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The PAX Vaporizer Parts  

Synonymous with the word perfection, PAX has been one of the most sought-after dry herb vaporizers on the market for decades. It has also been a symbol and an icon in the consumption of dry herb strains which made the label PAX (then called PAX by Ploom) a mainstay in the vaporizer industry. Two of its most popular devices, the PAX 2 and the PAX 3, are designed for optimum vaporization featuring conduction heating technologies coupled with an uber durable aluminum body. The PAX 2 is a dedicated vaporizer that solely devotes its existence to the perfection of dry herb consumption. The PAX 2 has been known for its straightforward and no-nonsense design that appeals to most botanical consumers, both the newcomers and the seasoned veterans. Its uncomplicated design makes it one of the most sought-after units that are user-friendly as it is rudimentary. But don’t let its plain look fool you, the PAX 2 delivers vapors that are smooth and strong.  

The PAX 3, on the other hand, is more of a hybrid vaporizer capable of vaporizing dry herb strains as well as for waxy oil concentrates. It’s got vibration notifications and is Bluetooth enabled. Devices that are as high performing and as sophisticated as the PAX 2 and 3 needs spare parts just in case you break any. Sure, they have good customer service representatives that will help you, but who likes waiting? Better yet why not keep them somewhere safe and make sure they're never at harms reach with PAX’s very own VapeCase (PAX).   

That said, PAX as a company not only look to deliver some of the best vaporizers in the industry but also to provide its consumers and customers a means of maintaining their devices in good working condition. PAX vaporizers aren’t cheap, even for today’s standards, PAX vaporizers are considered premium vaporizers made by connoisseurs for connoisseurs. Consumers who buy PAX vaporizers sometimes have to save up for them in order to get them and the benefits these vaporizers bring. So, it’s only befitting that the company itself manufactures replacement parts and upgrade parts that will not only allow consumers to maintain their devices in proper working condition but also for them to elevate their vaping experience. At this day and age, consumers will put their money on products that offer longevity and reliability. While reliability is a given for a company as competent as PAX Labs, longevity is an issue they can address by manufacturing support products for their vaporizers like replacement parts.   

If you’re a prospective buyer looking to put your money on a vaporizer, wouldn’t you invest in a vaporizer that allows you to enjoy your investment longer? And when investing in vaporizers online, make sure to check out VapeActive, the home of authentic and original PAX parts for your PAX vaporizers.   

Importance of Premium Replacement Parts  

As we’ve mentioned above, PAX vaporizers are considered to be top-tier devices with relatively top-tier price tags to match. However, an increased price point isn't always a bad thing. An increase in price allows manufacturers like PAX Labs to make way for better quality materials like the surgical-grade, heat-resistant plastic material used in the PAX Flat Mouthpiece or the high-grade raw metal used in steel components like the PAX Screens and the PAX Screen + Pusher Accessory.   

A marginal increase in price allows vaporizer manufacturers like Pax Labs to outfit and equip vaporizers like the PAX 2 and the PAX 3 with high-quality components that are aimed at providing you with the best vaping experience you never knew was possible. That said, since the components that come with your PAX vaporizer out of the box are of premium quality, the parts made and sold by PAX Labs to replace the ones that came with the unit should also be of relative quality. The folks developing products at PAX Labs know this. That's why you can expect their replacement parts to be as durable and as reliable as of those that came out of the box. Should you lose or break any of the parts in your PAX vaporizer, you can rest assured that you can have that replaced by parts that are authentic and one that came directly from the assembly line of the manufacturer itself. It’s true that nowadays, you can find almost anything online. Shady online vape stores sell vaporizers parts that claim to be made by the manufacturer or at least were made using the same materials as those used by the manufacturer. However, in vaporizers, nothing really beats the original. Herein lies the importance of using original premium replacement parts and not those that only claim to be original. Here at VapeActive, we sell original and authentic parts from the manufacturer so you can always rely on the products you purchase from our store.   

When using unauthentic replacement parts, you are putting your PAX vaporizer in the risk of damage since in a vaporizer as unique as the PAX models, the overall performance of the vaporizer is determined by the quality of the components in it. Here’s an example, if you use a fake PAX 3 Concentrate Insert, it may not heat as an original and an authentic replacement part would. When this happens, the heating element will be hard-pressed to function and would bear the stress of working harder to provide you with superior results. This, in turn, would affect battery performance and cause the battery to work harder in order to support the heating element pushing further to heat the materials. That said, this can create a domino effect and can cause all of the parts of your vaporizer to work harder than normal therefore affecting its performance and can even shorten its lifespan.   

This is why it’s important to use only the best replacement parts for your PAX vaporizer so you can maintain superior performance and prolong the life of your investment. PAX is known for innovative and creative means of providing you with optimum vaporization of your select materials be it wax concentrates or dry herb strains. VapeActive, on the other hand, is known for providing world-class customer service to its customers and in providing the market with affordable and high-quality replacement parts for your PAX vaporizers. So, when wanting to buy PAX parts online, make sure to buy here at VapeActive.   

Why Use PAX Parts?   

There are many reasons why one should buy replacement parts, one is replacing lost or worn-out vaporizer parts but why would you want a PAX part?  

Well, for one, if you’re a PAX user, replacement parts are a must-have. A portable vaporizer like PAX is a vaporizer that was built with moving parts. However, compared to other portable vaporizers, the PAX vaporizer has quite a solid build. Nevertheless, having moving parts still make it a portable vaporizer that’s prone to breakage; pressing the mouthpiece down too hard can cause the mouthpiece to snap or can cause your raised mouthpiece to break. PAX parts are pretty much like the build of the actual device, they’re small and compact so having to carry them when you go out and about will be of little consequence as when you pack your PAX parts in your vape EDC or your vape arsenal, you will barely feel that it’s there.   

Furthermore, carrying PAX parts will allow you to enjoy your vaping sessions knowing that you have a means of replacing used and worn-out parts of your vaporizer. It’s like having an emergency pack and knowing that you can still continue your vape sessions whatever life throws at you. This is one of the reasons why PAX vaporizers are such a hit amongst connoisseurs and even daily consumers who use their vaporizers for medicinal or recreational purposes. Having to carry around extra replacement parts is of little inconvenience especially if you’re the kind of consumer that cannot afford not to have their sessions cut off.   

Say you’re a patient with prescriptions of medicinal herbs and wax concentrates that you need to take when your medical condition arises. PAX vaporizers are ideal for medicating patients since the PAX models are small and inconspicuous. You won’t look like you’re carrying a vaporizer at all as the design language of PAX vaporizers deviates from the traditional portable vaporizer design. This allows you to discreetly take in vapors that can help you with your medical needs. Many consumers who are suffering from constant muscle and joint pain use portable vaporizers like the PAX vaporizer to help them achieve a delivery method suited for them and for their active lifestyle. Those who are suffering from anxiety and stress can rely on their portable PAX vaporizers giving them the ability to easily reach out for a portable vaporizer that can deliver the therapeutic benefits of their select materials.   

Likewise, you can rely on PAX parts to provide you with the replacement parts that you need for your vaporizer. Remember, when you’re using PAX parts, you’re using a trusted brand and you’re entrusting your money on a company that backs you up no matter what. When looking for original and authentic PAX parts online, make sure to keep it here at VapeActive, the home of affordable and original PAX parts.   

History of PAX Parts  

PAX Labs began selling PAX parts as a means of supporting and empowering its customers. Instead of having to send back devices to be serviced like having parts repaired and replaced like mouthpieces and oven lids, PAX Labs decided that they would sell replacement parts for their devices since these devices were built around the idea of convenience and portability. This means that you can easily replace removable parts and pieces from your PAX vaporizer and not have to wait for weeks to have your portable device sent back to you outfitted with new components. You can actually do it yourself. It made life for PAX Labs customers easier minimizing the time they have to spend sending out emails, taking the vaporizer to post, waiting for it to return back – the whole shebang. What was once a month-long affair can now be completed in minutes. As long as you have the right replacement tool and as long as you know how to remove and replace the broken part, you can easily change it and continue to use your vaporizer as you did when it was brand new.   

Because of the success of the replacement parts, PAX also started selling cleaning items and other replacement components like chargers. That's right, they started selling all kinds of stuff that will make your life using PAX vaporizers sweet and simple. One of these products is the PAX lubricant. Yeah, you heard that right. PAX vaporizers use lubes.   

The PAX Lubricant is a tool that allows you to prevent damage to your PAX vaporizer by minimizing friction and abrasion. It functions pretty much like how a lubricant does. It reduces the damaging effects of chafing on the plastic parts of the PAX vaporizer, this includes parts like the mouthpiece that retracts and releases when you use and operate your PAX vaporizer. By applying the lubricant, you can prevent metal parts and rubber components from suffering from the damage of direct contact. In some cases, when metal makes contact with another metal, slivers of metal are scraped from both materials due to abrasion and they can get mixed up with the material you are consuming especially when vaping dry herb strains. The PAX Lubricant plays an important role in keeping your PAX vaporizers working in its best condition preventing the important parts from scratching against each other allowing you to easily use and operate the PAX vaporizer without damaging the unit. Oh, and the PAX Lubricant is equipped with an applicator so you need not worry about making a mess when applying the lube in your PAX vape even when you need to lube your devices on-the-go.   

Another PAX product sold by PAX Labs is the PAX Multi Tool. The PAX Multi Tool allows you to carry an accessory that can be used in a multitude of ways. One of the main functions of the PAX Multi Tool is a loading tool. With the PAX Multi Tool, you can pack your herbs and load wax concentrates on your vaporizer by using only one single tool. The PAX vaporizer was built around the idea of portability and versatility that’s why the PAX Multi Tool feels like a befitting accessory to carry whether you’re using a PAX vaporizer or not. Nowadays, you’d be crazy not to carry a multi-tool. Having a thing that does the job of two or three other things will always be great. The PAX Multi Tool also comes with a keychain loop so you can easily carry it wherever you go; it even comes with a rubber holder so it will look pretty much like a standard key chain and all you need to do is to pop out the loading tool when you need to use it. With the PAX Multi Tool, you can now reload and pat down your vaporizer with a simple and discreet loading tool. It can also be a tool for cutting wax concentrates into pieces or just as a fashionable means to wear your favorite vaporizer brand loud and proud.   

PAX Parts for Sale  

PAX Vaporizers have been endowed with a unique set of replacement pieces that one can purchase to immediately repair, maintain or upgrade their unit, but why stop there? In vaping sanitation is important, the market offers a variety of tools and accessories that can help you maintain your vaporizers, like wipes and brushes that will clean the PAX’s mouthpieces and remove residues on the units heating chambers.   

Here are some of the PAX parts for sale here in VapeActive.   

1. The PAX Oven Lid.

The PAX Oven Lid is a replacement part for the original oven lid that comes with your PAX vaporizer out of the box. The PAX Oven Lid is used to seal the oven of your PAX vaporizer allowing you to pack your materials in a full-sized oven. This works great for consumers with high tolerance to the plant matter and requires consuming a lot of materials in one go. The PAX Oven Lid will keep your materials in place and will allow you to easily take sessions that are more potent and more flavorful since you can pack more materials in one sitting.   

It is the same as the standard-issue oven lid in your PAX vaporizer. This means that the PAX Oven Lid boasts the same quality as you expect from the one that came with your device. If you’ve lost your PAX Oven Lid or maybe broke it for some reason, this replacement part is for you.   

2. The PAX Half Pack Oven Lid.

Offering a tighter space compared to the standard-issue oven lid, the PAX Half Pack Oven Lid is more of an upgrade piece rather than a replacement part. This is because it allows you to do something the average oven lid can’t and that’s to microdose.   

Micro dosing lets you consume smaller amounts of herbs so you can reap the medicinal benefits of the plant matter. Botanicals are known to carry both a huge amount of both the curative and the psychoactive components of the plant matter so having to cut down on the dosage of the materials allows you to cut down on the psychoactive effects as well. The PAX Half Oven Lid is the accessory for just about that. One of the effects of using small amounts of herbs in a large chamber is that the PAX vaporizer is a conduction vaporizer. This means that the oven of the PAX vaporizer is more effective when the herbs are pressed against the walls of the oven. This means that because the herbs are packed loosely and that they are not pressed against the wall of the conduction oven, the principle of conduction heating will be as effective as it should be. That said, the PAX vaporizer works best when loaded with a tightly packed oven.   

The PAX Half Pack Oven allows you to achieve the best results even when you’re using small amounts of herbs so you won’t have to sacrifice the quality of your vapors even when you are micro-dosing. You can consume smaller amounts of herbs and still enjoy relatively great vapor production with the PAX Half Pack Oven Lid.   

3. PAX 3 Concentrate Insert.

Another upgrade part offered by PAX and can be bought from VapeActive is the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert.   

As its name gives its purpose away, the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert allows you to use this small oven designed and engineered for use with wax concentrates and turns the PAX dry herb vaporizer into a wax concentrate vaporizer. In this way, you can turn your PAX vape into a dab pen and use a wide variety of materials in the same compact vaporizer you learned to love. Using the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert allows you to easily take potent wax concentrates and incorporate them into your daily ritual. Instead of having to an all-new device, for the small price of the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert you can enjoy a different experience altogether.   

It’s true that PAX is home to some of the most innovative devices on the market to the point that PAX vaporizers are called the iPhone of vaporizers. While it’s a moniker that’s been used and abused by many manufacturers as a stepping stone and a means that to be noticed, PAX vaporizers were the first ones to be given this title and were amongst the legitimate devices worthy of this claim. Remember, when you need to shop for PAX vaporizer parts online, make sure to shop only at VapeActive. We're the best source for PAX replacement parts and PAX upgrade parts.   

PAX Chargers for Sale  

Because portable vaporizers rely heavily on rechargeable batteries, PAX also manufactures chargers for their vaporizers. It’s true that your vaporizer is only as good as your battery, especially in portable vaporizers like PAX. That’s why having a charger on the ready is always important allowing you to plug your device at the moment your battery is depleted.   

We know that you know PAX devices are not your regular vaporizers. The unique frame of their build requires them to sport a relatively unique means of recharging your battery. PAX vaporizers use a proprietary charger and the batteries on the PAX vaporizers themselves can only be recharged using these proprietary charging devices. That said, you cannot use any USB charging cable on your PAX vaporizer because it will not work. One thing you have to know about PAX vaporizers is that they recharge via magnetic connections. This makes them unique devices because instead of using standard USB charging technology, they instead require magnetic connections. While having to carry just one charger alone for all your devices is convenient, having a battery that charges via a magnetic connection can still prove to be beneficial.   

Rechargeable batteries that have ports to receive a standard micro USB or even a USB-C connection can run into several problems. One is the most obvious, dirt. Portable vaporizers like PAX vaporizers are often kept and stashed in one’s pockets. Your pockets contain small debris and dirt that can get lodged and trapped inside these small slots where your charger goes in. When you plug the cable to charge your battery, it can either press the dirt and debris deeper into the port or worse – it can break the pins and the connection on your charging cable. This will render the portable vaporizer useless once it runs out of battery and the charging port of a portable vaporizer is something you can’t easily replace. While there may be replacement parts for that, these problems are often the ones that require you to send your unit back to your manufacturer. Another problem you might encounter with portable vaporizers that use slots and charging cables is the common issue of breaking the teeth of the charging cable or those of the slot. Remember how we joke about USBs having to plug them into the USB port several times knowing you did it right your first try? The same thing can happen with portable vaporizers that use micro USB for charging. You might think that you’re inserting the right side when you could be putting in the wrong way. When you just shove the charger in, you risk breaking the connections which will again render the battery useless once it runs out of charge. And again, this is something you can’t replace yourself.   

PAX vaporizers use specially designed chargers that use magnetic connections. Instead of using a standard charging cable to be connected to a port, PAX chargers use charging docks. The charging docks allow you to place the PAX vaporizers and charge it without breaking a sweat. It eliminates the problems you could encounter along the way. There's no way for you to break the pins and the slot because there aren’t any. Should there be any dirt trapped in the crevices of the magnetic connection, you can easily wipe it away since there is no port to trap the dirt. Here are some of the replacement chargers you can find on our website.   

1. PAX Charging Dock.

The PAX Charging Dock is the standard charging dock that comes with the PAX vaporizer straight out of the box. This means that it offers the same durability as the one that came with the box which is expected since this is an authentic and original device.   

The PAX charging dock allows the PAX and the actual charger to enjoy a longer battery life. You don’t have to risk banging the charging cable or even damaging the ports. It also connects via a USB connection allowing you to recharge your PAX vaporizers without having to reach for a power outlet every time you need to recharge your battery. With the PAX Charging Dock, you can recharge your PAX vaporizer using a desktop computer, a laptop computer, and even a video game console. Just plug the USB charging cable, connect it to the dock, and let the PAX vaporizer sit on top.   

The PAX Charging Dock is a convenient means of recharging your batteries. Get it now only here at VapeActive!   

2. PAX Mini Charging Dock.

Not feeling compact enough? The PAX Mini Charging Dock is a smaller version of the PAX Charging Dock that allows you to recharge your PAX vaporizer without compromising the safety and the longevity of your vaporizer and of your charger. While recharging your batteries and keeping them safe is the main purpose and the main job of the PAX Mini Charging Dock, its strongest suit is in its size. Portability is what the PAX Mini Charging Dock does best.   

This means you can take it almost anywhere you go without having to carry a large bulk or having to worry about the extra weight. It’s even small enough to carry in your pocket. The PAX Mini Charging Dock makes the PAX Vaporizer an even more portable option. Furthermore, the PAX Mini Charger offers a more portable solution to using the PAX vaporizer on-the-go. Just put the PAX Mini Charging Dock in your bag or in your pocket and you’re off to the races. The PAX Mini Charging Dock completes the PAX vaporizer in more ways than one!  

Make sure to get this uber-portable charging option for the PAX vaporizer only here at VapeActive!   

VapeActive is the best place to search for portable vaporizer parts especially if you need to replace or upgrade some of the parts for your PAX vaporizer. We sell PAX parts online and let them go at the most competitive price low enough they’re already a steal. You can’t get any better than the deals offered by VapeActive when looking for PAX parts online! We’re the home of PAX parts, we are VapeActive