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Arizer is a Canadian brand known for affordable and reliable vaporizers. They have been in the industry for as long as we can remember and for the past few years, they have been one of the go-to companies for consumers who want the best bang for their buck. The brand has made a name for itself by manufacturing vaporizers made from some of the best raw materials the industry has to offer. They source the materials they use for producing high-quality vaporizers directly from the source and with it, make some of the most dependable devices on the market. Like the very vaporizers the company produces, Arizer has also been known for the quality of their replacement parts. In this regard, Arizer has found the perfect recipe for lasting vaporizers that create lasting customers. So, if you want vaporizers for life, make sure to check out products offered by Arizer.

We, at VapeActive are proud to carry products under the Arizer banner. Not only are their vaporizers one of our best-sellers but also the replacement parts they manufacture. This is not to say that they make poor-quality replacement parts but because our customers can’t get enough of their products that they make sure they stock up on replacement components so they can never miss out on a session. We, at VapeActive, are backed by professional individuals who are dedicated to scouring the internet of the best products the market has to offer. They our team of dedicated testers and product researchers are the pickiest in the business and the fact that these replacement parts from Arizer are even in our collection means that they have passes VapeActive standards. So, if what you’re looking for are vaporizers and vaporizer parts that can keep up with you and your demanding needs, you should be looking into Arizer vaporizers and Arizer replacement parts.

Apart from their reliability, Arizer parts have been known for other things. Here are a few.

Easy to Clean

When shopping for a vaporizer, one must make several considerations and one of them is ease of maintenance. Many of Arizer vaporizer parts as well as those sold for replacement are made of high-quality materials and one of them is glass. The company invests in using high-grade glass components which makes them fairly easy to manage. If you’ve been accustomed to using vaporizers, you’d know that the worst part of using these devices is cleaning. Especially ones that have multiple components, having to brush and wipe one after another can take time. That's good when you’ve time on your side but if you’re a busy consumer like most of us, you’d see cleaning as a chore.

The removable and replaceable parts of Arizer vaporizers require no fancy cleaning solutions. Especially the glass components, one can do away with just soaking them in water and isopropyl alcohol. This makes maintenance a breeze and your experience with Arizer parts one to remember.

Simple and Straightforward

Another feature you’ll love when dealing with Arizer vaporizer replacement parts is their simplicity and ease of use. Like cleaning and maintenance, the parts were made with a no fuss no muss experience in mind and require very minimal effort to remove and replace which makes maintenance less of a daunting task. Because many of Arizer’s vaporizers are made of durable glass components, they are often connected to the device using rubber O-rings. And while these rubber O-rings dowear out eventually, they can just as well be easily replaced. The good thing about this way of connecting the parts is that unlike threaded connections, they can easily be removed and replaced with little to no effort. All you need to do is to just pull the parts away from the joint where they’re connected in order to remove them or press them firmly to set them in place.

Because using these replacement parts are as easy as 1, 2, 3, Arizer vaporizers and Arizer replacement parts can be used by beginners and novices without having to put too much thought into how hard maintenance is. For vaporizer parts that you can just as easily replace when need be, make sure to use Arizer.

Room for Upgrades

One of the main reasons why you’d want replacement parts is so that you can replace the original part that came with the unit. But what will you do when you want to elevate your experience and improve the quality of your sessions? Arizer does not only manufacture parts for replacement but they also manufacture parts for upgrade. This way you can enjoy a new experience without having to buy a new vaporizer. What’s more is that some parts can be compatible with other models which makes investing in these replacement and upgrade parts an even more practical move for anyone on the market for interchangeable components.

Arizer has made a name for itself when it comes to practicality and that in doing so have earned the trust and respect of many consumers as well as us here at VapeActive. Because we want our customers to experience how good Arizer parts are, we make sure that we source the items we sell on our online retail store are authentic and original. This means you get everything that the brand stands for and you get to enjoy all the things they have been known for. That’s why if you’re looking to get original and authentic replacement parts for Arizer vaporizer, make sure to keep it here at VapeActive.

Here are a few other reasons why a lot of consumers like Arizer parts.

A Promise of Better Parts

Arizer has always made it so that they elevate the quality of your sessions in more ways than one. Having been in this industry for quite some time now, they have managed to come up with their own recipe for success. By manufacturing high-quality parts, Arizer has managed to build relatively high-quality vaporizers from the ground up. Theirs was a promise of better parts and in turn, their products were endowed with likewise better quality. It’s true that you’re only as good as the people you work with and the same can be said with Arizer’s vaporizers. Thay are only as reliable and as dependable as the parts and components they are made with. Making vaporizers with better parts aren’t always that easy. First. Not every component of your vaporizer is always exposed. What this means is that there are parts that are hidden in plain sight and in most cases, vaporizer companies do try to cut costs on these parts to help them manage their expenses. It’s quite understandable, some companies and manufacturers do it so that they can offer their vaporizers in lower price points because it’s hard to break through the industry with an expensive product. Arizer knew that if they wanted to make a difference, they need to make vaporizers that are different. And they knew that they had to start somewhere, specifically in the removable and replaceable components of the devices they wanted to sell. On that note, Arizer started creating devices with a promise of better parts.

These do not only apply to replacement parts but also for some components that play a more vital role in the vaporization of your select materials including the heating elements. Other parts that were built with such high standards were the glass components, the mouthpieces, the batteries, as well as chargers, and even remote controls. As soon as they started manufacturing high-quality components, their customers were quick to notice and jumped in to try the quality of Canadian-made Arizer products.

Today, the brand is still known for its high-quality devices and components that made them stand out and put their name on the map.

Glass Perfected

As we’ve mentioned earlier, most of the parts made and manufactured by the company for upgrade and replacement is made out of glass. Glass has been a material of choice for Arizer and we wouldn’t blame them. Glass has a few unique properties that make them such a perfect choice for anyone wanting to come up with a component for vaporizers. To top it all off, Arizer don’t just use any kind of glass but the best the industry has to offer. They use borosilicate glass for their parts that should be made of glass. Borosilicate is a type of glass that has seen wide use not only in the vaping industry but also in the medical field. Borosilicate glass is often used in medical laboratories and similar facilities. It even has been used in professional kitchens for its practical attributes.

First, borosilicate glass is known for its sturdiness. It does not break as easily as common glass. While it’s not something you can call indestructible. Arizer parts made with borosilicate glass boasts unparalleled resilience to common factors that affect the weakening and breakage of glass. On that note, you can easily enjoy its longevity as it will not break as easily. Borosilicate glass is known for its ability to withstand thermal shock. Thermal shock happens when an object, like glass, gets subjected to various levels of temperature – something that happens often in vaporizers. The constant cycles of cooling and heating wears down not only the heating element but also other parts of the device. Thermal shock breaks materials like glass because of the rapid transient mechanical load that causes the exposed object to expand in various levels. Because the glass parts are durable borosilicate glass, they do not crack or break as easily. It can easily withstand chipping and breaking, that’s why this variety of glass has been used in laboratories as test tubes, beakers, and flasks as well as glass pots and food containers for cooking.

Next, borosilicate offers a cleaner vapor production and helps improve flavor retention. Not that it’s directly involved in heating your materials in any way but borosilicate glass’ inert properties allow it to help preserve and maintain the flavor of wax concentrates and select dry herb strains. Because it does not quickly and directly react to heat borosilicate glass does not bleed and emit any toxic reaction to getting heated. Unlike other materials like plastic and metal that somewhat rubs off on the vapors making them smell and taste like plastic and metal, glass will not have the same effect. Furthermore, it promotes the faithful preservation of the flavonoids and the terpenes of the herbs and extracts you’re vaping on by having no immediate chemical reaction to heat. The same way, it emulates clean vapor production by reducing the amount of irritants in the vapor. Arizer has carefully chosen the type of materials they would use to build vaporizer parts and borosilicate glass was a natural choice.

Arizer has glass components for vaporizers down to a science. They knew that it would play an integral part in providing their customers the best parts and they were able to perfect the art of using glass parts for vaporizers. Examples of glass parts are the Arizer Solo Glass Tube, the Arizer Air All-Glass Mouthpiece, and the Arizer Air Glass Mouthpiece.

They Have Accessory Kits

While the company does manufacture individual replacement parts for their vaporizers, they also manufacture kits that are replacement parts bundled together. Accessory kits have its benefits and will work well with consumers who do not like to shop for things individually. Yes, you can save money by only buying the things you need but there are times that the parts that you are looking for can be out of stock. When that happens it’s better to purchase replacement kits and accessory kits so you can get everything you need in one go. If you like shopping in person, you can save several trips to your local head shop by buying a kit. Instead of visiting various shops just so you can find the right replacement part you’re looking for purchasing a kit will basically give you all you need.

Examples of the kits Arizer has is the Arizer Balloon Kit and the Arizer Whip Kit. These kits contain all the essential replacement parts needed so you can replace the balloon and the whip of your Arizer vaporizer without having to buy different parts from different stores. These kits were built for convenience as they were for maintenance. These kits are great for when you want to give your sessions a fresh new start allowing you to enjoy clean vapor production altogether.

Batteries and Battery Chargers

Arizer does not only manufacture glass parts but they also care about some electrical requirements of their product. Arizer does manufacture both desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers so they have both varieties that require either a battery, a charger, or a wall adapter. And since they have these types of devices in their catalog, they might as well offer replacement parts for these types of components. First the battery, vaporizer batteries are often seen in portable devices. In order for portable vaporizers to function, they need to have some sort of portable power source and that’s where batteries come into play. For obvious reasons, batteries are a good portable power source especially for when you’re using portable devices that are simply meant for on-the-go use. While many vaporizer companies manufacture devices that have integrated batteries, Arizer was one to produce portable vaporizers that have removable and replaceable ones. Consequentially, portable vaporizers that have removable batteries function better than ones that have integrated batteries. Because the batteries are removable, one can easily have them replaced once they wear out.

Yes, they do wear out. Although we want them do, rechargeable batteries have a lifespan and are measured in cycles. For batteries, a cycle is the number of times it can be discharged and recharged and the more the rechargeable battery reaches its limit, the more it starts to wear out. You'll notice it when the battery lo longer holds as much charge as it used to and may require more time to recharge than usual. When that happens it’s normally time to have the battery replaced and disposed of properly. When you’re using a portable vaporizer that has integrated batteries, you’re compelled to replace the whole unit since in order for you to replace the battery alone, you’d have to strip the vaporizer down and void the warranty in the process. Because Arizer makes portable vaporizers with removable batteries, you can easily have them replaced and feel as if you’re using a brand-new unit. Like most of the replacement parts made by the company, these batteries are made from high-quality components which makes the battery a lasting replacement but also a safe one. That said, these batteries sell not only because they are made not just to replace the old one when they're worn out but also as a means to have a backup when you’re out and about. This means that you can potentially go out and never have to recharge your portable Arizer vaporizer when you go on a trip. Just make sure you carry additional pre-charged repalcement batteries for when you leave home.

Arizer also specialize in making replacement chargers. Like the batteries, there will come a time that they have to be replaced. Either you lose them or your break the cords, to ensure battery safely and longevity, one must have their chargers replaced when they find any fault in it. Example of replacement batteries is the Arizer Air Battery while an example of a charger is the Arizer Solo Wall Charger and the Arizer Dual Battery Charger. They also make power adaptors for their desktop vaporizers like the Arizer Extreme Q and Arizer V Tower Power Cords.

Why Should I Buy Arizer Replacement Parts

Like all vaporizers and gadgetry, the parts and components of your select devices are bound to wear down. Especially if you’re a heavy user, these components need to be replaced either they become too dirty or they break down. It’s pretty normal for a vaporizer to have its parts replaced as it’s quite normal for vehicles to do so. Replacing the parts on a vaporizer allows you to maintain the device properly as a vaporizer tends to work harder when it has broken parts in it. This will cause a domino effect that will cause the other components to break down as well. On that note, on the first signs of damage, it’s important to have your vaporizer parts removed and replaced.

Here’s an example. Say you've got a portable Arizer vaporizer that has a broken atomizer. What will happen is that the battery will work harder in order to deliver power to the atomizer to heat up your materials. Because the battery works harder, it’s lifespan will be decreased and you will have to replace it sooner. Also, what will happen is that because you’re under the impression that the vaporizer is not heating up, you’ll be pressing the power button on the unit harder causing more strain and eventually causing damage to the power button. The same can be said towards the other parts that’s why it’s important to make sure that each component is in good working condition. It’s actually great for Arizer to show continued support for their products by manufacturing replacement parts.

Another reason why you should strongly consider buying a vaporizer that offers replacement parts and actually getting these replacement parts is because they make for a practical means of getting your money’s worth. Without replacement parts, you would have to send out your vaporizer to the manufacturer when something happens to it, be it a minor or a major problem. This means that you’ll have to pay shipping to get the product to the manufacturer, you’d have to pay labor costs for technicians to work on your vaporizer, and you’d have to pay for the materials used in repairing the unit. On top of that you’d have to wait before the device is sent back to you. Sometimes it can take days if you’re located in the same state, weeks if it is quite far, and even months if the manufacturer is based on a different country. Moreover, there are horror stories about vaporizers getting lost in transit or getting held up in customs security. These things can and do happen. That’s why having replacement components that are readily available are always important. Nowadays, many vaporizers are designed and engineered to have more simple and straightforward means of replacement. One that does not require any special tools or any form of training to achieve a clean repair. That said, the purpose of these replacement and upgrade parts is for you to be able to maintain your vaporizer without having to send it back to the manufacturer. Plus, the first signs of damage and wear and tear are usually minor not unless you’ve accidentally dropped your vaporizer or have caused water damage. Usually the issues start with a worn-out battery, a damaged charger, a broken mouthpiece, and the likes. All of which can be maintained with just a simple replacement part.

We, at VapeActive, do our best to give our customers the right information allowing you to easily claim and file warranty when you experience an issue with your vaporizer, However, we believe that if you need faster resolution, oftentimes you’ll find it in replacement parts that are officially made and manufactured by the same company, just like these Arizer vaporizer parts.

VapeActive Arizer Parts

Here, at VapeActive, we carry original and authentic vaporizer parts made and manufactured by Arizer. We carry a wide range of their products and is only befitting that we do carry their replacement parts. Interested to see what our collection holds for you, here are our catalog for Arizer parts.

Arizer Desktop Vaporizer Parts

1. Arizer Tuff Bowl.

The Tuff Bowl from Arizer lives up to its name. Designed and engineered for both the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer and the Arizer V-Tower, the Tuff Bowl makes for a versatile accessory for your desktop vaporizer. It’s made from high-quality borosilicate glass making it durable and reliable. It was designed vertically so as to allow the herbs to sit squarely atop the desktop vaporizer. Its high-impact design prevents the Arizer Tuff Bowl from shattering should you drop it during use.

2. Arizer Cyclone Bowl.

Pretty much like the Tuff Bowl, the Arizer Cyclone Bowl is also compatible with the Arizer Extreme Q and the Arizer V-Tower desktop vaporizer. It shares the same versatility as the aforementioned Tuff Bowl but offers comfort and convenience through its black cool-touch topper. It’s also made from high-grade borosilicate glass and shares the same impact-resistant DNA as its Tuff brethren.

Both the Arizer Tuff Bown and Cyclone Bowl is intended for dry herb consumption and is an official product from Arizer.

3. Arizer Balloon Kit.

The Arizer Balloon Kit is a replacement component for the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. It allows you to replace the balloon bag that came with the device when you pulled it out of the box. Like most vaporizer parts, the balloon bags need to be replaced as they tend to accumulate dirt and grime overtime. The Arizer Balloon Kit allows you to enjoy fresh new sessions without the sticky feel of used balloon bags when you vape your select materials. Using a balloon bag allows you to enjoy the benefit of inhaling cooler vapors. You can also pass the balloon around or bring it with you around the house for a somewhat portable vaping experience. The Arizer Balloon Kit has everything you need to keep you vaping.

4. Arizer Whip Kit.

On the other hand, using a whip tethers you to the actual desktop vaporizer. You won’t have the same liberty when it comes to walking around the house with a desktop vaporizer with a whip. Nevertheless, using a whip makes vaping a social affair as you sit around with friends and enjoy meaningful conversations over your select materials. Arizer Whip Kit is compatible with both the Arizer Extreme Q and the Arizer V-Tower Desktop Vaporizers. Like the balloon kit, the Arizer Whip Kit includes a full-suite of accessories to get you going.

5. Arizer Extreme Q Remote Control.

Because remote controls need to be replaced. The Arizer Extreme Q Remote Control offers the same durability and reliability as the original remote control that came with the device. This means you’ll get to enjoy the same functionality as the original remote control offered.

6. Arizer Extreme Q/V-Tower Power Cord.

A durable and reliable power cord for the Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower Desktop Vaporizers. It offers a lengthy reach as well as compatibility with both 110/120 volts. This power cord passes all safety standards and offers superior power delivery for both the aforementioned desktop vaporizers.

Arizer Portable Vaporizer Parts

1. Arizer Air Battery.

A Vital but often overlooked component, the Arizer Air Battery offers a replacement component that can keep your Arizer Vaporizer Working like new. The battery does wear out after some time and requires to be replaced. When the battery reaches a certain point, it begins to hold less charge and discharges faster. When that happens, you can count on the Arizer Air Battery.

2. Arizer Solo Wall Charger.

The Arizer Solo Wall Charger is a replacement charger designed and engineered for the Arizer Solo Vaporizer. When your charger foes bad, you don’t want to compromise your portable device. Use the Arizer Solo Wall charger to replace the old charger.

We, at VapeActive carry a wide range of products designed and engineered for various Arizer vaporizers. Stocking up on these items allow us to support our customers who are Arizer users with replacement components that will help them enjoy their devices longer. We know how important making a good investment is and investing on devices made by Arizer makes it a no brainer because it allows you to enjoy your devices longer. So, make sure you get your Arizer parts only here at the home of the best vaporizers on the market – VapeActive.