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Storage Containers  

There are a lot of Storage Container types that you can use to make sure that your vaporizers and the materials you use with them are in a neat and tidy place where it is safe most especially when not in use. The most common are the Wax Containers and the Vape Cases. These cases allow you to store your vaporizers and your materials in a sheltered location so you can rest assured that they are safe from harm’s way. Storage containers have many uses and have various applications that they have come to play an integral role in the lives of many consumers not only those who are always on-the-go but also those who find themselves consuming their favorite wax concentrates, dry herb strains, thick oils, and other kinds of vape e-juice and e-liquids at home. These storage containers keep their vaporizers, smoking paraphernalia, and other items safe either to protect it from accumulating dirt and dust or to keep it away from the eyes of visitors or any other individuals whom they want to keep their vaporizers away from.   

Everybody needs a vape storage box in their life. This allows them to stow away all their items in place instead of having them scattered or in a clutter when stashed in a drawer. This is ideal not only for veterans who have accumulated or rather hoarded a slew of vaping devices and smoking items dotting their desks or just plainly bestrewing the whole room. It’s also good for beginners who are just starting to acquire their own arsenal of vaporizers and vaping implements.   

Picture this.   

You’re in a hurry, you need to be somewhere else in like four to five minutes. You dip your hands in a drawer or a box full of vaporizers. You find a lot of stuff in there but can’t find the vaporizer you’re looking for. The box is so packed you’ve got vape pens, portable vaporizers, pod vapes, dab pens, and dry herb vape pens in it. You even have some e-juice in the box that you forgot it’s even there. You have to be out so you just grabbed on to the last vaporizer your hands could get a hold of. You’re out with your friends and pulled out the vaporizer in your pocket. You brought what you did not intend – a cartridge battery with an empty cart. Wouldn’t it have been nice if you had an organized arsenal?   

We’re not saying you should catalog all your vaporizers and arrange them alphabetically. No, just a simple storage space where all your stuff can be visibly seen and choosing a vaporizer or two from the sea of electric devices so you won’t have to find yourself in a pickle next time. We know you’ve already thought of using that old box of Danish cookies your friend’s mom gave you last year. While it will do a good job of storing your stuff, putting your herbs and your wax concentrates on them might not be a good idea. That’s why there are dedicated storage containers for your vaporizers and materials designed and engineered specifically in keeping these things safe. Here’s why. When storing dry herbs in a tin can, the oxygen and the dryness in the tin can container will affect the overall quality of your botanicals. It may be fine if you use this as a short-term solution but storing your weed in a tin can for more than a few days will definitely cause minor to major impacts on your dry herb strains. That being said, you may also find that when storing herbs in a cheap metal container, the weed will start to taste like metal when you consume it. This is true even when you smoke it or when you vaporize it. Also, if you place it in a tin can, make sure to check the insides of the metal container for rust or any manifestation of metal degradation since it can imbue your botanical plant matter with the impurities and toxic byproducts of rust or corrosion. You certainly don’t want to use weed that’s been sitting in a rusty container. That’s why you should always consider putting your materials in a safe space or in a safe container especially if you’re planning to store your materials for long. The same can be said about vaporizers or any smoking implements that are made of metal. Putting them in a rusty tin can will only promote the transfer of rust and corrosion from the container to the vaporizer. You surely do not want your investment to rust in an old can. You’d want to protect it and keep it safe from anything that might damage it. That's why you should always consider using a dedicated container for all the things you use.   

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Weed Containers  

Now that you have an idea of the basic things you need to avoid in storing your dry herb strains, here are more detailed tips you need to consider when storing your select botanical strains.   

1. Keep your herbs away from heat. 

One reason why your herbs end up drying or desiccating is because of heat. Heat greatly affects the quality of your weed because it not only dries up the herbs but it will make the weed harsh when you vaporize or smoke it. Inhaling harsh vapors or smoke can irritate your throat and your lungs and can cause an undesirable experience during your sessions. Make sure to avoid storing your weed in a hot place whenever possible.   

2. Keep your herbs away from sunlight.

Sunlight is an agent of heat, so it will have the same effect as having to store your weed in a hot place. Moreover, exposing it to sunlight will damage the active ingredients and can make your weed less potent. The UV rays from direct sunlight exposure will break down organic compounds in the weed and will make consuming the herbs less effective since it will reduce the efficacy of the active ingredients in the herbs both the therapeutic and the psychoactive components of cannabis.   

3. Keep your herbs at a storage container with balanced humidity.

Now, this tip is somewhat subjective although we’ve got science to back us up.   

The humidity of a container can affect the quality of your weed in so many ways, one of which is its ability to attract molds. Place your weed in a really moist container and your weed will suffer from molds, mildew, and other types of microorganisms that thrive in these conditions. Now you should not be vaping or even smoking weed with these microorganisms for obvious reasons. They will not only irritate your respiratory tract but will also cause unwanted health concerns. You should keep away from spoiled and contaminated weed at all times but it’s best not to store them in a container where air can easily pass through. This will not only harm your botanical plant matter but will also harm you.   

Also, a container will very little to no humidity at all puts your weed in a pickle by drying it out completely. Now you know that dried herbs can be harsh but very little to no humidity at all can turn it into a powdery consistency and will render the weed almost useless. While many consumers may advise you to put a peel of fruit in your stash to add a little moisture and give it a fruity taste, in most cases, it’s not the best thing to do especially if you plan to leave your weed in the container for a longer period of time. The fruit peelings may promote excessive moisture – and moisture can cause mold growth. That said when you plan to include fruit peeling to make sure the herbs in the container are hydrated, it’s best to make sure that they’re maintained and that you take them out to avoid excessive moisture in the container.   

4. Keep your herbs away from appliances. 

Yes, you’ve heard that right. You should consider keeping your weed away from electrical appliances at all times. Like how sunlight can be an agent of heat, the appliances near your weed can also emit heat degrading the quality of the herbs you are storing. Chances are, if you choose to keep your weed in the kitchen, you might be putting it in a cupboard that’s situated right above an oven. You might also be storing it above the refrigerator, both of which will have heat coming off them and damaging the potency of the herbs entirely. So, make sure to avoid storing your herbs in a hot place every time. The same way, avoid storing it in a room that can accumulate moisture like your bathroom. It’s not ideal to put weed in a bathroom cupboard since it can get really moist in there.   

5. Keep your herbs away from plastics. 

This is only if you’re planning to use this as a long-term storage option. There are many reasons why we do not recommend using plastic as an option when storing herbs for a long duration. While it will work as a short-term solution like when transporting weed from one place to another, using it for actual storage that may take days might not be a good idea. That’s because using plastic has severe negative effects on your weed. One of which is that of the characteristic of cheap plastic. It may leach and bleed overtime causing some of its toxic byproducts to leak and make its way into your weed. This is why you can sometimes smell your weed and even taste that it kind of has a tangy plastic taste. This is the plastic rubbing off on the weed which is why it’s not the best practice to store weed in plastic. Next is that plastic has a static charge and is a static collector in itself. These static charges will kill the trichomes and will destroy a huge amount of active ingredients found in your weed. Like any bad storage, this will set you back and will degrade your weed and will cause you to use more in the long run.   

So, how do you properly store weed?   

You should use a container specifically designed and engineered for storing botanicals – like the Space Case Container. The Space Case Container is a weed container that was designed to hold your botanical plant matter even for longer periods of time. Its first notable advantage is that it’s made from high-quality American-milled aircraft-grade aluminum. Aluminum is good for storing weed because it will not directly affect the quality of the herbs. That being said, one of the best qualities of aluminum is that it’s resistant to corrosion. The worries you have in storing weed in a rusty can is virtually non-existent withy aluminum storage containers. Your weed will not be affected by any corrosive agent whatsoever and will not taste nor the smell of metal and rust. Which brings us to the second advantage of using the Space Case Container. Aluminum is impermeable and is odorless. This means that it will not emit any odor that will rub off on the weed. This allows you to keep your herbs fresh and maintain its longevity and potency altogether. Instead of having to check on your weed from time to time, storing it in a specially designed weed container like the Space Case Container saves you the time, money, and effort in doing so.   

Another benefit of using not only aluminum storage cases but the Space Case Container specifically is that it creates an air-tight seal when the lid is closed. Thanks to the carefully crafted seals in the lid of the container, the air is trapped inside of the container which prevents air from going in and out of the container. This is great especially because air can be an avenue or a means for bacteria and microorganisms to travel and having a container where air can easily pass through will attract and promote the development of these microorganisms which will eventually ruin the overall quality of your weed. Plus, the air-tight seal also makes for a great way to ensure that the humidity level inside the storage container is maintained and kept to the bare minimum. That’s because what’s inside does not come out and what’s outside does not come in. This not only maintains the humidity level but also protects your weed from all the elements that can cause degradation of the botanical plant matter in the long run. Bacteria from outside the container will be prevented from getting in and because the humidity inside is maintained, the development of bacteria from the inside is prevented.   

Lastly, another real-world benefit of using the Space Case Container is its lightweight build. A lighter build or a lightweight body means you can carry it around almost all the time and that’s something the Space Case Container is marketed for. To be a small, compact, and lightweight solution in storing your weed so you can take it almost anywhere you go.   

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Wax Containers  

Now that you have an idea about storing the actual plant matter, it’s time we talk about storing wax. Wax is a byproduct of extracting the active ingredients of the plant matter also known as cannabinoids. It’s the main proponent of cannabis that gives it both its curative and psychoactive properties allowing you to reap the benefits of using weed medically or recreationally. That said, wax cannot be stored just about anywhere. Like the weed you so rightfully covet, wax concentrates also require special and specific conditions that will allow you to maximize this unique cannabis product.   

Here’s what you need to know when storing wax concentrates.   

Wax is more fragile than flowers. That being said it’s more sensitive to the elements that would damage and degrade the plant matter. It’s important to keep your wax concentrates in a place where you would feel safe keeping your buds. However, it’s best to be extra cautious when storing your concentrates. Wax concentrate can easily react to heat as it can melt and lose some of its potency. Like a raw weed, heat will break down the active compounds in the wax concentrates and the effect of using wax in the end will be lackluster. Not only will it be hard to manage in such a runny consistency but it will render the wax concentrates almost useless since it can potentially destroy almost half of the potency it offers. That said, you might just be better off consuming raw cannabis than this concentrated form.   

Since we’ve talked mostly about the don'ts in handling and storing your select dry herb strains, let’s talk about the dos when storing wax concentrates either for short-term or long-term use.   

1. Store concentrates on a silicone container for short-term storage.

One solid tip we can offer when wanting to store your wax concentrates in a container for short-term storage is to use a silicone container. Silicone containers are often made from a high-quality silicone material that is often made with food-safe and medical-grade quality. That’s because it’s not safe to put wax concentrates into contact with cheap plastic for the very reason it’s bad to use as a long-term storage option when stashing your weed. Weak plastic will bleed and will have its toxic byproduct mix with the wax concentrates. Use carefully created silicone containers to avoid this issue and also so you can easily manage your wax concentrates.   

When you place your wax concentrates on other compartments or containers, they will often stick to the sides of the container you’ve used. This is true even if you use glass containers. Wax can stick to the sides of the glass jar and especially in the corners making it so that the wax that got stuck on the jar would almost be considered waste. Luckily, many high-quality silicone containers offer a non-stick finish so you won’t have to worry about having to have a hard time scooping up these left-over wax concentrates and not having them get stuck on your container.   

You might be confused as to how you can benefit from using a silicone container while it’s recommended only for short-term storage. Let’s look at a certain scenario.   

Say you’re looking to go out and about with your friends, and you want to bring your wax vaporizer and some wax concentrates with you. This would probably be the best time to use a silicone wax container since you will only be storing the wax concentrates for the duration of the night that you’re out and you won’t actually be storing it for a week or two. This is good enough for a situation to necessitate the use of a silicone wax container.   

2. Use parchment paper for short-term storage. 

If you can’t find a concentrate container lying around, the next best thing is to use a parchment paper. Parchment paper will also do the trick of preserving the wax concentrates but only for a brief amount of time – actually, even shorter than that of storing wax in silicone containers.   

Parchment paper can actually keep your wax concentrates safe but still can allow moisture and humidity to affect the wax concentrates and cause it to degrade, hence, it’s advised only for short-term use. Using parchment papers can be great when taking wax concentrates from point A to point B but may not be the best option to store your wax concentrates over time since it will most likely allow the wax concentrates to be corrupted and to be contaminated by other microorganisms. Instead of putting wax concentrates in off places, make sure to use a sheet of parchment paper first before attempting to pack it using various items.  

3. Use a dab tool. 

While this may look more as a means of handling your dabs as much of storing it, we would like to stress that it’s best to avoid as much contact with the wax concentrates as possible even with your bare hands. That’s because using your hands to handle wax concentrates will not only cause possible contamination to the wax concentrates but will also cause deterioration of the waxy materials. That’s because the acids in the sweat on your hands can cause the actual active ingredients to break down. This will make the wax concentrates less potent that they were intended to be or than what they should be.   

That said, it’s best to always pick up your wax concentrates using a dab tool and avoid handling it with your bare hands.   

Now that we’ve talked about how you should handle and carry your wax concentrates, it’s time to talk about the products you can use with them. Let’s look at the Puffco Prism Silicone Container and how it can let you store wax concentrates on-the-go.   

The Puffco Prism Silicone Container holds a decent amount of wax concentrates allowing you to take more than the usual dose especially if you plan on sharing with friends and families when consuming wax concentrates. It’s like a wallet for your wax concentrates that it’s got special compartments that can fit different doses of dabs so you can get baked in different ways and on so many levels. This silicone container is made from high-quality materials allowing you to store your wax concentrates without compromise. This means you can easily travel with your wax concentrates without degrading the materials stored in this container. Having been made by industry giant Puffco, the Puffco Prism Silicone Container was well designed and does serve the purpose it was made for. The premium-quality materials used in the construction of this product made it so that it will not affect the overall integrity of the wax concentrates. Also, this container is small enough you can take it with you almost anywhere you go making it extremely portable for use in conjunction with a relatively portable vaporizer. You just can’t go wrong with the Puffco Prism Silicone Container.   

Speaking of portability, you won’t have any worries carrying this concentrate container with you and even having to put it directly in your pocket because it’s made from a durable silicone material known as platinum-cured silicone. Platinum-cured silicone materials boast superior tensile strength allowing it to withstand a serious amount of beating without having to suffer greatly in terms of structural integrity. This only means that you can put the Puffco Prism Silicone Container almost anywhere you need it to be and still, it won’t break and it can still do a great job of containing or rather protecting the concentrates it holds inside making it the ideal on-the-go container for all your wax concentrates. If you need something dependable and reliable especially because wax concentrates aren’t cheap, make sure to check out the Pufco Prism Silicone Container to keep all your wax concentrates safe and neatly tucked.   

Your waxy oils and wax concentrates are a very cost-effective and convenient method for enjoying your extracted dry herb and flowers that you will surely get an intense and powerful vapor from. The thing is, it does get messy most especially for the runny type of waxes that we sometimes use. A lot of vaporizer brand offers a great selection lineup of non-stick silicone wax containers in a variety of colors and designs that would suit your mood and personality and will surely be great to bring outdoors and to bring with you as you travel. These jars conserve 100% of wax concentrates by enabling users to scrape every bit from the surface. These containers save vaporizer enthusiasts the time spent on cleaning and maintaining as well as the money you spent on wax concentrates as you can make sure that your extracts will be kept safe no matter where you go.   

Choosing the Right Container Products  

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