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A dab pen cartridge should be good for at least five days per gram. When used lightly, your cartridge can last you for more than two weeks.

Different dab pens offer different components, features and functions you should take into consideration before you can find the best wax vape pen. Not only are there a lot to choose from but selecting a dab pen can also be subjective, what could be the best for others might not be the best for you. Some good examples of dab pens are the Puffco Plus, the Boundless Terp Pen, the Dr. Dabber Stella, and the Yocan Evolve Plus XL. Each of these devices will use a different type of heating chamber, vape pod, and atomizer.

The aptly called dab pen, wax pen, or concentrate pen, is defined by the type of material it was designed to accommodate – wax concentrates. Unlike traditional vaporizers that are used to vaporize botanical plant matter, dab pens are engineered to vaporize wax concentrates and extracts. While there are dab pens that can be used for both flowers and extracts, make sure to check its compatibility before using either wax or weed.

When we say wax concentrates, we are referring to the various forms of cannabis extracts. Terms like wax and butter refer to the sticky forms of wax while shatter and crumble are terms that refer to its brittle forms. A good dab pen should be able to vaporize wax in either of its aforementioned forms. Because different cannabinoids are extracted at certain temperature profiles, dabbing with the right dosage allows you to exercise precision when consuming your select wax concentrates.

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What Are Dab Pen Batteries?   

The term dab pen battery refers to the actual body of a portable vaporizer that holds the rechargeable battery pack, the internal circuitry, as well as other components that provide a dab pen its unique and distinct features.    

Speaking of features, one of the most common features consumers look out for is its means of holding your material. Extracts come in different shapes, sizes, and especially, consistency. Most dab pens are made to cater to atomizers – the likes that have an open chamber, outfitted with either a quartz or a ceramic rod with several coils as heating elements. Atomizers that are equipped with these rods wrapped in coils are made specifically for more solid and denser extracts like waxes, shatter, crumble, and rosin. Depending on the heating elements used, waxes might heat up almost on-demand or may take moments before the material is vaporized. Other dab pen batteries are made to accommodate cartridges. Cartridges are small cylindrical chambers that contain thicker and viscous extracts, these cartridges often use ceramic heating elements to bring out the flavors of the thick oils it carries. Some cartridges can vaporize wax concentrates in small amounts as some cartridges sport smaller versions of quartz rods with even smaller coils. Some dab pen batteries can take in pods, these are small, cartridge-like containers that use silica-based wicks and are mainly used to hold e-liquids, salt-nics, and other nicotine-based liquid blends. Dab pen batteries that use atomizers and cartridges normally have –threaded connections while dab pen batteries that use pods often have snap-on, magnetic links.    

Knowing how your materials are contained and are held on to your dab pen battery changes your consumption method. As an example, those who use dab pen batteries that have atomizers on them are required to reload their devices after every dab. That’s because these types of devices can only hold small globs of concentrates and the potency of the concentrates used might put you down for a good amount of time. Those who use dab pen batteries that have cartridges on them will not have to reload frequently as cartridges are designed to hold large amounts of thick oils and in most cases, these thick oils have very subtle effects. Dab pens that use pods can also enjoy the same benefit of not having to reload frequently as pods work pretty much like cartridges by holding a certain amount of material that can oftentimes last you days.    

Dab pens play an integral role in the vaporization of your select extracts. They provide your heating element with the power which is essentially what it takes to convert your extracts into vapors. Today, dab pen batteries make up one of the largest platforms for the use of extracts as they make what once was a daunting task seem an easy and straightforward means of consumption.   

We at VapeActive are always on the lookout for some of the best dab pen batteries on the market today. So, when wanting to purchase a battery for your dab pen online, make sure to buy from VapeActive.   

How Dab Pen Batteries Changed Extract Consumption   

Consumption of extracts used to be a taxing feat, extracts are not only hard and difficult to produce but they also require long and laborious preparation before consumption. Originally, wax concentrates are vaporized using large and intricate dab rigs, not only does the assembly of these desktop rigs require advances skill and know-how but they also involve the use of torches and lighters to heat up the components used in vaporizing your extracts. Having said, it would take an experienced consumer to set up and begin the process which we now come to know as dabbing.    

Dab pens were invented primarily as a cheap alternative to these large and monstrous desktop rigs. However, through the hands of innovative and creative individuals, what once was a simple alternative became a viable replacement. Dab pen batteries and dab pens, in general, made the rigorous task of dabbing seem easy, a child’s play as you may say. Not only are they more straightforward but they are also more affordable than the original dab rigs. Plus, they offered something dab rigs can’t - portability. As soon as portable extract consumption became an actual platform, many companies invested in what was potentially a game-changer in extract use. Dab pens and dab pen batteries were developed, re-engineered and were outfitted with some of the best and most advanced technologies making them a solid choice for anyone wanting to consume extracts on-the-go.    

Today, dab pens and dab pen batteries are seen as sophisticated and advanced vaping devices with the ability to provide high-quality results. When searching for modern-day dab pen batteries, always check here at VapeActive where you can get the best dab pen batteries online at the most competitive price.   

How Do Dab Pen Batteries Work?    

While it’s true that one of the main functions of a dab pen battery is to provide a portable means of electricity, dab pens also offer a slew of features that improve and enhance your vaping experience. To begin with, dab pen batteries must be charged to function. Depending on the make and model of your dab pen battery the steps to charge it may vary. However, most dab pen batteries today charge via a small USB charging cable. Simply connect the charging cable to a desktop computer, a laptop, a video game console, a rechargeable power bank, or a wall adapter. As a word of caution, avoid using wall adapters that have high voltage ratings, they can damage your dab pen battery and may cause unwanted damage over time. While some dab pen batteries are outfitted with overcharging protection features, it’s still best to make sure not to leave your batteries charging overnight. This can cause irreversible damage like leakage, bloating, and venting.    

A fully charged dab pen battery will yield optimum results. Depending on the battery capacity and of course, your vaping habits, like the frequency of your vaping sessions in a day, the longevity of the battery per charge may vary. Originally, dab pens sport control buttons that allow you to turn it on or off as well as to fire it up. The common way of powering a dab pen on is by pressing the power button 5 times, pressing and holding the same button will trigger the connection and will cause the battery to deliver power to the heating element activating it and vaporizing your materials. Some examples are dab pen batteries from Grenco Science like the G Pen Battery and the MicroG Pen Battery Dab Pen Batteries. Hey can be powered on by performing the same steps and they can also be powered off with the same 5-click action. Holding down the power button lets you create a connection between the battery and the atomizer and begin the vaporization process. These models also emit a faint light to give you feedback whenever you press the buttons during your session, letting you know that the dab pen battery is working.    

Some dab pen batteries also have variable voltage settings that allow you the alter the level of temperature the dab pen battery emits. This is a game-changer for dab pens because these variable voltage settings make the extracts react differently depending on the temperature profile chosen. Extracts yield different results depending on how they’re heated. Heating them low and slow often produces flavorful clouds while cranking up the temperature will enhance the potency of the material and will also increase the density of the vapor. This ability to customize the effects of your sessions is owed to the advanced and high-quality microchips installed on these dab pen batteries to regulate and fine-tune the temperature levels for your convenience. Some good examples are dab pen batteries from Puffco, the Puffco Plus Battery and the Puffco Pro 2 Battery. Both these dab pen batteries have three preset temperature levels and can be toggled through by pressing the power button 4 times. Each temperature profile creates a unique output that’s sure to satisfy your needs.    

Some of today’s newer versions have button-less control, they have no virtual button on the body and is activated by your draws. The harder you pull from the mouthpiece is like the longer you press the power button. These types of dab pen batteries allow better portability. Many dab pen battery users complain that the common cause of issues on dab pen batteries is caused by accidentally pressing the power button or having the dab pen battery pressed against other objects that accidentally trigger the heating element. With button-less dab pen batteries, you can easily avoid these problems. Plus, it saves battery life since it only functions when you pull from your pod or your cartridge. Some great button-less or draw-activated dab pen batteries are the KandyPens Slim Battery, the CCELL Silo Battery, and the CCELL Palm Battery. These dab pen batteries require no tapping sequences to power on, just draw and go and enjoy your select extracts and e-liquid blends in a jiffy.   

Dab pen batteries have completely revolutionized the way we consume wax concentrates in general. When you need to buy replacement dab pen batteries online, make sure to buy from VapeActive, the best source for dab pen batteries and all vaporizer batteries.   

Who Are They For?    

Because of their small and portable build, dab pen batteries are used by individuals who are always on the move. A lot of today’s consumers cannot have their time wasted, with dab pen batteries, they can easily squeeze in a few hits almost anywhere they are.    

Working professionals dealing with anxiety and stress oftentimes use dab pen batteries with cartridges that contain essential oils that help them relax and calm down. They no longer need to wait till they get home to enjoy the benefits of their select thick oils. They can easily take quick hits during coffee breaks or when they take that short walk or long commute home. Also, athletes who need immediate relief from pain and comfort from muscle spasms and swelling can instantly experience the therapeutic benefits of their chosen extracts. Right after training, they just pull out their dab pen batteries, pop on their cartridges and they’d be good to go.    

Dab pen batteries are also used by consumers who want to quit smoking for good. In some instances, dab pen batteries that can accommodate pods used for nicotine-based e-liquids use dab pen batteries for nicotine replacement therapies. Having a healthy alternative to smoking helps them wean their nicotine consumption until they reach their quit day.    

Dab pen batteries can be used by a lot of different individuals, from those who consume waxes and other extracts for recreation to those who rely on dab pen batteries for easy and straightforward administration of their medication, dab pens became a universal tool for extract consumption. Make sure you’re prepared and pack dab pen batteries in your vape EDC, buy replacement dab pen batteries online from VapeActive.   

Dab Pen Battery Manufacturers   

Because of the gaining popularity of dab pen batteries, many companies have invested in manufacturing these devices. Developing them and enhancing the functionalities of these dab pen batteries and introducing them to the market as to what and how we see them today.    

Some of the biggest names in the industry began as dab pen battery manufacturers. Obviously, Dr. Dabber, one of the most prominent names in the platform had its roots in manufacturing and creating dab pen batteries and dab pens in general. Dr. Dabber is known as one of the most famous manufacturers with dab pen battery models taking home prestigious recognition from some of the most highly acclaimed award-giving bodies in the industry.    

Likewise, Puffco also began as a dab pen battery manufacturer having been known also as another company who bagged recognition from top-tier institutions for its top-shelf products.    

Also, KandyPens has been known as a trailblazer in the platform, introducing the first dab pen with variable voltage settings.    

Up and coming companies like Grenco Science, O.Pen Vape and CCELL Battery contribute to this dynamic and ever-evolving ecosystem that continues to make and shape the dab pen battery industry as we know it today.   

Best Dab Pen Batteries   

We’re taking an in-depth look at some of the most sought-after dab pen batteries today. We, at VapeActive, are proud to carry these dab pen batteries in our collection and are happy to offer them to our customers.    

Many devices have already been staples in the dab pen battery industry. However, one up and coming dab pen battery in our lineup aims to shake the industry, that’s the CCELL UNO Battery Vape Pod. The CCELL UNO Battery is packed with a decent 350mAh battery capacity capable of giving you more than enough power to last your daily vaping sessions. The CCELL UNO Battery uses an advanced, high-quality chip to regulate the heat giving you smooth and clean hits every time. The technology used in the CCELL UNO Battery is housed safely in an aluminum alloy body, this not only gives the CCELL UNO Battery a lighter weight but it also provides it the durability it needs to survive daily use and daily carrying activity. The CCELL UNO Battery is the ideal device for both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. It’s both capable and easy to use. Oh, and did we tell you that it’s draw-activated? The CCELL UNO Battery uses the force of your pulls to trigger the heating element. Instead of actually having to press a button when using and operating the CCELL UNO Battery, all you need to do is to inhale from the mouthpiece and you’d be good to go.   

The technology behind its draw-activated operation relies on the principle of having two thin metal sheets that connect together when you apply suction to the device. The moment suction is applied, the metal sheets are pulled together because of the vacuum created when you suck up the air on your pod. Speaking of pods...  

The CCELL UNO Battery works in conjunction with pods. These pods can be used to contain a variety of thick oils that connects to the dab pen battery through the use of durable magnetic links. The pods snugly stay connected to the dab pen battery without any issues, and, while maintaining a strong grip, the pods can still be easily pulled from the battery very easily. The dab pen battery coupled with the pods make a good combination and is a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable dab pen battery.    

Another one of our best-selling dab pen batteries is the Yocan UNI Box Mod. The Yocan UNI Box Mod is one of the most advanced dab pen batteries on the market today; that’s speaking both in terms of its technological and practical functionalities.   

The Yocan UNI Box Mod is designed and engineered for use with cartridges. It can accommodate almost all cartridges on the market today because of its overall design. The Yocan UNI Box Mod has two adjustment kits outfitted at the top and at the bottom of the battery. At the top, you’ll find an aperture adjustment mechanism that allows you to loosen or tighten the chamber of the Yocan UNI Box Mod to allow both narrow and wide cartridges in. The aperture adjustment mechanism provides a perfect fit on the cartridge so it won’t have to move around the chamber while in use. At the bottom is a height adjustment tool that allows you to adjust the height of the cartridge whilst inside the chamber. Regardless if you’re using a tall or a short cartridge, you can always find the right height depending on your liking. The Yocan UNI Box Mod also has a single power button where the actual battery is controlled. It functions pretty much like a regular vaporizer pen with a single power button allowing you to press and hold the power button to trigger the heating element of the unit. By doing so, you can control how the heating element functions with your fingers as opposed to using a draw-activated dab pen battery.   

While the Yocan UNI Box Mod and the CCELL UNO Battery are poles apart in terms of how they function, they do serve their own unique purposes. Quite like salt and pepper, their advantages vary and cater to different kinds of individuals with different needs. Likewise, the containment systems they use for their respective materials also vary. The Yocan UNI Box Mod uses cartridges while the CCELL UNO Battery uses proprietary pods.   

Make sure to select any dab pen from our collection as we’re sure any of these will satisfy you and you’ll find the right one to suit your needs. Shop for the best dab pen batteries online here at VapeActive.   

Dab Pen Battery Tips and Tricks   

Like any kind of vaping device, dab pen batteries can also be the subject of wear and tear but with proper care, you can maintain your dab pen battery in good shape.    

First, make sure you follow proper charging habits. Dab pen batteries can be damaged by keeping them charged overnight. Make sure you unplug your dab pen battery before going to sleep. Also, make sure not to use wall adapters that have high discharge rates to prevent leakage and bloating. It’s always best to recharge your dab pen batteries using the charging cable it came with and if possible, recharge the dab pen battery through a desktop computer, laptop computer, a video game console, or even a portable power bank. These methods of recharging your dab pen batteries will allow only a regulated amount of power in the system so as not to damage the battery itself. Just make sure to be mindful of your charging habits as charging using the aforementioned charging methods may take time. Don’t expect it to charge as fast as charging 18650 batteries using a wall charger.   

Next, make sure to wipe off any residue on your dab pen battery especially when you are keeping them for storage. Make sure to wipe them with a dry cloth or a paper towel especially the parts that make contact with the atomizer, the cartridge, and the pod. Dab pen batteries are generally made durable but liquid can penetrate the battery and make its way into the internal circuitry eventually breaking the dab pen battery. Make sure you keep it away from any liquid material during storage and in use, else you might be running the risk of putting yourself in harm’s way. Because dab pen batteries are meant for use with wax concentrates and thick oils, they are more susceptible to liquid damage compared to portable dry herb vaporizers. That said, proper care and caution towards cleaning and maintaining your dab pen battery are imperative. Always clean the threaded attachment and even the recess where the pods are supposed to go in since dirt and dust may cause the dab pen battery to have an improper and unbalanced connection to the pod and to the cartridge. Clean it before inserting any atomizer or heating element as well as before storage.   

Lastly, use only the specified material and heating element and avoid mixing and matching any incompatible attachments. Using a dab pen battery may just look like a piece of cake, but messing around with the components can cause irreversible damage. Do not use a pod that is not compatible with the dab pen battery you’re using. Avoid using atomizers that would have heavier battery requirements than what the battery can handle.   

Also, dab pen batteries can also serve the purpose of replacement components so don’t be afraid to take your dab pens to the limit since you can always replace it with new ones to make your whole portable vape setup as good as when it came out of the box.   

What to Look for In a Dab Pen Battery  

There are other several factors in selecting dab pen batteries.   

While one of the most imperative factors of selecting a dab pen battery is still your current dab pen setup, other consumers select and purchase a dab pen battery for other several reasons. You may buy a different brand of a dab pen battery because of the feature it offers and because the current atomizer, cartridge, or your pod is compatible with the said battery you’ve purchased.   

Regardless of your reasons, here are a few things you should look out for when buying a dab pen battery.   

1. Battery Capacity

There are good reasons why battery capacity is important when buying a dab pen battery.   

The capacity of a battery to hold and provide your heating elements with power is measured in milliamp-hours (mAh). The better the battery capacity the longer you can use your dab pen battery. The longer you can use it translates to how long you can enjoy and reap the benefits your materials have to offer. This also translates to how long it would take before you need to recharge your batteries.   

The good thing about dab pen batteries is that they do not need to be as robust as dry herb vape batteries. Because dab pens are used for wax concentrates, they will most likely vaporize small amounts of materials that can easily be vaporized. Moreover, wax concentrates are known for their potency, so, just a small amount of extract can satisfy your tolerance. This means that your dab pen battery will only have to work for a small amount of time because the short amount of time it took to heat up your extract is enough to get you medicated.   

So, when looking for a dab pen battery, make sure to go for one with a higher mAh whenever possible.   

2. Chargers

Another thing to look out for when buying a dab pen battery is its charger.   

Weird right, but because of the wide range of batteries on the market today, many ab pen batteries today will offer different means of charging. While many cheap dab pen batteries will come with a generic USB charging cable, other more expensive ones will have robust proprietary chargers that allow you to recharge the battery using a method designed by the manufacturer. While proprietary charging cables are often robust and durable, they tend to limit your charging freedom since you can only recharge your dab pen batteries in a way the manufacturer designed it to be recharged. Plus, when these proprietary chargers give out, there’s nothing else to do than to buy a new one since you won't be able to use any charger you have lying around.   

In order to continue to recharge your dab pen batteries you just have to get one straight from the manufacturer or from your trusty online vape shop like VapeActive.   

3. Warranty. 

Lastly, you should always check if the manufacturer offers any kind of warranty on the dab pen battery. Always remember that you’re investing in their products and that you should always get some kind of guarantee when the battery breaks down on you. Dr. Dabber honors a 1-year warranty on all of their products including their dab pens. This means that whatever happens on your dab pen battery, you’re sure to get your money’s worth by having some kind of warranty to back you up. We at VapeActive will help you with the proper information so you can contact the manufacturer immediately and get the best response for your broken dab pen batteries.   

However, remember that you would still have to go through the same process as every customer wants to have their warranties honored carried out. Manufacturers like the Dr. Dabber will still have to assess your case but it’s still always great to know that at the back of your head you have a team that’s always ready to help you get what you truly deserve.   

Make sure to check all these details when wanting to buy a new dab pen battery online. Make sure to get your replacement dab pen batteries here at VapeActive.