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About KandyPens

With its versatility, KandyPens presented all of you with vaporizers that are compatible to all. You can enjoy your KandyPens in full satisfaction as it offers wax vaporizers, dab pens, dry herb vaporizers and e – juice vaporizers that is perfect for different market and users that they cater. It also comes with a sleek and compact built as it promotes the fantastic delivery of how portability benefits its users. A portable vaporizer is what all users are looking for, thus, letting KandyPens to be one of the top in the pedestal of the most searched for within the vape market industry. At this point, you will totally regret not having at least one of their most popular products like KandyPens Galaxy,  KandyPens Gravity or their latest release, KandyPens RUBI.

Kandypens Products


Coming from its name, almost all the vape pens that are included in the KandyPens collection and series are all available in cute and enticing colors that would definitely fix your mood and would be perfect to match you depending on your personality. That is what KandyPens dab pens are known and famous for. You can even collect all of the colors which you can also interchange in using for a more elegant and stylish bring when you vape. These kinds of vaporizers are the best to flaunt with friends or even people in public places which primarily attracts with a kick all of the style – chasers vape users that also gives importance to style and design.

The KandyPens Brand


Arguably one of the best wax-pen vape brands in the industry today, KandyPens have made themselves known in the portable vaping scene for their high-quality devices that seem to perfectly marry the best of what vape pens and dab rigs have to offer. For consumers that want dab rig-like performance that’s only a fraction of the rig’s size, weight, and price, KandyPens have been and will always be one of the first names that will come into mind. They've been known to manufacture not only highly functional devices but they are also known for having stylish and sophisticated dab pens They’ve not only managed to build an empire through manufacturing high-quality wax pens but they’ve also partnered up with some of the biggest names in the industry that they’ve elevated and have advanced into something more than just a dab pen manufacturer.

Seen with the likes of DJ Khaled, Amber Rose, and A$AP Rocky, KandyPens was bound for fame and eminence. This made them more than what dab pens were known for and have risen to become not only a vaping device but also a status symbol. The kind that say’s “your friends’ wax pens are cool but not as cool as KandyPens in DJ Khaled’s ‘I’m The One’ with Justin Bieber music video cool.”

KandyPens have had the perfect recipe for what could make a business successful. They made themselves know for how well their devices performed first before they made themselves known for how good looking their devices were. This gave the KandyPens brand its reputation as a solid alternative to dabbing with rigs – something all concentrate consumers needed, one that they can rely on when they’re on their feet. For the longest time, wax concentrate consumption meant staying indoors, tied to either an e-nail or worse, a blow torch. This wasn’t at all appealing to a large number of consumers especially the ones that are just starting to explore wax consumption altogether. Dabbing with a rig was all too daunting and it often times caused the faint of heart to shy away. KandyPens made for a solid alternative and a replacement to tabletop rigs which gave a lot of consumers the freedom and the convenience they so rightfully deserved. 

User Friendly KandyPens Technology

KandyPens Vaporizers creators knows perfectly how to treat their customers with comfort and convenience. With almost all the vaporizers that is from its collection and series, it has been a trend to have a one button technology to operate these awesome vaporizer pens. With just a single button, you can already toggle through the system selection as you enjoy your vaporizer in just a few clicks. All of its features are just a click away eliminating the need of more buttons to select just to get your desired experience. This is perfect for newbies that are just starting out vaping.

KandyPens Design

KandyPens dab pens come with a stylish and fun persuade as it comes with a durable and strong body built but with a light and colorful variations of colors that you can choose from.


Of course, one of the major qualities that not only makes a dab pen a “dab pen” but also defines the platform itself is portability. It’s the key factor that give wax pen vaporizers the edge, giving consumers freedom. A dab pen must be small and compact enough that you can carry it with you almost anywhere you go. In fact, portability dictates the success of a device especially in this platform.

Kandypens portability

Portability opens doors and opportunities to other important factors when using a dab pen. When a dab pen is small enough it means that it can likewise be concealable. Concealability is a factor often overlooked by manufacturers. Portable and concealable devices allow consumers to take their dab pens with them and enjoy what could be defined as a peaceful vaping experience. A lot of consumers are very private users and not unless they plan on showing off their devices to friends or making a bold statement using dab pens, majority of consumers prefer a more discreet experience. KandyPens Vaporizers are made to address this demand, that’s why all their devices are compact and sleek allowing consumers the advantage of having a tool for wax concentrate consumption that’s not only light on the budget but also light in the pocket.

Ease of Use

KandyPens - easy to use

Part of the allure of dab pens is its straightforwardness and ease of use. Often seen as a limitation, the size of a dab pen creates very little space for advanced technology giving dab pens seemingly limited capabilities both hardware and software related. However, this also creates a different spectrum of possibilities which gives dab pens in general a unique way of operation and function. Most wax pen vaporizers either have one or no buttons at all and will have little to no display screens. While others will see this as a restriction, others will see it as an advantage which allows them to work with less complicated devices while still enjoying the functionalities and the benefits of what makes KandyPens a vaporizer worth having.


Having said, KandyPens devices are extremely functional vaporizers. One of the first few dab pens to ever sport a variable voltage battery is a KandyPens unit. This only proves to show how innovative the team behind the KandyPens R&D team is and how the KandyPens brand have managed to rise above the competition – and remain relevant through the years. Not only was this pen the first to break the barriers and transcend the boundaries of dab pens in general but it managed to bag one of the most highly-acclaimed awards from HIGHT TIMES Magazine.

Such prestige launched the KandyPens brand to success and many wax pen vaporizer companies followed suit. The KandyPens brand is a testament to what passion and dedication can do. From there, many other devices followed that gave consumers the edge in this platform with wax pens designed for different vaping niches.


Kandypens style

Lastly, one of the qualities that KandyPens banked on in designing and engineering their devices is style. That’s right, KandyPens’ dab pens are made with such a unique touch of artistry that it won the hearts of some of the best artists in today’s budding hip-hop industry. Why not? It's one of the most relevant subsections in the music industry that has to deal with the consumption of wax concentrates and its main derivation.

KandyPens’ devices are made to cater to a wide variety of customers. You’ll see subtle designs that are low-key and discreet while you’ll also find dab pens fashioned or the loud and proud.

The Qualities That Make an Ideal Dab Pen

The common misconception about dab pens is that they’re often seen as a second possible best option when it comes to vaping not only wax concentrates but also herbs, botanical blends, and e-liquids. KandyPens changed all this by using only the best raw materials in manufacturing their products. Devices made only by using materials of highest quality only begets an end product that also boasts the same quality as its components. That's why KandyPens Vaporizers are considered as one of the best brands on the market, they make vaporizers from the ground up using only the best materials the industry has to offer.

What was once an alternative had become a viable replacement, and what once was a replacement became a platform that’s continuously evolving, growing, and is a competitive field where only the best of the best manages to stay on top. KandyPens banked on research and development giving them the edge on manufacturing the ideal dab pen. Constant communication with the community as well as product research gave them the knowledge of what makes an ideal tool for portable wax concentrate consumption. As observed in almost all of KandyPens’ products with the exception of some limited-edition collaborative pieces, all of them displayed what can be considered as the qualities of the ideal wax pen vaporizer.

Building the KandyPens Brand from the Ground Up

Like all companies, KandyPens started from scratch. Sharing his story of how KandyPens started as a project before it became a successful business, Graham Gibson, CEO of KandyPens, revisits his struggles as he started a company in an industry where every product pretty much does the same thing.

Vaporizers in general work towards achieving one goal – to vaporize materials like herbs, wax concentrates, and e-liquids. The industry was flooded with a multitude of products that pretty much do the same thing. It was a monotonous sea of devices that had very little variation in terms of form and function. Although it seems like a disheartening setting for a business venture, Graham Gibson saw and took it as a challenge. He oversaw everything especially the first year when KandyPens started its operations. They put in countless hours in research and development, talking to actual users and consumers to have come up with a vape pen that will not only please the average consumer but will also satisfy the connoisseurs and the medical consumers that use such small and portable devices. Their knack for innovation and the ingenuity they showed attracted not only consumers but also investors looking to fund projects with the potential to go big. KandyPens was a game changer, and a lot of investors and consumers recognized that and they became the brand to watch out for.

KandyPens developed the first 3-in-1 vape pen. One that can vaporize wax, herb, and oil. From here, newer innovations sprung forth which changed the meta for the vape pen platform forever. In 2016, KandyPens finally received recognition that cemented their place as one of the top vape brands in the business. The KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer won the prestigious HIGH TIMES Magazine Best Vaporizer Award, and the awards continue to add on year after year. They've managed to make something revolutionary out of a humdrum of an industry.

Repetitiveness was common in vape pens and KandyPens brought life to a dull, mechanical, and wonted platform. Graham Gibson himself professed himself as one who researches the industry before he gets into it. He wants to understand how the game is played, and how he can win it. He studied the competition, considered and calculated his options. He bought all the products from all his prospective competitors and though of a way to change the game. He saw and understood the common pitfall of vape pens and dab pens in general and found that they lacked proper build quality and hat they easily break especially when carried on a daily basis. He thought that it defeated the purpose of having a portable vaporizer and that searching your pocket for your vaporizer’s top part after you’ve pulled it out of your pocket isn’t exactly an appealing way of having a travel-friendly device. He wanted something that could withstand the toils of daily use and carrying activity. He found that by sourcing and using the best materials, he can achieve what he imagined vape pens should be. He brought a new flavor to vaping, a new air to what was once a stale and a trite industry. This placed them on the map and their name never seemed to have lost its luster ever since.

Collaborating with the Biggest Names in the Industry

Kandypens celebrities

The man himself, Graham Gibson has been involved in the music industry and his connections helped him elevate the status of KandyPens. In fact, KandyPens has sponsored various upcoming artists in the rap and hip-hop scene, including artists like Fatboy SSE, Young M. A., as well as some of the more famous artist like DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Amber Rose, A$AP Rocky, Migos, Quavo, and many more. Recently, KandyPens called out to all aspiring DJs, bands, and solo artists. KandyPens wanted to explore and find new artists to sponsor. New and upcoming artists that need a little help with a wind in their sales. Creativity begets creativity, that’s why KandyPens wants to invest in creative individuals helping them get to where they need to be. Who knows? You might just be the next KandyPens star?

Their latest collaborative piece, the KandyPens Amber Rose Collection is reminiscent of traditional KandyPens dab pens. It performs as good as it looks and it comes equipped with all the essentials you need for concentrate consumption. It's a premium vape kit that boasts sophisticated looks and even more elegant accessories you can use for either wax and oils. It’s beautiful and is a befitting collaboration with today’s most successful model, actress, musician, and icon, Amber Rose. The KandyPens Amber Rose Collection sports a polished champagne pink exterior with gold trimmings which gives it refined, posh look.

While it boasts mouthwatering design from the outside, it features similarly exceptional engineering in the inside. It uses KandyPens’ signature battery with four preset temperature profiles calibrated for optimum wax and oil consumption. It also comes with a sesh-mode which is something new for vaporizers in the KandyPens lineup. Each unit from the KandyPens Amber Rose Collection is hand crafted by skilled individuals who pay careful attention to detail and is designed by Amber Rose herself. Inclusive accessories are the two concentrate atomizers and one e-juice/oil attachment. You’d also get a gold dab tool as well as a matching leather case to put everything in. This makes carrying the KandyPens Amber Rose Vaporizer conveniently easy.

Another popular collaborative unit is the KandyPens Flacko Jodye Vaporizer. If the Amber Rose Collection from KandyPens was one for the girls, the Flacko Jodye is one for the boys. It sports a sleek wood veneer and gold trimmings that’ll complete the look of any modern-day gentleman. This one’s for keeps, it’s also handmade and can cater to both types of concentrates. You can vape wax and oils with the KandyPens Flacko Jodye, the vaporizer is designed by the man himself, A$AP Rocky and is reminiscent of his taste for all things sophisticated. The wood finish and the golden trims make it look more than it costs, it’s a premium vape pen that looks good on any dude, it works well with any occasion, and it’s a testament to the beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

The battery of the KandyPens Flacko Jodye also has 4 fine-tuned temperature profiles that allow you to craft clouds from thin flavorful wisps to visible and potent rips. It’ll come complete with two atomizers for concentrates and one cartridge for oils and e-liquids. Like the Amber Rose Collection, the KandyPens Flacko Jodye Collection also comes with aleather carrying case so you can look all cool and stylish while you carry this dab pen wherever you may go.

Another popular collaborative vape pen is the KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights Edition Vaporizer. This dab pen was made in partnership with DJ Esco. His is a limited-edition vape pen and arguably one of the most successful collaborative works between two big names in both industries. The name 56 nights was inspired by a true experience when the man himself DJ Esco was held in custody when he was found possessing 15 grams of illegal substance in Dubai. This inspired him to write his song 56 nights, it also became the inspiration for this limited-edition piece.

Apart from a compelling backstory, the KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights Edition Vaporizer had all the right to demand attention. It was outfitted with a revolutionary mouthpiece which featured an elevated airflow system which allowed larger and more visible vapor output while still retaining flavor and aroma. It was known for its ability to faithfully preserve the flavors of your select wax concentrates, vaporizing it without getting t the point of combustion. It even had a deep-dish chamber which allowed larger loads of concentrates which made for more lung-ripping hits.

You couldn’t ask for more from these collaborative concepts from KandyPens. They’re a product of the innovative geniuses behind the KandyPens team which prove that they’re always one step ahead of the competition.

Apart from the products they manufacture in collaboration with various artists, some of the regular units also get some screen time like the KandyPens Elite. Shown a couple of times in the “I’m The One” music video which featured Justin Bieber, Quavo, Migos, and the man himself Lil’ Wayne. The music video already reached over 400 million views on YouTube and still counting, it ranked number 1 on the Billboard Hot 10 List which gave it the screen time it deserved. Other music videos include the aptly named “Attention” by Fat Joe, Chris Brown, and Dre, as well as “Fairytale” produced by DJ Khaled which featured Chris Brown and Skye. Camron’s “10,000 Miles” also featured a KandyPens device, only proves to show that Graham Gibson’s involvement in the music industry helped leverage KandyPens’ position on the market. His was a lucrative tactic that placed the KandyPens brand in almost every rap and hip-hop music video making it a staple for celebrities and famous personalities that it became a must have for individuals who are greatly influenced by these household names. KandyPens even made an appearance on the 2018 Combschella. It had such drawing power that it became a necessary purchase for those who want to love the high life.

Apart from the exposure it received from high-budget music videos, KandyPens dab pens were featured in some of the biggest digital magazines like COMPLEX, VICE, Forbes, BuzzFeed, The Source, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, as well as on some of the most popular vape-related online blogs like The Vape Critic, Vapor Review Blog, The Vape Guide, Vaping 360, and even in Netflix.

KandyPens has a lot going on for itself as well as for its patrons and soon to be customers. It's definitely a must have.

Reinventing the KandyPens Brand

Branding themselves as a premiere vape manufacturer apparently isn't enough. KandyPens have moved from a traditional marketing approach of selling the product using the product to a newer more effective attack on marketing their vaporizers. They began manufacturing apparels and accessories that will drive brand loyalty even more. This shows that KandyPens isn’t only innovative in the aspect of product development but it shows that they are also as inventive in thinking of different ways to sell the product. This is good especially for fan boys who will proudly wear KandyPens apparel and will cheeringly carry KandyPens branded accessories.

This is what we loved with KandyPens, they’ve been eager to break the norm and they’re not afraid to reinvent even themselves to make and keep the brand relevant amidst the evolving times and the changing demands – KandyPens still meet the needs of consumers of different needs.

Today, KandyPens is the best they can be especially for consumers that’s why there’s no better time to switch to KandyPens than today. It’s the perfect time since KandyPens have already amassed a wide selection of vape pens you can choose from. You have dry herb pens, dab pens, and e-liquid pens. KandyPens believe that high-quality materials and relatively high-quality engineering isn’t exactly enough. They want more, with collaborative partnership with big artists, they’ve reinvented the brand and with it followed other vaporizer companies wanting to improve sales by mimicking what KandyPens id. But it’s not all for the name of revenue for KandyPens.

Giving Back to the Community

Sponsorships, and discount sales are only just a few of KandyPens’ way of giving back to the community that patronized their products over other companies and manufacturers. However, one of the best ways KandyPens can help the community is by providing a lifetime warranty on their products. This industry leading guarantee ensures consumers and customers of unprecedented support from only some of the best representatives.

Companies sometimes forget that it’s not always how good your products look, how well you package your items or how many features you manage to stack on your product. If your customer service sucks, all of these won’t matter and people wouldn’t want to deal with your company because of fear of running into a bad experience or worse, having to deal with unruly representatives again. This is something KandyPens keeps in mind so they only put the best trained personnel in the front lines to answer and assist the customers from all their requests and concerns. Running a business isn’t just about making a sale, it also entails providing support after you make the sale and a lifetime guarantee may just be the best thing a vape manufacturer can offer.

It’s something that will make customers at peace knowing they’re backed by a lifetime warranty. And that’s not because they use shoddy materials. The lifetime guarantee isn’t there because they know that the vaporizers will easily break. It’s there because they’re confident that the vaporizers they sell will last you more than your money’s worth. It can take a beating and boasts to hell and back reliability unlike other vape pens and dab pens that won’t even last a month of daily use and carrying activity. KandyPens are solid devices that are built to last. They have superior build quality and have far better materials and technology compared to other vaporizers in its class. Remember, cheap is expensive and you always get what you pay for especially with wax pens.

Reaping the Fruits of Their Labor

KandyPens is considered as one of the best vape brands of today. That's because they’ve put in a lot of effort in building their brand as well as the vaporizers they manufacture. It’s only fitting to say that they’re now in the position to reap the fruits of their labor. This is also the perfect time to take part in this achievement by getting yourself a KandyPens Vaporizer now. The market is teeming with vaporizers but none of them can perform and can function like any of the KandyPens devices. Enjoy award winning vaporizers, exceptional perks, and world class customer service only with KandyPens.

Why You Should Buy KandyPens

In different industries, the name of a brand alone can demand sales and revenue. In the automobile industry, there are high-end luxury cars like Ferrari, Maserati, and Bugatti. Wrist watches on the other hand have Rolex wrist watches, Apple for smartphones and so on. KandyPens’ aim is to dominate the vaporizer industry and be one of the largest names that command respect and appreciation and KandyPens is already near that status that will allow them to take over the industry. Being with a company and a brand that’s able to achieve such feats only means that you’re putting your money in a solid investment.

Lifetime warranty, full kits, excellent aftermarket service, those are just some of the best things about investing on a KandyPens. Apart from having premium vape pens, you’re assured that you’re going to have a vape pen for all occasions, you’re backed by a wide range of accessories to up your vaping experience, a selection of KandyPens Vaporizer for all types of material, and a hardwearing vaporizer that you can take with you almost anywhere you go. These are just some of the most common reasons why consumers choose to invest in KandyPens Vaporizers. They look for that solid assurance that they’re getting their money’s worth. So, try it for yourself. Find out why a lot of professionals, medical consumers, and connoisseurs are switching to a premium vaporizer instead of one that will cost them more when they have to follow up on requests, buy a substitute in lieu of the vape they ordered while they wait for the return and so on.

The costs of a cheap vaporizer will pile up as soon as faults begin to show themselves, this proves the saying that cheap is expensive and that you’ll be spending twice or thrice the initial cost of your cheap vaporizer for replacement parts because they’ll start to give early. And, KandyPens Vaporizers aren’t at all exorbitant and expensive, not that they’ll cost you an arm and a leg but they’re reasonably priced. So, don’t waste your money on cheap and inexpensive devices. KandyPens have worked hard to reshape the industry for your and for other consumers so that we all could have the chance to use a high-quality device without having to pay the premium price. KandyPens believe that no one has to sacrifice quality for affordability. They’re a company and theirs is a brand with a heart. You can always trust on the quality of their devices and their services.

Vaporizers from KandyPens are made to cater a wide variety of consumers and customers, you can go low-profile to loud and flashy with the models they have available. Their devices are sleek and are compact that they make vaping a breeze. KandyPens will give you a run for your money, we’re sure you’ll love their products the same way we loved testing and checking them out.