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Rough and rugged, Mendo Mulcher grinders have earned a reputation for being reliable and dependable making them one of the most sought-after brands on the market. Their products have made a name for themselves for delivering professional quality results despite any situation. Botanical connoisseurs and professional dry herb consumers have trusted Mendo Mulcher grinders because they can grind almost any type of herb at almost any kind of consistency.

Here at VapeActive, we’re proud to carry the Mendo Mulcher brand. We believe in what the company stands for and what it can achieve in the future. We want our customers to enjoy high-quality weed grinders and we know that Mendo Mulcher is a brand that can deliver especially in this aspect. That said, let’s get to know the brand a little bit more.

Roots Made of Steel

The Mendo Mulcher brand was founded by a man named Dave West in 1998. Dave was a machinist and has lost his job in the late 90s because of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Dave founded the Mendo Mulcher company and worked with a small, tight-knit staff to make herb grinders. Because of Dave’s background as a machinist, he was able to use his knowledge in fabricating metal components to make high-quality herb grinders. Moreover, Dave had the right connections in the industry that gave him the advantage in terms of having access to the best raw materials the metal fabricating industry had to offer. That said, he brought his knowledge, understanding, and connections to the cannabis industry to manufacture professional and industrial quality herb grinders in a market where the main selling point of grinders relies on design and aesthetics.

The Mendo Mulcher brand brought a fresh new element in the industry and gave consumers a weed grinder that offered reliability and dependability you would find on industries with a more demanding level and measure of standard and excellence. Unlike other companies that bank on medical-grade quality and overall aesthetic and ergonomic beauty, the Mendo Mulcher brand offered one that was built to be tough, heavy-duty, and hard-wearing. Something that can help you grind your herbs even when you’re in a zombie apocalypse. The Mendo Mulcher boasts of strong roots made of steel that put the Mendo Mulcher brand on the map.

Today, Mendo Mulcher is known for its overall top-notch quality with robust and stark aesthetics – the kind you can take with you anywhere you go and still function pretty much the same way when you first pulled it out of the box. Although Mendo Mulcher weed grinders are known more for its brawny and burly build, the brand also boasts other features that make them a brand many botanical consumers look for.

American Craftsmanship

Mendo Mulcher herb grinders are made in the USA and feature the high-quality craftsmanship of American-made products. Each Mendo Mulcher herb grinder is made by Dave’s staff of trained and experienced artisans that craft each grinder with careful attention to detail. Unlike other companies that take manufacturing to other parts of the world where labor and production are cheap, the folks at Mendo Mulcher kept the process and production of their weed grinders in American soil. They are made by Americans that are proud of their craft and pour hours of skill and labor to achieve a product they themselves won’t be ashamed to use.

That said, you can be sure that each Mendo Mulcher grinder boasts the best in terms of overall quality and overall structural integrity. Unlike cheap grinders that break and chip as easily, Mendo Mulchers are the kind that you dump in your bag or in your pocket and not worry about it ever breaking – just don’t stash it together with other valuables because they will most likely get damaged. That said, the company puts full trust in its products and offers a full lifetime warranty that can be redeemed through the company’s website. While other manufacturers offer a limited warranty on their weed grinders, Mendo Mulcher are proud of their American Made grinders and lets their customers enjoy a lifetime guarantee that they can always have their products serviced by the same people who made it themselves.

Every purchase you make when you buy a Mendo Mulcher grinder not only gives you a product that boasts superior American-made quality but a lifetime investment worth having. Just a single purchase gives you a grinder that will last as good as it looks.

This brings us to our next feature...

Overall Aesthetics

While some consumers appreciate colorful and flashy-looking grinders, today’s market is looking for herb grinders that aren’t as loud as your uncle’s. In fact, today’s generation of consumers is all about stealth and discreet use. They want herb grinders that are unassuming and unobtrusive but still have their own flair and its distinct quality. Mendo Mulcher grinders fit the bill for what today’s consumers are looking for aesthetically. You won’t see grinders in their brochure with loud colors and bright designs. Instead, they are unassuming and plain-looking. Plain and unpainted with very little design save for the engraving and the knurling on the grinder. It doesn’t scream weed grinder and does not readily give away its purpose. Holding one of these would not give you the judging looks of people who know what the Rasta-colored thing in your hand is for. The products Mendo Mulcher resemble Dave’s previous calling which heavily influenced the look and feel of Mendo Mulcher's grinders. It’s industrial, and judging by the way each grinder looks, they’re pretty much heavy-duty and are of industrial quality. Furthermore, holding one in your hand reassures you with the herb grinder’s overall quality because its weight alone speaks for itself.

If you want herb grinders that look like they mean business, then grinders from Mendo Mulcher might just have the appeal you’re looking for.

Here at VapeActive, we’re proud of carrying products from Mendo Mulcher. Their products are befitting of their clever branding and live up to what the brand embodies. Mendo Mulcher herb grinders are equipped with twice the number of teeth you’d find from the average grinder giving these weed grinders the “mulch” they need. Here are other reasons to love the Mendo Mulcher grinder and why you should be buying these grinders from us.

Grinding Brought Down to a Science

Mendo Mulcher grinders are undoubtedly the epitome of reliability and durability. They may not be as unique and flashy as some of today’s herb grinders but they are the grinders you go to when you want to get the job done. That’s because the company has the grinding of herbs and the manufacturing of herb grinders down to a science.

As you may remember, Dave West himself is learned in the arts of metal crafting and have spent the rest of his career as a machinist before he transitioned to manufacturing Mendo Mulcher. He used his expertise in fabricating metal to improve the overall quality of his product. He was adept in manufacturing various kinds of components that he carried that when he transitioned to manufacturing herb grinders. As a result, all Mendo Mulcher grinders represent the highest quality in metal fabrication and are CNC machined down to precision. This only means that the parts and components of each Mendo Mulcher grinder boast the perfect size, shape, and form and are free of any kind of deficiencies. CNC, or computer numerical control, is widely used in the manufacturing industry as is a tool that people like Dave, are familiar with. CNC machines are used to manufacture anything from automotive to aerospace products, basically, anything that requires precision and accuracy, and is now what creates high-quality grinders for Mendo Mulcher.

The company uses the power of science and technology to help them manufacture next-level herb grinders that can withstand the amount of wear and tear that would retire the average weed grinder. Each Mendo Mulcher grinder comes from a single, solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. Each grinder is then subjected to the aforementioned CNC milling process that allows the block of aircraft-grade aluminum to correct and precise specification to avoid errors and imperfections you would otherwise see on cheaper grinders that will have parts and components that don't fit properly or have sharp edges that can cut you and you would have to file down with a gravel. You won’t get that with Mendo Mulcher grinders. Each grinder undergoes precision milling and results in having a perfect fit. What this means for the grinder is that it ensures that each part will not bump into each other which will cause scratching and abrasion. Not only does this weaken and damage the parts of the grinder but it also causes slivers of metal to fall into the ground material and end up getting heated in the vaporizer or smoked in your pipe or rolled spliff.

Because Mendo Mulcher grinders are manufactured using the strictest standards, they offer professional quality and performance as well as a lasting product. The folks at Mendo Mulcher have grinding and manufacturing to precision which is why advanced consumers and seasoned veterans opt to use products from the Mendo Mulcher brand. They know that these folks know exactly what they’re doing and for performance products, that can make a lot of difference. You wouldn’t trust a carpenter to do an automotive mechanic’s work right? These folks are the real deal and compared to companies that hire people to do the manufacturing for them, Mendo Mulcher offers better quality products whose manufacturing is carried out and overseen by people who actually know how it’s done.

So, if you want a real grinder, get a Mendo Mulcher.

Made from the Best Raw Materials

Not only are Mendo Mulcher grinders manufactured using the highest standards the cannabis industry has seen, but they use the best raw materials to create the best herb grinders. To compare them to other herb grinders are like comparing apples and oranges.

As we’ve briefly covered above, each Mendo Mulcher grinder starts out as a single block of aircraft-grade aluminum. Aircraft-grade aluminum or aviation-grade aluminum alloy is known to have various advantages over regular aluminum. They are often lighter and are more durable given the higher standards of the aircraft industry. What this does to the grinder is that it imbues it with the properties that aircraft-grade aluminum is known for. It makes each Mendo Mulcher a lightweight tool that one can carry around with them. The overall feel of carrying a Mendo Mulcher is that it’s not too heavy and not too flimsy. It feels substantial yet it offers a reduced weight making it ideal to carry around with you when you need to take your sessions with you when you’re out and about. As expected, because Mendo Mulcher grinders use aircraft-quality components, you can expect them to hold up well against wear and tear and daily carrying activities. This means that even if you always stash the Mendo Mulcher in your bag or in your pocket, it wouldn’t be worn down as much as a cheap grinder would do.

That’s why many consumers put their trust in Mendo Mulcher products. They are durable, hard-wearing, and just downright reliable. There are a lot of herb grinders on the market that claim to give or offer what Mendo Mulcher grinders can. But so far, only Mendo Mulcher grinders can back up these claims.

Having been made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum, Mendo Mulcher grinders offer easier and fewer maintenance compared to cheaper grinders. You don’t need to go through a lot of steps just so you can clean it. The quality of the aluminum makes it resistant to weathering making it an ideal choice for beginners since one can easily use it and take care of it. You don’t need to be a seasoned veteran just so you can take care of your grinder. It can maintain its beauty and structural integrity just as well with minimum maintenance. Under ideal conditions, Mendo Mulcher grinders will not show the minor manifestation of dents and scratches and will remain beautiful and reliable. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Mendo Mulcher grinders are great for beginners because it offers them a lasting investment that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Purposefully Made

Mendo Mulcher grinders are purposefully designed and engineered. They are not only geared for durability but is also made with performance in mind. That said, each Mendo Mulcher grinder offers twice the number of teeth. This gives Mendo Mulcher grinders the shredding power they need to grind just about any kind of weed. Whether it’s bone dry botanicals or moist herbs, Mendo Mulcher herb grinders can mulch just about anything.

Mendo Mulcher grinders also use diamond-shaped teeth as it’s a tried and tested technology used even by brands that manufacture expensive grinders. At the time of writing, the industry has seen three common types of teeth in grinders. To further understand the benefits of using Mendo Mulcher’s diamond-shaped blades, let’s talk about the other types of grinder teeth.

1. Poles or Nails.

Let’s start with the most rudimentary variety. Poles or nails resemble metal poles or nails that are outfitted in a grinder. Because of the nature of the teeth (although pole and nail are a more befitting description), they are only seen amongst wooden grinders. As you would imagine, because they lack an actual “blade,” these grinders do not do a good job of breaking down the herbs into smaller pieces. Instead, they roll the herbs into smaller balls. Especially when you’re consuming moist or rehydrated herbs, you’ll find that grinders with these kinds of teeth are inefficient and can get sticky because they just crumple your weed instead of cutting them. These types of grinders work best with dry herbs that lack moisture.

2. Pyramid-Shaped Teeth.

As its name implies, grinders with pyramid-shaped blades use teeth that are shaped like pyramids. They are definitely better compared to poles or nails but they do not give you a proper grind. That’s because the spaces between the pyramid heads create a place where the herbs can roll around instead of being ground. That said, grinders with pyramid-shaped blades yield a somewhat coarse grind. On that note, it’s best to use these types of grinders for smoking using a pipe where your materials will burn better when they have fuller bodies allowing them to react better to heat.

3. Diamond-Shaped Blades.

Lastly are diamond-shaped blades. These types of grinders use blades in the shape of diamonds. Like grinders with pyramid-shaped blades, these types of grinders have teeth both at the top and at the bottom. However, unlike the former, the latter leaves no space for ground materials to roll over. Instead, the diamond-shaped blades allow for cutting even when you twist the grinder in any direction.

It’s actually a widely used design because of its efficacy. But what separates Mendo Mulcher grinders from other herb grinders that use the same design is what we’ve just mentioned above – precision manufacturing and high-quality raw materials.

Because Mendo Mulcher grinders make grinders from a single block of aircraft-grade aluminum, the connection between the body of the grinder and the blades are seamless. In fact, they are not adjoined nor connected but are made from the same block of metal which means that the joints are as solid as the materials used to make them. That said, each Mendo Mulcher grinder easily grinds any type of weed regardless of consistency. Because the blade is one with the plate that holds it, it easily grinds your select botanical plant matter even with very little torque and pressure applied on the grinder. Consumers of all levels can easily grind their herbs to what consistency they desire because they can grind all kinds of herbs in their trusty Mendo Mulcher grinder.

Mendo Mulcher Paving the Way

Because of how the brand built their grinders from the ground up, they easily caught the attention of many consumers because of how durable and reliable their products are, they are also of superior quality which is why those who require professional quality grinders for consuming their favorite dry herb strains.

They have been one of the best ones on that market and have strived to be the golden standard in herb grinders. They have been famous for their four-piece herb grinders that offered the ideal balance between portability and utility.

Here’s what makes of Mendo Mulcher’s recipe for a best-selling herb grinder.

Sharp Teeth

It’s important for an herb grinder to have sharp teeth (blades), after all, it’s what they’re supposed to do. Furthermore, because herb grinders can be affordable, consumers just buy new ones should their old ones get dull blades and don’t grind as fine as it used to. It’s seldom that you find consumers who spend time filing each blade to sharpen it up. That’s why it’s important for a manufacturer to get it right. Mendo Mulcher grinders keep their blades sharp through the design of the blades and the quality of the materials used in manufacturing these grinders. The high-grade aluminum makes it so that the blades don’t go dull as quickly as cheaper grinders and the use of CNC milling allows the herb grinder parts to move in perfect motion and in unison.

Mendo Mulcher grinders are coveted by many consumers because they can almost as easily as when they first bought it.

Knurled Edge Grip

Another one of Mendo Mulcher’s secret in creating grinders to wow its customers, the use of a knurled edge grip allows all types of users to easily twist and turn their Mendo Mulchers. Instead of having to have your hands slip when you turn the weed grinder or apply torque, the Mendo Mulcher’s knurled grips make it easy to apply force to grind the herbs. It’s also a key element to making sure that even if you’ve used the Mendo Mulcher grinder for years, it can still mulch the herbs as good as you first pulled it out of the box since you can apply full torque to the grinder that aids in grinding the herbs.

Now, consumers who experience difficulty and wrist and joint pain can easily grind their herbs even without the need for other technologies like a hand crack that will not only cause the price of the grinder to increase but also cause consumers to change the way they grind their herbs.

190 Micron Screens

Mendo Mulcher’s 4-piece grinders are outfitted with screens to collect kief. Kief is the pollen that falls off the flowers as the herbs are ground. They contain a large concentration of the active ingredients that give your select dry herbs its flavor and potency. That said, having the ability to collect kief can greatly improve your sessions. Mendo Mulcher grinders use screens that are 190 microns small which makes for an ideal size for sifting pollen. 190 microns offers a decent size that screens ground material and lets just the right amount of pollens through. This way you can effectively separate the herbs from the pollen and save your keif for later use.

The size of the screens that filter the ground herbs ensures no loss of pollen of material and efficient separation of both products. This way you’re maximizing your sessions and your herbs because none of it ever goes to waste making grinders from Mendo Mulcher an ideal investment for all types of consumers because, at the end of the day, we’re pretty sure that everyone, at some point, wants to maximize their materials. The Mendo Mulcher makes it so that this is possible.

A Grinder that Will Last

Mendo Mulcher grinders have the makings of a grinder that will last. That's why they are not afraid of giving their customers the guarantee they deserve.

Each Mendo Mulcher grinder comes with the brand’s industry-leading warranty. Each authentic and original Mendo Mulcher grinder is covered by the company’s lifetime warranty which basically means a single purchase can last you a lifetime. Now let’s see other grinder manufacturers top that. Because Dave and his team are really impressed with the product they’re selling and have full confidence in the herb grinders they manufacture, they offer a lifetime warranty on each Mendo Mulcher grinder. Moreover, Mendo Mulcher is just one of the very few grinder manufacturers that stand by the quality of their products that they accept returns if you’re not 100% satisfied with their grinder. As long as you return the product to the manufacturer within 30 days of purchase and as long as it’s unused and is in its original condition, you can send the item back for a full refund. However, it’s rare that the brand gets returns from customers. That’s because Mendo Mulcher dedicates its time and effort to making their herb grinders the best in the business.

They've built their weed grinders using the best raw materials and using the most stringent manufacturing process. This makes their grinders undoubtedly what the industry represents. A product of hard work and good materials, the end result is a grinder that delivers and one that lasts. That said, Mendo Mulcher grinders are seen as the industry’s best and which is why consumers who are serious about grinding their herbs trust only in grinders made by Mendo Mulcher.

Worth your Money

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Mendo Mulcher grinders are made from the best quality materials, manufactured using the highest standards, and come with Mendo Mulcher’s industry-leading warranty. But, is it really worth your money? There are a lot of grinders on the market that claim to be the best but the overall customer feedback says otherwise. If you’re wondering why that’s because some products may be made from the best materials the industry could offer and are made and manufactured using the best means and methodology but the overall user experience could be crap. They can be hard to use, requires a lot of effort to handle, and simply isn’t worth your time.

Mendo Mulcher grinders are made to ideal specifications with real-world implications. Just because you can put an ashtray on a grinder doesn’t mean you have to. Just because it’s possible to make gold-plated weed grinders doesn’t mean that everyone wants one. The same way Mendo Mulcher develops grinders that consumers want and need. Grinders that are simple, functional, and practical. That’s why Mendo Mulcher offers products that are well worth your money and makes for a great investment whether you’re a beginner or an advanced consumer. You’ll be sure to find a Mendo Mulcher grinder that speaks to you and one that fits your needs. They are grinders that can stand to be your daily driver and are simple and easy to use. They are straightforward and do not require any means of special use or operation. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or if it’s your first time using one, the Mendo Mulcher grinder requires very little to no learning curve at all.

We at VapeActive, are proud to carry products from Mendo Mulcher. It has been our goal as a company to provide our customer base with the best products on the market be it vaporizers or weed grinders and Mendo Mulcher products are one that checks every box. We have made a name for ourselves in carrying products that deliver value to all types of consumers. We're backed by a team of picky testers who are actual consumers who know just exactly what they’re doing and the fact that you find Mendo Mulcher products in our collection means that they passed our team’s high standards. Our team carefully tests each product before adding them to our collection to ensure that we ourselves are happy with the product we’re selling. It has always been our secret as an online vape shop to sell products that we know we ourselves will be happy to use.

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