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About Grenco Science Parts  

Grenco Science is a name that is synonymous with quality and reliability. Grenco Science is one of the top-tier vaporizer manufacturers that focuses its efforts on manufacturing devices like wax pen and dry herb vapes. Their vaporizers are usually made in pen form that showcases the best of portable vaporization of your select materials. They are one of the pioneers in the vaping industry and was one of the first vaporizer creators to market the new tank system for oil concentrates. With all these great features their vaporizers have to offer, there is no question that Grenco Science is currently one of the leading vape brands in the country.   

While each Grenco Science offers optimum portability, durability, and style, their products also run into problems that all vaporizers face – wear and tear. That's why we at VapeActive, have compiled and curated the best Grenco Science replacements parts the wide web has to offer. We've scoured marketplaces of all kinds to give you the best replacement parts for your Grenco Science dab pen. So, if you need to buy a Grenco Science replacement part online, we’re the ones to call.   

VapeActive trusts in a team of professional vape curators and vape connoisseurs to check each product by hand and test its quality before agreeing to add them to our collection. That’s why if you see any product on this page, that means that it’s passed the trained eyes and the proficient hands of these picky vape nuts. Grenco Science tanks, Grenco Science pens, Grenco Science atomizers, Grenco Science batteries – we got em!   

VapeActive is the best place to start when buying Grenco Science vaporizers and Grenco Science parts online.   

Why Grenco Science Parts?   

Well, if you’re using a Grenco Science vaporizers, there’s a big chance you need Grenco Science parts. However, there are a few other reasons why Grenco Science vaporizer parts are some of the best vaporizer replacement parts on the market today.    

First, Grenco Science delivers some of the best-quality vaporizers on the market. They make vaporizers that last long and can be considered as good investments for both beginners as well as for advanced vaporizer consumers. Their vape pen, dab pens, and portable vaporizer are durable and reliable and won’t break in a week unlike other cheap vaporizers sold on the market. That’s why the same can be said with the replacement parts they sell.   

Case in point, Grenco Science vaporizer tanks.   

Grenco Science uses a slew of materials in manufacturing vaporizer replacement tanks. They use premium-quality raw materials like ceramic, quartz, and titanium. By using high-quality materials from the ground up, Grenco Science can ensure the overall quality of the products they manufacture. Here are a few examples; quartz is a raw material that’s both inert and pure and is best used for wax concentrates. This means that by selecting the best-quality quartz and using them on Grenco Science replacement atomizers, they can provide their customers with the quality quartz heating elements have been known for. Quartz is fast heating and will heat up wax concentrates in seconds. When you use premium quartz materials, the atomizer you have will emanate all the qualities native to quartz. It will heat your wax concentrates fast, it will emit clean and pure vapors that can satisfy even the pickiest of vapers. That's why Grenco Science vaporizer tanks and Grenco Science atomizers are the choices of connoisseurs and vape professionals.   

Grenco Science isn’t considered the best in what they do for nothing. They studied the process of vaporization long and hard to know the ins and outs of the procedures taking place when wax or dry herb is heated. Just as how wax is great with quartz heating elements, Grenco Science found out how to dry herbs can be vaporized well with the use of heated coils. While it may promote combustion of the herbs instead of actual vaporization, it can produce some decent results to have you reap the benefits of your select botanical blends. Herbs react differently to heat compared to wax concentrates. That’s why different methods of heating them may be observed in the replacement parts sold by Grenco Science. Grenco Science vaporizer tanks for wax and Grenco Science vaporizer tanks for dry herb are great replacement components for use with their respective vaporizer models. Just as how Grenco Science will have a vaporizer for any type of vaporizer user, they will also have a vaporizer replacement part for any vaporizer they have.   

Here at VapeActive, we make sure to check all the Grenco Science vaporizer products and find the corresponding vaporizer parts for it. We get replacement components straight from the manufacturer to ensure its quality and durability because you deserve the best.   

When looking to buy brand-new Grenco Science tanks online, make sure to check it out here at VapeActive! We're the home of premium Grenco Science replacement parts!   

Second, Grenco Science Vaporizers are fire!   

Grenco Science vaporizers have become popular not only because of how well they make portable vaporizers, vape pens, and dab pens but also because of how they marketed their products. Grenco Science is known for vaporizers that are products of collaborative efforts. They've partnered up with some of the biggest names in the industry and produced several limited-edition vaporizers that are worth more than they should up until today. You’ve got names like Snoop Dogg, Phil Frost, Natalie Wood, and Pizzanista. These artists not only make Grenco Science vaporizers interesting pieces but they also make these products worthy to be in a collector’s shelf. Collaborative pieces from various artists and Grenco Science look like they belong in a showroom rather than in your pocket.   

Intricate designs and elaborate styles can be expected from products that have been touched by these artists. They're the kind you flaunt to your friends rather than the ones you can be discreet with. That’s why one would expect it hard to find replacement pieces for items of collaborative efforts. This even impedes and stops owners of these vaporizers from using them in fear that they would not have the matching pieces to replace any worn-out components to their limited-edition vaporizers. Here at VapeActive, we make sure to stock up on replacement parts that are compatible with these limited-release devices. We're sure you can find replacement parts in our collection that’s highly compatible with your unit. We have anything from Grenco Science mouthpiece, Grenco Science screens, and even Grenco Science chargers. We have the necessary components you’ll need to make your Grenco Science vaporizers working as if they just came out of the box.   

Like your cars, computers, and even your home, your vaporizer will be the subject of wear and tear, especially parts that can be removed and replaced. That’s why it’s important to have replacement parts of these components on the ready. So, when they break down and need replacing, you can easily reach out to your stash and replace any necessary component. Like the very vaporizers themselves, Grenco Science replacement parts are an investment that is worthy of every penny. Not only will it save from times when you need them the most but also because these very replacement parts will last longer and will boast the same level of quality you can find on the original parts that came with the Grenco Science vaporizer fresh from the box.   

Common Grenco Science Parts  

When we say common parts, we mean parts that are commonly replaced. Not because they’re weak but because they are the ones often subjected to the most punishment in its day to day use.   

One of these components is the atomizer.   

The atomizer or the heating element of your vaporizer is the component that’s responsible for heating your materials. It’s the source of heat that will vaporize either herb or wax and sometimes both. Because it’s constantly subjected to cycles of heating and cooling, the atomizer is subject to thermal shock. When something undergoes thermal shock, the object experience the expansion of different amounts in different parts of the object. So, regardless of how tough an object is, having gone through thermal shock will definitely take its toll on it. Plus, the effects of putting wax or herb on top of the heated element adds to the amount of punishment an atomizer can take. Melted wax can build resin that can help eat away the integrity of the atomizer. That said, it’s one of the parts that are commonly replaced.   

That's why it’s best to always have Grenco Science atomizers on the ready. While you can always observe and watch out for subtle signs that your atomizer needs replacing, it’s best to always have one you can reach out for so you can replace your atomizer with a new one. Doing so will not only allow you to enjoy a fresher and a cleaner session but will keep your Grenco Science vaporizer working in its best condition. You should always remember that your vaporizer is made up of several components and a component that’s not at its prime will affect the functionality of other components working in conjunction with it. An atomizer having a hard time heating wax will put more stress on the battery demanding more power from it to fire up the vaporizer. Likewise, you might have to push the power button harder and longer just to get your desired results. Having said that, using components in your vaporizer that does not live up to its purpose should be replaced – and you know where to look for when you need Grenco Science replacement parts, only here at VapeActive!   

Another component that is often replaced is the battery. Whether you’re using a portable vaporizer or a vape pen, batteries (like the atomizers) are one of the parts of your vaporizer that works constantly. While atomizers are subjected to constant cycles of heating and cooling, batteries are subjected to constant cycles of recharging and discharging, especially the ones that have small battery capacities. This is true especially for consumers who consume tons of material in a day. Remember, the longer you use your vaporizer, the more the battery is put to use. Just check how many times you recharge your vaporizer in a day. When using vaporizers with low battery capacity, this can go on from twice to three times of recharging your batteries. While this is normal, remember that bad charging habits will eventually harm your rechargeable batteries. Some of us recharge our batteries in our vehicles while some of us just plug it in before we hit the sack. Leaving the batteries plugged in the charger for long periods of time will damage the battery and will decrease its lifespan.   

So, improper charging habits and constant batteries use will definitely lead your batteries close to kicking the bucket. Luckily, Grenco Science produced some of the best replacement batteries for their vaporizers so that consumers will have a means of replacing dead batteries. Heck, how can you use your portable vaporizer if the batteries are not working, it will just be plain useless. That’s why for all your battery replacement needs, make sure to check out VapeActive. We have some of the best Grenco Science replacement batteries and you can buy them conveniently by buying replacement vape batteries online.   

Lastly, you’ve got mouthpieces. Mouthpieces are the part of the vaporizer that sits atop of the atomizer and the one where you suck the vapors from. There are two factors that affect the lifespan of the mouthpiece, the heat that’s coming off from the heating element and the people that use it. Let’s face it, even if portable vaporizers like dab pens and vaporizer pens are made to be personal vaping devices, we, at times, still share our vaporizers with our friends and families. Help a brother out and let him take a hit; a friend is curious about how good your device is, let him take a drag. So, it goes without saying that portable vaporizers are often passed around. Especially in events and in parties where you won’t even remember who took a drag from your vaporizer. When you wake up with your vaporizer on the table your first instinct is to wipe it, if you feel really sketch of who took a pull from it, what you can do is replace it. So, it’s important to have a replacement mouthpiece in your arsenal at the ready. Especially if you’re using Grenco Science vaporizers, everybody wants to try it. Also, the heat from the heating element of the vaporizer may weaken the integrity of the mouthpiece. The same can be said with vaporizers that are made from plastic. Not only will they get weak from exposure to heat but they can bleed over time. Plastic bleeding refers to the chemical compounds in the plastic being emitted from the object over time, so it's best to have the mouthpiece replaced from time to time. Make sure to make it a habit of replacing worn-out Grenco Science mouthpieces. When searching for a Grenco Science mouthpiece that’s compatible with your Grenco Science vaporizer, make sure to check out VapeActive. The best place to search for Grenco Science parts online.   

Taking Care of Your Grenco Science Vaporizer  

Your vaporizers are your investments. This means that you spend money on buying these products because of their beneficial effects and how much they can help you switch to a healthier alternative. That's why like any other investment, you should also take care of your vaporizer.   

One way to ensure that your vaporizers are properly taken care of is by stocking up on replacement parts. Your portable vaporizer will not function properly when used with parts that are weak and those that have seen better days. Like what we’ve mentioned above, the stress the worn-out component is experiencing can easily be passed on to other vaporizer parts. This will create a domino effect that will weaken and decrease the integrity of the vaporizer no matter how durable it is or how good it’s built.   

Here are a few tips you can use to take care of your Grenco Science vaporizer today.   

1. Replacing the Mouthpiece. 

Now that you know why replacing the mouthpiece is important, here are a few steps you can follow when replacing the mouthpiece.   

For the sake of this guide, let’s use the Grenco Science G Pen Elite as an example.   

First, grip both sides of the mouthpiece in one hand and lift it to one side upward. Doing this will allow you to take the mouthpiece away from the device so you can clean it or replace it. Once you have the mouthpiece on your hand, turn it upside-down so you can check the screen if it’s clogged. You can then proceed to wipe the screen clean and free it from any obstruction that may impede or prevent proper airflow. In the worst cases, you may need to replace the mouthpiece. During these times, you can buy a replacement mouthpiece from VapeActive online so you can easily change it the time you need it the most.   

2. Replacing the Atomizer. 

Alright, we’re going from top to bottom.   

After the mouthpiece, the next common component that’s usually replaced is the atomizer. For the sake of this example, we’ll use Grenco Science’s newest product, the G Pen Connect.   

To change the G Pen Connect’s atomizer, simply unscrew the atomizer or the G Pen Connect Tank from the unit. Make sure to let the tank cool down first before you take it off for obvious reasons. Remove the tank and inspect it for any residue buildup. Should there be any, just wipe it with a cotton swab or soak it in a cup filled with isopropyl alcohol. From here you can just take the tank and let it dry or if it’s no longer useable, you can buy a replacement tank or atomizer from VapeActive. We’re the home of high-quality and legitimate atomizers and tanks from Grenco Science. There’s no place to make your order except here at VapeActive.  

3. Replacing the Battery. 

Your vaporizer battery can be replaced and maintained in various ways. However, for this example, we’ll have to use the Grenco Science G Pen Nova and the G Pen Nova Battery.   

First, disassemble the battery and remove the atomizer by twisting it counterclockwise until the connection is loose. Then, you can check and inspect the 510-threaded connection and the charging port for damages. We suggest using a dry cleaning brush to remove any debris and dirt away from these ports before attempting to connect and recharge the battery again. If in this event, the battery proves to be dead and no longer useful, make sure to get replacement batteries only here at VapeActive. We make sure your online shopping experience with us is simple and easy so make sure you go to us when buying dab pen battery replacements online.   

We’ve now covered the basics of replacing your Grenco Science portable vaporizer components. This will allow you to keep your vaporizers working in its best condition on the cheap. Many other vaporizer companies and vaporizer manufacturers do not manufacture replacement parts. These are called burners and are the ones you see on your local gas stations that can be bought cheaply. However, in vaporizers, cheap can be expensive. The amount you spend buying these burners will have you breaking the bank compared to legitimate vaporizers that have replaceable parts.   

That's why Grenco Science continues to manufacture replacement components so their customers can continue to use their vaporizers by simply just replacing broken parts. No one likes to buy new vaporizers just because the mouthpiece broke. No one will spend the same amount of money when you can just replace the atomizer or the battery. Grenco Science presents a more economical means of using your vaporizers by having the option to replace broken parts. And, when in need of replacement parts for your Grenco Science vaporizer, make sure to buy online here at VapeActive.   

Grenco Science Roots  

Grenco Science also started with humble beginnings.   

They did not start as big as they are today. The truth is, they actually were not the talk of the town by then. But with the help of their hardworking team, they managed to earn the trust and the hearts of their customers as they also give importance not only on how great their vaporizers are but also the accessories and parts it is equipped with. Known for the portability it offers, Grenco Science products were made to satisfy the needs of consumers who are always on-the-go and those who are always on their feet. Portable vaporizers have seen a rise in usage and sales in the first half of the decade where many smokers have come to realize the health benefits of using a vaporizer. Moreover, the fact that they can take a vaporizer with them almost anywhere is more than welcome news. At this stage, Grenco Science got a strong foothold of the market and started selling and releasing some of the best portable vaporizers to ever hit the market. Furthermore, they were manufacturing replacement parts for their devices as they have seen this like a support system for their products so that consumers can take the time to replace broken and worn out components on their own instead of having to send their devices back to the manufacturer for repairs.   

This allowed consumers and the company itself to save themselves time and money in shipping the unit back and forth just to have it repaired. In a way, Grenco Science looked for a way to cut off expenses and time to support their customers but what they did was to empower the masses and allow them to have to replace and upgrade their devices easily. This also meant that they can keep their vaporizers working in its peak condition without having to pay for extra shipping and without going without a vaporizer for days. Let’s face it, when you send your vaporizer back for repair, you have to wait for it to be serviced before you get it back. And for that to happen, it can take days or weeks even. So, it’s best to have it done yourself. The design and architecture of Grenco Science portable vaporizers were made so that removal and replacement of these components are easy and straightforward. That said, even those that do not have any experience with vaporizers or having to replace any of their parts will find that maintaining their new Grenco Science vape pen is plain and easy.   

There is no need for complicated steps and procedures, twisting a thread or pulling a cap is just all it takes to remove or replace a part that needs to be replaced. This way, many and many consumers started flocking and following Grenco Science. The name grew and got passed on by word of mouth and many took notice of Grenco Science vaporizers and their high-quality parts. Those who own a car or a motorcycle knows that parts availability can be one of the deciding factors in buying a vehicle. Without the available parts to help you restore your ride to factory settings, you’re pretty much investing your money to nothing. The same principle applied to Grenco Science vaporizers and the slew of accessories and parts they manufacture. They even started a line of shirts and other apparel so that customers and followers of the brand can wear their love for Grenco Science loud and proud. We do not carry Grenco Science apparel but we surely carry their replacement parts which are as good as the apparel they sell.   

So, when you’re in need of new parts for your Grenco Science wax vaporizer or Grenco Science dry herb vaporizer, make sure to keep it here at VapeActive for some of the best Grenco Science replacement parts on the market today.   

Importance of Replacement Parts  

The basic anatomy of a portable vaporizer is the battery, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece.   

These three main parts make up the entirely and the majority of the portable devices we see today. Be it a box mod, a dab pen, or a portable dry herb vaporizer. These three main parts comprise of the modern-day portable vaporizer device.   

Many vaporizers are made with several components that are replaceable. The same can be said with the devices manufactured by Grenco Science. Grenco Science makes different replacement parts that can be used to replace used up and worn out components so you can keep on using the device itself without having to buy a new vaporizer. This makes having to buy vaporizers under the Grenco Science banner a better investment because you can easily change and replace any worn-out components keeping the device working the same way it came out of the box without having to spend too much money.   

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, we’re all working on our vape budgets and it wouldn’t hurt to buy a vaporizer that offers you the availability of re-use and customizability. You can enjoy the benefits of your chosen vaporizer again and again when you go with a vaporizer that allows you to have the parts replaced. We, at VapeActive, are glad to have had to offer some of the best replacement parts from the Grenco Science banner. What it means to us is that we get to provide our customers with top-shelf quality replacement components and we get to help them support their products by sourcing replacement parts for them that will otherwise be hard for them to look for. So, for all the stuff you need with your Grenco Science vaporizers, make sure to check out VapeActive, where you can find the best vaporizer replacement parts for you. We sell Grenco Science replacement parts and let them go at the most competitive price. Our Grenco Science parts are authentic and original and are not counterfeit products. So, you can always trust that you’re getting your money’s worth at every purchase. We make every transaction count here at VapeActive.