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Based in Southern California and was founded in 2017, VapeActive is a company driven to provide vape enthusiasts with excellent quality vaporizers at a most sensible and rational cost. The market has seen the rise of different products relative to the number of vaporizers and consumers as the figures steadily increase.

Our goal is to provide our customers with an up to date collection of vaporizer products that are authentic and original without the premium price, we believe that no one should sacrifice quality for affordability. We closely work with the leading vaporizer brands which allow us to have the opportunity of securing a sizeable amount of items where we get notable discounts. These discounts we make use of to allow our customers to purchase our products at the lowest price possible.

We believe that one of our purposes is to help many smokers experience a more seamless transition from the conventional means of smoking to a way healthier alternative. Vaping has become more mainstream and has more followers and practitioners more than ever before. Shop with us and help us in our mission to make vaping affordable for everyone.+

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Great shipping order crimson carta on Friday had it monday. A+


I thought it was a bit goofy, but everyone seems to want one after checking it out!

CCELL Palm Battery 510 Cartridge Vaporizer

Sunset peak delivered within a day with free shipping whaaa!

Got a beautiful sunset peak free shipping delivered over night whaaaa! Cheaper than direct from puffco I love it. Would give you guy 10 stars if I could

SLX Grinder - 4 Piece

Boundless Terp Pen

The only rig for me

My vaping session was taken to a whole new level. When I received my package, it was well-packed and the black box holder that came in with this baby is very thick and solid. I love pretty much everything; the size, the little q-tip holder that comes with the package, and specially the color is very simple and the color is not that striking, this rig is all-in-one. I tried dabbing as soon as I opened my package, pre-heated my ceramic bowl on the lowest setting and added my concentrates and it gave me the nice cloud I wanted. It's a very good item for it's price. It's definitely a good deal.

Suprisingly good item

I thought this is some of the usual vape pens I used before but this gave me a simple yet a very good vaping experience. I was suprised that even though it's small, its giving me the nice cloud I wanted. I also love the option that you can use it like a nectar collector style. Very good item.

One of the best vape pen

So far the best vape pen I have used. Just put the right amount of dab on the coil and don't inhale it too much for you to get the best flavor.

A nice discreet vape pen

I love the design of this, it's very slim and it looks like a regular pen. I love how I can just re-load the dab on to the coil for me to use anytime. Also the best part here is that there is no power button for this baby, it's inhale-activated feature makes the experience less hassle. It's a ready-to-smoke vaporizer indeed.

Best rig so far

I love this rig, so far the best I've had. I can put atleast 7 to 8 grams of dabs in my quartz, enough to satisfy me. Very nice

Best pen ever

I love this pen so much thank you

this is worth my money

Very nice rig though kinda expensive. just a tip, always make sure to heat up your coils right enough for you to get that tasty dab

stylish rig very handy

I love the size of this, it fits my hands perfectly. I'll order another one of this for my mom

A value for your money

This is my first time buying this brand. I was hesitant at first, but when I started using it, it's worth every penny! So far the best rig I've bought.

very easy to use

It's easy to use compared to the other rigs I have tried before. Another great product by Kandypens!

Legitimate & Working Product

I purchased three of these and they all came only two days after I purchased them. (And I ordered on Saturday!). I've been using these batteries for about 3 weeks now and all three are still fully functional. All in all, I am very satisfied with my purchase and will be purchasing more from this website in the future!

Very handy oil rig

I love the design of this rig, the curvy design makes it very handy. Waited for only 3 days before it was delivered, very worth it!

Yocan Pandon/Evolve Dual Quartz Coils

Good quality and affordable

This item is the bomb! It's very easy to use. I always bring this with me and I let my friends use it and they also love it.

It's worth the price

At first I though it's too expensive. But when I started to used it, it's worth every penny! The size and the color is very neat too!

Carta Vape Rig V2 by Focus V Products

I looooove the color

I so love the color of this puffco peak, it's very refreshing in the eyes and also very nice to use. I also wanted the Lucid Lightning but too bad there's no stock.

Very nice item

This item is worth it, it never disappoints. The shipping of the item is very timely as well. I had this expedited to be shipped to me within 3 days, and it arrived on time.


VapeActive Free Shipping   Shipping’s Free

All deliveries within the United States above $50.00 worth of purchases are FREE! It’s on us as long as it’s in American soil. International shipments usually have accompanying charges, feel free to ask our representatives for additional information. 

VapeActive Discreet Shipping   We’re Discreet And Careful

Our products come in the most inconspicuous packaging which shows nothing else than both of the sender and receiver’s shipping details. We make sure that all our shipments are accompanied by tracking numbers which will be sent to you by email for you to keep track of your package.

VapeActive Customer Service   World Class Customer Service

We’re extremely proud to have very accommodating and competitive customer service representatives that will attend to your concerns, whether by chat or by email, we’re here to show how much we value our customers.

VapeActive Full Warranty   Extensive Guarantee

All our products are purchased directly from the manufacturers, authentic and original, we can assure you that you can get the most comprehensive warranty from the makers themselves.

VapeActive Wide Variety   Wide Variety

New vaporizer products come out on a regular basis, we expect the numbers to grow as more and more continue to patronize vaping. We at VapeActive make sure that we keep a comprehensive collection of vaporizers, accessories, butter infusers and more.

VapeActive Competitive Price    We Keep Track Of The Competition

We know that prices do go up and down, we keep track of the current market value of our products to make sure the prices we sell them for the most competitive. Rest assured you’re getting the best price and the most excellent value when you shop with VapeActive.