Exxus Snap VV uses premium ceramic components which improve the quality of your oil concentrates and elevates your overall vaping experience. Ceramic is known for its porous attributes, it can absorb liquefied materials which permeates the ceramic components and results to vapors with fuller flavors.

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Exxus Snap Vaporizer

Exxus Snap Vaporizer

Exxus Snap is one of the best and most convenient oil concentrate vaporizers in the industry boasting a leak-proof design which allows on-the-go concentrate consumers to take the Exxus Snap with them almost anywhere they go. With its compact and sleek finish, the Exxus Snap is the ideal portable oil vaporizer.

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Exxus Tap VV Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Tap VV Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Tap VV Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer, this small and compact vape pen battery looks like any common device from the outside but is packed with a variable voltage battery in the inside. And what’s more, it uses a different way to toggle through the temperature settings – the likes you’ve never seen before.

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About Exxus

Exxus Vape is considered one of today’s best manufacturer and retailer for devices like wax vapes and dab pens. While theirs is not a story of overnight success, they are a good example that the longer you stay in the business, the better you become at playing it. Exxus Vape has been in the industry for over 25 years, their collective experience in the field of manufacturing and sales gave them the know-how to manage, operate, and ultimately strive in the vaporizer industry. While the brand itself has only been established in 2014, their knowledge of how things work and the business of vaporizers overall has been something Exxus Vape has already been practicing for years.

After its institution, Exxus Vapes immediately caught the attention of vape users and consumers because of the quality of vaporizer products they produce. They have dedicated their time and effort to researching and developing new products that deviate from the traditional design and engineering you’d find on average devices. Products manufactured by Exxus are seen as competitive and are effective means of consuming different kinds of materials like wax, herbs, and even thick oils and other runny e-liquids. Like many manufacturers, it has always been Exxus Vape’s goal to create high-quality products that can be sold at a reasonable price. However, what sets them apart is their commitment to developing even greater and deeper ties with their clientele, business partners, and especially the end users. No other company or institution have been so focused and centered to customer and partner relations as Exxus Vapes.

Exxus: Revolutionary in Design

Exxus Vape

One of the biggest allures of Exxus Vape products is their seemingly unconventional approach to designing and engineering their products. Today’s market offers a slew of vape products that look and function as the same. If you would notice, you can see many vaporizers and vape-related products seemingly having the same pattern in terms of form and function. Exxus saw this monotony amongst vape products that proliferate the market. They were probably the first ones to release and launch a portable vaporizer with a built-in charging cable in it so you no longer have to worry about ever having to carry unnecessary paraphernalia when traveling or simply when you want to go out and about.

They set a new example and a new meaning for the word portable. This is one of the reasons why the future looks good for supporters and followers of the Exxus Vape brand!

If you’re the type of consumer who always wants to stand out either with new technology or with better design, the Exxus Vape line is the right one for you.

Small and Compact Exxus Vapes

Many vaporizers have been known for a certain trait and peculiarity or a feature which made them famous. Exxus Vape products have been known for their ability to perform even if they’re small and portable. Many portable devices are seen as just alternatives to larger and bulkier devices because of the mediocre performance of average portable units as well as them being somewhat insufficient and lacking certain features present or native to larger units.

Exxus Vape saw this as a challenge and have developed products that are highly capable of doing what it was supposed to allowing many consumers to reap the value of buying devices from Exxus Vape. Today, Exxus Vape has proven themselves in the vaporizer industry and is now one of the most sought-after vape brands on the market. They make high-quality devices that are made simple so that even vape beginners and even advanced users can enjoy the simplicity and the rudimentary design of their products.

Their products are made to develop a rock-solid foundation for Exxus Vape’s reputation as a vaporizer manufacturer. Exxus learned that this is how they develop good business relationships with the industry, with the community. By manufacturing high-quality devices, their products will then speak for themselves.

Sturdy and Solid

Exxus Vape

Exxus Vape devices are built to withstand minor wear and tear; they opt to use high-quality raw materials to ensure the durability of their products. Exxus Vape has focused its manufacturing efforts into the portable vaporizer platform. Their extensive knowledge, as well as their research, led them to believe that portable vaporizers are the kind that gets subjected to the most stress due to daily carrying activity.

Because these devices are made small and compact, what we do is keep them inside our pockets when they’re not in our hands. While in our pockets, these vaporizers have to deal with accidental bumps, get hit by the corners of your table, or sometimes banged accidentally as you open a door. In some cases, they get knocked off your hands or you just drop them accidentally. Unlike larger and more stationary desktop devices, portable vaporizers are meant to be carried around, they’re meant to provide consumers an on-the-go vaping experience. So, it’s kind of inevitable that these devices get dropped or hit frequently.

With this in mind, Exxus Vapes used highly durable components on their devices like quartz glass, high rate discharge lithium-ion batteries, strong magnets, and magnetic adapters, ceramic-based heating elements, and durable materials as housing for their vaporizers.

All these make purchasing a product from Exxus Vape a worthwhile investment.

Why Exxus Vape?

Exxus Vape does not only boast high-quality products, but they also have a wide selection of vaporizers and vape-related accessories you can choose from. They specialize in manufacturing vaporizers for herbs, concentrates, and thick oils. The vaporizers they make are compact, sleek, and durable allowing consumers to take advantage of having to use a small device with comparably similar performance to its larger and beefier counterparts. They stay unconventional and innovative which is emanated from the products they make. This is why many consumers find buying and using vaporizers from Exxus Vape satisfying and fulfilling. Exxus Vape believes that vaping should not be boring, this state of atmosphere radiates from the manufacturer to the end users themselves. It’s only natural to see Exxus Vape users as fun-loving, light-hearted, and lively individuals. You can see the way their products are designed and engineered to be functional, practical, and fun.

Another reason why many consumers find Exxus Vape a good brand is because they always keep their devices in stock. This is why VapeActive, is proud to carry vaporizers from Exxus Vape. There will always be devices in stock so you won’t have to wait for long delivery times before you get your orders. Because Exxus Vape always keeps their products well stocked, we experience no delay in delivery allowing us to provide timely shipments. This contributes to our long and standing commitment as a re-seller; to make fast and timely distribution of orders.

Exxus Vape also prides itself as a company that puts its customers first. This means that they ensure their clients are always happy and maintain a lifelong business relationship with them. This involves partners as well as other companies that supply them with raw materials, re-sellers and authorized partners like VapeActive, as well as consumer communities and individual end users themselves. They want customers for life which is why they hired a slew of skilled and talented professionals working as their customer representatives so businesses and individual consumers can easily get in touch with them.

Exxus Vape treats customers and partners as extended families making Exxus Vape a brand to consider.

The Exxus Guarantee

Exxus Vape knows that a manufacturers word is only as good as its actions. Which is why they guarantee that all devices that leave their production line pass the strictest form of management and policies that govern the entire manufacturing process implemented and followed by Exxus Vape. The same goes for all replacement parts and accessories made for each of their devices, they are built to Exxus Vape specifications allowing them to be used with ease and with precision in conjunction with each of their devices.

The quality of the products they make is proof of how serious they take product quality and development. They aim to elevate product manufacturing to a whole new level and set an example and a standard in which other manufacturers will follow suit. They know that they have a reputation to maintain which is why they work really hard to ensure that all their efforts to build the brand will not go to waste.

This is why Exxus Vape ensures that all authentic and original items branded with the Exxus logo will have no form of manufacturer defect whatsoever. They are designed and engineered to work flawlessly. Ultimately, Exxus Vape’s goal is to build a reputation that whenever you pick up an Exxus Vape original branded device, you’ll have that full confidence that you’re buying a product made with excellent craftsmanship as well as an item made with careful attention to detail and handiwork. This drives the Exxus Vape brand to inevitable success and the path to achieving exceptional-quality products.

Exxus Best Sellers

VapeActive is proud to carry some of Exxus Vape’s best-selling devices. Here are some of the products on our vape catalog. 

The Exxus Snap VV

Exxus Snap VV

One of Exxus Vape’s most successful vaporizers come in the form of a portable cartridge battery. The Exxus Snap VV is a variable voltage vape battery that can accommodate a wide range of cartridges used for vaping waxes and other forms of extracts like thick oils and e-liquids. It boasts a slim and sleek body allowing many consumers to enjoy a definitive on-the-go vaping experience. The Exxus Snap VV takes its name from its variable voltage design, hence, “VV.” It has offered not only three but four fine-tuned preset temperature profiles allowing you to take full advantage of your select extracts and elicit your preferred results by changing and altering the voltage level of the device itself.

It is common knowledge that different levels of temperature make the concentrates react differently, having four temperature levels that are designed specifically for the vaporization of extracts opens up a whole new spectrum of effects allowing you to enjoy all the benefits your materials have to offer.

The Exxus Snap VV is powered by a high rate discharge battery that’s capable of providing the portable unit with the power it needs to vaporize your materials. You’ll be surprised at how efficient this battery is – a testament to the ingenious design you can only expect from Exxus Vape.

Exxus Push

One noteworthy device we’re proud to have on our online store is the Exxus Push. The Exxus Push pushes the boundaries in which portable vaporizers are known to operate. One of the limitations of using a portable vaporizer that you’re somehow bound to lose power because you’re running on a portable power source. Because you’re bound to recharging the battery at a certain point, you’re compelled to carry a charger almost anytime you have to go out and about. The Exxus Push changes how we see and use portable vaporizers, it boasts and offers an innovative way of charging your portable vaporizer. By incorporating the charger into the battery and having the charger built-in on the unit allows you to virtually never have to carry a charger anymore. A USB charging cable is intuitively hidden and attached to the battery without having to obstruct or hinder you when you use the Exxus push.

Apart from the integrated USB charger, the Exxus Push also comes with a grommet that effectively covers the chamber from where the cartridges slide in. By covering up the aperture, you can keep away dirt and dust from getting inside the chamber so you won’t have to encounter connectivity issues and you also need to clean this part less frequently. The cartridges inside the Exxus push will also be protected from the elements keeping it away from breakage and bending – a common issue consumers get when they keep their devices inside their pockets.

Exxus Go

Exxus Go

The Exxus Go was made to be a powerful wax vaporizer outfitted with some of the best components today’s industry has to offer.

Under the hood, it houses a 1100mAh battery that can give you long lasting sessions for that exceptional dabbing experience. It’s small and compact but it can still easily vaporize any type of wax concentrate you put inside. It heats up your materials in as fast as 5 seconds allowing you to experience almost on-demand vaporization. It also uses quartz glassware which is known for its durability and high melting point. Quartz glassware is known for its ability to withstand rapid temperature changes as well as large thermal differences without having to break or crack, it has a low coefficient in terms of thermal expansion making it the most suitable component for a vaporizer. Quartz glass is inert and will ensure that it will not affect the taste of plastic and glass giving you pure and clean tasting vapor. This is why many consumers who use their vaporizers for medication rely on Exxus Vape products for their daily intake. Vaporizers from Exxus Vape will have the best and cleanest result fit for medical consumption.

Another thing to take note at with the Exxus Go is its triple quartz atomizers. This means that the Exxus Go uses three quartz rods wrapped in high-quality coils. Quartz has been known in the vaping industry as a unique material that easily transfers heat to your waxy concentrates. Because quartz acts as an effective catalyst of heat, you can expect fast and reliable heating of your waxes.

Exxus Vape Programs and Future Ventures

Exxus Vape loves its customers so much that they want them to be their brand ambassadors. They have affiliate programs where they can tie-up with individuals with websites and/or blogs that deal with music or vaporizers. This way they can support these up and coming artists and their endeavors while still promoting their brand. Like how they design and engineer their vaporizers, Exxus Vape does find some clever ways to advertise making their marketing venture a win-win situation for both parties.

The future holds many good things for Exxus Vape and their customers. Now is the perfect time to be an Exxus Vape supporter and be amongst the many who are switching to one of today’s most raved vaporizer manufacturer brand.