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About DaVinci Parts

Leonardo DaVinci is known to be a master of arts and science; as well as to be a conjurer of mysterious masterpieces. That said, his legacy runs through our generation inspiring not only enthusiasts of the arts but also those who are into the vaporization of select botanicals and waxy extracts. Exploring the mysteries of cannabis consumption, the folks at DaVinci continue to delve into the mystic and artistic aspects of consuming cannabis and the means of its consumption. That said, those behind the DaVinci brand aims to be as successful and as triumphant as their namesake. Moreover, they aim to make not only their vaporizers to be useful but also the very parts and accessories that go along with these devices.

And as they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

DaVinci vaporizers and DaVinci parts are considered as one of the most sought-after brands of this generation. The vaporizers themselves are seen as simple and straightforward items and the parts that go with them as implements that further the overall quality of the vaporizers to which they are used. You can see that every part and every accessory is very well thought of and that each part has a purpose to serve. They are purposefully built and each is as important as the other allowing very little to no waste in terms of space and purpose. Although DaVinci vaporizers are small and compact, the impact they have on their users is significant. That's because DaVinci vaporizers and DaVinci parts are used not only by recreational consumers but also used by industry professionals and medicating patients. You'd know that the level of quality these vaporizers and parts have are stellar and impeccable because of the variety of customers they have.

Here at VapeActive, we support and admire what the brand has done for the vaping industry. They have become the go-to brand of professional consumers and medicating patients which helped spurred the community’s acceptance of cannabis consumption and of vaporizers in general. Because of the health benefits they provide their users, DaVinci vaporizers have helped many patients who refuse to use synthetic-based medication to achieve relief and alleviation from their medical conditions through natural and non-chemical medication in consuming cannabis. So, make sure to always check VapeActive when wanting to buy DaVinci parts for your DaVinci vaporizers online and get the best DaVinci products for the best price. We get our supplies from the manufacturer themselves so we can guarantee their authenticity. We deliver original products to your doorsteps so you can be sure that you get the best DaVinci parts your money can buy.

Why DaVinci Parts?

As we’ve mentioned above, DaVinci is a name that’s synonymous with the words high-quality and affordability. That's why many consumers with high demands tend to use vaporizers made and manufactured by DaVinci. Because of how crucial a role DaVinci vaporizers play in the lives of its users, it is important to keep these devices working in its best condition. Hence, the folks at DaVinci and the consumers themselves find that to keep their devices in good working condition is to have replacement parts at the ready and that’s why it’s important to have DaVinci parts within reach. Although DaVinci vaporizers are of impeccable quality, they are not immune to wear and tear. DaVinci vaporizers do have moving parts as well as removable components like mouthpieces, chambers for your dry herb and wax concentrates, batteries, as well as accessories like chargers, spacers, and glass attachments amongst others. As you continue to use your DaVinci vaporizer, these parts will be affected by the pressure and stress of daily use, will show signs of wear like cracks, dents, and eventually break when they have reached their limit.

The parts that DaVinci manufactures are of the same quality as the devices they support and they do stand for the brand’s promise of purity, innovation, and control. Here are a few examples.

1. Control.

DaVinci parts offer not only the ability to prolong the lifespan of your devices but also to provide control over your vaping sessions. As an example, products like the DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers and the DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber allow you to control the dosage of your sessions as well as the strength of the flavor your vapors produce.

The DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers allow you to decrease the dosage or the number of herbs you can pack on your DaVinci IQ Vaporizer. Why? Many consumers use botanicals because of its medicinal properties and some botanical strains will actually have higher dosages of the psychoactive compounds in it than the curative compound. To negate or to balance the effect, many consumers turn to microdosing. The term microdosing refers to the use of small doses of drugs and chemicals to study its effect on the human system. This is also true especially for consumers who are looking to try different strains and testing them for their effects on their body but many consumers use microdosing for its ability to provide the same therapeutic effect with very little to no psychoactive consequence. That said, you will see professionals consuming herbs use small portions of their materials. Those who consume dry herb strains to combat stress and anxiety will often consume small doses of their herbs so they can reap the curative benefits of the plant while still attending to their daily tasks and functions like their day jobs, shopping for groceries, attending to appointments and other responsibilities all without having to worry about the psychoactive effects of consuming cannabis. Likewise, athletes who also consume botanicals for their painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties will most likely consume smaller doses of the plant matter to get its curative benefits without having to lose themselves and their focus in the middle of practice. The DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers do just that. Consumers found that the herb chamber of the DaVinci IQ is large enough to accommodate an amount of plant matter that can provide potent hits. However, when the size of the chamber is reduced, it can accommodate just the right amount of plant matter to allow you to enjoy the medicinal properties it has to offer. Plus, it also makes for an economical approach to consuming the herb. See, when you pack a chamber half-full, you’re not really maximizing the potential of the vaporizer and of the herbs you vaporize. That’s because the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer uses conduction heating as opposed to convection. What it does is that it heats the herbs as it makes contact with the walls of the oven and does not use heated air as a catalyst. This means that a chamber packed loosely will not vaporize the herbs fully. You will most likely end up with a chamber with herbs vaporized unevenly. Using the DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers will allow you to control the quantity of the herbs you put in the chamber without compromising the quality of the vaporization process.

The same can be said with the DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber. It does allow you to control not the quantity of the herbs but the flavor your device produces when it vaporizes your materials. The DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber allows the herbs to effuse the best flavors for an enjoyable vaping session. This is because when you vaporize herbs with a conduction oven can suffer from the tendency of having the herbs burn from overexposure from the walls of the oven that can potentially burn the herbs pressed against it. That’s why many manufacturers who use conduction ovens will tend to require users to stir the herbs occasionally to prevent the actual herbs from burning. Burnt plant matter can mask and even overpower the flavor of the herbs causing it to taste more like its burnt product instead of consumers having to enjoy the flavor of the natural terpenes and pollen that can naturally be found on the plant matter. The DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber helps in these situations by providing your herbs with the best environment for vaporization. The herbs inside the DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber do not easily burn but instead are vaporized without reaching the point of combustion so the flavors are preserved and are maintained for the pleasure of your palates. You can enjoy the aesthetic value of your dry herb strains adding to the pleasure you get when consuming your favorite herbs. You no longer just consume it for its curative and psychoactive benefits but also for the aesthetic satisfaction the plant matter gives you. You’re not just any filthy casual when you begin to use the DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber, consider yourself as one of the select few who calls themselves connoisseurs. The DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber allows you to take control of your sessions in terms of flavor.

2. Purity.

Some of the DaVinci parts are intended not only to provide control over the factors that affect your vaping session like flavor and dosage but also to faithfully preserve the purity of the actual vapor you inhale in your sessions. This is important because the purity of the vapor will determine how safe they are to consume. You wouldn’t want to put contaminated weed into your vaporizer the same way you wouldn’t want to inhale contaminated vapors.

One of these products is the DaVinci Screen Pack. The DaVinci Screen Pack consists of nine screens that filter the vapor that passes through the mouthpiece. By filtering the vapor with the screen, you will not inhale vapor with small particles that can irritate your lungs of your throat. This is important for consumers who use their vaporizers for medical reasons. Those that have pre-existing lung-related medical conditions can suffer from inhaling vapor with small particles making the whole process of vaporization and using DaVinci vaporizers and DaVinci parts counterproductive. They use vaporizers to experience relief from the condition they are suffering from and not to add to that medical disorder. When you use a vaporizer, it’s common practice to grind the herbs first before packing it. Ground materials allow the herbs to be vaporized evenly and allow you to pack more materials in the chamber compared to cramping nuggets of herbs into the oven. Moreover, these chunky nuggets of herbs will not vaporize evenly causing the bulk of the botanical plant matter to have a burnt outer layer and a somewhat fresh inner layer. Grinding the herbs offer great benefits but may also pose potential risks. When you grind your herbs with too fine of a consistency, the smaller and finer parts can be sucked in the mouthpiece as you suck in the vapor. The feeling of inhaling these smaller herbs can be likened to inhaling fine grains of sand that will irritate the throat and the lungs causing the consumer to cough vehemently and may cause your lung-related disease to complicate rather than to alleviate. This can make matters worse instead of making it better. The DaVinci Screen Pack allows you to keep the vapors pure not only from smaller pieces of ground material but also from the smaller particles of foreign objects mixed with them. Let’s face it, when we grind the herbs (especially those we did not purchase from a trusted dispensary) we may come across other foreign objects mixed with the herbs. These include anything from small twigs to parts of dead and desiccated bugs like limbs, wings, and antennae. This is not at all healthy and will be difficult and almost nearly impossible to spot when the herbs are all ground up. If you don’t have a screen to filter the vapor, they can get mixed with it and you can inhale it in the process. So, to avoid these problems from ever manifesting, the DaVinci Screen Pack will help you keep the vapors clean as the screens may even filter minor irritants in the vapor.

3. Innovation.

To make products that offer control in every session as well as to keep your vapors pure is one thing as many other vaporizers manufacture products that are centered around control and purity, to innovate the system is another. That’s why DaVinci vaporizers are revered by many consumers because they managed to innovate the system and the process of vaporization in general. One product that best represents it is the DaVinci IQ 18650 Battery.

The DaVinci IQ 18650 Battery is just like any other battery on the market used by vaporizer manufacturers. It’s a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with 3500mAh battery capacity. In itself, it does not break any records since it just basically is a rechargeable cell that can be used in conjunction with the vaporizer. However, the way that DaVinci implemented the use of this battery is beyond many consumers and proves the technology and ingenuity of DaVinci parts is way beyond its time. Instead of having an integrated battery system like any other vaporizer in its time, DaVinci chose to take the high road and made the IQ with a removable and replaceable battery. This not only allowed many consumers to enjoy having multiple batteries but also allowed them to improve the longevity of the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer in the process. The use of removable batteries gave portable vaporization a whole new meaning and opened up new horizons to consumers who use vaporizers while on-the-go. In many cases, consumers who use battery-operated portable vaporizers are limited to the capacity of the battery installed on their vaporizers, in which case, a bigger vaporizer will translate to a bigger battery and a longer battery life. Many have chosen to sacrifice convenience, stealthy, and portability for a longer battery life as a smaller vaporizer that uses a smaller battery will often have them reaching for their battery charger and running to the nearest wall outlet to recharge their vaporizers. This is true especially for heavy consumers who run through many sessions a day either because of the tolerance they built and developed through the years of consuming the plant matter or because of how often they necessitate consuming the actual herb. Today's consumers can no longer afford to use large and bulky devices which can compromise their sessions as those who do not understand the need to consume vapor from these select dry herb strains will often condemn the act of doing it. The DaVinci took portable vaporization to another level. Instead of having to plan your sessions accordingly when you consume when you’re out and about, you can be carefree about how often you use your vaporizer and just carry additional batteries instead. All you need to do is to pre-charge your spare DaVinci IQ 18650 Battery and carry several spares instead of having to limit your time outside to places where a power outlet can be found. With just enough batteries, you can go and consume your materials in places where there’s virtually no place to plug in your charger. We’re talking trips to the mountain where you’ll find yourself under the blanket of the night sky and consuming herbs for recreational purposes. Or maybe you’re a patient out on a trip on the beach and you just couldn’t miss consuming your medication. The removable battery allows you to take your sessions almost anywhere you go without fear of having to lose power and not inhaling your vapors when you need them. When your battery runs out, all there is to it is to remove the used-up battery and insert the new one.

Another benefit of using a removable battery is in maintaining the vaporizer itself. This innovative approach to using the battery encompasses convenience but also touches practicality and how it allows many consumers to easily find a cheap way to keep their vaporizers working in good condition without having to pay for the unit at its full price. In a vaporizer used constantly, one of the parts or components that end up wearing out quickly is the battery. The battery is subjected to a full recharge cycle when you discharge the battery and then recharge it. Batteries will only have a limited recharge cycle capacity as the materials inside the rechargeable battery also wears out. This means that the more often you use your vaporizer, the more recharge cycles it is subjected to, the more recharge cycles it is subjected to, the weaker the battery becomes. Vaporizers that have built-in batteries will require you to replace the whole unit when the battery weakens. A sign of weakened battery is that it holds less charge and drains faster than it used to. So, you will have to pay full price and get a new vaporizer when your battery begins to wane. On the other hand, a vaporizer with a removable battery will only require you to purchase a new battery to keep it in good working condition. That said, the DaVinci IQ 18650 Battery makes for an innovative approach to portable vaporization as well as portable vaporizer maintenance since you no longer have to buy new devices just the battery.

DaVinci parts have changed the way we use vaporizers and the way we see portable vaporization in general. When wanting to buy DaVinci parts online like the ones aforementioned, make sure to buy only from VapeActive. We're the best source of vaporizers and vaporizer parts online. We do get the products directly from the manufacturers like DaVinci so you can be sure of its quality and that they do deliver what they were out to do. Get your DaVinci parts from VapeActive, the best source of DaVinci parts online!

DaVinci Accessories

While DaVinci does manufacture parts for the vaporizers themselves, they also make and manufacture accessories that allow you to further maintain your DaVinci devices. Like the vaporizers and the parts that they themselves were designed to maintain, these accessories feature the utmost quality and craftsmanship. Here are a few.

1. DaVinci IQ Accessory Kit.

The DaVinci IQ Accessory Kit is a complete and comprehensive cleaning and maintenance kit for your DaVinci IQ Vaporizers. The kit includes isopropyl alcohol wipes, a chimney cleaning brush, a spare mouthpiece gasket, and a set of O-rings. All these components are a necessity to keep your vaporizer running at its best condition so you can prolong the lifespan of your device. The alcohol wipes and the brush are there for obvious reasons and the gaskets and the O-rings are placed in the kit so you can replace these rubber components when they wear out.

The DaVinci Accessory Kit ensures that you can extend the longevity of your vaporizer on the cheap. You no longer have to buy a bunch of accessories from different online vape shops or from the manufacturer itself. The DaVinci Accessory Kit was designed and engineered to make cleaning and maintaining the device simple and straightforward and to provide you with everything you need in just one kit. You can’t get any better than the DaVinci Accessory Kit when you want a maintenance kit for your device.

2. DaVinci IQ Glove.

The DaVinci IQ Glove was designed to protect the vaporizer from the elements as well as from events that may damage the entire unit. The DaVinci IQ Glove is a silicone case for your DaVinci IQ Vaporizer. However, unlike other silicone cases, the DaVinci IQ Glove does not restrict your device and does not trap heat inside. Instead, it creates the perfect balance of protecting it as well as letting air pass through the device to make sure it’s properly protected and properly ventilated. The DaVinci IQ Glove also provides you with the right amount of grip having been designed to work as a canopy of silicone wrapped around the vaporizer which gives you an unparalleled grip so you won’t have to drop your vaporizer when you use it when you’re out and about. Likewise, it offers just the right amount of silicone cushioning so the device will be protected from minor drops as well as minor bumps when it falls down or when it smacks into the edge of the table when you carry it inside your pockets.

You can easily manage your sessions with the DaVinci IQ Glove while still maintaining superior aesthetic appeal. So, make sure to use this silicone case for your unit to maximize your protection while minimizing the overall silicone footprint.

3. DaVinci Water Tool Adapters.

DaVinci also has made and manufactured several water tool adapters to allow you to add the element of water filtration to your sessions when you use your DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer. These water adapters allow you to connect your device to any standard water pipe or rig so you can experience water filtration and moisture condition on the vapors you inhale from your vaporizer. Water pipes allow you to filter out minor irritants and minor impurities from the vapor which then makes for a cleaner means of consuming the vapor that you get from your botanicals. This means that you no longer have to bear with vapors that carry impurities that cause you to cough and choke when you inhale them. Pretty much like how you inhale unfiltered vapors with small bits and pieces of fine herbs in them, the impurities will cause irritation in your respiratory tract. Another benefit of water filters aside from filtering the vapor is their ability to cool them down. Again, just like how impurities and irritants cause you to cough and choke, the same effect may be expected from inhaling the warm vapor. In fact, it can even be more dangerous as exposing the lungs to heat can cause serious damage to it in the long run. So, if you want to experience smooth vaporization of your materials as well as a smooth consumption of the vapors, make sure to check out the water tool adapters from DaVinci made for the DaVinci Ascent units.

4. DaVinci Chargers.

DaVinci is home to great portable devices so they are also home to great chargers to these vaporizers. DaVinci has made a slew of replacement chargers for their devices so you can always buy replacement parts and replace the chargers if you lost them or if you break them. There are many reasons why chargers may be broken, one of them is plugging the charger into an incompatible outlet. We know but sometimes you just couldn’t help it. You may be traveling and the next thing you know your charger runs into a short circuit and you wouldn’t have a charger to recharge your vaporizer with. Other instances where you’ll need an extra charger might just be when you just downright forgot or misplaced your vaporizer charger.

DaVinci manufactures high-quality chargers for your vaporizers so you won’t have to deal with makeshift chargers or chargers you’re not sure if it will recharge or just damage your vaporizer in the process. Other chargers like the ones we use on our smartphones nowadays may be too powerful for vaporizer batteries to handle especially vaporizer batteries that are built-in or are integrated with the actual body of the unit. What it does is that it allows such a high volume of current to the battery that it begins to damage it in the process. So, make sure you keep a spare charger or two on your vape arsenal, especially if you’re using DaVinci vaporizers.

And if ever you find yourself wanting a spare charger, a water tool adapter, a silicone case, or an accessory cleaning kit, make sure you check out VapeActive first and foremost. That’s because VapeActive has a collection of DaVinci parts and DaVinci accessories for your DaVinci vaporizers. We've got the best-selling parts and products conveniently placed under one roof. So, you can always browse through top-quality DaVinci products at the comfort of your couch from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. No need to check different websites for multiple products, we have everything you need here! So, when you want to update your DaVinci vaporizer arsenal, make sure to keep it here at the home of everything vaporizers – everything DaVinci vaporizers. Keep it here at VapeActive!