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XMAX QOMO Atomizer
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Terp Timer by OCTAVE
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Dipper Vapor Tip - 2 Pack
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Airistech Dabble Coils
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The Terpometer
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Carta Titanium Atty Lid
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Source Turbo by ExtractCraft
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Focus V Products ISO Q Tips
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Accessories are a good way of personalizing your vaporizer as well as your vaping experience. Accessories in vaping have different uses and purposes, some use them for cosmetic and aesthetic enhancement, others use accessories to increase the vapor output of their devices. Regardless of your reasons, the use of accessories improves your overall vaping experience. VapeActive carries a competitive line of accessories, shop from our expansive collection of premium accessories that are highly artistic as well as extremely functional.  

We’re the home of cheap vape accessories and affordable vaporizer accessories.  

We assure you that our collection of device accessories and attachments are of utmost quality coming from the manufacturers themselves because we simply can’t settle for anything less than perfect. Our collection of accessories is reviewed by our team of professional consumers who take the time to test and review these products to find which amongst them are the best in their category so you will only get to choose from the best accessories today’s industry has to offer.  

We’ve been in the business for years and we know what accessories work and what doesn’t. Trust us in scouring the internet for the most updated versions of the accessories you’re looking for as well as older models in pristine condition. We make buying vape accessories online simple and easy with our team of professionally trained customer service representatives that will answer your queries and provide you with updates on your orders. We’re proud to be considered as industry leaders and in being the number one rated online shop where you can buy accessories online at the most competitive price possible. Browse our vape accessories list for different brands of vaporizers and different vaporizer models. Our vaporizer accessories collection is comprehensive with stocks updated regularly.  

We do vaporizer accessories like no other, we are VapeActive 

Containers And Cases 

Like vaporizer parts, accessories allow you to customize your sessions and even mix match your units to your personality. For some, style is as important as function, that’s why most vape enthusiasts invest in accessories like vape cases. A good example is the vape case for the Vapir Oxygen Mini. This premium vape case is made from high-quality materials that securely protect your valuable vaporizer while making you look like a total badass. The VapeCase (Vapir Oxygen Mini) accommodates all the inclusive attachments for your Vapir Oxygen Mini and snugly keeps them in place. Other vape cases like the Grenco Science G Pen Case lets you take your G Pen Vaporizer with you discreetly, this compact carrying case is good for when you’re traveling and can be the perfect minaudière for your G Pen Vape. If you’re looking for something stealthier, we have the Haze Accessory Keychain which lets you carry your vape tools as well as pack 8 canisters without lugging unnecessary baggage. Keep your essentials in place with our collection of carrying cases.  

Apart from keeping your vaporizers in place, some accessories are used to stow your materials like the Puffco Prism Wax Container. The Puffco Prism Wax Container makes for an uber accessible means of keeping your materials, made from ultra-durable platinum-cured silicone makes the Puffco Prism Wax Container nearly indestructible, allowing you to stash almost anywhere you choose. We also have the Storz & Bickel Volcano Capsule Caddy where you can stow precious botanicals in advance, the Storz & Bickel Volcano Capsule Caddy allows you to store 4 capsules in an airtight waterproof container, which is as functional as it is discreet.  

Another container that comes to mind when storing materials is the Space Case Container. The Space Case Container is a high-quality container for your dry herb strains. It is a multi-functional tool that offers decent space and a superior quality shell to protect the materials in it. These containers are a sure sign of durability and reliability when you simply can’t afford to have your ground botanicals spill all over the floor or just have them scattered inside your bag. While other consumers are contented to place their ground materials in plastic Ziplock bags, they don’t know they’re sacrificing the quality of their herbs. Unlike wax concentrates that have been treated and have gone through several levels of concentration to extract the active ingredients, actual botanical plant matter is actually more sensitive. The quality of the herbs can be significantly reduced simply just by touching it with your bare hands. The oil in your sweat can damage the terpenes and the flavonoids in the herbs causing it to lose some of the active ingredients. Furthermore, storing it in plastic may do the herbs more harm than good. Plastic's static energy may kill these terpenes the same way your sweat does damage to the botanicals. In this regard, the Space Case Container prevents these issues from happening by using high-quality raw materials. Each Space Case container uses only the best Americal milled aircraft-grade aluminum that’s designed and engineered to prevent your herbs from spoiling. Not only does this container allow you to safely store your herbs but it also helps in preserving them to prolong their lifespan.  

Another accessory we can categorize in the container category is vape pods. The Mi-Pod vape pods are a great way one can store e-liquids and use then in conjunction with the Mi-Pod Vaporizer. These pods allow you to keep your e-liquids on the ready so you can just pop them on the battery. These pods are refillable and use. They require no learning curve whatsoever and are simple and straightforward to use. Instead of having to carry your e-liquids in a container, all you need to do is to fill these pods, plug the holes on the pod so they won’t spill and you’re off to the races. There’s literally nothing to it.  

Having said, the role of vaporizer cases and material containers is vital not only in transporting your device and materials but also in storing them.  

While other vaporizer cases and vaporizer bags are big and bulky, others are made slim and sleek and follow the design language of today’s modern and fashionable vaporizer industry. One of these is what Puffco offers. The Puffco Peak Bag allows you to carry your Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig in style. It offers three ways of carrying your e-rig without having to sacrifice and compromise having to break what’s inside. Many of the traditional cases we’ve seen in the previous decade are those in the likeness of Plano cases used to carry stuff into rugged and harsh conditions. The Puffco Peak Bag is different. Puffco takes design cues from modern bags and backpacks used to carry techs like laptops and other mobile devices allowing you to easily blend in the public even with the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig in your bag.  

The Puffco Peak Bag can be carried in many ways; one is using it like you would a cross-body bag. Just sling it around your body and you’ll be good to go. What’s more, is that cross-body carry allows you to have more control of the bag and the e-rig inside it simply by holding the straps slung around your body. Another means to carry the Puffco Peak bag is by strapping it around your waist like a fanny pack. This way you relieve the stress of carrying the portable dab rig around your body and moving the weight to your waist. Lastly, you can easily connect the bag to your belt loops so you can enjoy better freedom of movement when carrying your Puffco Peak.  

The vaporizer cases and vaporizer containers we carry do not only apply to the devices themselves. They can also be used in conjunction with other materials and other accessories. The Puffco Peak Bag makes for another good example as it can also carry other essentials like a dab tool, a wax container, and some cleaning materials. It even has a pocket for you to keep your wallet and your card.  

We still have a slew of other cases and containers both for your devices and for your materials so make sure to keep it here for more vape accessories for you and your devices.  

Cleaning And Maintenance 

Other accessories are made for the maintenance of your devices, like the Vapir Cleaning Brush and the Vapir Prima Plug Brush. Brushes are essential to maintaining your vaporizers, brushes are practical and functional tools that could help improve your device’s longevity. They clean up your heating chamber removing residue and material buildup within the walls of the heating chamber which can pose several health risks when inhaled. Likewise, cleaning sticks like the Vapir Cleaning Sticks can help remove unwanted material buildups in some of the hard to reach areas within your vaporizer chamber. Vapir Cleaning Sticks are made out of bamboo which makes for a safe and affordable cleaning tool.  

Apart from picking accessories, VapeActive is proud to carry sanitary accessories that would help in your cleaning rituals like the Firefly 2 Cleaning Wipes and the 420 Science Sanitizing Wipes. These wipes are used to sanitize mouthpieces for when you’ve been sharing and passing around your vaporizers for too long. These sanitary wipes are also perfect cleaning materials for pokers, dabbers and cleaning sticks. If you’re in for thorough cleaning soakers and cleaners are your perfect choice. The Dark Crystal Cleaner, for example, is good for cleaning quartz, glass, titanium, acrylic and ceramic removable parts commonly found in water pipes and other larger rigs. It’s also good for cleaning your portable vaporizers atomizers, tanks, and even coils. The same can be said with the Grunge Off Super Soaker which effectively cleans glass bongs and pipes. On the other hand, the 420 Science Rezblock Concentrate prevents unwanted resin buildup in your water pipes. Our wide selection of cleaning accessories is the perfect place to start shopping for accessories to keep your vaporizers salubriously cool.  

There's a lot more to just simply cleaning your vaporizers and glassware. When you clean your paraphernalia, you’re not only making sure that you are taking hits from clean components but you’re also extending the overall lifespan of your devices. For those who see their devices as investments, buying these cleaners online makes for a perfect addition to one’s arsenal. Having cleaners and maintenance accessories on the ready is imperative to many consumers especially to ones that often find themselves sharing their vaporizers with friends and family. You just want to make sure to wipe that mouthpiece clean before pressing your lips onto it.  

That said, cleaning accessories and maintenance kits can also be seen as important as other components on your vaporizers.  

Cables And Chargers 

One of the most used accessories in vaporizers is chargers and cables if you’re one of the more frequent users and consumers, chances are you’ll be using your charger more than once in a day. For desktop vaporizers, you might be using your wall adapter more than once or twice, even more for smaller portable devices and pen type vaporizers. That’s why it’s best to keep a spare cable and charger handy, just in case you break yours. The Vapir Rise Power Cord is the best replacement option for Vapir devotees who enjoy the superior power and technology of desktop vaporizers. The Vapir Rise Power Cord is a 110V power cord that’s made of sturdy and durable plastic materials. If you’re looking to keep one handy of maybe you’re looking to replace your old power cord, make sure to purchase an authentic original from VapeActive. Similarly, you can get the Vaporfection viVape Power Cord, the viVape Power Cord from Vaporfection has a 3-prong feature and is compatible with both 110V to 220V outlets. Of course, it works best with Vaporfection viVape Vaporizers and is a sturdy and practical power cord.  

For portable vaporizer aficionados, VapeActive carries a collection of relatively portable chargers. The Storz & Bickel Mighty Car Charger and the Vapir Car Charger allows you to charge your vaporizer at the comfort of your own vehicle, never lose power even when you’re on the road. Even if you’re out traveling and find yourself without the means to charge your vaporizer, you’ll find the Storz & Bickel Crafty Power Bank a useful tool.  

Another addition to our collection of vaporizer chargers is the Yocan Evolve Charger. The Yocan Evolve Charger is like your standard charging cable used on many 510-threaded batteries. The connection between the battery and the charger is linked by a 510-threaded block with a tail that has a USB connection at the end. USB charging cables have been a huge boon to the lives of many consumers whether they’ve had micro USB to standard USB connection or that of the Yocan Evolve Charger that has both a 510-threaded link and a USB connection at the other end. What it does is it broadens your range of choices when needing to recharge your batteries. Before the time of USB chargers, you’d always have to search for wall outlets to plug your chargers into. Moreover, wall chargers are often big and bulky while USB charging cables are slim and sleek allowing you to pack them and not worry about having to deal with a large bulk and unnecessary weight. One can enjoy the benefits of using a 510-threaded USB charger since it easily recharges your 510-threaded batteries which means that a wall outlet will no longer be the first thing you search for when you run out of power.  

USB charging cables and USB chargers, in general, can be plugged in desktop computers, laptops, and even video game consoles for that matter. Some companies even suggest recharging your devices via these appliances since they only give off a particular amount of power and voltage that will not damage the battery. Sometimes, using wall adapters for newer versions of smartphones can even lower the lifespan of your batteries as they may recharge your batteries fast but they can take a toll on the lifespan of your batteries. Having said that, make sure to check the instruction manual in every device for safe charging. Nevertheless, USB chargers, whether 510-threaded of using the latest USB-C technology make the lives of portable vaporizer users in more ways than one.  

Torches and Lighters 

VapeActive caters to a wide selection of accessories both used in smoking and in vaping. Our line of torches can be used to light up your pre-rolls or even heat up your nails and your bangers. Take the Newport Mini Torch Lighter, for example, it’s a small and compact device that allows you to pack it in your bag so you can use it almost anywhere you go. The Newport Mini Torch Lighter is a great tool for wax concentrate consumers as well as dry herb strain aficionados. The Newport Mini Torch Lighter is outfitted with advanced features that will keep both you and the people around you safe. That’s because the folks at Newport Lighters know that safety is of paramount importance especially when it comes to portable torches. The Newport mini Torch Lighter is outfitted with child-proof safety features that allow you to prevent children from playing around with it and eventually burning themselves. It also comes with adjustable flames so you can easily change the level of heat coming from the torch itself allowing you to customize your experience and provide you with the right kind of flame depending on your needs. We also have its brethren, the equally capable Newport Cigar Torch Black.  

Another reliable companion is the Blazer Torches Big Buddy. This seemingly large lighter sits at the other end of the spectrum with a large body and stable frame capable of more punishing tasks and more demanding needs. It boasts a 2500° F turbo torch flame that can handle more than the usual tasks. It’s something you can use for a campfire and even for roasting meat apart from its more obvious vape-related uses. It’s best for lighting up tobacco and for easily and quickly heating up domes and nails on a rig. It’s as capable as it’s as durable. The Blazer Torches Big Buddy offers 60 minutes of continuous use allowing you to enjoy a constant stream of heat from a powerful blow torch that can handle any job you throw at it.  

Like the smaller Newport Mini Torch, the bigger Blazer Torches Big Buddy also has child-proof features like a child-resistant trigger which prevents accidental misfires and eliminating the instances where children may hurt themselves. So, if you're on the market for a torch lighter that’s right on the money, make sure to check VapeActive for a great selection of cheap and affordable vaporizer accessories online.  


Some accessories serve a dual purpose, like the Eyce Mold 2.0 Ninja Suit, this Ninja Suit not only makes your water pipe look cool but keeps the mold frozen and cool for about an hour. It keeps the mess away and keeps your hands warm and dry for the duration of your session. This ninja suit works as a jacket for your Eyce Mold 2.0.  

Upgrades come in many forms, some of which are in the likeness of silicone dab mats. Instead of using an old plate or a mouse pad when dabbing or when preparing your materials, make sure to get the right stuff. We strongly suggest you do yourself a favor and buy a silicone dab mat online from VapeActive. Our collection of silicone dab mats come straight from the manufacturer and are guaranteed of superior quality. Dab mats allow you to place your materials in a safe space where you can cut and roll your wax concentrates into smaller pieces for storage or for later use. You can also dab straight out of them as they can be heat resistant to a point. Our Oil Slick Dab Mats are made from high-quality raw materials which make these accessories a durable and reliable option. You can place your rigs atop these mats so they won’t slip and slide when in use. Another use of a dab mat is to prevent hot components from damaging the surface area of your tables. But the use of dab mats goes beyond that, it makes for a clean and safe space to prepare your materials when dabbing. Instead of having to place your extracts and even your herbs for that matter on an unsafe, unsanitary cloth or sheet of paper, make sure to place your materials somewhere you can be sure they’re safe.  

Apart from the aforementioned accessories, another form of upgrading your experience is through the use of accessory kits. They not only give you all the essentials in one set but they also make for a sound financial investment since oftentimes vaporizer companies allow you to change and repair their devices with the use of these accessory kits. This means that you no longer have to buy brand-new vaporizers just because a small part of a small component of the device broke or got lost.  

Here's an example.  

The Focus V Carta Atomizer Repair Kit is a great accessory kit to have in your arsenal. This allows you to easily replace worn out or broken atomizer components instead of having to buy a new one outright. While nothing beats a brand-new atomizer, the Focus V Carta Atomizer lets you use your atomizers while you still haven’t bought a new one. Several factors might affect the delay of you getting a new atomizer which includes anything from delays in delivery or simply not having the right budget at the time. Regardless of the reason, the Focus V Carta Repair Kit ensures that you have what you need when you need it so you can continue your sessions.  

The Folks from Focus V Products know just how important your dabs are to you. Many of them depend on dab rigs to medicate and simply cannot let a day go without them taking their medication. This atomizer repair kit is a great solution to this dilemma.  

Another kind of accessory packs is those with items that enhance your overall experience. Let’s take the Puffco Peak Travel Pack for example.  

The Puffco Peak Travel Pack is an accessory kit that allows you to turn your portable dab rig into an actual portable unit. Some of the key elements to the Puffco Peak Travel Pack is the splash cap. Devices like the Puffco Peak is outfitted with a glass attachment that is supposed to be filled with water. When taken out, the water can easily spill out of the glass attachment and cause permanent damage to the device. To allow you to take the Puffco Peak places without having to spill the water, Puffco came up with a brilliant idea that is the splash cap. Once fitted to the mouthpiece of the glass attachment, the splash cap prevents water from coming out of the glassware allowing you to carry the Puffco Peak with you. If that’s not enough, a slew of other accessories makes the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig an even better device than it is out of the box. The atomizer cover, the carb cap tether, and the actual backpack make usage and operation of the Puffco Peak more fun and exciting.  

The best part about it, all these accessories use FDA approved materials and all are safe with dishwasher use. This makes cleaning and maintenance of the actual accessories simple and easy.  

Another accessory kit that does the same job is the DaVinci Accessory Pack and the DaVinci IQ Accessory Kit. They do include accessories that improve your overall experience. The DaVinci Accessory Pack includes essentials like alcohol wipes and a brush to clean your device as well as mouthpiece gaskets and spare O-rigs to keep the unit functioning properly. They allow better experience not only by keeping the unit clean but have also considered parts that might get worn out easily. Likewise, the DaVinci IQ Accessory Pack comes with a slew of components that lets you keep your DaVinci IQ looking clean and working properly. In the accessory pack, you’ll find a set of screens, replacement oil cans, a cleaning brush, and a straw to replace your old one.  

The Odd Accessories 

Other forms of upgrades do not come in accessories but in other devices like butter makers. Easy Butter Makers like the Easy Butter Maker – Two Stick allows you to change your consumption methods. Instead of the usual vaporization of herbs or wax concentrates, the butter makers allow you to turn your materials into edible butter instead. With this device, you can be a chef of your own and conjure up recipes for edibles so you can get medicated in another way. This is perfect for those who can no longer stand the smell of burnt leaves. Eating edibles made with infused oil or butter is a great option. These butter makers are made using high-quality raw materials like medical-grade stainless steel so they won’t affect the overall quality of your materials especially when they turn them into butter.  

One new accessory we’ve seen on the market is the Terpometer. A combination of a dab tool and a thermometer, the Terpometer allows you to measure the exact temperature of your bangers so you can know when exactly to place those dabs into the bangers. This way you no longer have to make loading your bangers and nails guesswork. Most consumers carefully place their hands above bangers and nails to get a feel of how hot it is, the Terpometer allows you to get a precise readout of the temperature on the nail so it would seem like you’re using a precision digital vaporizer. It even has a color-coded screen so you can have a visual representation of when to place your dabs allowing you to take hits exactly at the right time.  

Whatever your needs are, be it containers, cases, cleaning and maintenance tools or simple parts replacement and upgrade our choice selection of accessories will help you find the right accessory for you.