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Empire Glassworks have been known to improve and elevate glass pieces used in some of the best e-rigs like the Puffco Peak. Quality is assured when you buy Empire Glassworks’ glass attachments since they use borosilicate glass in their products. We’ve got some of Empire Glassworks’ best-selling original and authentic products sold at the most competitive price. Enjoy simple and straightforward shopping when you buy Empire Glassworks products online at VapeActive.

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About Empire Glassworks  

The company started in 2013 and had the goal of catering to the growing market of smoking and vaping accessories. They pride themselves in manufacturing or rather bringing into being some of the best glassware used for consuming a wide variety of materials such as dry herbs and wax concentrates. They have been bringing handcrafted glass accessories that are worthy to be centerpieces rather than just mere attachments and adjunct appendages. These include products like the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Save the Sea Recycler, the Empire Glasswork Peak Attachment – Avocado, and the Empire Glasswork Peak Attachment – Sriracha 

Their company aims to promote the advantages and benefits of using glass accessories. Having said, Empire Glassworks use only the best varieties of raw materials to ensure the overall quality of their products. These raw materials are then turned into works of art in the skilled hands of Empire Glasswork’s artisan glass blowers who are highly skilled and proficient in their craft.  

While Empire Glassworks is a company that specializes in artistic glassware, they are also a company that ensures they give back to the community that appreciates and patronizes their products. They have several programs that allow Empire Glassworks to enrich the very circles that made smoking and vaping accessories the famous and staple components they are today.  

There are many reasons why Empire Glassworks accessories are regarded as one of the best the market has to offer. However, here are some of the most noticeable qualities and attributes the company is known for.  

Empire Glassworks' Experience 

Empire Glassworks is a new player in the industry. Starting their business only in 2013, they’re just 6 years into the industry.  

Having said, the company is fairly fresh in the vaporizer industry. But the people behind Empire Glassworks is nowhere the word new to the industry of glassblowing. The owners and the employees of Empire Glassworks have over 40 years of experience under their belt. For years, they’ve been making intricate and exquisite masterpieces like borosilicate beads, soft glass figurines, as well as metal-infused widgets in the high-end jewelry industry.  

This is why products from the Empire Glassworks production line are seen as examples of superior glass pieces. The quality they bring to the vaporizer industry is unparalleled and, in a way, elevates the industry altogether.  

With the experience they have accumulated through the years, they have gained the right information and specific know how's to craft the best and only the best vaporizer and smoking accessories. The items made by their glass blowers that range from oil rings, bongs, glass bubblers, and hand pipes show how adept they are in crafting these products. The same hands and skills that catered to the high-end jewelry industry are the very ones that make these glass accessories.  

Empire Glassworks also shows that experience not only shows in craftsmanship but also how business is done from raw material procurement to how the actual glassware is sold. They’ve managed to keep good business ties and relationships with partners that they have access to some of the best raw materials needed for these products.  

Empire Glassworks' Quality 

The people behind the company know that in any industry quality is important. In fact, it’s what determines your brand and what puts you on the map. This is why they ensure that each item leaving out of the production line is certified and is made with love.  

Empire Glassworks believes that handmade products are the best products. Instead of using computerized machinery, they believe in the skills and craftsmanship of their employees who took their time to study long and art the practice of glass blowing. They know that there’s more to just design, several more important factors do affect crafting glassware.  

This is why Empire Glassworks use the art of lampworking in their glassware. Lampworking involves the use of a torch flame to melt the glass and shape it to who the glassblower wants it to be. Lampworking makes for a difficult wat of shaping the glass, hence, only the most skilled glassblowers are able to shape works of art using this method. However difficult this process may be, those who are experienced glassblowers prefer to use this method because of the level of customizability lampworking offers. This allows Empire Glassworks to craft some of the most intricate and most elaborate glassware. Furthermore, glass pieces made through lampworking allow the use of different techniques which further increases personalization leading to more complexity in designing and engineering.  

Raw Materials 

Another reason why a lot of people who opt to use glassware from Empire Glassworks is because they know that this brand uses only the best raw materials the industry has to offer. They use both locally sourced and imported glass for their products.  

The choice material is borosilicate glass and dichroic glass.  

Borosilicate glass is a kind of glass widely used in the vaping industry. Borosilicate glass bears many properties that make it an ideal glass used for smoking and vaping. This is one of the reasons why apart from being used in the vaping industry, borosilicate glass also is widely used in the medical field. Because of its inert properties, borosilicate glass has also been used in cookware. This only proves that borosilicate glass makes for a great material that’s safe enough to make contact with food. Because it’s safe, you can also use it for consuming your favorite herbs and wax concentrates because borosilicate glass will have no component that will rub off on the materials themselves. When using borosilicate glass, the vapors remain pure and flavorful.  

Apart from borosilicate glass, Empire Glassworks also use dichroic glass for its glass attachments. Dichroic glass was originally made for use in the aerospace industry. This means that it was built to withstand extreme specifications. With a total thickness of about 3 to 5 millionths of an inch, dichroic glass creates layers of oxide that make it relatively durable. Dichroic glass was developed by NASA and was engineered to be used as face shield glass fittings on astronaut spacesuits. Empire Glassworks use this technology in the glassware they manufacture to achieve superior reliability and durability giving their customers the best product for their buck.  

These raw glass materials are then processed and are crafted by their workers who labor long and hard to turn them into functional artworks.  

The dichroic glass, for example, is kiln-fired after applying multiple layers of different metals including chromium, zirconium, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, silver, gold, and even silicon. These minerals are applied on the surface of the glass giving it its iconic look. The minerals on the glass are forged and are fused when subjected to extreme temperature levels in a vacuum in multiple firings. Because of differences in the firing process, no two products of using dichroic glass is the same. Each piece is unique and is distinct.  

Dichroic glass is used primarily to add flavor to otherwise dull and monotonous glassware.  

Borosilicate glass, on the other hand, requires a tougher and more rigorous manufacturing process due to its durability and higher melting point.  

The skilled craftsperson working for Empire Glassworks work countless man hours to make glass pieces for their customers. Empire Glassworks use these three ingredients to forge a successful business, the combination of years of experience, skills, quality, and superior raw materials make them one of the most sought-after glassware brands in the vaping and smoking industry.  

Why Empire Glassworks?  

Empire Glassworks is a company that believes in giving back to the community. Not only in communities involved in the smoking and in the vaping industry but also to those outside of the circle. They’ve launched a campaign they call, Empire Gives Back. It’s a series of glassware that is intended to give back to non-government organizations of various origins.  

As an example, Empire Glassworks launched a program that will give a part of its earnings to the Environmental Defense Fund. They’re an organization dedicated to finding and implementing solutions that allow both people and nature to thrive and prosper by stabilizing the climate, feeding the world, and protecting the planet. The Environmental Defense Fund uses science, economics, nonpartisan policies, and partnerships to get results. Hence, Empire Glassworks designed a spoon pipe fit for this worthy cause. The proceeds of the Icy Penguin Spoon Pipe will go directly to the EDF.  

In keeping with saving mother nature, Empire Glassworks launched another project of the same goal and this time, they’ve chosen the Coral Reef Alliance. Obviously, the Coral Reef Alliance cares about the diverse marine ecosystems and work collaboratively with other organizations and with local communities to save marine wildlife. With the programs done by the Coral Reef Alliance, they plan to make a lasting impact in saving the threatened coral reefs in the world. To support this noble undertaking, Empire Glassworks crafted special spoon pipes aptly named the Great Barrier Reef Spoon Pipe, the East Australian Current Spoon Pipe, and the menacing Finding Kraken Spoon Pipe.  

Being fans of environmental efforts, Empire Glassworks also helps fund the WWF. The World Wildlife Fund is one of the leading non-profit, non-government organizations that help conserve nature and deal with the most pressing threats to our planet’s diverse ecosystems. With a focus on six areas namely food, climate, freshwater, wildlife, forests and oceans, the WWF caters to the wide problems our planet is facing. With this in mind, Empire Glassworks aims to solve the major threats to our environment and Empire Glassworks supports this cause. They’ve fashioned the Climbing Panda Spoon Pipes to help WWF using a part of the proceeds from the sales of the said glassware.  

Empire Glassworks also have projects locally, helping other non-profit organizations when they’re not busy helping global NGOs. Empire Glassworks knows just how important of a role the bees play in nature. They are one of the most important pollinators causing the fertilization of various species of plants and flowers. They help spread and grow important flowers apart from their ability to produce one of the best tasting sustenance mother nature has to offer. The Orange County Beekeepers Association has been an organization dedicated to this movement since the 1970s. To help aid the folks at the Orange County Beekeepers Association, Empire Glassworks made the Beehive Spoon Pipe giving a part of its proceeds to the Orange County Beekeepers Association 

Empire Glassworks is a company with a heart. Never just focused on profit, they are ones to look after the planet we live in and this action is something we should all learn from. After all, we only have one planet. All the glassware sold by Empire Glassworks under this program bears the same quality as its other commercially produced products. Crafted by skilled workers with careful attention to detail, they are functional art pieces that serve a better purpose. This makes you feel good both from the inside and on the outside because every purchase you make in this collective gives back to the planet.  

This is just one of the reasons why many consumers patronize the Empire Glassworks brand. Here are a few more.  

They help small businesses.  

Empire Glassworks know that smaller businesses often find it hard to purchase smoking and vaping products at a profitable rate. That's why they offer wholesale programs allowing small businesses to carry their products and at the same time earn money while promoting the brand. Of course, all applications are subject to approval, but Empire Glassworks only make you wait for 72 hours at the most before you get news of your application to purchase wholesale.  

They cater from end-users to large online resellers giving everyone an opportunity and making sure that Empire Glassworks glassware is widely available for consumers to purchase 

They’re a competitive bunch.  

While Empire Glassworks has not held back in showing compassion and showing the world that they care, they put on a game face when it’s time to do business.  

Empire Glassworks is always present in trade shows. The company works hard to showcase their products and to prove their brand is what it seems to be. A premier glass manufacturer that produces some of the best products the industry has ever seen. Empire Glassworks is now at a prime spot and has earned a place in the ranks of the best companies in the vaporizer industry and in the smoking scene. Now might just be the best time to be a part of Empire Glassworks, a company that cares and a company that means business.  

Innovative Glassblowing 

It’s true that the industry is saturated by a slew of glassblowing companies that claim to simply be the best at what they do. At some point especially in the field of glassblowing, each piece is unique, especially with handblown free-blown glassware.  

Empire Glassworks makes sure that they’re not just another glassblowing company. Their 40 years of experience wasn’t just for nothing. The time they spent with the high-end jewelry community gave them the knack for what makes a glassware a piece of art. Today, they use and have dedicated the experience they’ve earned to create a full line of handcrafting smoking paraphernalia and vaping accessories. Just the pieces from their Empire Gives Back program alone are worthy collectibles. They also create limited-edition glassware that is sold and is distributed worldwide whose majority are sold in the US.  

Empire Glassworks may have just taken hand pipes to a whole new level. No one had actually thought a component as small and as simple as the hand pipe can get any better. They turned them into exhibition pieces that look like they belong to a showroom. They innovated the vaporizer accessory and smoking paraphernalia industry by turning a trivial tool into an instrument to covet.  

One of the key ingredients to the spark of Empire Glassworks products is the time they take to producing their work. They only use imported glass sourced both locally and internationally. The raw glass or gather is annealed in a thermally insulated chamber at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit strengthening the glass causing it to be more durable than its cheaper counterparts. Having been baked at higher temperatures also gives Empire Glassworks glassware its perennial look and distinct characteristics. The products rolling out of their warehouses have their own unique personalities and these characteristics attract individuals who resonate with the same vibe.  

Empire Glassworks: Into the Future 

The man behind Empire Glassworks believes that glass products have a future not only in the smoking business but also in the vaporizer industry.  

Glass is a heat conductor but is not as big as a heat conductor as metal. This means that glass makes for a better component in consuming herbs and wax concentrates because they don’t ramp up the heat as fast and as quick as metal. You won’t have to burn your fingers or your lips when using glass. Furthermore, it’s an inert material that does not bleed nor affect the materials and the vapor chemically even when subjected to higher temperature levels. This makes glass better in every way compared to metal and especially plastic vaporizer components. Furthermore, with the introduction of borosilicate glass, vaporizer and smoking glassware are made even better since it is made durable and creating custom made designs and pieces are made even better and easier.  

In vaporizers, Empire Glassworks glass caps allow huge amounts of airflow allowing better and unrestricted draws, they create a more comfortable experience when vaping.  

Products like the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Sriracha are perfect examples of how great glass is when used with vaporizers. These glass attachments create a great environment for the vapors to travel. Glass will not affect the taste of the vapor; this means that you will not experience any unwanted taste when pulling from a glass attachment. Glassware is often the choice of connoisseurs since it allows them to enjoy and experience the natural tastes and flavor native to the materials they consume.  

Who would have expected that material as common and as humble as the glass can prove to be a great material to be used with devices as technologically advanced as vaporizers? The folks behind Empire Glassworks were able to see and visualize a future where glassware and the art of glassblowing becomes an important part of the vaporizer industry. Moreover, their passion to promote glassware in the vaporizer industry provides consumers with a safer option when choosing attachments and accessories for use with their devices.  

When smoking, glass spoon pipes and other smoking accessories made from glass also provide consumers with a better option. This is because glass, when used for smoking, makes for a non-combustible and a non-absorbent implement. Glass literally adds nothing to smoke and, like what it does with vapors when used with vaporizers, the glass will not affect smoke in terms of flavor. So, you get all the tasty goodness your select dry herb strains have to offer. You also won’t have to inhale the by-products of combusted rolling paper – that saves you from irritation you would otherwise get from spliffs. You get to enjoy the pure flavor of your herbs; the terpenes are more pronounced and the flavors are more prominent. The difference between dry herb strains and tobacco is more defined and can be inhaled without the taste you would normally get from wooden pipes or plastic pipes.  

Another benefit of using glass when smoking is that they’re easier to use. You won’t have to worry about the glassware overheating. Also, unlike paper, glass pipes won’t burn your fingers. Additionally, glass allows you to save your buds and your dried flowers. That’s because rolled herbs burn faster and require you to keep up with it as the paper burns. Instead of consuming the smoke for yourself, every moment the joint or the spliff is lit, smoke from the burned herbs is wasted. Glass allows your herbs to combust but will not rush the process as it does not burn, unlike paper.  

In both vaping and in smoking, glassware offers easier and more convenient means of cleaning and maintenance. Because glass is a non-porous material, it will not have small and microscopic holes that may house bacteria making it a cleaner choice when selecting a vaporizer and smoking paraphernalia. You don’t have to spend countless hours cleaning it, you can submerge it in a solution of warm water and isopropyl alcohol and you’re all set.  

We can all agree that glassware may well be the future of vaping and smoking. Hence, the future looks bright for the Empire Glassworks brand.  

Empire Glassworks Products 

Here at VapeActive, we love how they transformed a basic tool into an art form. This is why we’ve worked hard to get some of their best-selling products so we can pass it on to our customers who we’re sure will enjoy and will benefit from them.  

The Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Avocado 

Arguably the most iconic piece in the Empire Glassworks line of glassware, the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Avocado brings a fresh new twist to your Puffco Peak dab rig.  

Made from durable borosilicate glass, the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Avocado ensures that it will not only be a durable glass piece but will also be a reliable component to the Peak. The benefits that glass brings to the vaporizer industry can also be found in the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Avocado. And, because they’re made by Empire Glassworks specifically for the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig, they offer a perfect fit and would sit snugly on the base of the Peak. Unlike other glass pieces and attachments, the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Avocado won’t wiggle or wobble and will provide a solid footing. Water won’t spill over and you’ll run into fewer instances of water damage with the Puffco Peak.  

The actual makeup of the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Avocado allows you to inhale from a single slit percolator that allows easy and simple sifting of your vapors. Also, the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Avocado improves your experience by using a large rounded chamber instead of the triangular and conical stock glass piece that comes with the Puffco Peak portable dab rig. The rounded chamber creates a bellowing chug when you take a drag from it. It preserves the flavor and creates an invigorating experience only Empire Glassworks can deliver.  

The Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Avocado comes with a custom carb cap that matches the actual glass piece. You’re sure to enjoy vaping with the Puffco Peak with the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Avocado. 

The Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Sriracha 

The Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Sriracha is another attachment proudly made by the Empire Glassworks company. Like the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Avocado, the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Sriracha showcases Empire Glassworks’ superior craftsmanship. The glassware is intricately designed and adorned with a similar iconic branding of this world-famous hot sauce.  

The Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Sriracha creates an ideal piece for any food lover out there. You get to experience the satisfying benefits of your waxy concentrates while also enjoying a unique spin on your Puffco Peak portable dab rig.  

While the design and the overall layout of the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Sriracha looks more of a collector’s piece, the durability of this glass attachment makes it suitable as a daily driver. Like most products made by Empire Glassworks, the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Sriracha uses borosilicate glass that’s known for its ability to withstand high-temperature levels and for its inert properties. This means that it’s tougher and more reliable than most glass attachments on the market today. It just won’t crack or shatter when subjected to changing temperature levels.  

The Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Sriracha also comes with a matching carb cap that’s like a mini version of the actual glass attachment. You can now vape in style with the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Sriracha 

The Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Save The Sea Recycler 

The Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Save The Sea Recycler slightly deviates from the design and engineering of our first two glass pieces. The Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Save The Sea Recycler shows how intricate and artistic Empire Glassworks employees can be.  

Also, unlike the first two glassware, the Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Save The Sea Recycler uses a special UV reactive glass that glows when hit by a black light. This adds variety to your daily sessions because the UV reactive glass brings a different vibe to your sessions pushing you deeper into the unknown and allowing you to drift into your inner self boosting the psychoactive properties of your favorite materials for a truly satisfying session.  

The Empire Glassworks Peak Attachment – Save The Sea Recycler also is a recycler and slightly steps away from the traditional single slit percolator and uses an additional recycling action for better sifting and sieving of the vapor. The dual-action water recycling it offers delivers smoother vapor and cooler clouds. It also has a longer vapor path compared to the avocado and the sriracha attachments. The longer vapor path gives your vapors an additional opportunity to cool down. The longer the vapor travels, the cooler it gets and the better chances you’ll get that the irritants in the vapor and other by-products of heating the concentrates can be eliminated for cleaner vapor output.  

All of these glass pieces are made from durable raw materials giving them better resistance to heat and thermal shock. They’re also easier to clean and because glass has a smooth surface, it prevents bacteria buildup making them good options if you want to enjoy a cleaner vapor production. If you want to upgrade your Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig, these glass attachments are a great option. They also give your Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig an added character that reflects your own. These glasswares allow you to mix and match your Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig and create a setup you’re comfortable with. Customization isn’t only in the temperature profiles but also in how your vaporizer looks. Complete your rig with these glass attachments from Empire Glassworks.