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The most popular pod-based vaporizer is now on sale at a discounted price. Because we love how you continue to support our website, it’s about time we show you, our customers, some love by giving you discounted JUUL products. That’s right, JUUL vaporizers, parts, and accessories. VapeActive is one with JUUl’s advocacy of helping smokers switch to a healthier lifestyle. So, were showing our gratitude with 10% off from JUUL Pod Kits and 5% of from JUUL Parts.   

JUUL has ever since been the leading name in the pod-based platform. In fact, a lot of vaporizers have followed suit in JUUL’s product design, engineering, form, and function. Most pod vapes nowadays are shaped like JUUL vapes, straight and elongated usually with a boxy frame. The pods ideally are draw activated so as to mimic the action you do when smoking conventional cigarette. It only shows how far JUUL vapes have come that they’ve become the golden standard in pod-based vaping. However, what sets JUUL apart from these copycats is its unique satisfaction profile. The variety of flavors and the combination of the strength of nicotine and the throat hit from every pull makes JUUL the best in its category. Each unit is designed in their headquarters and are manufactured in different areas around the world. JUUL vapes are housed in aluminum chassis that make them lightweight and hardwearing. Plus, the aluminum shell effectively protects the technology inside each JUUL vape. In every chassis is a lithium-ion battery, a pressure sensor, and a circuit board which makes all things happen for the JUUL vaporizer. The JUUL pods on the other hand uses premium silica wick and a standard nichrome coil. There are many ways you can enjoy using the JUUL vaporizer. Its size makes it possible to take the JUUL with you anywhere you go. You can enjoy its flavorful pods during a night out. Maybe a day spent writing your novel at your favorite coffee shop. How about just relaxing at home with your favorite flavored pod? The possibilities are endless. Simply take it that anywhere you might enjoy lighting up a cigarette could be a place where you could enjoy a JUUL. Now that’s versatility and value anyway you look at it. VapeActive allows you to enjoy all that JUUL has to offer without the hefty price tag. Just plain JUUL fun. Furthermore, individuals who enjoy smoking cigarettes will enjoy vaping with the JUUL even more. That's because JUULs and JUUL pods are made using medical grade equipment. The pods are brewed using JUULs proprietary recipe of safe raw materials. Imagine enjoying the same sensation as smoking traditional cigarettes without the guilt. That's what JUUL is all about and what VapeAcive is all about is savings and discounts. When you buy from us, we’re giving you this exclusive deal you won’t get from any online store.  

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