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About SharpStone  

SharpStone Grinders are known in the industry as a company that produces some of the most unique grinders on the market today. Their line of dry herb grinders offers a slew of products that are designed and are engineered for the modern-day dry herb enthusiast. They show the industry what grinders are supposed to be and how grinders should function. They have basic grinder products like their SharpStone Grinder – 2 Piece – Hard Top model and their SharpStone Grinder – 4 Piece – Hard Top models. These grinders are made like the average grinder but have features that separate them from the bunch of mediocre herb grinders. The hard-top models make for a discreet grinder that you can take with you almost anywhere you go. They also offer the same sized grinders in a clear top version; the SharpStone Grinder – 2 Piece – Clear Top model and the SharpStone Grinder – 4 Piece – Clear Top variants. These grinders allow for added functionality as you can see the materials being ground-up inside while it offers a subtle aesthetic effect. Finally, something that the SharpStone brand is known for – the hand crank grinders. They have the SharpStone Grinder V2 Hand Crank – 4 Piece – Clear Top grinder which makes for a great grinder for individuals with special grinding needs.  


SharpStone Grinders are a brand that cares for its customers because the company itself takes the actual experience of the consumers in mind. The grinders they manufacture are made to adapt to the growing and various needs of a wide range of consumers. From those who consume their select herbs and botanicals for recreation to those who use their select blends for medical purposes. Their dry herb grinders are cut to perfection and are made to exact specification.  

SharpStone Grinders have been in the industry for a while now and their experience in the manufacturing industry, as well as the know-how they have acquired from the years of being in the industry, allowed them to gain not only a foothold but also the right information to have what it takes to be on the top of the dry herb grinder industry. They’ve studied their competitors and have seen the flaw of their manufacturing defects. This is why SharpStone Grinders use only precision CNC machines in manufacturing their products. Precision machined grinders will have polished and even edges. CNC machines work as if treading plotted course. They drill holes, cut edges, and trim SharpStone Grinders from solid aluminum blocks. CNC machined grinders from SharpStone have no manufacturing defects whatsoever. This is the SharpStone promise, a commitment that as long as you buy an original and an authentic SharpStone product, you’re getting the best your money can buy.  

Each SharpStone Grinder product is carefully selected from raw material selection to the actual manufacturing process. You're getting the best the industry can offer.  

Why SharpStone? 

SharpStone Grinders produce well-made dry herb grinders that won’t break the bank. Their products are made using high-quality materials and go through a high-level manufacturing process. But because they have established strong and deep ties with other manufacturers so they can purchase and procure raw materials at a more reasonable cost so they can pass on their finished goods at a similarly reasonable price.  


Having said, SharpStone Grinders allows you to get true value from your money giving you high-quality grinder products at an affordable cost. Like many other companies and grinder manufacturers, SharpStone believes that grinding is the cornerstone of dry herb consumption. Grinding your herbs is an essential part of your consumption method. Grinding your materials allows you to reap all the benefits of your select dry herb strains and more.  

Here’s an example.  

When you grind your materials, you’re basically allowing the herbs to form small particles that can easily react to heat either when you light up and smoke your herbs or when you pack a chamber of herbs on a vaporizer. Because they are now in a size more suitable for heating, they can receive the same exact treatment, therefore, extract the same amount of active ingredients once they’re heated. This even heating allows all parts of the ground material to have the same level of potency. Instead of having to bear with dry herb strains that are heated and burned rough on the edges, the product you get when you grind your materials are uniformly even.  

Grinding your herbs also allow you to pack more materials than cramming a nugget of herb in a rolling paper or in a chamber of a vaporizer. Having more ground botanicals in your spliff allows you to take in more of its benefits; both curative and psychoactive. This means you need to roll fewer joints and reload your vaporizer less often.  

Finally, one significant advantage of using a grinder is that you get to collect pollen. Pollen or kief is the substance that is native to your select botanical strains. They are responsible for holding some of the most potent and most prominent active compounds in the actual plant matter. This means that by collecting pollen you can save some of the strongest components of the ground plant matter. These pollens just end up falling on your table, on the floor, or even just sticking to your fingers when you use your hands to break the nuggets of herbs into smaller pieces.  

With these in mind, SharpStone Grinders began formulating the perfect dry herb grinder for all types of consumers. They consider even the smallest details which allows them to iron out the nitty-gritty aspects of grinding your dry herb strains. This includes having to deal with the sharp remainders of cheap and poorly made grinders that can cut you as you twist your grinder to mill your herbs. They know that people from all walks of life will be using their grinders so they formulated two versions of their products to cater to each individual with different needs.  

Made to Your Liking 

To those who require stealth and discreet grinding of herbs, they have their V1 grinders. Made from high-quality aluminum, anodized for strength and for durability, these dry herb grinders have covered lids that won’t expose the very herbs you’re milling so you can take them almost anywhere you go. They are also made slim and sleek with an almost matte finish so they won’t reflect the light from both natural and synthetic sources. Having a dry herb grinder that allows you to keep a low-key even when you ground herbs on-the-go is going to be an essential part of your daily dry herb consumption routine.  


For people who often stay at home and require a more sophisticated and careful approach to grinding their botanicals, they can take advantage of the see-through lid of the clear top grinder so they can tell the consistency of the herbs that they require. Different consumption methods call for ground herbs of different consistency. This is easier said than done especially when you can’t see how well done or how coarse the botanicals are. So instead of risking spillage and material wastage when you pop open your grinder, you can use the clear top versions which will allow you to basically check the ground materials till you find that it fits the consistency you need.  

Those who are suffering from physical pain like rheumatism and arthritis can rely on SharpStone’s hand crank models, they are outfitted with some of the best and most durable materials so you can rely on these hand-crank models. This is best for people who are experiencing difficulties with having to operate a standard herb grinder. It's hard for someone who is experiencing joint pains to have to apply torque and pressure to their dry herb grinders manually, especially when they’ve been grinding herbs for a while and the resin from the botanicals have started to develop causing the grinder itself to be stuck. The hand crack model from SharpStone Grinders allows you to easily grind and mill through tough and sticky herbs especially those with high moisture content.  

SharpStone Grinders do care about the wellbeing of their customers because they build products that are aimed to help them and to support them. Products that will help them achieve a higher sense of wellbeing through natural and non-synthetic means of healing.  

This is why grinders made by SharpStone Grinders are seen by many consumers as the closest they can get to a custom-made dry herb grinder. SharpStone Grinders are made not only to your liking but also to your needs. Instead of having to adapt to a dry herb grinder, you can choose a grinder that fits your needs.  

A World of Choices  

Apart from being the nearest one can get to a custom-made grinder, SharpStone Grinders offer one of the largest collections of dry herb grinders on the market today.  


With a variety of many kinds of grinders, SharpStone gives its consumers full red carpet of dry herb grinders as it shows the market how grinders really work. SharpStone Grinders are seen as the sharper, the lighter and the stronger grinder than its competitors. SharpStone Grinders constantly brings the new and improved version of itself for consumers both old and new to enjoy. What’s great about SharpStone Grinders is that not only it is developed with great performance in mind but also it is engineered with great design. The colors of SharpStone Grinders are made to suit all types of users with no exception at all. SharpStone Grinders cater to all users on the market making sure they cover whatever you need and whatever you want. SharpStone has everything for you.  

SharpStone Grinders exceed the market’s expectation and broke the barriers of what the usual grinder in the market. Its products boast superior design and its exceptionally engineered system, the creators of SharpStone Grinders created a one of a kind, top of the line grinder – the likes you never imagine was possibleSharpStone grinders boast beautiful and colorful design choices, making it awesome both beautiful from the outside and on the inside. Its holistic and superior overall build makes perfect sense as these dry herb grinders are often put to hard work grinding sticky herbs especially ones with high moisture content. SharpStone Grinders develop their products in a way that they can make sure that your herbs and flowers are going to be as fine as possible for maximum extraction of the active ingredients found in your materials. With finely ground herbs and flowers, you can enjoy that extreme and intense smoking or vaping experience as it lets you get the most out of your select dry herb strains and botanical blends. 

More Variety of Grinders 

While it’s true that many consumers see SharpStone products as herb grinders that can accommodate a wide range of consumer needs, one still has to appreciate their wide selection of dry herb grinders. While other manufacturers focus on creating and developing only one type or design of dry herb grinders, SharpStone Grinders continue to explore and experiment other grinder designs which only shows how bold and how ingenious their team of researchers and developers are.  


Within its wide selection of productsSharpStone Grinders made sure that its users would be able to enjoy different kinds of grinders with a different design that would suit them perfectly. Regardless of what they need in a grinderSharpStone’s got them coveredSharpStone Grinders products allow you to select from a variety of choices like the SharpStone Grinder - 2 Piece - Clear Top grinder that only has 2-piece parts but works as well as the other grinders in its series. The SharpStone Grinder Hand Crank - 4 Piece - Clear Top which is also one known to be their best seller, and also the SharpStone Grinder - 5 Piece - Hard Top that is uniquely designed with 5 parts that is really not usually seen in the market making the SharpStone Grinders brand advance itself with great products in its collection. 

They also have a vibrating grinder which works automatically.  

The various items in their catalog cover a wide range of consumer needs from basic stealth to those that allow consumers who have difficulty using grinders to enjoy freshly ground dry herb strains. Furthermore, each grinder performs fairly well, unlike other grinders that boast unusual features but cannot follow through with the performance. Each of these grinders is subjected to the same anodization process and are made from the same solid aluminum block making each part as tough and as capable as the other.  

And, speaking of parts... 

Diamond Shaped Blades 

One of the secrets of SharpStone Grinders is its ever-sharp blades. They were designed to work and cut your herbs both ways. Unlike other cutting teeth found on the average dry herb grinder that works and only cuts your herbs from a single direction, the blades on SharpStone Grinders make it so that regardless of which direction you twist or turn your grinder, it can always cut your herbs.  

These blades are designed and are engineered to ensure that the herbs are cut, milled, and ground instead of pressing them and just rolling them into small balls of botanicals. Other herb grinders will just compress and wedge the herbs instead of slicing them into smaller pieces. These grinders aren’t effective and it makes it so that they burn (if you’re rolling them on a spliff) or are heated unevenly (if you’re using a vaporizer. You're not getting the best out of your botanicals should you ground (or press) your herbs this way.  

The blades on SharpStone Grinders are designed in the shape of a diamond. It has been proven time and time again that diamond-shaped blades are better than those designed like pyramids and nails. They just tend to crush the herbs but not cut them to the correct proportions. Diamond blades even allow you to use only a small amount of force when twisting and turning your grinder and still get the best results. Because of how well the blades are positioned and are shaped, they can easily break the nuggets with just a few turns.  

The diamond-shaped blades are also subjected to anodization as we’ve mentioned earlier to make them stronger and more durable. The blades are one of the most important components of a grinder since it’s the part of the grinder that comes into direct contact with the herbs. So, blades that are not subjected to anodization run into the problems of breakage and burring which causes the aluminum to break down and flake. This is true especially in blades that are used to grind tough and sticky herbs, without the strengthening anodization gives these blades causes them to break and crack at the base. The pressure of crushing and cutting the herbs will cause the blades to bend or flex, this contortion and warping will cause the base where the blades stand to flake. With proper anodization, this can be prevented.  

High-Density Acrylic Lid 

Seen on clear top models, SharpStone uses high-density acrylic material giving you a durable layer of material that lets you see the contents of the grinder. This not only makes for an aesthetic display of what SharpStone Grinders are capable of but it’s also a functional feature.  

The clear top lid allows you to check the consistency of your herbs and allow you to tell precisely whether or not they fit your mode of consumption. Those who pack their dry herb strains in a bowl or wrap them up in a spliff would want to go with a coarse grind. Likewise, those using a convection vaporizer would want a semi-fine grind to allow air to freely pass through the ground material since these types of consumption method rely heavily on airflow. The better the airflow, the more natural the feel of drawing from a spliff and from a convection vaporizer. Those who use conduction vaporizers would want to go with a fine grind which allows the ground herbs to make contact with the heated surface of the conduction heating element. The acrylic top lid ensures that you’re in control so you can stop when the herbs fall from the drop holes or maybe flip it upside down to get a finer grind. Either way, there’s a significant advantage to seeing the contents of the grinder. The more you see, the more you know. Instead of having to pop your grinder open and risk exposure and spillage of these materials, you can easily peek through the acrylic lid and decide whether they’re fit to your liking.  

The acrylic material used on SharpStone Clear Top models is made from high-quality components. They are shatter-proof and are mainly used as a substitute for real glass that’s why it has seen wide industrial use. This means that the top lid on SharpStone Clear Top grinders are made strong and durable and like its anodized aluminum counterpart, can stand wear and tear from daily use and carrying activities 

It’s also important to take note that the high-density acrylic material used in the SharpStone Clear Top models are safe and is non-toxic. This is important because the acrylic materials come into direct contact with the herbs and the ground botanicals so having a plastic component that might break, shatter, or crack, can leave small shards of plastic that can get mixed with your herbs. This can be dangerous should small plastic parts end up in the ground material. When burned or heated, these plastic parts can cause harmful effects on your system. The high-density acrylic component ensures that you get the benefits of both worlds, safety, and convenience.  

Superior Magnets 

SharpStone Grinders use the best magnets that are available commercially. They allow better and stronger connection which ensures that your herb grinder won’t break open anytime. The magnets are made out of rare earth neodymium magnets which boast 18 times better connection than any average grinder on the market today. Like the high-density acrylic used in the clear top models, the magnets used in SharpStone grinders are used widely in other industries. They are the strongest type of permanent magnets and used in many products like cordless motor tools, hard disk drives used in computers and even in magnetic fasteners. Neodymium magnets have been developed by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals so you know that this kind of magnet was built to last. It proves to show since neodymium magnets have been in circulation since 1982. It’s good to know that technologies such as neodymium magnets are still relevant to this day.  

The magnets on SharpStone Grinders allow you to have that peace of mind that whatever the situation is, the grinder itself won’t open by accident. This is important especially for people who want to keep a low key when consuming herbs and other botanicals. Having their herb grinders open by accident will not only expose the herbs inside but will also compromise the quality of the herbs themselves. The aroma of the herbs can also escape should the grinder open up and this can result in unwanted attention from people.  

People who value privacy above all else will find that the magnets on SharpStone Grinders are helpful and will aid them in keeping their cover when they grind their herbs on-the-go.  

Stainless-Steel Screens  

In keeping with their goal to provide consumers with high-quality dry herb grinders at an affordable price, SharpStone Grinders use only the best stainless-steel screens and outfit their dry herb grinders with these screens. The screens that SharpStone use are somewhat larger compared to others so as to let more of the pollen into the pollen-collecting chamber. This is why SharpStone Grinders can collect more pollen than other dry herb grinders on the market today. Pollen or kief also plays an important role in herb consumption as these pollens contain some of the most potent and flavorful components of the botanical plant matter. Flavonoids and terpenes are oftentimes associated with these pollens and they can be used on other applications that allow you to maximize your daily sessions.  

These stainless-steel screens can also be cleaned easily by running the pollen scraper onto the screen itself. Because the microns on the screen is large enough you can just run the pollen scraper to remove the clogs on your screen should it have accumulated a sizeable number of pollens. This makes cleaning and maintaining your SharpStone Grinders easier so you won’t have to deal with accumulated pollen where bacteria and fungi might develop. These stainless-steel components make these dry herb grinders some of the best that the industry has to offer.  

Furthermore, each stainless-steel screen ensures that the pollen you collect won’t be contaminated because unlike other metals, stainless-steel is not susceptible to rust and other forms of oxidation in metal components. This is one of the reasons why the screens on SharpStone Grinders ensure that the herbs you grind and the pollen you collect remain clean and safe for any form of consumption.  

Smooth Grinding Action 

Finally, SharpStone Grinders use high-quality poly rings to aid the smooth grinding action of their products. These poly rings are outfitted on the threaded section of the grinder where there is more friction and where resin and residue build-up. The rings ensure that the two parts, the lid (top grinding part) and the base (lower grinding part), will not hit each other as you twist the grinder to mill your herbs.  

By attaching these rings to the adjoining part of the grinder, SharpStone Grinders improves upon the common pitfall in design and in engineering seen on common and average grinders. The said part is oftentimes the part of the grinder that experiences abrasion as both of the metal parts may come into contact with each other. This ensures that every session you have with your grinder is smooth and easy. And most importantly, this ensures that the grinder won’t get stuck or won’t get too sticky during your grinding sessions.  

SharpStone Grinders have proved through their designs and development of their herb grinders that they put a lot of thought in each and every product. For those who require a superior product, SharpStone Grinders are their best option.  

SharpStone Grinder Products 

Here at VapeActive, we’re happy to have acquired a number of products from SharpStone. The quality of their products versus the amount of each of these grinders makes them some of the best grinders in the industry in terms of value.  

Here are a few of their best-sellers that we have on our collection.  

The SharpStone Grinder – 2 Piece – Hard Top 

This 2-piece hard top grinder is SharpStone Grinder’s stealthiest and has the most discreet features in terms of dimension and overall weight. With a diameter of 2.2 inches and a weight of only 3 ounces, it’s easily the most portable grinder ever. You can just pack it inside your pocket and go about your day till you have to pull it out and start grinding your select herbs and botanicals.  

Because it only has 2 parts, its use and operation are simple and straightforward. Here are some of its features.  

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum 
  • Anodized design 
  • Razor Sharp Blades 
  • Neodymium Magnet 

For consumers who are looking for an herb grinder they can take with them wherever they go, the SharpStone Grinder – 2 Piece – Hard Top is the right one for you.  

SharpStone Grinder – 5 Piece – Hard Top 

For those who are looking for more storage space and generous grinding capacity, the 5-piece hard top grinder from SharpStone is the ideal option. It allows you to easily mill your herbs with ease and with the comfort from the added functionality of a pollen catcher. This way you can maximize your sessions and use the pollen you’ve collected in different applications.  

Here are some of its features.  

  • 2 Stainless Steel Screens 
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum 
  • Razor Sharp Blades 
  • Neodymium Magnet 
  • Anodized Finish 

This 5-piece grinder ensures you can grind your herbs to your desired consistency and collect all the pollen from your herbs for later use.