18 Insanely Actionable Vaping Tips (2020 Update)

18 Insanely Actionable Vaping Tips (2020 Update)

Do you want quick and easy tips to improve your vaping experience today?  

Well, you’re in luck.   

Because I’m about to drop the best vaping tips you can use right now!  

Admit it, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you sometimes still get the feeling that you can do better. These simple and straightforward steps will help you enjoy vaping even more.  

But first, let me draw you a map of what you’re to expect in this blog. 


  1. Use Vaporizers With Adjustable Temperature
  2. Strip Down Your Device Before Storage  
  3. Avoid Overheating and Pay Attention to Your Device’s Temperature  
  4. Use Appropriate Heating to Increase Efficacy and Efficiency  
  5. Enjoy Safe and Hassle-Free Vaping by Maintaining Your Batteries 
  6. Carry Extra Batteries Especially When Using Portable Vaporizers  
  7. Car Chargers Are Lifesavers  
  8. Maximize Your Vaping Experience Using the Best Materials  
  9. Preserve Your Materials Using A Clean and Safe Container 
  10. Avoid the Dangers of Using Stale or Spoiled Materials  
  11. Use Appropriate Inhaling Techniques and Maximize Each Draw 
  12. Discover New Practices from Online Vaping Communities  
  13. Plan Your Sessions Ahead  
  14. Observe Proper Vaping Etiquette  
  15. Elevate Your Experience with Vape Accessories 
  16. Avoid Running into Issues Through Proper Vape Maintenance 
  17. Avoid Unnecessary Damage Don't Mix and Match Vape Parts 
  18. Always Change or Clean Your Coils

Bonus Topics

1. Use Vaporizers With Adjustable Temperature 

[Note: The following vaping tips are intended for cannabis materials and other cannabis-infused products.]

Vaporizers like dab pens with adjustable temperature settings allow you to change the power output of your device. This change in power results to adjustment in temperature allowing you to control and personalize your vaping experience. 

variable voltage vape

Temperature variability is important especially for multi-purpose vaporizers. It allows them to adapt to the requirements of various materials.  

Here are some good reasons why you should be investing in variable voltage vaporizers. 

Variable Voltage Vaporizers Unlock the Full Potential of Your Materials 

The ability to change the temperature of your vaporizer can considerably improve your vaping experience. It can help you enjoy all the benefits your materials have to offer.  

We’ll give you an example.  

Say you like to vape herbs. Temperature regulated devices let you achieve your desired effects efficiently. The psychoactive compound is released at around 315°F while the curative counterpart kicks in at around 356°F. 

Running a vaporizer that can get to the right temperature eliminates the risk of damaging your materials. This is what happens when you smoke your herbs instead of vaping them. The sudden surge of uncontrolled temperature combusts your loose-leaf material. The temperature you get when you light up your botanicals can easily activate your herbs’ cannabinoids. Although, smoking temperatures can also damage vaporous and relevant active ingredients. 

The active ingredients found on your herbs work in synergy with one another. Killing key terpenes and cannabinoids reduces the efficacy of your plant material. You may actually be wasting money on wasting plant matter. You’re simply not getting the most out of your botanicals.  

And if that’s not enough, variable voltage vapes lets you play with flavor and vapor production. This is true for e-liquid vapes. That's why it’s better to spend your hard-earned money in a vaporizer with temperature control or variable voltage features. 

Customization and Personalization Through Temperature  


Temperature is really important. It lets you experience distinct effects that would otherwise be indiscernible. It gives your materials individuality and supports the quality of the strain.  

Here are a few examples of the results you can achieve plating with certain vape temperatures. 

Improved focus Set your vaporizer at around 310°F to 330°F. This temperature level is ideal for focus, subtle calm, and increased productivity. 
Improved mood Set your vaporizer to 330°F to 370°F. This setting can elevate your mood, improve your senses, induces mild euphoria, and functional repose.
Improved effects Set your temperature to 370°F to 430°F. This temperature level is best for enhanced effects. You probably want to find a comfortable spot on your couch before you start hitting under these settings.

Setting the Proper Temperature

Now that you know what results you can achieve with a certain temperature level let’s talk about how you do it.  

Depending on what vaporizer you use, the procedure may vary. If you’re unsure how to do it, check the user guide or contact your manufacturer. 

However, the temperature can generally be changed using the following steps.  

For vaporizers with precise temperature control.

  1. Turn on your vaporizer.
  2. Twist the knob to your desired temperature setting (for analog vapes) or dial in your desired temperature setting (for digital vapes).

[Note: Other vaporizers will also have “↑” or “↓” symbols while some will have a “+” and a “-” symbol to adjust vape settings.] 

  1. Enjoy vaping once your materials are heated. 

For vaporizers with preset temperature settings.   

  1. Turn on your vaporizer.
  2. Tap the power button twice or thrice (depending on the settings set by the manufacturer) to select the desired temperature level. 
  3. Enjoy vaping once your materials are heated.

2. Strip Down Your Device Before Storage

Stripping your vaporizer down before storing it can be a tedious task.  

strip down your vape

But once you get used to it, it’ll be a habit you’ll be happy you acquired.  

Disassembling your vaporizer before you hit the sack can prevent minor to major issues especially when you’re using a portable unit.  

This includes the following:

  • Dirty contacts between the battery and the atomizer 
  • Unstable flow of electricity 
  • Leakage especially in e-juice, oil, and concentrate vapes 
  • Accidental misfires 
  • Drained batteries

This also applies to when you’re simply laying your vaporizer down on your table when you go to bed at night.  

Here’s how you get started. 

Removing Contacts from The Battery to The Heating Element 

For portable vaporizers, one easy way of eliminating the flow of electricity is by removing the contacts that connect the battery and the heating element. You don’t want your vaporizer to accidentally fire while you’re asleep. This also preserves your battery because no power is drawn from it.  

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the vaporizer is turned off. 
  2. For threaded vaporizers, twist the atomizer counterclockwise and remove it from the battery. For vaporizers with a magnetic connection, simply pull the atomizer away from the battery. 
  3. Wipe the contacts.
  4. Set for storage. 

Removing the Batteries Entirely 

Most vaporizers use removable and replaceable batteries.  

Removing the battery will ensure that no electrical issue may occur while you sleep.  

During prolonged storage, this means that your vaporizer will not be damaged if the battery leaks of if any corrosion on the battery happens.  

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Turn off the vaporizer.
  2. Open the panel that covers the battery/batteries. 
  3. Remove the batteries from the vaporizer.
  4. Make sure you store the batteries somewhere safe. 

Cleaning Your Vaporizer Before Storage 

When you have the conductive parts removed, it’ll be best to clean them before storing them.  

Here are a few tips:

  • Wipe the contacts with a clean dry cloth  
  • Wipe spilled materials dry, especially concentrates and e-liquids 
  • Lightly scratch off any hardened resin 

Dirt and smudges can get in the way of the battery and the atomizer. This can cause inconsistency in the flow of electricity and affect your vaporizer’s performance.  

Concentrates and e-liquids can be pretty hard to deal with when they dry up. These liquefied materials can also reach the internal circuitry and cause irreversible damage.  

Make sure you wipe them dry.  

Use A Durable Storage Container for Your Vaporizer and Other Essentials 

The nub of storing your vaporizers is keeping them safe while not in use.  

vape container

It’s essential to use a durable storage container to keep your vaporizers. A heavy-duty storage container will help keep your vaporizers in good condition. It will also keep unwanted dust and grime away from your vaporizers. 

3. Avoid Overheating and Pay Attention to Your Device’s Temperature 

Temperature can tell you a lot of things. 

For the most part, temperature coming out of the vaporizer can be a sign of damage and can cause potential risk or injury.  

vape overheating

Paying attention to your vaporizer’s temperature could help you prevent accidents. 

It can also spell the difference between preserving and wasting your materials. 

Here are a few tips you can consider. 

Check Vaporizer Temperature 

Some vaporizers do not come with a display feature that tells the current running temperature. 

However, here’s what you can do:

  1. Check if your vaporizer is hot to the touch. 
  2. Using your palm, gauge if the vaporizer temperature is above its normal temperature range. 
  3. You don’t need to hold it for a long time, holding it momentarily will be enough to tell you.
  4. Be careful not to burn yourself. 

Check Battery Temperature 

In the event that your vaporizer starts to overheat, it’s best to check the battery temperature as well.  

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Turn the vaporizer off. 
  2. Remove the battery cover. 
  3. Remove the battery from the vaporizer.
  4. Check for damages. 

Check Mouthpiece Temperature 

It’s normal for your mouthpiece to get hot. Especially for portable vaporizers whose atomizers are placed close to the mouthpiece. 

However, a hot mouthpiece can be a sign of overheating.  

Here’s what to do:

  1. With your fingers, feel the temperature of the mouthpiece.
  2. Turn off the vaporizer.
  3. Usea piece of cloth to cover your hands and remove the mouthpiece from the vaporizer. 

In the event that you experience overheating remember these simple tips:

  • Turn off your vaporizer 
  • Remove the battery 
  • Remove the mouthpiece 
  • Set the vaporizer in a cool dry place 

4. Use Appropriate Heating to Increase Efficacy and Efficiency

You already know that some vaporizers work best with specific materials. But what you may not know is that the way you heat your materials plays a huge role in how your vapor turns out.  


Because you can influence the effects of your materials by how they are vaporized.  

Proper heating can maximize your vapor’s density, flavor, potency, and yield.  

appropriate heating

Here are some quick and easy tips.  

Select A Material
  1. Choose a material you want to use. 
  2. Consider availability and price point. 
Select Desired Effect 

  1. Start with an end in mind.
  2. Work out what you want to achieve in vaping.
  3. Do you want flavor, vapor density, potency, or something that’s somewhere in between.  

Use Proper Heating Element 
  1. After selecting a material and choosing a desired effect, look for an appropriate heating element. 
  2. Consider availability and device compatibility. 

Taking these into account will not only ensure better material yields but will also help you understand how vaporizers work down to the core. 

appropriate heating

It will also help you achieve a personalized experience.   

Choosing your material and selecting a desired effect should be pretty easy. Your preference plays a major part in this selection. Just remember to consider where you will be vaping and how you plan to vape.  

Selecting the proper heating element, on the other hand, could be a different story.  

Your heating element is responsible for how your materials are heated. It directly affects the process in which the active ingredients on your materials are extracted and how it transforms it from a solid or liquefied state to vapor.  

Here are common heating elements used on vaporizers.  


Ceramic is an inert mineral and facilitates low and slow heating. It promotes gradual and even heating of both herbs and concentrates. Ceramic reaches vaping temperature only after 20-30 seconds at 30 wattsIt can withstand extreme temperature levels with a melting point of over 3000°F. 

These properties make vapors from ceramic heating elements more flavorful.  

Ceramic heating elements have seen wide use in all vaporizer types. 


While relatively inert, quartz heats up faster than ceramic. Because it ramps quickly, it easily produces larger and more visible plumes of vapor. Quartz heats up in as fast as 5 seconds at only 17 watts 

It requires only a small amount of energy to heat up that’s why it’s commonly used in vape pens.  

Expect clean and denser clouds when using quartz heating elements.  


Aluminum heating elements boast faster response times in temperature changes. It has a melting point of 660°C and can withstand demanding use. 

That’s why you’ll generally see these heating elements on desktop vaporizers.  

They offer better temperature control as well as better heat generation. 


Titanium heating elements have been used in vaporizers for many reasons. Like aluminum, titanium is sensitive to changes in temperature. Titanium is a non-toxic metal. It is not classified as a human carcinogen making it safe to use even when heated over extreme temperature levels. In general, titanium heats up at around 7 – 10 seconds at 27 watts 

Knowing how heating elements work and what they can offer can help you decide which direction to take.  

5. Enjoy Safe and Hassle-Free Vaping by Maintaining Your Batteries

Battery operated vaporizers are oftentimes the subject of heated vape debates. Batteries that explode due to improper use gave vaping a bad rap. 

Knowing what to do to prevent this will save you the trouble and the dangers of mishandled rechargeable batteries.  

Here’s what to do.  

Follow Charging Instructions Set by the Manufacturer 

This step is simple. Since most vaporizers come with instruction manuals, searching for charging instructions would be pretty easy.  

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Take the user manual.
  2. Browse over the contents page and go to the charging instructions part. 
  3. Follow instructions. 

Following the charging instructions will let you maintain the battery. Overcharging it can cause battery leaks. 

Likewise, using different chargers and charging cables might damage the battery and cause more damage. 

Check Battery Wraps 

Ever wonder why your batteries are wrapped in heat sink plastic? That’s because it’s dangerous vaping with a naked battery.  

maintain batteries

The body of your battery is a negative terminal and the only positive point of contact on the battery is the top part. Should any piece of metal come in contact with a stripped part, it will create a whole circuit. 

This can cause a battery to explode – or at least let it off with a soft bang.  

Follow these steps to check for damaged battery wraps:  

  1. Turn off your vaporizer.
  2. Remove the battery cover and take out the battery. 
  3. Check if the battery wrap has been peeled, shaved, or damaged.
  4. Check the plastic that covers the top part of the battery.
  5. If battery wraps are damaged, separate the battery and prepare them for disposal (if the battery is broken) or you can take them to your local vape shop to have it re-wrapped. 

Don’t Mix Your Batteries 

Another good practice is to observe battery pairing. This is important especially for vaporizers that use dual batteries. It’s important not to mix old batteries with new ones. This can cause battery leakage, rupture and overall reduction in performance. 

Also, a partially drained battery will suck up more energy from the fresh one. 

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Always charge in pairs. 
  2. Mark your batteries. 
  3. Use battery cases.

There are a lot of external battery chargers that can accommodate two batteries at once, it’s best to use them if your vaporizer uses two batteries. Also, most battery wraps come in plain colors, write on them. Use a marker and not a pen as it can damage the wraps. 

Lastly, take advantage of battery cases. Battery cases oftentimes can hold two batteries at once.  

Now, remember... 

Almost all types of vaporizers nowadays sport rechargeable batteries. So, good charging habits and proper battery care can boost your vaping experience.

6. Carry Extra Batteries Especially When Using Portable Vaporizers

If you’re using a portable vaporizer, you know that running out of batteries is inevitable. You don’t want to cut your sessions short just because your batteries run out of juice. 

carry extra batteries

Most of today’s portable units sport removable and replaceable batteries. These vaporizers are vulnerable to imminent power loss. 

Here’s what you can do when carrying extra batteries.  

Storing Batteries  

Earlier we talked about the importance of maintaining your batteries. That's because improper battery storage can pose some serious hazards.  

Here's an example.  

When you keep your batteries in your pocket, be careful not to put some change or even your car keys in. Any metal object can act as a catalyst and create a full circuit inside your pocket.  

This can cause the batteries to explode. 

It doesn’t matter if the batteries wraps have been damaged or not. As long as the metal object comes into contact with the positive and the negative terminals it will create a full circuit.  

Here’s what you need to do.  

1. Store your batteries in battery packs. 

Take your batteries.  

Place them on plastic battery packs. 

This will prevent any contact between the negative and positive terminals as well as any contact from other metal objects.

2. Use silicone battery sleeves.  Yes, batteries can also rock silicone sleeves. You can slide them in to protect them from any contact with any electric conductors.  

Replacing Batteries On-The-Go

The significance of carrying extras is to replace used up batteries when necessary. Depending on the number of batteries you have with you, you can almost never run out of power.  

Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Always make sure the batteries are fully charged 
  • Carry in pairs (if using a vaporizer with two batteries) 
  • Don’t mix batteries  

You can bring as many or as few batteries as you need. If you need to replace used up batteries, just follow these quick and easy steps.  

1. Turn your vaporizer off. Always turn your vaporizer off before changing batteries. Abrupt loss of power can cause damage to vaporizers running temperature controlling chipsets. 
2. Remove the panel that covers the battery.

Take off the battery cover.  

Gently pull out the batteries.

3. Place new batteries. Be mindful of the “+” and “-” terminals. Incorrect placement of batteries can cause your vaporizer and your batteries to short circuit.
4. Place used up batteries on the plastic battery pack.

Just because a battery has been used up doesn’t mean it no longer has a charge. It can still emit a faint burst of energy. Store them carefully to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Extra batteries will always come in handy. Always have spares when you go out on vacations and even on your daily trips around town.

7. Car Chargers Are Lifesavers

Just in case you forget to bring extra batteries, a car charger can prove to be an absolute lifesaver.  

car chargers

Nothing is as worse as being stuck in a car with a dead vaporizer. Especially for medical consumers who rely on their vaporizers for their medication.  

Having a car charger can broaden your charging options, allowing you portable charging alternatives. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind.  

Find A Reliable Car Charger 

It’s true, not all vape car chargers are made equal. The key to a better charging experience is finding a dependable car charger. 

Here’s what you can do:

1. Contact the manufacturer. Before you even start shopping, you should contact the manufacturer first to ask for charging specifications. Ask if they sell car chargers since they will most likely configure it to the recommended charging parameters of your vaporizer. 
2. Talk to automobile enthusiasts. Chances are, car guys know the best car chargers on the market. Ask for their opinion and their feedback.
3. Find a car charger with a USB port. If the vaporizer manufacturer does not produce car chargers, it’s best to look for a car charger with a USB port. Not only can you to charge your device using your SUB charging cable, you can also charge other devices with it.

Once you have your car charger, it’ll be time to install it. 

Here’s how it’s done... 

8. Maximize Your Vaping Experience Using the Best Materials

Sourcing the best material is as good as finding the perfect vaporizer. Where you get your material can spell the difference between triumph and tragedy. You don’t want to spend your money on low-quality products. 

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.  

Visit A Local Store  

When searching for materials, it’s always best to pick one up at a physical store whenever possible. Whether you’re a medical marijuana consumer or a nicotine e-liquid vaper, visiting a store offers you lots of perks.  

Vape Shops For E-Juices And E-Liquids

Vape shops are awesome. They give you a place to hang out and vape. They also offer customers a legitimate means of purchasing high-quality e-liquids.   

Local vape stores often carry e-liquids that are managed and maintained professionally. They practice proper product storage so they won’t go bad or loose nicotine strength. 

That’s why buying from vape shops are better than buying from hookups.  

Here are other factors you should consider. 


Vape shops usually have some sort of loyalty perks. It oftentimes comes in the form of rewards.  

Here’s an example. 

Some local stores let you earn points for every purchase you make. These points can be exchanged for discounts or freebies.  


If in the event you get a leaking e-liquid bottle or a damaged dropper, you can ask your local store if they offer returns. Depending on the store’s policy, they may or may not provide you with an exchange or a refund.  

Just remember, always be reasonable.  

Advice If you’re unsure of a certain product, vape shop representatives are always there to help. If you’ve got questions about nicotine strength, viscosity, vapor production, or throat hit, they’ll be more than happy to help you out.
Security Vape store products are often, if not always, a safe and secure option. Most cities and states require a business license to operate a store. They wouldn’t risk losing their license for selling counterfeits or fake e-liquids.

Dispensaries For Cannabis Products

Are you a fan of using dry herbs? Concentrates? Infused oils?  

You can get your materials from your regular hook-ups although it’s still best to get them from your local dispensary.  


Dispensaries are regulated, especially state-run dispensaries. Regulation means that the materials you pay for are professionally tended. 

And you know what you're getting. 

When you buy from a dispensary, you’re sure your materials are:  

  • Skillfully grown 
  • Kept inside lab-grade facilities 
  • Safe for consumption 
  • Free from contamination 

First time visiting a dispensary?  

local dispensary

Here’s what to expect and what to do.  


Part of entering every dispensary is presenting a state-issued ID. Products sold in dispensaries are oftentimes aren’t for minors. Make sure to have your ID ready before you head on to your local dispensary.  

And where do you present your ID?... 

Security Almost every dispensary has their own form of security. Strategically placed cameras, locked entrances, and security personnel are common in these facilities. You don’t have to be afraid especially if you go there for the right reasons.
Carry cash

Customers who visit dispensaries oftentimes want to keep transactions in anonymity. It became common practice to pay for materials in dispensaries with cash. While most facilities have ATMs, it’s still best to carry cash when you visit your local dispensary.  

Speaking of cash... 

Stick to your spending plan Plan how much money you’re willing to spend beforehand. You can check their menu to know what’s available. Not only will this help you with budgeting but it will also save you time at the counter. Just make sure you stick with your spending plan.
Ask for recommendations

This is the most important part of your visit, especially when making your fist trip. 

Dispensaries will have budtenders and professional representatives that can help you choose the ideal product for you. They’ll help you get the right item for your needs. They’ll also offer a selection of materials you can choose from.

Check for Online Stores

An alternative to spending time visiting dispensaries is checking online stores. Most dispensaries will have an online place you can check out.

online vaping community

You can pre-order your materials, have them delivered, or you can pick them up when you arrive if you don’t like waiting in line.  

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open your browser on your computer or mobile phone 
  2. Search for vape shops or dispensaries near your location 

Once you’ve found an online store proceed with the next steps.  

1. Confirm your age

Most websites will have welcome gates. Welcome gates could be pop-ups and plugins. 

Select the appropriate answer to enter the website.

2. Browse the menu and select your material

Head to the site’s menu page and select a product. Most menus are arranged either in tile view or in list view. The menu will have an internal link which takes you to a dedicated product page. 

Don’t forget to read descriptions to know more about the product.

3. Add the items to your shopping cart After you’ve selected a product material, look for options that say “buy now” or “add to cart.” There will also be clickable fields where you can increase or decrease the quantity of the product. 
4. Make sure to review your order Go to the top right corner of the page. Look for a shopping cart icon. Click it and review the products you’ve ordered.
5. Fill out the form with the proper information Should you wish to proceed, you’ll be directed to another page where you are required to enter certain information. Here, you’ll provide payment details as well as shipping information. Take note that some stores will accept credit or debit cards while some will only accept cash during pickup. Fill out the form accordingly.
6. Submit your order

Review the form and check for incorrect information. Incorrect details may cause delays. 

Once you’ve filled out the form, look for an icon that says “submit” or submit a form.” 

7. Wait for an e-mail confirmation Most online stores will send you an email confirmation to validate your order. Open the email and click the provided link to confirm the order.
8. Claiming Head to the store to pick up your orderIf you chose to have it delivered, wait for the estimated delivery date and time.

Different online stores may have different steps so be sure to place your orders accordingly. 

Check Where Your Materials Are Sourced, Grown, and Brewed 

It pays to know where your materials come from. If you love vaping botanicals, you might want to pay attention to where your plants are grown. Bad soil may contain heavy metals that can spoil your plant matter. This may contaminate your flowers and loose-leaf materials making them unfit for consumption.  

The same goes for concentrates and infused oils. If you like e-liquids, be sure to check its ingredients. Watch out for diacetyl. Diacetyl has been known to cause popcorn lungs. While most e-liquid companies refrain from using this chemical due to e-liquid regulations, it’s still best to be sure of what you’re getting.  

Here are a few tips: 

  • Check the product packaging 
  • Check the manufacturer’s website 
  • Contact the manufacturer 

Companies who grow or source quality products are often proud of it.  

check where your material comes from

You'll find this information scattered their product packaging and on their website. If you’re unsure where your materials come from or how they brew your e-liquids, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer. 

9. Preserve Your Materials Using A Clean and Safe Container

[Note: The following tips are intended for cannabis materials and other cannabis-infused products.]

One way to ensure your materials remain clean is by storing them in containers. However, it’s always easier said than done. Improper storage and packaging often lead to fungus and bacteria buildup. We’ll give you vaping tips later on which is focused on preserving the quality of your materials.  

But first... 

Let’s talk about how bacteria and fungi end up in your materials.  

How Fungus and Bacteria Develop in Your Materials 

Spoilage can happen with any type of material. It can occur to dry herbs, flowers, buds, and even in concentrates, infused oils, and e-liquids.  

Here are some common causes of material contamination. 

Organic growing Organic growers use a mixture of compost and manure. Spraying the compost mixture on the plant can transfer bacteria from the manure to the plant.  
Unwashed hands Bacteria from unclean hands can cause material spoilage. This can happen anytime during harvesting, trimming, or packaging. 
Inappropriate storage Your materials can get exposed to moisture when stored incorrectly. Moisture creates the perfect environment for fungus and bacteria to breed. 
Some bacteria are resistant to the drying process Some bacteria (transferred or collected either from tending or packing) can withstand the drying or heating process. These can proliferate and attack your materials. Knowing how your materials can catch bacteria and fungi can help you with planning your storage process.

Here’s what you need to do. 

Invest in A High-Quality Storage Container 

Materials bought from licensed dispensaries are looked after professionally. Budtenders take proper measures to ensure that they’re in pristine condition. However, once taken out of the dispensary, your materials can catch different bacteria. 

So, how do you prevent that from happening?  

Use high-quality containers.  

Here's what you need to look for:

Find an air-tight container Want to know the secret to keep away mold and bacteria? It’s a consistent dry environment. And an air-tight container can do just that.
Always look for glass containers

Plastic containers have static charges. This static charge can fry out the trichomes in your material. 

Glass containers are also best for concentrates since it won’t stick to it like plastic.

Use parchment paper Speaking of storing concentrates, parchment papers can be used to easily take them off glass containers. You can also do the same for herbs. This also helps block some light off if you’re using clear glass. Most top-tier containers feature these attributes. We strongly suggest you invest in one. 

Other Practices in Storing Your Materials

It’ll also help to know the proper conditions for storing your materials.  

Here are some things to consider during storage.  

Lighting Overexposure to light can reduce your materials’ active ingredients. Store your materials in a dark place. Use containers that allow as little light as possible. 
Coolness For the simple fact that heat can dry out your materials. Keep them at room temperature.  
Personal contact Limit your contact with your materials. Continuously opening your containers can let in unnecessary amounts of heat, light, and oxygen.

Following these tips will help you prolong the lifespan of your materials. You’ll get to enjoy them longer and experience better vaping sessions.

10. Avoid the Dangers of Using Stale or Spoiled Materials

[Note: The following tips are intended for cannabis materials and other cannabis-infused products.]

Like any consumable item, the materials used in vaping should be kept as fresh as possible. Old herbs and concentrates can catch fungus and may develop a certain level of contamination. This can cause both minor and major issues once it makes its way into your body. 

Here’s what could happen to you if you vape old materials.  

Hazards of Using Spoiled Materials 

Like common food, one of the most regular contaminants found of dry herbs and concentrates are molds. Molds are a type of fungus that grows both indoors and outdoors. A particular type of mold, Aspergillus, can grow on most vegetable plant matter. People who inhale Aspergillus can be in danger of developing Aspergillosis.  

Those affected by Aspergillosis can suffer the following problems: 

  • Allergic reactions 
  • Lung infections 
  • Other organ infections 

Symptoms may include: 

  • Headache 
  • Runny nose 
  • Coughing 
  • Wheezing 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Reduced sense of smell 

In worse cases, affected individuals can suffer from:

  • Fever 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Weight loss 

Generally, people with lower immune systems are more susceptible to Aspergillosis. Lighting up your weed does not kill Aspergillus. Nor does putting your herbs in a decarboxylatorMany mold spores can resist fire. 

It simply can’t be helped.  

In worse cases, people who inhale mold spores grow large mold balls right in the lungs. This can happen once the mold has entered and settled into your system. Removal of the molds oftentimes involves surgery.  

How to Identify Spoiled Materials 

There are lots of ways to tell if your dry herbs ever caught molds. You can use expensive equipment, like black lights. UV lights can easily illuminate mold, giving it a distinctive green color. 

However, if you can still tell a good material from a bad one.  

Follow these simple and easy steps:

1. Give it a whiff Bad herbs usually smell musty and mildewy. 
2. Check the color Give your materials a spot check. Look for any black or dark green hue.  
3. Check the buds For those who grow their own plant, get into the habit of checking the buds. In common infestations, the buds show a white-grey candy mold.

It’s easy to spot a bad material using the naked eye.
 Check your materials first before loading them into your vaporizer. 

What to Do 

If you ever find yourself with a handful of molded herbs follow these quick tips. 

1. Dispose of it It’s best not to make use of contaminated material. Dispose of it properly.  
2. Clean the area Contamination can break out. Check your other materials for similar symptoms.  
3. Clean the area Always wash your hands. Remember that contamination can spread through your hands. Keep them clean to avoid spoiling other materials.


Your herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids are perishable. Keeping your materials clean will help you achieve a better vaping experience. 

11. Use Appropriate Inhaling Techniques and Maximize Each Draw 

Another vaping technique for beginners...

When vaping, your breathing technique is something you should be paying attention to. This is something vaping tricks experts absolutely know. 

Using the appropriate inhaling methods are often overlooked. But it can help you maximize your vaporizer and your materials. 

Here’s an example.  

Direct Lung  

You can say that direct lung hits are focused more on vapor production. This is because you take in more air by inhaling directly into your lungs. This allows you to take in larger volumes of vapor.  

That’s why direct lung hits are preferred by vape users who enjoy visible plumes of clouds. 

Here’s how it’s done:  

  1. Prepare your vaporizer.
  2. Pull from the vaporizer and inhale the vapors directly to your lungs without holding it in your mouth.
  3. Exhale and let the vapors out.

Direct lung hits are oftentimes seen as an advanced breathing technique. Most experienced vapers prefer direct lung hits because it can facilitate increased potency in almost all material types.  

Mouth to Lung  

Mouth to lung hits, on the other hand, can greatly improve your flavor experience. It's one of the main benefits of using this breathing technique. By letting the vapors sit into your mouth first before inhaling them, you get to taste more of your materials.  

However, because you can only hold little vapor in your mouth, you can have only a limited amount of vapor. 

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Prepare your vaporizer.
  2. Pull from the vaporizer and inhale the vapors slowly.
  3. Hold the vapor in your mouth for several seconds. 
  4. inhale the vapors into your lungs. 
  5. Exhale and let the vapors out.

Mouth to lung draws are best suited for beginners and even for most advanced vape users. It mimics how you draw from conventional cigarettes which makes it easy on first-time vape users. 

When to Use Mouth to Lung (MTL) or Direct Lung (DL) Hits 

Using MTL or DL can sometimes depend on your vaporizer setup. Vaporizers used for dry herbs and concentrates are often best for MTL.  

E-liquid and infused oil vapes, on the other hand, can be an ideal vaporizer for DL hits. 

12. Discover New Practices from Online Vaping Communities 

The internet holds a plethora of information about common vaping practices. Online vaping communities are a good place to start if you want to discover new ways to improve your experience.   

online vaping community

But it’s always easier said than done.  

So, here are a few tips.  

Join Online Vape Communities 

There are a lot of online forums that discuss vaporizers. Let’s use Reddit as an example. 

Here’s how you do it.  

1. Go to Reddit On your computer, open a browser. On the address bar type reddit.com. 
2. Create an account

On the upper right hand of the webpage click on “sign up.” 

Enter your active email address (optional) and click “next.” 

Select a username and a password. 

Confirm you’re not a bot.

3. Subscribe to subreddits

Go to the Reddit search bar.  

Type in keywords like “vaporizers.”  

Click on a subreddit you like.  

Click on ”subscribe.”

4. Explore Forums

Read comments from other users.  

Feel free to leave your own by clicking on the “comments” link under the headline.  

Be a part of the community. Contribute by creating your own post. 

Ask questions, leave comments.  

This is not limited to Reddit, try other platforms and consider the feedback you get. 


Watch Online Videos

Trust me it works. 

Vape mentoring can happen right in front of your computer or smartphone. 

watch vape videos online

Just make sure you watch the right ones. While some online videos can be a pain to watch, some are really downright informative. 

Here's what you can do if you find a proper vape vlogger. 

  1. Check for any social media accounts.
  2. Search for their account.
  3. Subscribe. 
  4. Regularly check out their videos for entertaining and informative content.

Read Vape Blogs  

Blogs can provide you with a great deal of useful information. You can find vape reviews, how-tos, troubleshooting tips, and even more vaping tips like this - basically anything about vaporizers. 

Here are a few questions to consider when browsing vape blogs. 

Is it reliable?  

Is it up to date?  

You want to ask yourself how truthful the information in front of you is. There are lots of misleading blogs, so be vigilant. Check when was the blog posted. Some blogs can be outdated.

13. Plan Your Sessions Ahead

Say you’re going out tonight.  

Of course, you want to bring your vaporizer. Problem is, you don’t want to lug around packs of batteries. You certainly don’t want to carry around containers for your herbs, concentrates, or e-liquids.  

What do you do?  

Determine How Long You'll Be Vaping Especially When You're Heading Out 

This can both be difficult and easy.  

Here’s an example.  

Let’s say you’re looking to cross states with friends. A weekend trip maybe? You like to go vaping while on the road. Bringing a portable vaporizer and an e-liquid in a 15ml bottle simply won’t last you the whole trip. Especially if you’re a frequent user. 

You have to plan your usage accordingly. 

Here are some things you need to consider:

  • How long you’ll be out 
  • How frequent will you be vaping 
  • What material will you be vaping 
  • Mode of transportation 

By factoring these details out, you can make out what kind of vaporizer and how much material you need. 

For example, if you know you’d be out for the whole night bring an adequate amount of material. If you know you’re a frequent vaper, bring additional batteries because you may run out of power while on the road.  

If you’re traveling with friends on a car, you can take a car charger with you so you can charge on-the-go. Including your vaping sessions in your itinerary can help you enjoy vaping while you’re traveling.  

Bring Additional Essentials Accordingly 

Planning ahead will help you with identifying what other stuff to bring. It can be a pain to carry a separate luggage for your vape paraphernalia and your regular stuff. But you want to make sure you can pack all the items you need. 

Here are simple tips on how you can do it:

  • Make a list of the items you need to bring. (This includes things like clothes and toiletries).
  • Make a list of vape-related stuff you want to bring. 
  • Sort out the essentials from the non-essentials. 

Prioritize what’s important to the least important. If you want to pass your vaporizer along, you seriously need to pack an extra mouthpiece or a pack of sanitary wipes.  

You also might want to ask a friend to bring their share of materials.  

It’ll lessen your cargo.

14. Observe Proper Vaping Etiquette 

It’s oftentimes said that vaping is more than a hobby. Vaping has been considered by many as a lifestyle... And observing proper vaping etiquette is simply more than a mere experience upgrade. It’s an improvement of your lifestyle.  

For centuries, etiquette has been the cornerstone of civilized society. And to follow the proper vaping manners gives vaping a good impression towards others. 

But what are vaping etiquettes anyway?   

Here are a few examples. 

Common Vaping Etiquette 

  • Although we know that vaping is safer than smoking, it’s still best not to vape where smoking is permitted 
  • Observe non-smoking signs 
  • Be observant of people around you especially children – never vape with children around 
  • Avoid vaping in restaurants, theatres, and other public areas 
  • If you really need to vape, ask the people around you if it’s okay 
  • Be a gentleman 

By following these common vaping conducts you can help improve not only your vaping experience but of others as well.

15. Elevate Your Experience with Vape Accessories

Today’s market offer loads of vape accessories. Not only are they a fun way of spicing things up... They also offer some serious advantages. 

Here the ones that can substantially boost your experience.  

Water Filters 

[Note: The following tips are intended for cannabis materials and other cannabis-infused products.]

Water filtration offers a vital benefit that’ll enhance your vaping experience. It allows moisture conditioning and temperature reduction in the vapor.  


This means that your vapors will be cooler and smoother making it easier on both the throat and the lungs. 

Almost all of today’s vaporizers sport water filtration attachments.  

Here are the tools you’ll need:

  • Vaporizer 
  • Water filter adapter 
  • Water filter  

Your water filter can be a brand-specific water filtration device, a bong, or a glass bubbler.  

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Prepare your vaporizer and your material.
  2. Load material onto vaporizer.
  3. Fill your water pipe or bubbler with an appropriate amount of water.
  4. Connect the water pipe adapter to your vaporizer.
  5. Connect vaporizer to the water filter.
  6. Power on your vaporizer.
  7. Start vaping. 

You’d want to create an air-tight seal between your vaporizer and your water filter. The vapor will pass through the water and will sift it from irritants. This will also cool down your vapors making it easier to take longer pulls.  

Silicone Cases 

Silicone cases make great accessories. 

silicone cases

Here are some of the benefits of using silicone cases:

  • Offers decent protection 
  • Improves grip 
  • Deflects heat from palm 
  • Helps repel sweat 

Using silicone cases should be easy. You just slide your vaporizer in or wrap the silicone plastic around it. Just make sure you find one that fits your vaporizer. Loosely fitted silicone cases can cause your vaporizer to slide out and damage your device. 

Vape Skins 

Vape skins are a good way of personalizing your vaporizer. This is also the perfect way of giving a worn-out vaporizer a new look. They’re pre-cut decals that give your vaporizer a new flare. 

Vape skins come in numerous designs, making it an ideal accessory for those who want to customize their vaporizers. 

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the decal sheet.
  2. Make out the sections of the vape skin and prepare installation. 
  3. Select the largest decals first.
  4. Apply the vape skin from the center outwards. 
  5. Smooth out any bubbles.

Vape skins are an affordable way of giving your old vaporizer a makeover. Select one that suits your style. Below are some well applied DaVinci IQ vape skin.

vape skins

16. Avoid Running into Issues Through Proper Vape Maintenance

Battery maintenance is a start, but why stop there? You can also make your vaporizer last and avoid running into problems both early and later on by taking care of it. Keeping your vaporizer in good condition can be easy.  

Here’s how you can get started.  

Regular Cleaning 

One of the simplest ways of taking care of your vaporizer and keeping it in tip top shape in top shape is through regular cleaning. Different devices over various vape types will have different ways of cleaning. You can use cleaning products or you can use things you can find at home. 

Here are the basics.  

1. Make your preparations

Grab your vaporizer and some cleaning tools – most vaporizers come with cleaning tools especially those used for dry herbs. 

Grab a paper towel and set it flat on your desk.  

Set you vaporizer atop the paper towel.  

2. Strip your vaporizer

Disassemble your vaporizer on the paper towel.  

Lightly remove the components and separate them neatly. 

3. Start cleaning

After stripping your vaporizer softly wipe the sides of the exterior.  

Do the same with the mouthpiece. 

Be careful not to damage the heating element. We recommend starting with a dry paper towel, a Q-tip, a cotton swab, or a toothpick.  

Use liquid solution only when stated by the manufacturer. 


This could affect the performance of your vaporizer. Plus, if you’re not careful, you might spill liquid all over your device. Most vape companies do not cover water damage in their warranty policies. 

The frequency of how you clean your vaporizer depends on how often you use it. 

Check for Broken Parts 

After cleaning your vaporizer, it’s best to check its components for breakages. Your vaporizer parts should now be free of smudges, cracks and minor dents should be fairly visible. 

Follow these steps when checking for broken parts:

1. Thorough inspection

After cleaning, lay down the vaporizer parts in a separate paper towel.  

Go through the parts one by one and check for breakages.  

2. Check for loose ends

When putting the parts back together, check for loose connections. For threaded vaporizers, check if the threads have become loose. For magnetic vaporizers, check if the magnetic connection is still strong.  

Should you find signs of breakage or lose contacts take note of the damaged parts and separate them from the vaporizer. 

Always Check for Parts That Needs Replacing

Even after cleaning your vaporizer, broken parts will be easily discernible. This is true especially when you’re already familiar with your vaporizer. You will notice wobbly buttons, unsteady connections and rattling noises.  

It’s good practice to check your vaporizer before and after use. It’s good to note that portable vaporizers and vape pens are more susceptible to damage due to their smaller builds and because they’re subjected to daily carrying activity. 

Here are a few tips.  

1. Check your vaporizer before use, look at the exterior for any signs of breakage.  Go over your vaporizer from top to bottom.
2. Check the heating element. When loading materials to your vaporizer, check the heating element if it’s damaged.
3. Check how the vaporizer heats up.

After loading your materials, check if your vaporizer heats up. Look for signs of inconsistencies when vaping.  

Once you’ve identified parts that need replacement, set them apart. 

Proper cleaning and maintenance will help you extend the life of your vaporizer, it will also make your vaping sessions worthwhile.

17. Avoid Unnecessary Damage Don't Mix and Match Vape Parts

Most of today’s vaporizers sport interchangeable and cross-compatible parts.  

don't mix and match vape parts

While we’re all for diversity and variety, it’s best to understand that mixing and matching non-compatible vape parts might do more damage than good.  


Manufacturers set certain specifications for each vaporizer, its parts, and other accessories. Using incompatible parts will lead to damage and other issues. 

Here’s what you can do if you want to upgrade.  

Ask Manufacturer for Cross-Compatibility 

Who better to ask for product compatibility than the manufacturers themselves?  

Here are some easy ways you can get a hold of the product manufacturer (or at least a representative). 

1. Check the box There should be some sort of address there, physical or email. 
2. Check their (official) social medial accounts Either by Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or any social media platform. There should be at least a way to send the manufacturer a message.
3. Visit their website

Check their “Contact Us” page. 

Look for convenient means of contact. Better yet, use the desktop version of their website. 

Wait for a chat box to pop up.  

Send them a message and receive a reply in seconds.


Follow Manufacturer’s Specification 

Vape manufacturers set specific working parameters for their vaporizers. 

Here’s an example. 

Some vape pen or dab pens' atomizers support specific battery setups. Atomizers that run lower coil resistance will allow more electricity to pass through it. Conversely, atomizers with lower resistance coils will yield opposite results. 

Incorrect usage of vaporizer parts will lead to the following:  

  • Reduced battery life 
  • Reduced atomizer life 
  • Improper heating of materials 

However, breaking vaporizer parts are inevitable.  

When you find yourself looking for replacement or upgrade parts, consider checking the manufacturer’s product specifications.  

Here's how you do it: 

1. Check the product packaging Vaporizers often include technical specifications printed on the box. If not found check the user manual. 
2. Check the manufacturer’s website

On your computer or smartphone, visit the manufacturer’s website.  

Check for product specifications. This information is oftentimes found on the websites FAQ section.  

Ask for The Opinion of Other Users Before Upgrading 

When planning to purchase vaporizer parts for upgrades it’s better to talk to other users.  

Every individual has a right to their own opinion. You might find that different users will have different opinion about upgrading and parts compatibility so make sure you think things over before following any suggestion.  

Here’s what to do. 

1. Talk to your friends who use the same vaporizer

Approach your friend/friends that use vaporizers of the same brand.  

Ask them if they have already upgraded any vaporizer parts.  

Ask about their experiences with the products they used after upgrading.

2. Make a list List down their opinions and the vaping tips they gave. On a piece of paper, write down the information you’ve received. 
3. Contrast and compare

Remember the tips we gave in following product specifications? You can check those tips and compare them to your notes. 

Make an informed decision based on the information you have.

18. Always Change or Clean Your Coils

This tip applies mainly for vape pens and portable vaporizers that have removable and rebuildable coils.  

Like any other maintenance routine, cleaning and changing your coils can be a pain in the neck. But once it rubs off on you it’ll help you achieve a better vaping experience. 

Before we begin with the tips, here are some compelling reasons why you should be changing you coils more often.  

Why and When Should You Change Your Coils 

Vape pen coils and portable vape coils are chiefly responsible for heating up your materials. Coils are also the part that directly comes into contact with the material.  

clean coils

Sticky concentrates and thick e-liquids can cause unwanted buildup. The same goes with burnt loose-leaf materials. Hardened resin is unsafe. It can be contaminated and can catch bacteria which can be harmful especially when reheated. 

That’s why you should always pay attention to the status of your coils.  

Here are things you should look out for.  


Bad coils will normally give off a burnt taste. That’s because the materials on the coil might have already accumulated. 

Clean your coils, or better yet, replace them. 

Inadequate vapor production Poor vapor production can be a clear sign of a bad coil. Especially when you’re running with fully charged batteries. 
The coils don’t glow properly

You’ll notice that when you’ve overused your coils, they won’t burn and heat up properly. For those using dual coils, one coil might start to glow while the other will stay unlit. This is an obvious sign that your coils need to be replaced.  

The frequency of how often you use your vaporizer is linked to how often you should replace your coils.  

And if that’s not enough, here are a couple more...

Coil Integrity Is Directly Linked to Vapor Quality 

The quality of your coils defines the quality of your vapors. You don’t want your coils to heat the gunk it’s built up. Not only will it create a nasty taste but it will also mix with the vapor. This is unhealthy and can cause lung and throat irritation.  

A burnt coil can also pose more dangerous risks like producing harmful chemicals that can end up in your vapor, straight into your system.  

How To Change Your Coils 

Each vaporizer may have its own unique way of changing its coils. We strongly suggest you check your vaporizer’s instruction manual. 

If you can’t find it, contact the manufacturer and ask for directions.  

If all else fails, follow these quick and easy steps:  

1. Check your vaporizer

Check if your vaporizer has a threaded or magnetic connection. 

Disassemble appropriately.

2. Dismantle your vape

Disconnect the mouthpiece from the battery. If you’re using an e-liquid tank, remove the oil or e-liquid. 

Once the coils are exposed, remove the coils.  

3. Replace new coils

Place new coils. 

Replace the mouthpiece. 

From here you may start loading your materials.  

Try out the new coils and see if the vapors taste and feel better. 

Apart from making sure you’re using fresh coils, you also have to make sure that the materials you’re using are of the same quality.

Bonus #1: Find Out How A Vaporizer Works, Equip Yourself with The Basic Know-How 

New to vaping? 

There's an alternative to learning the hard and expensive way. One simple and effective approach is going through vaping 101 for beginners.

Go to your computer (or smartphone), open your browser, and search for vaporizers. Most vaporizer searches come with product suggestions, know-hows, and tips that’ll help you get started on the cheap. You can also watch videos that are both informative and entertaining.  

Here are some of the basic vaporizer types and the primary principles of how they work.  

Desktop Vaporizers  

Desktop Vaporizers set the golden standard in vaporization. They generally draw power from wall sockets allowing them to harness unlimited power. This gives them superior vaping capabilities that’s head and shoulders above their smaller counterparts. 

Because they’re often connected to a wall mounted socket, they’ll require you to stay indoors while you vape. Most desktop units work like the average home appliance so you’ll find them easy to operate.  

Here are some of the most distinctive features of desktop units.  

  • Large and heavy 
  • Connects to a mounted wall socket 
  • Robust and durable exterior 

Because of their bigger bodies, desktop units can accommodate better vape tech. Setting up may take a while but it definitely pays off.  

Most desktop units are expensive but high-quality vapor comes at a price. 

Medicating patients are oftentimes the patrons of desktop vaporizers.  

Portable Vaporizers  

Portable vaping devices are for those who simply can’t afford to waste any time at home. They’re smaller and lighter compared to their desktop counterparts that’s why they rely heavily on rechargeable power sources. These devices are mostly designed with vape mods. They may not be as powerful as desktop units but they're more convenient and straightforward.  

Portable vaporizers usually require less preparation and will be easier to operate than stationary units. They appeal to more active consumers who want on-demand results.  

Portable vaporizers sport more compact and lightweight features, here are a few.  

  • Handy and convenient 
  • Battery powered 
  • Compact but oftentimes thick 

Portable vaporizers are ideal for those who want decent vapors while enjoying a travel-friendly device. These vapes are dab smack in the middle of desktop vaporizers and vape pens. 

Pen Vaporizers 

Vape pens excel in the areas of simplicity and stealth. Because of their size, vape pens offer acceptable vapor production. They're straightforward devices and are easy to use. 

Because vape pens are oftentimes outfitted with basic vaporization technology, they’re less demanding to work with. Vape pens generally sport a single operating button control. Most consumers see vape pens as entry-level units since they’re the easiest to use and the most affordable vaporizer on the market.  

Here are some of its unmistakable features. 

  • Slim but sleek 
  • Moderate battery life 
  • Easy to operate 

Now that you know the vaporizer types, it’s time we move on to some basic vape parts.  

Vaporizer Parts 

Different vaporizer types will have different components. Today's market offers countless parts and accessories. We’ll help you familiarize yourself with the fundamental vape parts common to all vaporizer types.  

Here’s what they are.  

  • Power source 
  • Mouthpiece 
  • Heating element 

The power source varies from vaporizer types.  

Mounted wall socket for most desktop units and rechargeable batteries for both portables and pens. Power sources are important, not only because they give power to your unit but because they’ll determine how you’ll be vaping.  

Mouthpieces, on the other hand, is where you press your lips and pull your vapor. For most desktop vaporizers, you’ll see a long whip-like tube connecting the vaporizer and the mouthpiece. Although some desktop vaporizers use balloon bags that can be connected to a special mouthpiece.  

Heating elements are responsible for vaporizing your materials. There are two common heating used in most vaporizers.  

Convection and conduction heating. Convection heating uses hot air while conduction uses a heated surface.  

Together, these three make up the most important parts of the vaporizer.  

Materials You Can Vape 

Vaporizers can be used in conjunction with a myriad of materials. Some of the most common materials are dry herbs, waxes, e-liquids, and oils.  

Different individuals use vaporizers for various reasons. Some use them for medical aid, for recreational purposes, or for smoking cessation. Some vaporizers can only use one material while others can be compatible with multiple material types.  

Your materials can contain cannabis strains, nicotine, or just plain VG/PG blends. Be sure to check your materials before using them. 

Equipping yourself with the right information is the key. It lets you make an informed decision especially when you’re shopping for a vaporizer. 

Here’s what you can do with the facts you’ve gathered. 

1. Find something you can write on It could be a pen and a paper, your smartphone, or any device that allows you to take down notes. It’ll help you compare and contrast the pros and cons better.  
2. Draw columns per vaporizer type Divide the pages so you can separate the items and form a systemized arrangement. 
3. List what you liked and disliked about each vaporizer type Jot down the pros and cons.
4. Use this as a reference to identify your ideal vaporizer Go over your list and make a decision according to your needs or based on your preference. 

Bonus #2: Buy Quality Vaporizers, Find A Reputable Vaporizer Brand

Another step you can take to get the best vaping experience is choosing a dependable vape brand. Vape companies spend a large sum of money to build their brands and will do their best to maintain an established name.  

While going for newer brands might be more economical, a well-known brand might even prove to be more cost-effective.   

Here's what to do when looking for a reliable brand.  

Check Online Discussions 

When you’re not sure what vaporizer brand to pick, you can always rely on what the online vaping community has to say. There are many online forums you can check and visit. You can find bits and pieces of information there. 

Use the same steps from our Join Online Vape Communities tip. 

Ask an Actual User 

Don’t be afraid to ask a buddy who uses a vape from a brand you’re interested in. Ask them to hang out with you. Let them know you want to talk about vaporizers. 

Here’s how you can set up a meet. 

 Select a number of friends who use vaporizers of a particular brand and contact them

The best ones to talk to are the ones who have been using their vaporizers for a long time.  

Be honest, call them up and let them know you want to talk about vaporizers. 

Set up a meet at the nearest coffee or vape shop.  

List down questions before the meet.  It’s best to make a list of questions you like to ask your friends. Ask their thoughts about using the vaporizer. Ask for pros and cons. There are no better to help you out than your buddies. We’re sure they’re more than happy to entertain your questions about a vaporizer you’re eyeing.  

Bonus #3: Don't Get Fooled, Find A Reliable Seller 

Some manufacturers are based overseas and shipment costs may be more expensive than the product. Authorized resellers that can ship locally are perfect alternatives. However, online shopping can both be convenient and risky. There are a lot of counterfeit products online sold by fraudulent sellers.   

Here are some tips to avoid getting ripped off and how to find a reliable seller.  

Check Seller’s Website 

If you like going to authorized sellers and one-stop online shops it’s best to check out their website first. 

Here are pages you should be looking at.  

Product Description

Product descriptions are opportunities for sellers to showcase their products. Legitimate online sellers hire good writers and good web developers.  

Good page layout and proper writing attract online customers.  

People who know what they’re doing are least likely to sell counterfeit products.  

About Us Checking out the “About” or “About Us” page helps you with important information about the seller. Details like start-up dates and store location can be found here. 
Contact Us A legitimate online seller will always want to hear from their customers. Beware of shady websites that’ll leave you with no way reach them. 
Comments The comments section is where you’d likely hear from actual product users. Any feedback from poor service or fake products can be seen here. The same goes for “Customer Reviews” on product pages. These are goldmines especially if you’re looking for real reviews.

Check Manufacturer’s Website

Want to know if you’re getting the real deal from your local online seller?  

What we like to do is to compare the actual product from the manufacturer. Looking at pictures, checking out embedded videos and reading the spec sheet help a lot. 

Those who know what they’re selling will always get these details right. Some manufacturers even post a list of authorized online resellers on their websites. This information can often be found at the bottom of the manufacturer’s homepage. 

Be sure to check that out. 

Bonus #4: Visit A Retail Store, Get A First-Hand Experience Before You Splash the Cash

Your vaporizer has a large influence on your overall vaping experience. You don’t want to end up with a device you don’t need. Getting the right vaporizer is the key.  

A hands-on experience can help you tell if it’s the right one. What better way to do it than to drop by a retail store?  

Here’s what you can do before you start dropping dough.  

Check the Actual Product 

There’s a lot of benefit to having a first-hand experience with the actual product.  

Sometimes the size, weight, and feel are different from what you’d expect it to be. Looking at pictures online isn’t exactly the best way to tell if it fits the bill.  

Here’s what to remember when checking out the actual product.  

1. Bring a spec sheet to the store

Take a piece of paper, one that you can fold and easily keep in your pocket. 

Write down the physical specifications of the vaporizer you plan on checking out.  

When looking at the vaporizer, go over the spec sheet.

2. Ask the store reps Talk to any of the store representatives. Ask the representatives for any common issues with the device. Ask if any customers have returned the unit you’re looking at. 
3. Ask yourself Once you’ve handled the vaporizer and have gone over your list, ask yourself if it’s really what you want. Think it over.  

Get A Feel of The Actual Unit

One of the benefits of visiting a store is having the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the product; the way how it operates and how you see yourself using it.  

Some stores even have test units that you can use.  

Here’s what you can do if you happen to come across a test device. 

  1. Test it, ask if you can power it on to see how it operates.
  2. Check the buttons for tactile feedback. 
  3. Shake the vaporizer for any moving parts.
  4. Touch movable parts to see if has the tendency to get loose.
  5. Put it inside your pocket, check the weight – just don’t leave the store with it. 

Get Over Your "Expectation vs Reality" Quirk 

We understand that sometimes you just need to be sure. Especially when you’re spending big bucks.  

Because online marketplaces are littered with items that cause trust issues, it’s best to get over that “expectation vs reality” thing. Checking and getting a feel of the actual unit usually covers your expectations but if you need more here’s what you can do.  

Try it out. 

Stores that have test units might allow you to test the vaporizers and fire it up. Especially for e-juice vapes, they would have test e-liquid bottles lying around, take a drag and see how the vaporizer performs.  

If you’re shopping for e-liquid materials, make sure to take a whiff of some coffee beans as it helps clean your smell receptors. This will make new e-liquid flavors taste and smell better, clearing the aftertaste of any strongly flavored e-liquid. 

Bonus #5: You Get What You Pay For, Avoid Cheap Vaporizers

In vaping, you always get what you pay for. 

Although some vaporizers are just too good to resist, it’s best to keep your distance from cheap units. 


Manufacturers achieve lower costs by cutting on the quality of the product. And, a vaporizer will only be as good as the parts it’s made out of.  

Follow these simple tips to make sure cheap deals won’t get the best of you.  

Check Average Pricing 

We’re not referring to the actual cost basis calculation... Nor does this tip require you to study the fundamentals of economics. It only involves scouting for the average cost of the vaporizer amongst different sellers. You can use the average product pricing as a point of reference. This can help in telling the difference between a legitimate product and a dupe. 

Here’s an example. 

Some manufacturers do not post product prices on their websites. You can’t check the price set for each product. 

What to do? 

Earlier in our “Don't Get Fooled, Find A Reliable Seller” step, we mentioned that some manufacturers post a list of authorized resellers on their websites. Search the listed sellers on the manufacturer’s website to check the average pricing of the product. Look at about half the number of the listed authorized resellers. Check if they all sell the products at the same price. Always buy from an authorized reseller. 

But if it can’t be helped, use the average pricing to your advantage. Keep away from online sellers who sell products below the average price. 

Cheap Is Expensive 

It’s true that some of the best vaporizers on the market are the ones that sport premium price tags. That’s because they’re built using the best components the industry has to offer. It can be cheaper to buy top-shelf vaporizers than low-priced units.  

Here’s why.  

Vaporizers can’t be cheap and top-end at the same time. It just doesn’t add up. Somewhere along the line, they had to use shoddy goods to make ends meet. These jerry-built components are bound to break faster than they should. This is true especially if you’re a frequent user. 

You could send the unit back, pay the shipping costs and the restocking fees, but is it worth it? You know that when you get the item back it’ll still be of the same quality. 

You don’t want to get caught in that loop.  

Now it’s your turn to help other vapers thru these vaping tips... 

And those are the 18 vaping tips you can do to improve your vaping experience today. 

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