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G Pen Connect Tank
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Micro USB Charger
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G Pen Connect Battery
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About Grenco Science Parts

Grenco Science is a name that is synonymous to the greatest vaporizer ever made. The Grenco Science is one of the top most Vaporizer manufacturers that is focusing in dry herb and wax concentrates. Their vaporizers are usually made in a pen form that promotes the best of portability. They are one of the pioneers in the vaping industry, and was one of the first vaporizer creators to market the new tank system for oil concentrates. With all these great performing abilities, there is no question that Grenco Science is currently one of the leading vape brands in the country.

While each Grenco Science presents portability, durability and style. They have been known to deliver the greatest performing vape in the market. Grenco Science Vaporizer became more popular as it also taken a unique way to market themselves by collaborating with Snoop Dogg, Phil Frost, Natalie Wood, Pizzanista, and more. Vaping with a Grenco Science vaporizer is not just a usual session, but is already an experience.

Grenco Science also started with their humble beginnings. They did not start as big as they are today. The truth is, they actually were not the talk of the town by then. But with the help of their hardworking team, they managed to capture the trust and the hearts of their users as they also give importance not only on how great their vapes are but also the accessories and parts it is equipped with. Known for the portability it offers, Grenco Science assured that the G Pen Case for their vapes would assure you that it can store your pen in safety and convenience with no worries at all. As an added plus, the case comes with the G-Pen USB charger for easier charging purpose.