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Puffco Parts 

Like any vaporizer, wax pen vaporizers or dab pens also need to undergo maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Especially with vaporizers, you always need to pay extra attention to the quality of the vapors you get before you start inhaling. Puffco has been known to use some of the best raw materials the market has to offer to ensure that you get similarly high-quality vapors.  

Puffco has always been the brand to beat especially when it came to masterfully designed and engineered vaporizer units. They make great quality components and design them with utmost dedication and attention to detail. Because of the ingenuity, Puffco won numerous awards and recognition from some of the country's most prestigious award-giving bodies.  

Puffco offers a slew of replacement and upgrade parts for all their devices showing how extensive Puffco’s support is for their devices. One indication of how stable a vaporizer company is is its aftermarket parts availability. The more aftermarket parts for replacement and upgrades are sold, the more likely it is that a product will continue production instead of being phased out entirely.  

VapeActive is honored to carry some of Puffco’s best-selling products including these accessories, replacement and upgrade pieces that will allow you to keep your Puffco vaporizer looking and working as if they were brand-spanking-new.  

Puffco Pro 2 Parts 

The Puffco Pro 2 has been one of Puffco’s most successful devices. It has served the brand well in the past and it continues to keep the Puffco name in good standing. The Puffco Pro 2 was built with an easy open mouthpiece as well as a highly capable single coil atomizer to vaporize your select wax concentrates wherever, whenever.  

The Puffco Pro 2 Atomizer offers huge capacity and allows you to load wax concentrates in large amounts for longer and more potent sessions. The materials used in manufacturing this atomizer is made from 100%ceramic which means that the vapors it produces remain clean and flavorful because of the inert properties of ceramic. No other taste will rub off on the vapors as the essence of the concentrates are faithfully preserved maintaining its unique flavors and aroma. Like all Puffco Products, the Puffco Pro 2 Atomizer is made without using any wicks or fibers. If you want the complete replacement package for the upper portion of your Puffco Pro 2 then what you want is the Puffco Pro 2 MouthpiceThis package includes the atomizer and a thread-less mouthpiece connected to the atomizer via magnets. If you ever need a spare charger, we also carry authentic and original Puffco Pro 2 Chargers. This connects to the battery via 510-threaded connections with the other end connecting to a USB port. You can connect it to a desktop computer, a laptop, or even a wall adapter. The recharging possibilities are endless. You can also buy a set of Puffco Pro 2 Loading Tools from us.  

Puffco Plus Parts 

The Puffco Plus has been another flagship device that gave Puffco some of its most coveted recognition. It also has some unique parts that are designed and engineered to provide users a convenient vaping experience. Take the Puffco Plus Mouthpiece Replacement as an example, it’s unlike any other mouthpiece you’ve seen. From the outside, it looks like a normal mouthpiece but from the inside, you’d see Puffco’s brilliant design. A pick tool incorporated in the mouthpiece to make reloading while on-the-go as easy as possible. The components on the mouthpiece are made from durable and high-grade components allowing you to enjoy superior vaping sessions while using this replacement part. These concentrate picks inside the mouthpiece are called darts. We carry a 3-pack replacement package called the Puffco Plus Dart 3 Pack that you can use when you want to replace worn out picks. After a certain extent, you need to replace the atomizers. When that happens, you’d need the Puffco Plus Replacement Ceramic Chamber. This atomizer is made from 100% ceramic mineral which delivers smooth and clean vapors. We also carry the Puffco Plus Supercharger for all your Puffco Plus charging needs.  

Puffco PEAK Parts 

One of Puffco’s latest offerings and one to blow consumers' minds and create a platform of its own, the Puffco PEAK was something more than revolutionary.  

Like its smaller and more compact counterparts, the Puffco PEAK also came with an array of replacement and upgrade parts so you won’t have to buy a whole new unit in case you break anything. Our collection of Puffco PEAK parts includes the Puffco PEAK Atomizer, the Puffco PEAK Carb Cap and Tether, the Puffco PEAK Glass, and the Puffco PEAK Bowl. All the essentials you need to keep your Puffco PEAK Vaporizer working in perfect condition.  


Puffco also carries an array of containers for you to keep your concentrates in when you’re out and about. Puffco’s Prism line of containers like the Puffco Prism Silicone Container and the Puffco Prism XL to keep all your essentials when you travel. We also carry the Puffco Stash Wallet giving you discreet carrying experience.   

Recently, VapeActive has been blessed by additional authentic and exclusive parts from Puffco and one of which is another container for your select materials – the Puffco Stash Wallet. Like almost all of Puffco’s products, the Puffco Stash Wallet is made out of high-quality materials and is designed to look minimal and discreet allowing you to carry your favorite materials with a low key. Other previous containers are made with materials that make it too obvious to know what you have inside. The newer design cues of the Puffco Stash Wallet make it so that the wallet is discreet and looks minimalist making it hard to tell what you have inside.   

This trend seems to carry over with some of Puffco’s newer original and authentic parts for their devices.   

Newer, Better Puffco Parts   

Puffco is a company that’s always updating, always innovating. One of the best things about Puffco is that they continue to improve not only what they have on their plates but also what the industry standard is. The same way they managed to break through with their very first device, the new and improved Puffco plows through with a new set of accessories and parts for their revamped and refreshed products.   

One of these parts is intended for both the Puffco Plus and the Puffco Pro 2 – the Puffco Torus. The Puffco Torus was intended to keep your Puffco dab pens in place. Because dab pens are often circular in diameter and will frequently roll over when placed atop flat surfaces like desks and counter tables, many consumers and dab pen users tend to lose their dab pens or have them fall over. This can either leave the dab pen in hard to reach places or worse, have the fall break them. If you’re like many of today’s consumers and value your dab pens as you see them as investments, the Puffco Torus is perfect for you.   

The Puffco Torus is a glass component that you can comfortably or conveniently place on your wax pen vaporizer to prevent it from rolling over flat surfaces. This only shows how creative or innovative Puffco can be when thinking of modern-day solutions for modern-day problems like that of a circular dab pen. The Puffco Torus easily fits in dab pens like the Puffco Plus and the Puffco Pro 2 and easily becomes one with the device which makes for a cohesive approach to resolving the issue with dab pens constantly being lost or frequently breaking down because of accidental falls from tables. Once fitted to your device, the Puffco Torus keeps them neatly in place and exactly where you left it. It even makes for a fitting pedestal which sports Puffco branding to keep your devices neatly displayed during the upkeep.   

The Puffco Torus is now available on our store and will help many consumers keep their dab pens neatly tucked in and safe from rolling over.   

Peak Oriented Parts   

The Puffco Peak is today’s best-selling product from Puffco. Having said, they ensured that the flock of supporters and consumers who have purchased their latest dab rig offering will enjoy a wide selection of upgrade parts and replacement components to keep their Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig working like it just came out of the box. Maintaining a wax vaporizer is no joke, the amount of residue that can buildup overtime allows for harder and tougher cleaning than the usual. Sometimes, it even gets the best out of your devices and takes a toll on cleaning your rigs. That’s why Puffco made parts that are geared towards maintaining the Puffco Peak but also enhancing its users' overall experience.   

It’s true that portable e-rigs, though they carry the “portable” badge, still is not the ideal device to take with you when you go out and about. The water attachment sitting atop the base can cause the water to spill. Set up and loading the portable dab rig also requires a lot of effort compared to using a dab pen. But for those adamant in using the Peak whilst they’re on their feet can find solace in the new parts from Puffco.   

Another one of Puffco’s most recent offerings when it comes to parts and accessories is the Puffco Peak Travel Pack. It comes with a slew of other accessories that will help consumers on-the-go with having to use their Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rigs while on their feet. To begin with, the Puffco Peak Travel Pack comes in a variety of colors to match your device. It’s no secret that almost every month, Puffco releases special and limited-edition Puffco Peak models and having a travel pack to match your limited-edition device is aesthetically imperative.   

Having said, the current offerings for the color options of the Puffco Peak Travel Pack are Black, Grey, Red, and the limited-edition colors Lucid, Clear X-Ray, Medusa, Neon, Ribbon Pink, and the latest Vision. The Puffco Peak Travel Pack includes a slew of other essentials for you and your Puffco Peak Vaporizer. These include the Carb Cap Tether, a Splash Cap, an Atomizer Cover, and a Backpack. Whilst all these items can be bought separately, the Puffco Peak Travel Pack combines all of them in one convenient bundle which makes for getting all these items easier to use and procure.   

All the parts and accessories included in the Puffco Peak Travel Pack adds its own unique flavor to making the Puffco Peak a travel-worthy device despite its large and bulky size. To begin with, the Puffco Peak Travel Pack gives you the splash cap. The splash cap ensures that even if you travel with water in the glass attachment of the peak, it won’t make its way outside of the glass attachment finding its way into the internal circuitry of your Peak and causing havoc that is water damage. Irreversible damage caused by liquid can permanently stop your Puffco Peak from working. This makes the splash cap an essential part of your arsenal whether you’re just doing dabs at home or if you plan on taking your Puffco Peak with you. Another important component that’s included in the Puffco Peak Travel pack is the Carb Cap Tether. Don’t you just hate it when you lose your carb caps when it falls over the table getting into hard to reach areas or worse – getting eaten by the darkness under your couch. Not that you won’t find it again, it’s just because of its size that these carb caps are easy to lose and because they’re made of glass, they’re not entirely indestructible. They are still vulnerable to breakage especially when dropped at higher distances. No one wants to lose their carb caps, let alone break them. That's why it’s better to have it hang around instead of having it loosely sitting on top of your cups. The carb cap tether keeps your cab caps in place and in close proximity having it tied to the actual unit. No more losing the carb caps or breaking them as they fall flat on the ground when you bump it with your thumb. Misplacing your carb caps is now a thing of the past as the Puffco Peak carb cap tether ensures it’s right there where you left it.   

Another addition to Puffco’s Peak arsenal is the Puffco Peak Backpack. The Puffco Peak Backpack allows you to store a slew of other essentials along with your dab rig, what’s more, the backpack itself is not like any other sack included on other vaporizers. Other devices will either sport a small and oftentimes insufficient and inadequate sack or a large and an over-the-top mil-spec case that screams ‘dude, I have a vape with me.’ The Puffco Peak Backpack is designed to be a compact and discreet carrier for your smart dab rig. Having said its overall profile is sleek and slim but it does have more than enough room for your essentials. This vape backpack looks like it belongs to someone else’s tech-savvy everyday carry. The backpack itself boasts modular means to carry the Puffco Peak with three ways to take the Peak around; you can sling it around your back, tie it around your waist, or carry it like a fanny pack. While carrying the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig, the Puffco Peak Backpack also makes room for your cash and card so you don’t have to bring your wallet with you when you vape. You’ll also find a compartment for your cotton swabs, a small wax container, and even a Puffco dab pen like the Puffco Pro 2. The Puffco Peak Backpack takes your sessions on a whole ‘nother level – both literally and figuratively.   

Why Puffco Invests on Parts and Accessories   

Like many other manufacturers, Puffco knows that the more they support their existing products, the longer they will stay on the market. Having said, the way to get consumers to buy your product goes way beyond making a huge number of them. Giving it support for your customers to replace worn out and broken-down components make your products a more economical choice rather than ones that will keep them buying the very same product, at the cost of a brand-new one just because the mouthpiece or the atomizer gets banged up.   

Producing and investing in manufacturing additional parts and accessories also prove Puffco’s solid and valid point – they don’t make disposable vaporizers. Their products are built to last and they make good investments for consumers both beginners and advanced alike. In vaporizers, you always get what you pay for and sometimes when bad decisions get the better of you a cheap device becomes expensive. You don’t want to spend a whole lot on a new dab pen when you can just buy replacement atomizers. Having available accessories and parts not only strengthens a vaporizer’s brand presence but also empowers its customer base. You can say that Puffco has done well with how they managed to increase sales and their customer base by manufacturing a slew of replacement parts and upgrade parts for their devices. Puffco covers almost all existing products not only with parts to replace broken and work out components but also apparel and other merchandise that let their customers be proud of the brand they chose to invest in.   

As Puffco continues to invest on manufacturing parts and other components for their products, customers and Puffco patrons continue to invest on their devices garnering sales not only on vaporizers themselves but also including atomizers, attachments, batteries, and other vaporizer attachments that can improve and enhance the quality of their experiences. It only proves to show that vaporizers are very much like other devices. No one likes to buy burners, disposable products that get thrown out after a certain amount of use and abuse. Puffco products prove that they’re a cut above the rest by keeping a strong connection with their customers allowing them to keep their products for years to come by maintaining them in good working conditions.   

High-Quality Parts   

The quality of their products does not only stay in their vaporizers. Even their upgrade and replacement parts boast the same quality allowing devices of earlier models to be as good as new after years of service making them more valuable assets and tools for consuming concentrates. That’s right, for the uninitiated, Puffco has always focused on wax concentrate consumption so their devices are always used in conjunction with extracts and almost never with the actual botanical plant matter. Because of the years they spend in developing products in a specific area of consumption, Puffco has managed to produce high-quality products that extend way beyond the actual vaporizers.   

As an example, Puffco replacement atomizers use the same kind of raw materials found on atomizers that come with the original devices. This only means that the level of quality you learned to enjoy when you started using your Puffco vaporizer out of the box will be the same level of quality you will enjoy when you replace the atomizer. It’s like having your coffee at Starbucks and knowing that it will taste exactly as you remember it wherever you are, whenever you want it. That’s why Puffco has maintained the same level of competitiveness and ruthlessness when it comes to the quality of their products. That’s because, like their Puffco replacement atomizers, other Puffco replacement parts boast the same kind of build quality and performance quality you would expect from a device that came right out of the box.   

Puffco atomizers are made with high-grade ceramic components. Ceramic has been widely used in the vaporizer industry especially in the wax concentrate platform. That’s because ceramic boasts a longer lifespan and offers a distinct low and slow heating capabilities that enhance the flavor of your extracts. You literally can taste the rich terpenes from your concentrates and that’s saying a lot. Concentrates go through various levels of processes to ensure that the most potent ingredients are extracted from the plant matter and the natural flavonoids and the terpenes are lost in this process. But because of the level of engineering and design Puffco puts in their atomizers, they have been able to yield the attributes of ceramic and make it work in their favor.   

Puffco batteries are another example. When you talk about dab pens, you talk about Puffco. They rose from the bad reputation dab pens were known for and made it an actual and viable means of wax concentrate consumption. Before Puffco, dab pens weren’t even seen as alternatives. They're just devices that were made to give consumers a quick fix when they’re away from their rigs. The man behind Puffco decided that it was time to give dab pens its rightful due and make it a mainstream means of consuming wax concentrates. They made high-quality batteries, some of which were the reason why the brand made its name. Puffco replacement batteries offered a long lifespan and gave consumers the iconic unique temperature settings. These calibrated and fine-tuned temperature profiles allowed many consumers to enjoy various effects from one material using a small and compact pen. They made personalization and customization possible for such a small device. Puffco batteries often made the process of finding your sweet spot easy and straightforward. For instance, you don’t have to calculate the precise heat setting in order to get small or big clouds. Puffco batteries made the complicated process of heating your wax concentrates simple and easy to understand. All there is to it is low, medium, and high. The low-temperature settings on Puffco batteries allowed many consumers to enjoy thin wisps of clouds that have higher flavor retention for mouth-watering hits. On the other hand, those who like dense clouds and potent vapors can crank their Puffco batteries high to the max settings for that melt your face experience. Those who prefer the perfect balance of vapor and flavor can use the medium setting for that well-defined vapor production. Another thing that Puffco batteries were known for was the “sesh-mode.” Sesh-mode meant that you get a 12-second burst of heat which ensures that your extracts are fully vaporized and that they are fully heated. This might go way beyond the high-temperature settings adding a fourth option to what was already an industry-standard three temperature setting battery.   

Lastly, a large part of Puffco’s available replacement parts consists of mouthpieces. Puffco mouthpiece offers more than just being an avenue where the vapors get funneled and are inhaled. They are functional and utility components that offer more than what the average mouthpiece can do. Puffco mouthpieces like the Puffco Plus Mouthpiece offer integrated dab tools allowing you to load your materials without the use of an external pick tool. That means you no longer have to bother carrying an additional tool when you choose to vape outside because the mouthpiece itself is a dual-purpose component that acts not only as the device’s mouthpiece but also as the device’s pick tool. The integrated dab tool also makes transferring wax concentrates not only efficient but also economical. One of the most common gripes of wax concentrate consumers is that some of the wax concentrates gets stuck on the dab tool when transferring their materials from a jar to the vaporizer. The integrated dab tool allows the wax to be heated straight from the pick tool which means that all that’s left on the tool will be melted off and vaporized leaving no room for waste. This means you get to consume every bit of the wax concentrate you put in the device and even those that tend to stick on the pick tool. Puffco mouthpieces make for ideal devices that help you conserve wax concentrates especially because wax isn’t cheap.   

One of Puffco’s secret to success is manufacturing parts and components for their devices that support consumers and their customers in maintaining their devices to its tip-top condition.   

Best Place to Shop Puffco Parts   

VapeActive is the best place to shop for Puffco parts. We have a wide collection of Puffco products from Puffco Vaporizers to Puffco replacement components – you name it, we have it.   

VapeActive offers the best prices for Puffco parts because we know how important it is to keep your Puffco dab pens working at their very best. Puffco parts sold online from VapeActive are authentic and original components that come directly from the manufacturer. Our sales representatives make sure that we deal with the people who make the products themselves, therefore, making sure that we get Puffco parts of the best quality. We don’t compromise the quality of the products we sell because we want to make sure that our customers only get the very best. The quality of the products we sell is the badge of quality we leave in every transaction. That's why we make sure that all the products we sell, whether actual vaporizers from Puffco or support components and upgrade parts are the best.   

We are happy to have earned the trust of our loyal customers and we like to nurture and cultivate the business we have with our customers. This is why we won’t settle for anything less than the best each manufacturer has to offer. When you buy Puffco parts online from VapeActive, you’re making sure that you get the best out of the money you spend. VapeActive’s promise of top-quality products is the industry standard for the quality of online vaporizers and vaporizer parts.   

If you want to make sure you get authentic Puffco parts for your Puffco vaporizers, make sure to head on to VapeActive to get the most updated products sold online. Make sure to check our coupon pages to take advantage of our existing discounts and promos. You’re not only getting top-shelf quality products but you’re also able to maximize your savings when you buy vaporizer parts online with VapeActive. Our representatives will ensure easy and straightforward transactions worthy of the time you spend online. Let's make each transaction count, shop Puffco parts online with VapeActive.