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The use of fire has been one of the main modes of smoking and vaporization. Compared to electricity, fire provides instantaneous results and on-demand heating and can be used in a multitude of applications to aid your smoking and vaping experience. It has been one of the main modes of extracting the active ingredients in both botanical blends as well as in wax concentrates that the use of fire to heat up your select materials within and beyond the point of combustion has been considered as the most important element in the consumption of wax and weed, second only to the materials themselves. Though deemed by most as unstable and haphazard, several brands and kinds of torches have surfaced the market from many companies and have claimed their products to be the perfect companion in your vaping and smoking needs. With improving scientific and practical applications like the piezoelectric technology, torches now become a safer alternative to lighting up your vaping and smoking experiences. Some of these torches even have adjustable heat settings that allows you to change the level and the strength of the heat emitted by the torch or the lighter. These, by far are just some of the best features one can find in these tools – and we like to share that with you, our customers!

VapeActive is home to the best torches and heating components the industry has to offer. You won’t find any other online vape store packing as much heat as we do (see what we did there?). We’re backed by a team of highly inquisitive individuals who have a knack for finding the next best thing in the vaping and smoking industry. That's why we’re able to deliver some of the best devices you can use for your vaping and smoking needs including these top-rated torches so get yourselves ready for the hottest products to ever hit online vape stores.

Why Should I Use a Torch?

Well, for obvious reasons, you should be using a torch if you need to heat or light something up. Both the consumption of oils and wax concentrates as well as the consumption of dry herb strains find practical use in torches. So, pretty much whatever platform you may be vaping or smoking on, using a torch can prove to be useful in many situations.

That's the standard answer to it. We know that our customers are that of the thinking kind. We're not flattering nor are we patronizing you but that fact that you’re here means that you’ve been a keen reader about the art of dabbing and smoking wax and weed.

To begin with, torches are more than just practical tools. We’ll first cover the areas where torches are used in smoking dry herb strains. Smoking, of course, because lighters and torches facilitate combustion instead of vaporization. Both produce heat so both get to activate the compounds inside the botanical strain letting you enjoy and experience the benefits the plant matter has to offer. There are two known benefits to using torches in smoking weed. Let’s talk about the first one.

1. Flame consistency.

Torch lighters or jet lighters are known for their ability to emit consistent flames even if you light them up in the windiest weather. Compared to your good old Bic, a high-quality torch will do just fine even if you light up your spliff or bong on a windy day. Of course, you won’t be popping out your bongs outside, we’re saying if you need to take a drag at let’s say a room with the windows open. We're not sure why you want to crack up while the windows are busted open but a high-grade torch will ensure your weed won’t suffer from a poor lighter. A cigarette lighter will require s a good amount of wind cover, even when you’re sitting flat in your couch front facing your AC, your cigarette lighter will sway and provide you with pool lighting. On the other hand, a flamethrower can easily burn your weed even with strong winds battering it down.

That being said, having a torch lighter within reach means that you can always have a reliable means of lighting up whatever dry herb strain you’re about to consume. A torch lighter will not only provide consistent flame but also make sure you get consistent results when you start every session. This is ideal for consumers who require stable and steady lighting when they need it.

2. Flame adjustability.

One of the best things about using a blow torch or a jet lighter versus an average cigarette lighter is the ability to adjust the flame. In high-quality torches, you can adjust the level of the flame without compromising the quality of the flame. That means you can still get the same level of heat and still get consistent and stable heating. This is important for many consumers because getting the right level of flame can spell the difference between reaping all the active ingredients your dry herb strains have to offer instead of having to destroy them altogether.

Here’s the deal, too low of a heat will activate only the curative active ingredients in the weed but too high of a temperature will destroy the psychoactive ingredients. That’s why heating your herbs at the right temperature will bring out the best in it by allowing you to experience all the benefits the herb has to offer. Cannabis has been known for its entourage effect, the mixture of THC and CBD, the curative and the psychoactive ingredients that act synergistically with each other. This allows for better and improved effects of both TCH and CBD which takes effect when you start consuming cannabis with the right temperature level. Which makes you get lifted as much as better while still using as small of a material as possible.

So, using a torch for consuming dry herb strains can be really beneficial compared to just using a traditional cigarette lighter. You get a consistent flame and you get adjustable lighting which makes preserving the active ingredients in the weed for you to reap and for it to react better to heat when it is combusted.

Now, let’s talk about why you should be using a torch when consuming wax concentrates. Like dry herb strains, wax concentrates are highly sensitive to heat. This means that a small change in heat will also change the effect of the herbs when they get vaporized. Likewise, lower temperature levels will release the curative active ingredients while the higher temperature settings will activate the potent compounds. While using a torch is the main mode or method of heating up your banger, there are other means that are gaining traction and are starting to become more popular like the use of coils connected to an electric plug. You may never always be in a place where a plug or an outlet is available but you can always have a torch with you. A torch is as reliable as any other heating element but requires very little to no learning curve since it’s fairly easy and straightforward to use. Now like using a torch with weed, we also have found two benefits that make using torches a good means of dabbing. Let’s talk about the first one.

1. Simple and easy.

While using an electric heating element or an eNail can provide temperature accuracy, many may find that they seem daunting to use. These electric components and implements may seem too hard and complex to use especially those who are beginners and are just new to consuming wax concentrates. Dab rigs are too hard enough to use already and adding something more complicated will make the experience even worse. One can just easily turn the lighter on and give the sides of the banger a few passes until you get an even burn when you dab with your banger. This makes it easy not only for newcomers but also even for veterans who just want to enjoy a simple session that does not require too much preparation.

A torch requires does not require any other accessory, no need to plug elsewhere, and no need to connect to an outlet. In fact, in the hands of an experienced dabber, a torch can be the safest means of heating the banger. This is true because you’re not leaving any possibility or probability to chance because you are basically wielding the torch by hand and not just placing it on top of a table plugged in an outlet making the torch an indispensable tool for when you dab. Using the torch is also easy, many torches will have a trigger and will basically feel like having to use a kitchen lighter which means that you’re most likely accustomed to using one. If you’re concerned about safety, many high-quality torches will have a safety switch that prevents the torch from lighting up.

2. Portable and practical.

A torch is a portable tool for heating your dabs and is an easy solution for consuming wax concentrates. You can just pack it inside your bag and have an on-the-go solution to your dabbing needs almost anywhere you need to take a dab. It beats having to carry a charger or a plug with you all the time.

Moreover, torches and jet lighters are made durable and dependable. That’s because they are made to the standards that conform to the applications these products are used for. Case in point, torches can be used not only to light your cigar but they are also used by campers to light campfires. Since they are used for outdoor activities, these torches require to have a durable and rugged exterior that can withstand the extremes of the outdoors. That’s why they can provide stable fire and lighting even at the worse weather and climate. These torches are also used by chefs in torching food. For example, culinary torches are used for food like Crème Brûlée, browning the topping on your mac and cheese, roasting peppers, and so on. These culinary torches should be reliable and should not affect the quality of the food it is used for.

That being said, these torches must be reliable and dependable since they can be used in different applications which means that they have to be up to the standards in terms of cooking and recreational outdoor use. Having a torch with you makes for a practical tool for cooking and outdoor use while it also can be used for dabbing and wax concentrate consumption. That’s why using and carrying a torch can be quite the practical option for consuming wax concentrates most especially if you like to cook or if you’re feeling a little outdoorsy.

So, those are just some of the reasons why torches are important tools for consuming wax concentrates and dry herb strains. They allow for consistent heating and lighting of your bowls or of your bangers as well as make for a simple, straightforward, and practical means of heating your vaping paraphernalia as well as your cooking and camping gear. Here at VapeActive, we collect some of the most reliable tools for heating and lighting up your smoking and vaping implements. We're backed by a team of expert individuals who know what to look for in a torch lighter being ones that actually use torch lighters themselves. So, when you need to buy torch lighters online, make sure to buy only from VapeActive. We're the home of the best torches in the business and the best lighters on the market. Make sure to make your online shopping count, make it VapeActive!

Now that you know why you should be using a torch, let’s now talk about what to look for in a torch.

What to Look for In A Dab Torch / Weed Torch?

Ok, so not that we got you into using a torch for dabbing or for smoking weed, it’s time we get into finding the right torch for you by knowing what to look for when shopping for a torch. While this guide is designed for shopping torches online, you can also use this for when you shop torches on your local headshop.

So, let’s begin.

1. Type of gas.

One thing you should be looking at first when buying a torch for dabbing or for smoking weed is the type of gas the torch uses. The type of gas used in a lighter can dictate how it works and how often you can use it. At the time of writing, there are two varieties of gas that are commonly used on torch lighters – propane and butane. Here’s how they stack up against each other.

Propane is a liquefied flammable hydrocarbon gas that is processed through pressurization. It's a product of natural gas processing as well as of oil refining. Propane is commonly used for residential and commercial applications like cooking and heating. Meanwhile, butane is also a product of natural gas processing but is commonly used as a fuel, refrigerant, and propellant. They may be alike in terms of how they are made and manufactured by because of their overall makeup, propane and butane will have different boiling points, hence, both gases will have different uses as we’ve mentioned above.

Let’s talk about butane gas.

Butane gas sources are widely more available and are widely recommended over propane because consumers can easily buy butane gas in canisters because butane is often sold commercially in many establishments. This means that you will always have the means to reload your lighter and you will always have the means to acquire and procure fuel whenever you need it. Butane is also less expensive than propane which makes it more economical compared to propane.

Another benefit of using butane over propane is its ability to emit a cleaner burn because of its cleaner flame production. This is important for dabbers and for dry herb strain consumers because it allows them to faithfully preserve the quality of their materials in terms of potency and in terms of flavor. This means that because the flame generated by butane is clean, your herbs and botanicals will less likely taste like gas. That’s why many consumers, especially those that see themselves as connoisseurs and delight in the distinct flavor that their dry herb strains and wax concentrates can provide.

While butane offers many advantages, it also comes with its own set of disadvantages. This includes usability. It may be difficult to use butane gas in cold conditions and in low temperatures. Butane can stay in its liquid form and may not produce enough pressure to push it and release it causing it to fail and not produce flame. In some cases, propane-fueled torches may even be hard to handle since it does not have a fine point which makes achieving of an even burn quite difficult.

Now let’s talk about propane gas.

While propane may be harder to find and more expensive to procure, it boasts several advantages amidst these drawbacks. One of these is its ability to burn really hot. This means that when using propane torches, you will have no problems reaching high-temperature levels. You don’t have to wait that long just so you can have your banger heated to your preferred temperature or just so you can have your bowls lighted to your preferred temperature profile. Another benefit of using propane torches is its overall flame quality. A torch using a propane gas has a finer flame with a longer tip. Generally, they will be easier to direct and will make for a more precise flame production making it easy to facilitate an even burn when lighting up your bowls and bangers.

Propane torch lighters will often have a larger body and a larger case. That’s because they are made for industrial uses like making campfires, cooking food, as well as arts and crafts and other industrial uses. This means that carrying a propane torch may not be as portable as carrying a butane torch. You might be required to carry an additional bag to accommodate the torch if you need to carry it around with you at the expense of having a larger and a more dependable torch lighter.

So, finding the right type of torch that uses the right type of gas can affect your usage greatly. Our torches here at VapeActive use butane fuel which makes them well suited for smoking and vaping making them ideal for wax concentrate use as well as dry herb use.

2. Safety features.

The next thing you should look for in a torch for weed and for wax is its safety features. Because you’re basically playing with fire here, having a thin line of protection is oftentimes appreciated. Regardless of how experienced you are as a consumer, having a torch lighter that can reach temperatures exceeding the point of combustion can do some serious damage. So, making sure that you have some sort of safety feature ensures that you have a means of preventing injury when using these torch lighters.

That being said, here are some of the safety features you should be looking for when buying a wax torch or a weed torch online.
  • Adjustable flame.
  • Child safety features.
  • Anti-flare nozzles.
Basically, these features allow you to enjoy using your torch without having to worry about causing injury to the people around you and the property you are dwelling in.

Torches in our collection are designed with the safety features you need to enjoy your sessions without having to worry about causing harm to yourself and to those partaking in your session. As an example, the Big Shot Torch GT 8000 from Blazer Torches is outfitted with an anti-flare nozzle that allows you to safely wield the flame and control the fire when in use. Likewise, the Bug Buddy from Blazer Torches is equipped with a child-resistant trigger to avoid children from activating and triggering the torch accidentally as well as for those that have flimsy hands that may have to handle the torch halfway high. Lastly, the Newport Mini Torch Lighter sports adjustable flame so you can easily adjust the fire depending on your need and on your situation.

3. Ease of use.

Another thing you need to check when buying torches for weed and wax is its ease of use. Since you’re the one who is going to use the torch lighter, you have to find one that suits your liking. While many of these products look pretty much like a tank with a nozzle, some of them are actually made with the consumer in mind. That’s why they are made with ergonomic bodies to make handling and use as convenient and as simple as possible.

Part of a torch lighter’s ease of use is how easy it can be to refill and replace the tank. If you use a torch for smoking botanicals and dabbing wax concentrates, you would know that sometimes, torches and jet lighters may be somewhat annoying and irritating to use because it’s hard to refill or replace the actual fuel rendering the actual torch almost useless. So, it’s best to check out the torch first and look at the product description and watch videos before you make that purchase online.

These are just some of the basic things you should be looking for when buying dab torches and weed torches online. You can also check product reviews by actual users that are often found at the bottom of the product page. You should also buy from a trusted online seller when buying torches online. That being said, VapeActive is a top-rated online vape shop that is recommended by some of the biggest and the most trusted names in the industry including The Vape Guide, The Stoner Mom, and SmokeFree. So, buy your torches online only from the most trusted name in vaping, VapeActive.

How Do I Use a Torch for Smoking Weed?

Have you already clicked on that add to cart button and splashed the cash? Well, while you wait for your torch to be delivered, here are a few ways on how you can use a torch in smoking your botanicals.

1. Make sure the torch is properly loaded and filled.
  • First, ensure that the switch or the glass flow knob of your torch is closed.
  • Next, flip over the torch lighter and insert the tip of the butane canister to the gas inlet valve of the gas canister of the torch lighter. Make sure that the seal is tightly and properly connected to avoid gas from oozing out of the gas canister and the canister of the torch lighter.
  • Apply pressure downwards to fill the torch lighter.
  • While time involved in refilling the torch lighter varies (check user manual), it’s best to check when gas starts to flow back from the inlet valve which means that the torch is already filled.
  • Allow a minute for the gas to settle before using the torch lighter.
2. Light up the torch lighter and move it close to the bowl or to the end of your spliff.

3. Move the lighter away from the bowl or the end of the joint as soon as embers start to form.

4. Avoid keeping the lighter on the botanical too long.

How Do I Use a Torch for Smoking Weed?

Now let’s talk about using your torch for dabs. If it’s your first time dabbing raw and with a torch, follow these simple and straightforward steps.

1. Make sure that the torch is properly loaded and filled (Check the above steps).

2. Turn the torch on and move it closer to the banger or the nail.

Now’s the tricky part.

3. Continue to torch the banger or the nail. It’s easier if you’re using a banger or a nail made from titanium of quartz since it will change its color and the hue of the banger will be an indication of how hot the banger is.

If it does not change color, it’s quite low in temperature. If it’s slightly red, then it’s a little too hot. If it begins to glow, then it’s way too hot.

4. Make sure to apply the dabs depending on what kind of vapor you are going for when you are dabbing.

Dabbing way too hot releases the potent active ingredients but generates harsh vapor that can cause irritation and may cause consumers to cough. Dabbing way too low of a temperature allows you to extract flavorful vapors but runs the risk of the wax concentrates pooling down the banger.

Advanced Torch Technology

Today’s torches offer a variety of benefits but the most commonly known benefit of torches is its ability to vaporize organic materials in mere seconds. Today’s torches come in as super handy and ergonomic devices that can easily be operated even by a smoking novice. The modern-day torch proves to be an essential tool whether you’re dabbing, or into oil concentrate and botanical consumption.

Other torches can work not only upright but also can work even if it’s upside down. Some torches will not work when placed upside down and may even cause the torch lighter to leak. Some of the advanced torch lighters we know today are made with advanced technology that it can still function even when flipped over.

Another advanced feature that makes today’s torches quite the tool for dabbing is precision flame adjustability. You can easily achieve the ideal temperature for your banger by adjusting the flame right from the torch itself. Instead of having to wait or just place your palms at the top of the banger, you can easily determine the quality and the profile of the heating element by regulating the flame right from the torch.

Lastly, are child-resistant triggers.

While they are designed and engineered to prevent children from accidentally playing with the torch and setting themselves and your house aflame, in dabbing, they often act as a safeguard from friends who have flimsy hands.