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Check our selection of hand-picked eNails & eRigs from some of the biggest names in the industry. We've got eRigs from industry veterans like the Puffco Peak, KandyPens Oura, Pulsar RöK, Pulsar, Dr. Dabber as well as from up and coming brands like the Focus V Carta, Dabtech Elite, and Leaf Buddi Wuukah. Ours is a collection of the best eRigs on the market with the best price to match. Buy high-quality eRigs at a low cost only here at VapeActive.

KandyPens Oura Vaporizer
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Pulsar RöK Portable Oil Rig
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Dr. Dabber Boost - Black Edition
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Puffco PEAK Sunset Lightning
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Puffco Peak Neon Vaporizer
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Source Orb Versa
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eNails are electric devices that often comes in the form of a box. Having been used as a heating element to vaporize your extracts, eNails sport nails and coils that can be attached to a water pipe. It will also have a gauge on the mechanical box to give you’re a precise reading of your running temperature level.
Electronic rigs, colloquially known as eRigs, are devices that are designed and engineered for consuming wax concentrates. eRigs operate through rechargeable battery packs and are often outfitted with glass attachments for water filtration.
eNails are simple and straightforward devices. First, connect the coil onto the nail and attach the heating element to your water pipe or rig. Next, flip the switch on your control box and dial in your preferred temperature settings and wait for the coils to reach the temperature you’ve set. Finally, drop your dabs and enjoy.
eRigs work in a way similar to the traditional dab rigs they were derived from but eschews the use of a blowtorch and instead relies on the power supplied by the battery pack. First, the wax concentrates are heated through cups outfitted with heating elements. Vapor is sucked through specially designed inlets that lead to the glass attachment. Vapor is filtered as they pass through the water leading to the mouthpiece. eRigs will often have some sort of temperature control either via preset or precise modes.
The answer to this question depends on the preference of the consumer. When you look at the subject of portability, a consumer who often finds himself at home or confined within an enclosed area will benefit from the advantages of an eRig whilst a consumer who is often out and about will definitely benefit from the advantages of a dab pen. Conversely, despite their weight and bulk, eRigs will offer better vapor production than dab pens because of how substantial the power eRigs offer and their ability to yield moisture-conditioned and water-filtered vapors.

eRigs (Electronic Dab Rigs)

eRigs (Electronic Dab Rigs) are one of the latest products and consumption platform the industry has to offer. eRigs combines the power of a desktop rig and the convenience of a portable vaporizer. Many consumers have been searching for a potent way to dab wax concentrates and have found the future of the platform in eRigs.

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That's right, eRigs are designed for use with wax concentrates although other devices are made to be compatible with other materials like dry herb strains and other forms of extracts making them the multi-functional devices they are. VapeActive holds the best selection of eRigs on the market hands down. That’s because we’ve been selling eRigs the moment they came out of the assembly line. Our employees and researchers have a keen eye for all-things hot in the vaporizer industry. That said, when the first dab rig or eRig was announced (the Puffco Peak) back in January of 2018 at the CES, our team knew we had to get our hands on it. To show how much we love eRigs, we’ve been checking the market for some of the best and the latest dab rigs like the Leaf Buddi Wukkah Electronic Rig Vaporizer.

Devices come in and out almost every month, however, knowing what will make it big separates VapeActive from other online stores. We’re the best place to shop for eRigs online and to shop dab rigs online. So, the next time you want to shop for vaporizers online, make sure to do it here at VapeActive.

The History of eRigs

eRigs did not hit the market only until the first half of 2010 after the first Puffco Peak was sold.

That said, the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig pioneered the eRig platform. We can still remember the first time it was unveiled – nobody knew what it was, nobody knew what it could do. It looked like a contraption that allowed the use of a water filter in a battery-operated unit. It combined the elements of some of the best platforms in the industry; it had the portability of a compact unit, the power of a desktop vaporizer, and the purity known only to desktop rigs, and it vaporized wax concentrates.

We first dubbed it the portable dab rig until it later earned the moniker eRig.

Before the monthly iterations and the different versions offered by the Puffco Peak, all it provided the consumers was a new means of consuming wax concentrates. It was safer, it was easier. Old rigs used for wax concentrates at that time relied on the use of heated nails, bangers, and domes. They were heated with the use of a blow torch that was harder to wield the more you got medicated – for obvious reasons. Moreover, traditional rigs offered inconsistent and often inaccurate results when it comes to the actual running temperature. Many consumers relied on different means to get a feel of the temperature level. These include having to set up thermometers, having to rely on setting a specific time before one puts the dab in the banger or even go as far as having to place their hands at the top of the bowl so they can feel the heat and make a decision based on guesswork whether or not it’s now time to put the wax concentrates in. With the eRigs, we all had a guided path to using correct temperature settings to the wax concentrates we so painstakingly consume.

puffco peak

Since then, many other eRigs have been released and almost any other manufacturer wanted their fair share of the market that covered the eRigs in the industry. Big names like Dr. Dabber came out with the Dr. Dabber Switch. Vaporizer manufacturer veteran Pulsar came with their own – the Pulsar RöK Portable Oil Rig. Other companies followed suit like Focus V Products with their Focus V Carta as well as KandyPens with their Oura.

Puffco knew that soon, everybody would want in. So, they had to devise a solution and an answer.

carta vape eRig

Puffco didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broken so they kept the Puffco Peak the way it was. Since the Puffco Peak pioneered the platform, they decided to stick with this product. What came next was a reconnaissance of all sorts. Instead of having to come up with a new product, all they had to do was to redesign one. The revamped Puffco Peak gave way to a few more others that followed in its path. From its sleek and stealthy beginnings, the Puffco Peak started to wear loud and proud colors. Other eRigs on the market maintained a low-key design language and the only device we’ve seen that was bold enough to match the moves made by the Puffco Peak was the Carta Vape Rig. Fast forward to today, eRigs have shown they’ve come a long way with the introduction of some of the newer addition to the platform.