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VapeActive offers a wide collection of wax vaporizers in one comprehensive catalogue. We have dab pens, portable wax vaporizers, thick oil vaporizers, CBD vapes, vape e-rigs, portable dab rigs, CBD box mods, e-nails, and vaporizers for use with 510-threaded cartridges. No other online vape shop offers as much option as we do. We also offer wax vaporizer coupons for discounted vape pens and portable dab rigs so you maximize your savings. Trust the number one online vape store, trust VapeActive.

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer
Regular price $374.95
XMAX QOMO Vaporizer Kit
Regular price $89.00
Boundless Tera V3 Vaporizer
Regular price $199.00
Yocan Stealth Vaporizer
Regular price $49.50
XVAPE Aria Vaporizer
Regular price $79.99
KandyPens Oura Vaporizer
Regular price $299.95
Randy's Chill Vaporizer
Regular price $149.99
Yocan Dive Vaporizer Kit
Regular price $59.99
Pulsar APX VOLT Vaporizer
Regular price $74.99
Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer
Regular price $65.00 $47.50
Yocan Evolve Vaporizer
Regular price $39.50 $29.50
Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer
Regular price $74.95
Atmos Kiln Vaporizer
Regular price $54.95
Atmos Thermo DW Vaporizer
Regular price $39.50
Atmos Magna Vaporizer
Regular price $54.95
Pulsar Go Vaporizer
Regular price $79.99
Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer
Regular price $69.99
Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer
Regular price $85.00 $59.99
Yocan Magneto Vaporizer
Regular price $85.00 $59.99
Yocan Pandon Vaporizer
Regular price $74.99 $59.50
KandyPens K-Stick Supreme
Regular price $80.00
Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer
Regular price $49.95 $39.95
Linx Hypnos Zero
Regular price $79.99
Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig Vaporizer
Regular price $379.99 $299.00
Atmos Swiss Vaporizer
Regular price $129.50
Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer
Regular price $89.99
Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer
Regular price $69.95 $59.95
Pulsar Barb Fire Kit
Regular price $79.99
High Five Duo Vaporizer
Regular price $299.99
Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer
Regular price $99.95
Puffco Vision Plus Vaporizer
Regular price $99.99
EVRI Vape Kit Starter Pack
Regular price $69.99
Boundless Terp Pen XL
Regular price $59.99
Yocan Apex Vaporizer
Regular price $29.99
Airistech Dabble Vaporizer
Regular price $49.99
Cookies X G Pen Connect
Regular price $199.95
Yocan Falcon Vaporizer
Regular price $79.99
KandyPens Session
Regular price $149.97
Puffco Peak Pro
Regular price $399.99
G Pen Connect Vaporizer
Regular price $149.95
Puffco Peak Lucid Lightning
Regular price $399.99
Ooze Magma E Nail Kit
Regular price $189.99
KandyPens K-Box Vaporizer
Regular price $74.95
Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer
Regular price $119.00 $89.50
KandyPens Prism Vaporizer
Regular price $97.99
Atmos Q3 Vaporizer
Regular price $74.95
Exxus Go Vaporizer
Regular price $96.50
G Pen Nova Vaporizer
Regular price $34.95 $32.95
Source Orb Versa
Regular price $184.99
Puffco PEAK Sunset Lightning
Regular price $399.99
Puffco Peak Neon Vaporizer
Regular price $399.99
GHOST MV1 Vaporizer
Regular price $295.00
Pax 2 Vaporizer
Regular price $149.99
KandyPens K-Stick Vaporizer
Regular price $24.95
KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer
Regular price $129.95
Puffco Plus Vaporizer
Regular price $99.98
Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer
Regular price $89.99 $74.99
Source Orb XL V2 Vaporizer
Regular price $149.95
Source 10Cig Pro Vaporizer
Regular price $24.95
Dr. Dabber Boost - Black Edition
Regular price $159.95 $129.95
Yocan Apex Mini Vaporizer
Regular price $24.99
Yocan Torch XL
Regular price $74.99
Focus V Carta (Laser Edition)
Regular price $350.00
Yocan Verve Vaporizer
Regular price $29.99
Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig
Regular price $68.00
Yocan Zen Wax Vaporizer
Regular price $39.99
Yocan Dyno Vaporizer
Regular price $65.00
XVAPE Starry 4 Vaporizer
Regular price $99.99
Yocan Kodo Animal Box Mod
Regular price $19.99

Types of Wax Vaporizers

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While wax isn’t cheap, our wax vaporizers are. Find the most affordable wax vaporizers online by browsing through our collection of box mod batteries for cartridges under $50.00. Find the best wax concentrate vaporizer that suits your needs and that won’t break the bank. Vaping wax concentrates is affordable here at VapeActive.

Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit

Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit

Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit boasts advanced features that are geared towards practicality and convenience. It comes with two material chambers out of the box. You’ll find a ceramic-based glass cartridge for both solid concentrates and runny extracts like tinctures as well as e-liquids.

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Yocan Trio Vaporizer

Yocan Trio Vaporizer

Yocan Trio Vaporizer uses three unique pods that allow you to consume wax concentrates, thick essential oils, and flavored e-liquids. It uses three distinct pods so the flavors and the essences of the materials won’t mix with each other. The concentrate pod uses a design similar to the dual quartz coils or QDC seen in most Yocan vaporizers.

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Yocan Wit Box Mod

Yocan Wit Box Mod

Yocan Wit Box Mod is arguably one of the smallest box mods on the market but is packed with some of the best features you’d find on a device this small. For starters, the Yocan Wit Box Mod is outfitted with a powerful 500mAh battery which can give you a lasting session without an obvious drop in performance, the battery recharges via a micro USB charging cable so you virtually have endless options in recharging your device.

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Wulf UNI Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer By Wulf Mods

Wulf UNI Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer By Wulf Mods

Wulf UNI Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer is powered by a 650mAh battery hat’s capable of pass-through features, so you can vape even when your Wulf UNI Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer is plugged in and charging. It also has variable voltage settings so you can easily adjust the temperature levels on the Wulf UNI Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer.

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If you want a wax vaporizer with a premium touch but without the premium price tag, head over to VapeActive and find high-quality box mods for wax concentrates and other forms of extracts. Get wax vaporizers with variable voltage settings as well as those with specialized heating elements for smoother draws.

Pulsar APX VOLT Vaporizer

Pulsar APX VOLT Vaporizer

Pulsar APX VOLT Vaporizers is outfitted with four fine-tuned temperature profiles. They range from 2.5 volts, 2.8 volts, 3.2 volts, and 3.7 volts respectively. The lowest voltage setting will let you experience a myriad of flavors from your select concentrates while the highest voltage setting will amplify the potency of your favorite thick oils and wax extracts.

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KandyPens K-Box Vaporizer

KandyPens K-Box Vaporizer

KandyPens K-Box Vaporizer boasts a powerful Triple Quartz Rod Atomizer, paired with an unrelenting 900mAh battery, the K-Box wax vaporizer is a force to be reckoned with. The K-Box portable vaporizer also features top of the line ceramic chamber, glass mouthpiece, adjustable airflow, and variable voltage. All these combined make the K-Box the foremost option in portable wax vaporizers.

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Pulsar Go Vaporizer

Pulsar Go Vaporizer

Pulsar Go Vaporizer weighs only at around 0.66 lbs which makes it highly portable and extremely pocket-friendly. It fits right in your pocket and can be stashed conveniently in your bag or in your pouch. A relatively portable wax reservoir is included in the Pulsar Go Vaporizer Kit which allows you to carry a substantial amount of wax material if you plan on vaping outdoors.

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Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer

Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer

Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer comes in better with a deeper ceramic chamber. Knowing it’s ceramic is already a great asset for a wax atomizer, just like the original and prior model, KILN. Having a deeper ceramic chamber would mean you can load more of you waxy stuff in there, granting every wax fan’s wish to get more and bigger clouds.

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A wax vaporizer is a variety of vaporizers that is designed and engineered for use with wax concentrates and other extracts that share the same consistency. Wax vaporizers range from large devices like eRigs to small and compact devices like dab pens.
While wax vaporizers have different consumption platforms, all wax vaporizers use a heating element, usually in the form of an atomizer, to heat the wax concentrates. First, your power the wax vaporizer on, place the dabs in your atomizer, and begin heating your material. If you’re using a eRig, you first let the vapor pass through the water attachment before you inhale the vapor. On the other hand, if you’re using a portable device, you inhale the vapor straight as it is extracted from the wax concentrate.
Depending on your preference, you may lean towards a wax or a weed vape. Wax will often be more potent than other types of material. Hence, wax vaporizers will hit you with harder potency. Meanwhile, weed is also potent and contain the resinous pollen that give it its unique flavor and aroma, but it will take you a whole lot more weed to get lifted compared to wax. That said, connoisseurs who want to taste the flavor of cannabis often use weed vapes while those who want the extreme psychoactive effects often use wax vaporizers.
At the time of writing, there are four types or classifications of wax vaporizers. These include eRigs, eNails, box mods, and dab pens.
As we covered above, wax pens are more potent and are often stripped off of many components leaving the cannabinoids behind. Wax vaporizers can make easy business of putting you down for a good amount of time with just a small dab. Moreover, dabs or wax concentrates burn cleaner providing you with cleaner results.

Please visit https://www.vapeactive.com/pages/faqs for frequently asked questions on Wax Vaporizers.

Wax Vaporizer

Vaporizers have gained popularity over the past few years. From the old age consumption of dry herb strains to the new era of wax concentrate consumption, vaporizers have grown and have evolved to address the many ways extracts from your select plant matter can be consumed. 

Wax vaporizers range from a variety of devices from large ones (eRigs) to small ones (pod vaporizers and dab pens). Many of these devices are intended for optimum wax consumption but are sometimes made to accommodate the vaporization of other materials like dry herb strains and e-liquid blends. So, don’t be surprised to see multi-functional wax vaporizers that are able to vaporize other forms of materials. Nevertheless, you need not worry because here at VapeActive, we make sure to curate all the wax vaporizers on the market and give you precise product descriptions of the wax vaporizers we’ve added to our collection so you can make an informed decision before your purchase and buy wax vaporizers online.

Our select team of vape connoisseurs works day and night to scour the many wax vaporizers that litter the wide web. You may see our collection filled with multi-purpose wax vaporizers, but we’ll make sure they’re up to today’s standard in wax vaporization. So, the next time you want to shop wax vaporizers online, make sure to keep it here at VapeActive, the home of premium and affordable wax vaporizers.

Dabs, Wax Concentrates, and Extracts

Many aficionados have slowly transitioned into the consumption of wax concentrates. It comes in many forms; shatter, crumble, sap, pull and snap and go by many names; dabs, wax concentrates, extracts, and honey, but all of them are known and are favored by many consumers because of their potency.

That said, wax concentrates are best described as the concentrated form of the plant matter’s curative and psychoactive properties – it is its purest form.

Wax is the byproduct of packing botanical buds into tubes and then blasting it with butane. After the hash oils are extracted the remaining butane inside the tube is then evaporated, leaving a gooey like substance which is what is commonly known as wax. On many occasions, the wax is produced in a controlled environment like a lab or a workshop, the process is simple but it reproducing wax in your homes can be dangerous if not done properly. The reason many aficionados go for this processed byproduct is that wax concentrates makes you high almost in an instant and is much stronger, you should remember that what you’re inhaling is the concentrated essence of a very potent plant.

Wax concentrates or dabs offered many benefits and advantages to both the advanced and professional consumer as well as the average and occasional user.

Some of these benefits include portability. Because wax concentrates are basically reduced and condensed versions of the plant matter, they’re essentially easier to carry. You need not bring a ton of concentrates to get medicated, just a small dose can help you get going and will put you down for a good amount of time. You can even share the fun and help others get lifted too with just a glob of wax concentrates. Which brings us to the main reason why many consumers are drawn into the use of wax concentrates – potency. They are simply stronger than the plant matter they were derived from per weight making them ideal for quick and easy consumption. Just a few hits and you’re off to the races. Because they’re the pure form of the active ingredients found on the actual plant matter, you’ll have no problem feeling that body buzz in your system. This makes the benefit of portability and potency go hand in hand. A small amount of wax concentrate is enough to keep you medicated for hours and hours to go.

Another benefit of consuming wax concentrate is purity. Something that’s often overlooked by many consumers, the process of creating wax takes several rigorous steps just so you can arrive with a small amount of material. That said, professionally and properly manufactured wax concentrates are safe to use because of the slew of the precautionary measures involved in how the process of manufacturing wax. A good wax is rid of the many byproducts of consuming dry herbs. Harmful microorganisms are destroyed through the extraction process leaving only clean active ingredients for you to consume. This makes wax concentrates ideal for medicating patients because they can expect only the best results from using clean and professionally manufactured extracts. Of course, to get the best results and to take full advantage of the purity that wax concentrates have to offer, you have to use a relatively clean method.

Enter wax vaporizers.

Wax Vapes

Before wax vaporizers, wax vapes and dab vapes were a mainstream thing, many of the concentrate consumers use rigs. Dab rigs were large and bulky contraptions and required quite complicated steps and procedures to arrive at a conclusive result. You have your blow torch and a slew of other contraptions you need to dab. The whole process can be quite daunting especially for beginners and newcomers who might just be transitioning from consuming dry herb strains and would want to try out the benefits of consuming dabs.

Traditional dabbing requires paraphernalia and lengthy preparations for you to dab your wax concentrates, you carry around an igniter, a torch, a nail, your controller box, and a few items more. However, with the use of portable vaporizers like dab rigs and dab pens you can get instantaneous results without the luggage and the lengthy prep. Let’s face it, concentrate consumption can sometimes be perplexing and treacherous. The need for a blow torch, a titanium or a ceramic nail, a control box and a heating ring all makes the process of dabbing a bit more complicated. The coming of portable vaporizers has helped solve this problem most dabbers have long been praying for.

Essentially, the principle involved in dabbing involves the application of the wax concentrates on a heated surface. When the wax concentrates are heated, they produce vapor that can be inhaled.

To aid dabbers in their quest to get high in a fly, the wax concentrate vaporizers have been born. Like most vaporizers, wax concentrate units are comprised of several components. You have the battery, the heating material, and a mouthpiece. The advent of vaporizers like the Storz and Bickel Plenty Vaporizer and the portable Atmos Vicod 5g Vaporizer – 2nd Generation have eliminated much of the unnecessary fuss in dabbing or in wax concentrate consumption. As an example, the highly acclaimed Puffco Peak comes as an all-around answer to the consumption of waxy oil concentrates.

We at VapeActive, ensure that the wax concentrates in our collection of wax vapes are straightforward and convenient to use. When shopping for convenient wax vaporizers, buy online at VapeActive.

Speaking of convenience...

Dab Pens

Wax vaporizers, in general, provide consumers with the ability to consume the active ingredients found in cannabis in its cleanest and purest form. All wax vaporizers work towards achieving the goal of vaporizing wax without getting to the point of combustion but amidst the sea of vaporizers or wax concentrates, only one variety stands out that it can offer consumers something no other category of wax vaporizers can. Dab pens are the weapon of choice for individuals who want fast and easy wax consumption but still want that dab rig-like performance. Think about it, no need to set up a rig, no need to stay indoors, you can enjoy the benefits of your concentrates anywhere, anytime. That’s the beauty of dab pens or wax pen vaporizers, they allow you to take control of your sessions and not the other way around. Do you want to take your group sessions to the next level? Other wax vaporizers will limit you and restrict you to vape in one confined place, why not use a dab pen instead and take camping trips and beach escapades to a whole new perspective. You can now enjoy vaping your concentrates almost anywhere you want.

One good dab pen that boasts the perfect balance of potency and portability is the #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 RiG Edition Vaporizer, this dab pen promises solid performance with its dual quartz rod atomizers as well as the titanium coils, you’re sure to get the right amount of flavor and potency while still enjoying the advantage of unparalleled portability. It delivers milky rips of vapor that are highly visible while still maintaining a decent amount of flavor. It’s equipped with an adjustable airflow feature that allows you to control the amount of air that comes and passes through the coils so you can play with the quality of vapors you get when vaping with this bad boy. To emphasize its take on portability, it comes with a built-in storage compartment for your wax so you can always come with extra concentrates for longer and better vaping sessions. No other vaporizer allows this much freedom as dab pens, and one more dab pen worth mentioning is the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit. This dab pen has a dual function feature that it not only functions as a dab pen but it also works as a nectar collector. It’s the ultimate dabbing tool you never knew you might have needed. While it functions exceptionally as a dab pen, this wax pen vaporizer offers a remarkable experience as a nectar collector. Say you’re no longer satisfied with the hits you’ve been getting with a small amount of dab and you feel like you can take on better larger dabs, you can put a generous amount of wax concentrate on your jar and vape straight out of it. No need to load your wax, just vape straight out of the jar. No limitations, just pure vaping fun. If you feel like dab pens do not offer enough space for larger loads then this is the right dab pen for you.

Make sure to keep it here at VapeActive when buying dab pens online.


A platform that came out just a few years back, eRigs offer the ideal balance of power and portability. Many other vaporizers claim to give you superior power and portability, but eRigs are the ones that prove to be the best when it comes to this department. It’s now considered to be the golden standard in wax consumption because eRigs offer the features you can find only desktop dab rigs and provide you the convenience of using a compact and portable unit.

That said, here at VapeActive, we consider ourselves to be the home of the best vape dab rigs and the best eRigs on the market. We have the collection of the latest eRigs like the latest Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electronic Rig Vaporizer. This eRig offers the latest in vaporizer technology including USB-C connection and a crisp and clear screen outfitted with necessary details designed and engineered to help you keep track of your sessions.

Other eRigs like the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig Vaporizer and the Carta Vape Rig by Focus V Products help shape the eRig industry as we know it today. Other companies and manufacturers followed suit like the KandyPens Oura and the Pulsar Pulsar RöK Portable Oil Rig.

Unlike dab pens, eRigs are larger and offer better loading capacity as well as more pronounced power. They are also capable of features like precision temperature control and the ability to accommodate a glass attachment for a water bubbler. Anyone would appreciate a moisture-conditioned hit and water-filtered vapor every once in a while. The newer generation of portable rigs surfaced the market like the G Pen Connect from Grenco Science. A smaller and more portable rig that can be connected to almost any water rig you have lying at home. With the conception of eRigs many wax consumers have experienced a difference in the overall vapor production. Compared to dab pens, eRigs offered better performance and undeniably superior vapor production. With the ability to choose very specific temperature profiles as well as to condition and filter the vapor with the use of water, the eRig remains to be beat.

When wanting to buy eRigs online, make sure to shop with VapeActive.

Wax Pod Vaporizers and Cartridge Vaporizers

Pod vapes were initially designed for use with e-liquid blends or for nicotine-based e-juice. However, companies started to explore and experiment on the pod-based platform. Manufacturers like Yocan began with conceptualizing a pod that can be used for wax concentrates.

This gave birth to devices like the Yocan Trio Vaporizer. They've put a quartz rod and a high-quality coil to allow the pod to contain wax concentrates and vaporize it effectively. Other devices followed this revolutionary design like the Yocan Evolve 2.0.

Another breed of small and compact vaporizers come in the form of cartridge vaporizers. Like pod vapes, cartridge vaporizers were first intended to be used for thinner and runnier materials until they were experimented on and were later used for wax concentrates. Like how the vape pods were tweaked for use with wax concentrates, cartridge vaporizers like the Atmos Micro Pal Vaporizer and the Airistech Herbva X Vaporizer were tuned and modded for use with wax concentrates.

Vape pods and cartridge vaporizers became a new platform for wax concentrate consumers to enjoy their materials while experiencing a more comfortable and convenient mode of delivery. This meant that wax consumption can now be more discreet and stealthier allowing many consumers to enjoy and reap the benefits of their select materials almost anywhere they are. This allowed consumers who use the effects of wax concentrates to help them manage their medical condition. Those suffering from anxiety and stress as well as those experiencing consistent pain can count on pod vaporizers and cartridge vaporizers to help them ease their suffering and function properly allowing them to achieve and accomplish daily tasks and responsibilities.

Those who are professional vapers and even athletes who rely on the advantages of consuming wax concentrates for a more natural means of managing muscle pain and swelling can easily pop out a pod vape or screw in a cartridge to their battery and reap the benefits of wax concentrates right after their training.

When wanting to buy wax pod vaporizers and wax cartridge vaporizers, make sure to shop wax vaporizers online with VapeActive.

Choosing the Right Vaporizer

Taking several factors into consideration would greatly help you in making a decision in what vaporizer to get. First, decide if you’re going to include vaping into your daily routine and make it into a lifestyle. If you spend most of your days at home reading books, researching and maybe you’re a data analyst or a farmer or an herbalist, a stationary dab rig might be your best choice. We’d recommend the ever-reliable Storz and Bickel Volcano Digital Vaporizer or the Storz and Bickel Volcano Classic Vaporizer. If you’re an outgoing individual with a knack for adventure, a traveler or a backpacker your best bet is to go with the Cloud Pen Paragon Vaporizer, a superbly built unit from Orange County-based Cloud Pen. After deciding on incorporating dabbing on your lifestyle, you should then decide on the frequency of your sessions, if you’re someone who looks to vape frequently on a daily basis and would like to enjoy the satisfying effects of your waxy oil concentrates almost everywhere you go, you might want to look at a unit like the Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer, if you are a less frequent user who only vapes once or twice a day then the slim and sleek Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer might be your perfect match.

Next is to know your preferred vapor output. If you’re going for a more harsh and intense experience then look for a wax herb vaporizer with a conduction heating technology. Conduction heating involves the rapid heating of materials having them placed directly on the heating element. Conduction vaporizers zap whatever materials you put in them with instantaneous results. However, due to this rapid heating, your materials may reach the point of combustion without proper care. It’s good to remember that conduction heating heats up the material closest to the heating element faster than anything in the chamber, it’s best to occasionally stir whatever materials you have in there to avoid unnecessary combustion, a conduction heating is where the concentrates get placed directly on the coils. On the other hand, if you’re looking to experience a more flavorful, and subtle vapor output then we recommend getting a vaporizer that utilizes convection heating. Convection heating allows the even heating of materials, therefore, eliminating the harmful elements of conventional dry herb vaporization, it also saves you from some of the risks of inhaling combusted materials and helps prevent cancer, emphysema and other health issues.

The science of convection heating guarantees the best level of heat without getting to the point of combustion to produce the most favorable flavor, cloud density, and potency. These vaporizers produce the cleanest and purest vapors with dependable and consistent results through even heat dispersion by covering more surface area which makes for efficient vaporization. Vapor production may take up to 20 to 30 seconds. Because of the reduced risk of combustion, most aficionados prefer convection heating for dry herb strain consumption. When your vaporizer has a convection heating method, the wax will be placed in a chamber not touching any coils.

In general, a portable wax vaporizer will allow you to vape more frequently with an added element of stealth, keeping unwanted attention at bay while you enjoy the soothing and calming effects of your waxy oil materials wherever and whenever you want them. Portable vaporizers, however, have limited power which is a trade-in for its transportable design. Dab rigs, however, are bulky stationary devices that pack more punch and power compared to their portable counterparts. This could be helpful information that will help you decide what wax vaporizer to purchase. Here at VapeActive, we are proud to carry a premium collection of wax vaporizers we know you’ll love. Enjoy the experience of top-shelf vaping without breaking the bank when you shop with VapeActive.

Tips for Shopping Wax Vaporizers Online

Buying wax vaporizers online is convenient, you can skip long lines compared to having to purchase a wax vaporizer from an actual brick and mortar store. All there is to it is to browse a collection of wax vaporizers, select your order, add it to your cart, and proceed to check out. There's also the advantage of not having to be seen by strangers, onlookers, and passersby who will instantly judge you for buying a vaporizer meant for wax concentrates. While people will condemn what they don’t know, here at VapeActive, we understand the need for using wax concentrates.

We'll make sure you can select from a wide collection of wax concentrates curated and hand-picked by our team of connoisseurs whom you can trust to bring you the best vaporizers on the market. The wax vaporizers in our collection aren’t there by chance, they’re there as a process of strict testing to make sure that the devices we sell and carry will please our customers. That said, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best vaporizers straight from the manufacturers when you shop vaporizers online at VapeActive.

Because we value our customers so much, here are a few tips you can use when shopping for wax vaporizers online.

1. Check Availability.

Alright, the fact you’ve made it reading this far means that you know how online shopping for vaporizers works. Select a vaporizer and with a few clicks, you’re off waiting for delivery. However, other online vaporizer stores aren’t exactly honest when it comes to the availability of the products they carry. You'd sometimes put your hopes waiting for your wax vaporizer delivery but end up wasting your time.

Make sure to always check for the availability of the product you’re shopping for before you place your order. We at VapeActive, ensure that our inventories are updated and the stocks of the devices we carry are always replenished.

2. Buy from Secured Shopping Sites.

Information security is important, your data and information can easily be captured and can be used for a slew of other malicious intentions. When buying vaporizers online, make sure to buy from an online store that uses SSL. SSL or secure sockets layer is a form of encryption system that protects user data like yours. Here at VapeActive, we use SSL that provides our website with up to 256 encryption systems to give you the most secure shopping experience online.

Our website offers secure shopping, especially for wax vaporizers. You can trust that your details are safe with us and that we will not sell the information collected by our system to a third-party entity. As proof, we secure the data in a location where appropriate physical and electronic safeguards are in place.

We do not take chances, and so should you. Shop for wax vaporizers online at VapeActive.

3. Read the Product Description.

One way to make an informed decision when buying wax vaporizers online is to read the product description. It’s true that online shopping has earned a bad reputation. Online vape shops of old were notorious for grabbing good-looking photographs that were far from what the products in their warehouses looked like.

Here at VapeActive, we make sure that we support our products with truthful pictures and product descriptions. Reading the product descriptions will give you more than what the pictures can, we make sure that these product descriptions depict and represent what these devices embody truthfully. We’re not biased in our opinion on the products we sell. This is so our customers can easily and honestly make a decision on what devices and wax vaporizers will suit them best.

4. Check Product Reviews.

Aside from the actual description of the products themselves, make sure to check product reviews by actual customers who have purchased and used these products first hand. Likewise, these are unbiased feedback from customers.

VapeActive allows its customers to share their thoughts and opinions on products it sells to build a community where each and everyone can share their views and opinions on a product they have bought or used, you can check reviews from verified customers who have purchased products from us.

Best Wax Vaporizers on the Market

VapeActive has a strong commitment to its customer base and promises to bring only the best wax vaporizers on the market today. We do this by constant and consistent research on what’s hot and what’s not on the vaporizer industry. Especially because the vape industry sees constant shifts and movement in sales and prices almost every day.

You can rely on VapeActive’s team of trained professionals to always be on the watch and be vigilant on the sway of the market to keep our prices updated and competitive so you can maximize your experience when you shop for wax vaporizers online with VapeActive. Our promise is to deliver the best wax vaporizers on the market. We make sure this is achieved by taking the necessary precaution in checking and studying the movement of the market.

Wax vaporizers have been redefining the vaporizer landscape altogether. They allow for better vaporization of materials and offer a more compact and advanced means of consuming materials like extracts and concentrates. For those who are always looking for the next best thing in the vaporizer industry, make sure to keep yourselves tuned in VapeActive as we are always out there putting our best in being the first to deliver the best-selling wax vaporizers from the manufacturers themselves. We bring you top-notch vaporizers at relatively top-notch prices they’re almost a steal. Our wax vaporizers are a guarantee of quality and reliability. We treat our customers like family and we’ve got the best customer service representatives to handle your questions and your queries.

We're changing the landscape, we’re VapeActive.