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Like your other devices, your vaporizers need to be cleaned and maintained in order for them to work and function at their best condition. Not only does a clean vaporizer help you in becoming healthy but it also prolongs the lifespan of the actual device you are using. VapeActive sells some of the best cleaning supplies on the market. We have cleaning accessories you can use to clean almost any vaporizer so you can enjoy clean vaping sessions whether you’re alone vaping solo or when you’re out vaping with friends. We cannot stress how important cleaning your vaporizers are and that they must be maintained to your best abilities in order for you to be able to use them longer and make good use of the investment you placed on these devices.   

Cleaning your vaporizers should be like a habit- just like brushing your teeth. You should make it a habit to always check on your vaporizer and look into how you can maintain your device with just some basic cleaning steps. Here are a few things you can do to clean your vaporizers.   

There are many types of vaporizers the industry has to offer and because of the said variety, there are a million ways to clean a vaporizer. For the sake of this guide, we’ll use a vape pen or a dab pen as an example.   

1. Clean your mouthpiece. 

The first thing to do when cleaning your vaporizer is to clean your mouthpiece. Cleaning your mouthpiece is easy and only entails basic procedures such as removing the mouthpiece from the base of the vaporizer and wiping it with cleaning wipes or a clean dry cloth. Of course, you’re going to get more dirt out of your mouthpiece when you clean it with a cleaning wipe but you can still get a good amount of dirt when using a dry piece of cloth.   

When cleaning a vaporizer mouthpiece with tight spots and hard to reach corners, you can use cotton swabs and q tips. You can dab the cotton swab on isopropyl alcohol and clean the corners and reach the tight spots of your mouthpiece.   

Remember, your mouthpiece is the part of your vaporizer that you press against your mouth. So, the cleaner the mouthpiece is, the cleaner your sessions are.   

2. Clean your atomizer. 

Alright, this next step is somewhat subjective. Depending on how bad your atomizers are, a little cleaning might do or it might call for a replacement.   

It’s always best to check with your manufacturer on how to clean your atomizers. However, most atomizers can easily be cleaned by dunking your atomizer in a glass or a bowl full of isopropyl alcohol. Oftentimes atomizers can be soaked for several hours to rid it of any residue or material buildup that might have accumulated over time. For atomizers that are more delicate in nature, you can apply the same approach and clean the atomizer using a cotton swab. Just be careful not to bump the coils in the atomizer out of place as this may affect the overall performance of your atomizer. Also, make sure to let the parts soaked in isopropyl alcohol dry as inhaling vapor with alcohol in it can be dangerous to your health.   

Again, make sure to always check with your manufacturer on how you can clean the coils.   

Coils and atomizers, especially ones that are used in wax concentrates and thick oils may appear gunky after a few sessions. Make sure to check if the atomizer can be cleaned or if it can only be replaced. Depending on what the manufacturer tells you, proceed with the steps provided by your manufacturer.   

3. Clean your battery. 

Okay, this step might get tricky as each vaporizer is made differently. For the sake of this step, we’ll refer to the battery as the body of a vape pen or a dab pen since it’s one of the most common vaporizers used by many types of consumers.   

Bear in mind that you cannot clean your battery the same way you clean the other parts of your vaporizer. You cannot dunk or submerge your battery isopropyl alcohol as the circuitry inside the battery can get ruined and may run into a short circuit. What you can do is to wipe the exterior of the battery with a cleaning wipe or with a clean dry cloth. You can also clean the connections of the battery that links it to the atomizer by cleaning it with a cotton swab. Especially vaporizer batteries that have threaded connections, make sure to clean the creases and the threads of the connection as it may obstruct the atomizer as it makes its way into the battery and it may also impede the transfer of electricity. When cleaning the links of the battery, make sure to use as very little liquid as possible to avoid water damage.   

Nobody likes using dirty and unclean devices, you put your vaporizer mouthpieces in your mouth and you inhale smoke and vapor produced by the same exact vaporizer. Keep your vaporizers neat and tidy with some of the best cleaning supplies in VapeActive’s collection of sanitary vaporizer products. Cleaning kits not only keep your vaporizers clean and crisp but also improves the overall performance of your units. Tools like the Vapir Cleaning Brush makes for a good tool to clean and remove leftover herbs that might have buildup through overtime use. This also saves you from the risks of inhaling combusted smoke from burnt leftover materials while relieving stress on your device’s heating chamber.   

Similarly, products like the Firefly 2 Cleaning Wipes help keep vaporizer parts like your mouthpieces clean and sanitary. These cleaning supplies are extremely useful especially when you’re sharing your vaporizer like in a party or in a group session.   

For A More Thorough Cleaning  

Some of us want a more meticulous means of cleaning their vaporizers, bongs and smoking devices either you’re cleaning them before you stow them or you’re cleaning them because of unwanted material build-up. VapeActive carries a collection of products that ensures deep cleaning for your dirty devices. Items like the Grunge Off Super Soaker allows you to thoroughly clean glass parts that have acquired unwanted and unnecessary material build-ups.   

These buildups can cause possible health risks in the long run when you’re exposed to them frequently. All those hard work and long labor to prepare your materials and vaporizers will be reduced to nothing if you don’t keep your devices clean. When the average cleaning does not work for you and for your vaporizer here are some steps you can try out to keep your sessions feeling cool and clean.   

1. Use a cleaning brush. 

Often found and used on dry herb vaporizers, cleaning brush will allow you to remove lodged materials in the atomizer, herb chamber, and mouthpiece without scratching or damaging any of these components. They normally come packaged with the vaporizer but these cleaning supplies can be purchased separately. Vaporizer cleaning brushes use specialized bristles that are strong enough to pick out any materials trapped in the small fissures and crevices of your vaporizer but are soft enough not to damage them. This allows you to give your device a thorough cleaning when the moment calls for it.   

Another important thing to bear in mind is not to let the bristles of the brush touch any hot part of the vaporizer. This may melt or burn the bristles and the smell and the taste of the burnt material may be hard to remove.   

2. Use a solution of warm water and isopropyl alcohol. 

When the situation allows you to do it, and if the parts you are cleaning can be soaked into water and isopropyl alcohol, you can concoct up a blend or a mixture of warm water and isopropyl alcohol. The warm water will speed up the process of breaking down the hardened resin and the residue that has accumulated in your vaporizer. Be it a vaporizer screen, a vaporizer mouthpiece, glass attachments, atomizers, the warm hug of this solution can ease up your cleaning process.   

3. Use cleaning solutions. 

Products like the Dark Crystal Cleaner is a solid option when selecting a cleaning solution for your needs. The Dark Crystal Cleaner works on almost all heating elements and on all glass attachments. The solution itself is derived from non-toxic materials and from plant-based components. So, if you’re feeling that you need something better than warm water and alcohol, then the Dark Crystal Cleaner is your best bet.   

Cleaning solutions are a great way of easily and conveniently cleaning your vaporizers and your smoking devices. You can soak your bong or your vape e-rig glass attachment and expect it to be as clean as new the moment it emerges from the solution.   

Remember how good and how effective you clean your vaporizers and your smoking accessories can sometimes depend on the cleaning material and cleaning equipment you use. And when the situation calls for a tough solution for a tough mess, using these cleaning supplies from VapeActive will help you get the job done. VapeActive is home to authentic and original cleaning supplies and cleaning materials straight from the manufacturers. We know how important it is to clean your vaporizer, and we know that it’s important you use only the best materials the industry has to offer. Shop for vaporizer cleaning supplies online, shop at VapeActive. Make sure to keep your vaporizers clean with the best products in the market.   

Signs That You Need to Clean Your Vaporizer  

Getting your hands on a brand-new vaporizer is arguably the best feeling in the world. The buttons are crisp, the O-rings are still firm, connections are snappy, and the vapors still smell and taste clean and fresh. However, a few weeks in, residue and gunk start to kick in. They develop and the vapors you inhale smell and taste like plastic or metal. It drastically changes the quality of the vapors and the overall experience you get from your vaporizer.   

Maybe you’re doing something wrong? You check your vaporizer for signs of damage, you remember the steps you took to check if you've missed a step from the ritual you’ve developed the past few weeks. You open the mouthpiece to expose the atomizer – you haven’t cleaned your vaporizer yet.   

This is just an example of what it’s like to use a dirty vaporizer. Here are other tell-tale signs that you need to clean your vaporizer.   

1. Sticky to the touch. 

One of the most obvious and most common signs that you need to clean your vaporizer is the way it looks and how it feels to the touch. This is true especially for those who have sweaty hands. Your vaporizer will appear foggy and muddy and can obviously be seen especially for those that have a polished finish. Apart from looking all dirty, your vaporizer will feel sticky to the touch. That can primarily be from all the dirt and the sweat mixed together. When using portable vaporizers there is also a chance that the dirt inside your pocket will contribute to the overall accumulation of dirt in the exterior of your vaporizer.   

This can be addressed by wiping the vaporizer with a cleaning wipe, a dry cloth, or a microfiber towel. Just lightly brush the dirt off the surface of the device.   

2. Sticky buttons. 

Remember all the dirt we were talking about that was on the surface of your vaporizer? Well, surprise! They ended up sticking to the small trenches of your button. True especially for those using a portable vaporizer, buttons may tend to get sticky and can get stuck at times when small specks of dust and dirt begin to accumulate in the small pits and channels around the button or buttons of your vaporizer. Depending on the build of your vaporizer, this small debris may be easy or tough to remove. One good way of removing this stuck debris is to use a cleaning brush. Lightly brush the canals to dislodge the dirt and free your buttons from getting stuck. As much as possible, avoid prying the buttons with a sharp and strong object. Trust us, you won’t like a dismembered vaporizer.   

3. Signs of resin build-up. 

Resin build-up is often referred to as the residual byproduct of heating your materials, be it herbs, wax concentrates, or thick oils. This happens when you heat your materials at a high temperature causing the resin to build up over time.   

You will begin to see black sticky substances developing at the side of the atomizer. This is noticeable when you remove the atomizer and you will begin to see this black substance in the heating element as well. This does not only happen in vaporizers but can also affect pipes, bongs, and other paraphernalia used in smoking and consuming your favorite materials. This is the oil that is mixed up with ash and tar. This does not only make your vaporizer look dirty but can also affect how it works.   

Resin can normally be removed by soaking the affected parts in a cleaning solution. Parts that cannot be soaked can be wiped clean with cleaning wipes.   

4. Blocked air paths. 

Another sign that your vaporizer needs cleaning is when your airflow seems restricted. This can be observed when you inhale from your vaporizer and you feel like you need to pull harder because you can’t seem to take as much vapor as you can before. Having used your vaporizer when it was still new, you can tell just how worse the airflow has been. These instances will call for cleaning as it will prevent you from using your vaporizer comfortably. Cleaning blocked air paths may require some disassembly, which will depend mainly on the build of the vaporizer you’re using.   

Blocked air paths can be removed by brushing the airways clean.   

These tell-tale signs are just some of the signals you need to tell you that you need to clean your vaporizer or any smoking devices for that matter. When needing to find cleaning supplies and cleaning materials for your vaporizer and your smoking paraphernalia, make sure to check out VapeActive.   

Importance of Cleaning Your Vaporizer  

Cleaning your vaporizer and smoking items is important. Apart from keeping your vaporizers clean, it also offers several advantages from which you can benefit from. Here are a few.   

1. Cleaning your vaporizers can help you save money. 

One of the main drawbacks of not cleaning your vaporizer is having to replace the dirty parts. Many vaporizer manufacturers will have to manufacture devices with replaceable parts. So, instead of actually replacing these parts and buying parts to replace old and gunky replacement components, you can just be diligent enough and clean the vaporizer parts so you can save money in the long run and buy more important things like better materials. Higher-quality wax concentrates and higher-quality dry herb strains for you to enjoy. A better vaping experience altogether. Having to clean your vaporizers depends on how frequent and how heavy you use it. If you consume a lot of your materials, it’s best to clean your vaporizer and smoking tools at least every other day. If you’re a moderate consumer. It’s best to clean it every once a week.   

2. Cleaning your vaporizers can help avoid unwanted health bills.

One of the main reasons why it’s important to keep your vaporizer clean is because a dirty vaporizer can be the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This can make you sick and instead of enjoying the healthier lifestyle you just found, you may end up having to spend your nights at the hospital.   

You don’t want to have to spend money on hospital bills when you can be spending money on vaporizers, materials, and even on other stuff like gadgets and all. Many of the problems that arise when using vaporizers are improper handling. Whether it be improper handling of the battery or of vaporizer hygiene, cleaning your vaporizer will surely do you more good than harm.   

3. You get better performance from your vaporizer. 

When you clean your vaporizer regularly, you get better performance out of it compared to using a vaporizer that does not get cleaned often. Poorly maintained and managed vaporizer without the use of proper cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment will not only break down faster but will impede your experience as you use it. The longer your vaporizer is left uncleaned, the more it will show signs that it begs to be cleaned.   

You can enjoy cleaner vapor production and taste the true flavors of your materials when you hit on a clean vaporizer. A dirty vaporizer will often taste of dirty metal or worse, plastic. When this happens, this usually calls for the replacement of parts and components.   

4. It affects the overall performance of the device. 

When your vaporizer is dirty, it won’t work at its peak. This means that instead of having to easily vaporize your materials, each component has to work hard and pass on the stress it experiences to another component causing more damage to the vaporizer than intended. A problem that’s as simple as a dirty atomizer can cause unwanted damage to the entirety of the unit.   

In turn, the battery will have to work harder than usual. When you’re not getting the usual results, you may (or may not) resort to pressing the button harder every time you take a drag from the unit in hopes that it will vaporize your materials better and produce the same results you have been used to.   

Things to Prepare When Cleaning Your Vaporizer  

When cleaning the vaporizer of your smoking paraphernalia, it’s best to have some tools and equipment with you and within your reach. These may come in the form of common household products or specialized cleaning tools to be used specifically with your vaporizer.   

Here are some common things you need to prepare before you start cleaning your smoking tools and vaporizers.   

1. Paper towels. 

Paper towels are easy to find and are a common household object. Check your kitchen for rolled paper towels as it can be used as a placemat or a tool to dry individual pieces.   

Paper towels can be helpful especially when you’re drying out vaporizer parts that have been soaked and submerged in isopropyl alcohol. Heating a material with alcohol and inhaling the vapors produced by it can pose several health hazards so it best to always use paper towels to help speed up the drying process of the parts you cleaned using alcohol.   

When using paper towels, you can dab them into the wet components or you can just let the components sit atop the paper towel. Either way, the paper towel will suck the liquid dry from the wet components and speeds up the drying process compared to leaving wet parts lying around with no means to support them and suck out the liquid. It would be best to move the wet parts from time to time towards different parts of the paper towel to maximize its drying capabilities.   

2. Isopropyl alcohol. 

While isopropyl alcohol is a known solvent, it’s a common cleaning material used in vaporizers and other paraphernalia used to consume herbs, wax concentrates, and oils.   

Although isopropyl can be very dangerous when used without caution, proper handling and care when cleaning your vaporizers, bongs, and pipes can eliminate the risks of cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol is potent and will break down any remaining residue in your atomizer coils, mouthpieces, and other glass components. However, because of its harsh properties, it may cause plastic parts to weaken and become brittle. That said, avoid soaking components with silicone O-rings as well as plastic mouthpieces in isopropyl alcohol. If the need arises, do not soak them for more than five minutes and remove them immediately the moment they are submerged in the alcohol mixture. If you leave them bathing in isopropyl alcohol overnight, you will see a significant decrease in the overall integrity of these plastic components.   

While isopropyl alcohol may be a tough solvent, it is a very volatile material. It evaporates quickly and leaving it to dry for half a day will remove all the isopropyl alcohol in the components. So, make sure to approach cleaning with isopropyl alcohol with caution and know the components of your vaporizer first before dipping them in iso.   

Isopropyl alcohols are also common in many households and you will have very little to no trouble at all in finding them and preparing them for your cleaning.   

3. A container or a resealable bag.

Ziplock bags or sandwich bags are often found on kitchen drawers. You can easily get one from your home or even buy one from the grocery store. If there are no zip lock bags available, a small container (able to hold your isopropyl alcohol and the parts to be soaked) will be good enough when cleaning your vaporizer.   

These containers will prove to be very helpful especially when you plan on soaking the parts to be cleaned for a few hours. Instead of having to just dab some alcohol or cleaning solution on your vaporizer parts, you can soak them for better efficacy allowing the residual particles that got stuck and hung on the vaporizer to break down for easier cleaning.  

4. Cotton swabs. 

For obvious reasons, cotton swabs are used to reach tight spots and the narrow corners of the parts of your vaporizer that needs to be cleaned.   

These include the corners of the atomizer (although be careful not to dislocate the coils in their order), the crevices in the threads of the connection of the parts to be cleaned, as well as other small trenches like the small metal components that create a connection between the battery and the heating element. Cotton swabs are versatile cleaning tools as you can dab them in the solution of isopropyl alcohol or you can wipe the parts with a dry tip. Nevertheless, the common practice is to dab one end in liquid while keeping the other end dry for when you need to rinse the parts you’re cleaning.   

Cotton swabs are also a common household tool that you can find in almost any home.   

Now that we’ve talked about some of the most basic things you can gather and prepare for your vape cleaning, here are some of the specialized cleaning agents you can use on your bongs, water pipes, vaporizers, and glass attachments for some serious cleaning as well as for maintaining your devices.   

1. Dark Crystal Cleaner.

The Dark Crystal Cleaner is a cleaning solution made from plant-based non-toxic materials. However, it can still clean your vaporizers, bongs, water pipes, and other smoking devices thoroughly and easily just by soaking them into this cleaning solution. The Dark Crystal Cleaner works on almost all heating elements and glass attachments. If you’re afraid of handling and cleaning your vaporizer parts and glass components with isopropyl alcohol, using a non-toxic cleaner like the Dark Crystal Cleaner will be your best bet.  

2. PAX Cleaning Kit. 

Made specifically to clean the PAX Vaporizer, the PAX Cleaning Kit is a collection of cleaning materials you’ll need to keep clean and maintain your PAX Vaporizer working in its peak condition. The PAX Cleaning Kit includes a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and several pipe cleaners that can act as cotton swabs to clean hard to reach areas.  

3.Firefly Cleaning Kit.

Like the PAX Cleaning Kit, the Firefly Cleaning Kit is a set of cleaning materials put together to give you all the equipment you need to clean your Firefly Vaporizer. Inclusive of stir tools, alcohol wipes, and a cleaning brush, the Firefly Cleaning Kit is designed to allow simple and straightforward cleaning of your Firefly vaporizers with the use of cleaning devices that can take dirt and debris away from a dry herb vaporizer without having to damage its other components.   

When searching for cleaning supplies online, make sure to check out VapeActive! Your one-stop-shop for everything vaporizers.