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Nobody makes herb grinders like Phoenician Grinders. Their botanical grinders are made from medical-grade raw materials and are manufactured in the USA and are compatible with buds, flowers, and leaves. Select from the best tobacco grinders Phoenician Grinders have to offer. Buy 4-piece herb grinders with pollen catcher to collect kief or buy 4-piece weed grinder with paper holder to hold your rolling papers. Use our exclusive Phoenician Grinder coupon code for great deals when you buy online.

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About Phoenician  

Phoenician Grinders are considered as one of the best grinders on the market today. Their products are made from locally sourced materials. This means that Phoenician Grinders are made in the United States using American sourced raw materials featuring American design and ingenuity giving it the quality and promise one can only get from American made products.  

Phoenician Grinders is headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. Its company is based in a suite in Rosemont and is well placed for its customers to easily access their shop.  

Phoenician logo

The folks at Phoenician Grinders have a culture deeply rooted in the medical industry. That’s why their goal is to provide the industry with unparalleled medical-grade equipment for the industry of naturopathic medication. Their deep understanding and care for medicating patients led them to have a strong sense of value and a guided approach to making herb grinders for those consuming different dry herb strains for various medical conditions. They have a strong commitment to the needs of medicating patients and their understanding of requirements necessary for these patients to achieve medical-grade products and for them to achieve their overall advocacy.  


Phoenician Grinders acknowledge and recognize the need for leaders in the industry which is why they took it to themselves to be the leaders in herb grinders in an industry where affordability is more favored than quality. The industry sees them as pioneers in their craft and considers them to be one of the best in what they do. Their herb grinders boast top-tier engineering which is why they function and perform like no other. The design of their herb grinders is very considerate of the condition of the very patients they wish to serve and produce products for. Using their values and their comprehension and conception of a medical-grade dry herb grinder allows them to create products that are fit for both medical and recreational users.  

Medical-Grade Grinders 

With the continued legalization of the use of herbs for medical use, many consumers and patients have switched to herbs and extracts as a non-synthetic and a non-invasive means of treating and managing their medical conditions.  

Select herbs and botanical blends are now acknowledged by medical practitioners as a means to combat inflammation and pain making them as an ideal medicine for athletes and sports professionals. They know that taking NSAIDs puts them in the risk of having their kidneys and livers take the toll of drinking pain killers and other steroidal medicines. The chemicals in these medications can cause long-term damage that athletes try to avoid.  


In consuming these herbs, they need a tool to help them achieve the right grind for their materials. A tool that will not affect the integrity of the herbs and that will not damage the active ingredients and other active compounds native to the plant matter. This is where Phoenician Grinders come into the picture. The grinders they manufacture are made from pure and secure raw materials so as not to affect the very herbs they grind. Have you ever stored ground material in a tin can or an old pencil case? In these cases, herbs and ground botanicals stored in metal containers often come out tasting like metal themselves. The actual metal body you used to store and keep your herbs safe became the means of how they degraded. Phoenician Grinders uses state-of-the-art aluminum to ensure that it will not cause any change in smell and in taste when it comes in direct contact with your dry herb strains. This means that Phoenician Grinders will not affect the overall integrity of the herbs you have. You can actually spend your money by consuming fewer herbs since the Phoenician Grinder helps you preserve the quality of your dry herb strains. Unlike the average grinder that’s made out of acrylic plastic, herb grinders from the Phoenician Grinder factory ensure that your herbs are in its optimal condition. Acrylic grinders made out of cheap plastic can cause a static shock. Static charge from cheap plastic grinders can burn and fry some of the succulent trichomes and may also affect the terpenes and the flavonoids in the herbs. Whatever herb and ground-up material you collect from these plastic grinders will have less efficacy and less potency which will have you end up using more materials than necessary.  

Phoenician Grinders remain confident in their position as one of the pioneers in the herb grinder industry that create medical-grade components for herb grinding. That’s why many medical consumers especially those who rely on these herbs for pain relief and joint pains, ailments like rheumatism and arthritis are also one of the conditions that these herbs can help manage. Because of the continuous development in medical research involving these botanical materials, it has now been an approved form of medication for severe forms of epilepsy; Dravet Syndrome and Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. There are also several conditions like chronic pain, eating disorders, anorexia, epilepsy, glaucoma, nausea, Alzheimer's Disease, and even cancer. Phoenician Grinders have anticipated the possible growth and development of the industry which is why they have dedicated their efforts in being the golden standard in herb grinders.  

The Phoenician Grinder Difference 

Phoenician Grinders have since been the subject of the stigma that comes with products used for these herbs and botanicals due to the negative rep it had in the past. Nowadays, Phoenician Grinders strive to change this stigma by incorporating the medicinal benefits of the herbs and the therapeutic benefits of these botanical materials into their products. They look to their responsibility in valuing patients and even physicians who promote natural healing through the use of similarly medical-grade components.  


Another advocacy of Phoenician Grinders in making a huge difference in the industry is by promoting responsible use and consumption of the medicinal substance. It is no secret that these herbs will have some psychoactive effect if taken without caution and care. So, Phoenician Grinders have become one of the pioneers of sensible and responsible education in the use of herbs medicinally or recreationally.  

This is why Phoenician Grinders as an institution has been actively sourcing the best medical-grade raw materials for the construction and manufacturing of their herb grinders. Additionally, they use a time-tested process in manufacturing grinders. One that produces precise and accurate results.  

Precision and Professional Grinders 

They use precision CNC machinery to carve out the grinders from solid aluminum blocks. This is why Phoenician Grinders are sturdy and durable compared to other dry herb grinders that will easily break, will get loose, chip, and snap. Their grinders are built from the best aluminum materials. The precision CNC machines they use are outfitted with 24 – 26 drill bits, each to fit the specifications of the grinder being manufactured. The machines are computer generated and they are laser-guided for accuracy that’s why the grinders from Phoenician Grinders do not wiggle and will not have any loose joints. They do not feel flimsy and the turning and twisting action of these grinders will show and prove they are of the utmost quality.   

This proves that Phoenician Grinder products are made to be innovative and superior considering every aspect of grinding. The folks from Phoenician Grinders have completely redesigned and engineered these dry herb grinders to maximize the experience of each user. This is one of the reasons why even if you’re a casual and recreational consumer, you can still enjoy the difference of using a medical-grade product and the quality of a medical-grade grinder.  

The CNC machining system also ensures that each Phoenician Grinder has a precisely cut grinding teeth. The teeth of Phoenician Grinders are specifically designed to improve and enhance your grinding experience. This means that unlike other grinders that use the traditional diagonally shaped grinding teeth, Phoenician Grinder dry herb grinders use specially positioned teeth that are designed to mimic the shearing action similar to scissors.  

Apart from its precision machining system, Phoenician Grinders incorporate a lobe styling which allows additional grip and traction even when compared to other grinders on the market today that boast a rounded and a knurled grip. The lobes on Phoenician Grinders also act as bumper rings. Not only do they act as simple accessories to aid you in twisting and turning your grinder but they also protect the grinder from minor damaged from accidental falls and bumps from daily use. Not only does it make grinding easy but it also ensures that it prevents slippage which causes the grinder to fall from your hands. These rubber grips ensure that each Phoenician Grinder is comfortable to use.  

Speaking of comfort, each Phoenician Grinder uses a triple locking system which allows the grinder parts to be easily removed and replaced. This wedge mechanism ensures that the various section of the grinder can be conjoined and unjoined with ease.  

Phoenician Grinders that are outfitted with a pollen catcher uses stainless steel screens. These screens are supported by a spiral cross brace from the grinder’s underside. This means that the screens when connected and attached to the grinder, remains sturdy and won’t easily break. These screens are removable and can be cleaned easily allowing you to maintain a clean dry herb grinder even after extensive use. Furthermore, Phoenician Grinders offer different sized screens for individuals with different needs.  

Lastly, the bottom part of each Phoenician Grinder is designed to look like a bowl, this means that the bottom part will have no corners and edges where the pollen can get stuck allowing you to easily catch and scrape the pollen from the bottom section. This also allows you to save the pollen and get all those that you’ve collected instead of wasting them from having them stuck on the corners of the grinder.  

Phoenician Grinders are professionally crafted and are engineered for precision to allow consumers to experience what it feels like to use a medical-grade, professional-level grinder. Their collection of grinders is made for people who consume dry herbs not just occasionally but on a daily basis. Those who are heavy consumers can benefit from the durability and reliability of each Phoenician Grinder allows them to maximize each and every bit of their dry herb stain allowing them to easily reap the benefits that their select botanical plant matter has to offer. With Phoenician Grinders’ well-made grinders, you can maximize your sessions as each grinder from Phoenician Grinders are designed to optimize your dry herb strains. With medical-grade components, you’re sure to have a superior experience with Phoenician Grinders.  

Each of the layer and of the component of Phoenician Grinders is individually inspected to ensure the utmost quality. Each part is hand finished and is carefully examined before it leaves the Phoenician Grinder facility. This is proof of their professionalism and shows how well they are committed to the promise they have to be leaders in the industry and providing consumers with high-quality and medical-grade grinders. One of the process they subject their grinders is their strict and stringent de-burring process. Unlike other dry herb grinders that have sharp and flaky edges, Phoenician Grinders take the time to individually de-burr each grinder part ridding it of sharp edges which can cut the skin of its users and can end up flaking and get mixed up with the ground material. This ensures that all there is to the herbs in the grinder is just the herbs, nothing else will get mixed in the herbs you grind as mixed up metal can affect the quality of the vapor or the smoke from the herbs heated.  

Apart from all these, there are several obvious reasons that separate Phoenician Grinders from the rest of the grinders available on the market today, here are a few.  


It’s true that dry herb grinders have been around for a long time. However, the folks at Phoenician Grinders still makes it so that even the age-old technology applied on dry herb grinders may seem new and innovative. They use original ideas to give their grinders the edge in the industry.  

One of these original concepts include the rubber grips that we’ve mentioned earlier. Phoenician Grinders are arguably the ones who used this original concept and applied it on their products. We haven’t seen anything like it before. It has some several advantages like keeping your dry herb grinder looking like new. Some of the dry herb grinders available on the market today easily suffer from wear and tear. They get easily dented and scratched from falls and from bumps because of daily use and carrying activity. The rubber rings or lobe grips allow you to protect your grinder from accidental falls and it even prevents this from happening since the added grip and traction from these rubber rings ensure that they won’t easily fall from your hands even if you’ve got sweaty palms.  

Other original innovations include the paper holder and dispenser on larger Phoenician Grinder models. This paper holder can accommodate any standard-sized rolling papers so you can keep all your smoking essentials in one place. Just place the rolling paper in the dedicated slot located at the top of the grinder and you can easily pullout rolling papers for easy and convenient use. The rolling paper holder can also help you with easily putting the ground materials on the paper. Simply remove the pack of rolling papers on the slot, fold or bend the paper in the middle, place it on the slot and pour on your ground-up materials. You no longer have to hold the paper and cause the ground materials to spill. You can use both your hands in carefully loading up the paper.  

While you smoke, you can also use the ashtray conveniently placed at the top of the grinder. Another original idea from Phoenician Grinders. Incorporating an ashtray on the top of the grinder allows you to virtually consume your favorite dry herb strains almost anywhere. You no longer have to search for a place to leave the ash while you smoke the herbs, you can just place them on the dedicated ashtray on the Phoenician Grinders.  

The ashtray can also be used as a container for ground-up material on sessions especially when you’re using a bowl. Just place some ground up botanicals on the ashtray and scoop them up as you finish a bowl or two.  

Each innovative design and engineering found on original Phoenician Grinder products have many applications which ensure versatility of Phoenician Grinder products.  

This is one of the reasons why Phoenician Grinders have amassed a number of patent and trademarks because of their innovative and original concepts. The innovative and proprietary design of each Phoenician Grinder makes it very functional unlike other dry herb grinders on the market today that only functions as a grinder. Phoenician Grinders serves as rolling paper holders, ashtrays, and more.  

Strength and Durability 

Phoenician Grinders are known to be durable and robust grinders and are built with the best materials from the ground up. Each grinder from Phoenician Grinders come from carefully selected aluminum materials.  

Phoenician Grinders use only 6061-T6 aluminum, a kind of aluminum used in aircraft and other aerospace mechanisms. Each aluminum materials used in Phoenician Grinders are domestically-sourced and come from American manufacturers which means that these aluminum materials boast the quality of American-made products. Furthermore, these aluminum materials are Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) compliant. The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement have a set of regulations which are intended to protect the American defense industry from the vulnerabilities of being dependent on product sourced internationally. This means that one of the requirements of DFARS is that they be available locally and this means that the aluminum metals will have an abundant supply ensuring that Phoenician Grinders will have a continuous supply of this metal ensuring that all of their products boast consistent quality.  

The same aluminum is used in airplanes, space rockets, space satellites, and medical equipment. This kind of aluminum is pure and is free from any contaminants found in cheaper kinds of aluminum. Moreover, 6061-T6 aluminum is stronger than other aluminum materials.  

Here are some facts about the kind of aluminum Phoenician Grinders use.  

  • Atomic Number: 13 
  • Atomic Mass: 26.981539 
  • Boiling Point: 4,566F (2,519C) 
  • Melting Point: 1,200F 

The good thing about Phoenician Grinders is their transparency about the materials they use on their products and the process these products go through.  

They specifically chose this kind of aluminum not only because it can be locally sourced but because it is strong and lightweight. It’s true that Phoenician Grinders, especially the larger models, may have some weight to it. But they’re far lighter than other dry herb grinders its size. This makes them perfect portable grinders. They are strong and are durable and can surely take a beating. To further increase the durability of their products, Phoenician Grinders outsource anodizing services for all their grinders.  

Anodization is a process that strengthens aluminum. The process of anodization is nothing like spray painting the grinders. Anodization involves the use of electrolytic passivation where a current is passed through a solution and the aluminum material serving as a positive electrode. This then allows hydrogen to be released at the cathode while oxygen is released at the surface of the aluminum anode which results in the oxidation of the aluminum. This makes the aluminum tougher and gives it a scratch-resistant surface. This process is just a reinforcement of a natural process that occurs in aluminum materials. Anodization is a non-toxic and a non-hazardous process and increases aluminum's resistance to wear and tear as well as corrosion.  

Rebuildable Grinders 

Phoenician Grinders are grinders for life. Phoenician Grinders offer rebuilding kits for their grinders which allows consumers to maintain and replace the work out parts of their grinders specifically the screen and the lobe grips which can be bought separately and replaced once they’re worn out.  

The engineers and the developers at Phoenician Grinders have realized that every patient, every consumer have various needs that need to be attended to and that there is no single solution to one’s grinding needs. The need to utilize the pollen and the process of collecting the pollen may differ from patient to patient. Whilst all their screens are made from high-quality stainless steel, they do know that there are specific variables that come into play when collecting pollen. Different types of consumers use different types of herbs from different strains. These different strains will most likely have various kinds of moisture content and this plays a significant role in determining the number of pollen that each strain and each variety of herbs can produce.  

This is one of the reasons why Phoenician Grinders have the rebuildable and replaceable screens. This allows consumers with different needs to collect as much pollen as they require and not just the amount of pollen provided by a stock part. Like the aluminum components used in manufacturing their grinders, the screens are locally sourced and are derived from 304 stainless steel. This variety of stainless steel component is medical-grade and is safe to be used as screens on grinders.  

Each grinder from Phoenician Grinders are outfitted with a standard-sized screen but can accommodate custom-sized screen for your needs.  

Phoenician Grinder Products 

Here at VapeActive, we’re proud to carry Phoenician Grinder products. Their best-selling grinders are some of our most sought-after products and we’re all but glad to help create a better standard for the industry by spreading original and authentic products from a company like Phoenician Grinders.  

The Phoenician Grinder – 4 Piece 

The Phoenician Grinder – 4 Piece is the embodiment of what grinders are supposed to be. It has a strong and a durable build made from the best aerospace-grade aluminum the industry has to offer to make it one of the strongest and the most hard-wearing dry herb grinders on the market today. This means that your Phoenician Grinder dry herb grinder won’t get banged up easily. Even if you put it in your bag when you carry it if you like to grind herbs on-the-go, you’ll experience minimal to no signs of wear and tear at all. As an additional feature, the Phoenician Grinder – 4 Piece has a knurled style grip. This allows you to hold the grinder better compared to the average grinder that has a smooth finish. You'll experience less and fewer slippage when twisting and turning the grinder itself because of the knurled edges of each grinder compartment.  


One of the common pitfalls of today’s grinders is the fact that they become less effective because they don’t create the necessary torque and motion to grind up your herbs. You end up twisting the grinder more instead of having to accomplish the grind you need with just a few twists and turns. The knurled edges can also accommodate Phoenician Grinder’s bumper rings which allow you to get more grip and have more protection for your favorite dry herb grinder.  

The Phoenician Grinder – 4 Piece uses one of the strongest magnets commercially available. It utilizes rare earth neodymium magnets, a permanent magnet developed independently to create the strongest magnets ft for industrial applications. Neodymium magnets are 18 times stronger than the average magnet which means they are the best in their class. This is why the lid of Phoenician Grinders do not fall off easily and it’s something important especially when grinding herbs. You simply don’t want your herbs spilling out of the grinder just because your dry herb grinder suddenly just burst open because the magnets gave away. The neodymium magnets in the Phoenician Grinder – 4 Piece dry herb grinder ensures that this will never happen. Neodymium magnets have already replaced other magnets used in the industry and have seen wide use in other applications such as cordless equipment, magnetic fasteners, and even hard disk drives.  

All Phoenician Grinder – 4 Piece is made in the United States and features the quality of American-made products and craftsmanship. It can grind anything and in large quantities. Phoenician Grinder – 4 Piece dry herb grinders come in these sizes.  

  • Small: 1.855" - diameter, 2.225" - height, 4.4 oz - weight. 
  • Medium: 2.470" - diameter, 2.225" - height 6.8 oz - weight. 
  • Large: 3.225" - diameter, 2.225" - height 9.0 oz - weight. 

The Phoenician Grinder with Paper Holder – 4 Piece 


The Phoenician Grinder with Paper Holder – 4 Piece features the same kind of quality as the standard 4 piece model but with additional features 

Of course, one of the most noticeable advantage and upgrade on the Phoenician Grinder with Paper Holder – 4 Piece is the paper holder and the ashtray. These upgrades can be used in different ways allowing you to take advantage of this innovative design and functionality. The paper slot on the Phoenician Grinder with Paper Holder – 4 Piece accepts any standard sized 1 ¼ inch paper sleeves which makes it compatible with almost all rolling paper sleeves on the market today. Instead of having to carry your rolling papers separately, you can now incorporate your smoking essentials on your on-the-go herb grinding kit. This is an example of Phoenician Grinder’s brilliant engineering and design. The ashtray, on the other hand, can be used to keep the ash and leftover herbs instead of having to throw them elsewhere. Because Phoenician Grinder products are designed and are engineered mainly for medical consumers, it’s only befitting that the product itself, like the Phoenician Grinder with Paper Holder – 4 Piece, encourages the very value that Phoenician Grinder aims to promote; responsible dry herb consumption. That is why the Phoenician Grinder with Paper Holder – 4 Piece has these features such as the ashtray to ensure that you won’t just throw out your leftovers elsewhere.  

Another feature you’ll find on the Phoenician Grinder with Paper Holder – 4 Piece is the effectively and efficiently shaped grinding teeth that allow superior grinding of your select herbs so you can get the ideal consistency easily and actually grind the herbs instead of just rolling them up into large balls of botanicals.