Yocan Evolve Vaporizer
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Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer
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Yocan Magneto Vaporizer
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Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer
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Yocan Evolve-D Plus Vaporizer
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Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer
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Grenco Science G Pen Elite Vaporizer
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Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer
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DaVinci IQ Vaporizer
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Goboof Alfa Portable Vaporizer
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Source Ultimate Vaporizer
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Yocan (R)Evolve Vaporizer
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Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer
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Cloud Terra Dry Herb Vaporizer
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Boundless CFV Vaporizer
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Atmos Vicod Vaporizer
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7th Floor Sidekick Vaporizer
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Atmos Forge Vaporizer
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VaporX Exponent 3 Vaporizer Kit
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miVape Portable Vaporizer
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Arizer Air Vaporizer
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Boundless CFC Vaporizer
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Pax 1 Vaporizer
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Iolite Original Vaporizer
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G Pen Nova Vaporizer
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DipStick Vaporizer
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Iolite Wispr 2 Vaporizer
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Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer
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Loki Touch Vaporizer
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Yocan Loaded Vaporizer
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Wulf Dab Rig Kit
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Boundless CF Vaporizer
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Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer
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Wulf Vape Digital Vaporizer
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Wulf Vape SX Vaporizer
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Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer
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About the VapeActive Super Sale  

Here at VapeActive, we believe that no one should sacrifice quality for affordability. We know that market prices for vaporizers of every kind do change from time to time. That’s why we save the products we have in our collection and pass them on to our customers at the best price possible.  

We’ve created a page especially for you, bargain hunters and shoppers who are always on the lookout for discounted vaporizers. Our Super Sale page contains some of the best-selling vaporizers from top brands that are sold at super discounted prices. We always update our page and include more discounted vapes and vaporizers on discount to our growing collection of cheap vaporizers and affordable vaporizers for those looking for high-quality budget vapes.  

Better Than Coupons  

If you’re a frequent visitor, you might have probably seen our Coupons Page. Our Coupons Page contains discount coupons on almost all of the products sold on our website. They allow you to save from having a certain percentage of the price slashed off during checkout or a pre-determined amount reduced from the total cost of your purchase. However, this Super Sale page offers more than that. It is where hard-core discounts happen! For those looking for expensive dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, and e-juice vaporizers sold at the lowest price possible, this is the best and the only place to look for exciting vape deals. Vape pens, bod mods, pod vapes, and even e-rigs; we’ve got discounted offers just for you. Our aim is to redefine discount vape pens and discount vaporizers in general. While others may see discount vaporizers as devices that are built cheap and with sub-standard components, we make sure that the ones in our collection are original, authentic, and is nothing less than perfect like it just came out the manufacturer’s production line.  

We’ve got vaporizers from Iolite, PAX Labs, 7th Floor Vaporizers, Smoking Vapor, Wulf, and Magic Flight. If that didn’t catch your attention, the prices they’re sold for will definitely make your heads turn.  

We know that sometimes, high-quality vaporizers (especially those from famous manufacturers) may be a little difficult to come by. Having said, some vaporizers made by esteemed manufacturers require a little saving up for. That's why our Super Sale collections page may just bring the vaporizer you’re eyeing for a little closer to reality. Let’s admit it, we all vape on a budget whenever possible. That’s why it’s always good to know that you have a place to check out cheap vaporizers and discounted vaporizers for sale online. While it's true that brick and mortar shops do have discounted vaporizers, shopping for discounted vaporizers online makes for a convenient experience. No more waiting in line, all there is to it is just a click of a button or just a tap of a screen. When word goes out that a physical store sells vaporizers on sale, many consumers and prospect vape buyers come in and fill the shop in crowds. You certainly don’t want to be seen standing and waiting in line. This is true especially when all you want is a discreet vaping experience – the kind where you can enjoy and reap the benefits your select materials have to offer without having to bother what other people have to say. No one understands you and your rituals like you do and sometimes keeping a low key is imperative and tantamount. That’s why ordering discounted vaporizers online makes for a great option when shopping for vaporizers whose price is deducted and reduced.  

Our vaporizers are far from the knock-offs sold on other online vape shops. We make sure the trust we built through the years is strengthened by the quality of the products we sell online.  

How We Make Sure They’re VapeActive Worthy 

VapeActive has a team of picky connoisseurs who regularly check vaporizer products and curate them before they’re even posted on our store. The same goes to the vaporizers sold on our Super Sale page, these vaporizers are handpicked by our picky staff of employees that carefully look into discounted vaporizers and testing a separate unit before adding it to our collection. If our experienced staff does not feel like it belongs here, then it wouldn’t be here. We make sure they pass the standards we’ve seen displayed by many of our loyal and returning customers.  

We make sure the vaporizers on our list are VapeActive worthy.  

We strongly believe that just because a vaporizer is cheap doesn’t mean it’s a discounted vape. One of the best examples is the Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer included on our Super Sale page. The Magic Flight Muad-Dib is a vaporizer known for its quality and for its overall durability. Magic Flight vaporizers have been known to use top-notch quality components and raw materials in constructing and manufacturing their vaporizers. They're known for creating masterpieces, works of art. Vaporizers stamped with the Magic Flight logo tell each consumer that the vaporizer they’ve purchased is handcrafted to perfection. They even use sustainable components to ensure that whatever they take, they replace. You won’t see any cheap plastic parts when you talk about Magic Flight products. Magic Flight uses tried and tested designs that are proven not to have adverse effects on the human system, especially when heating your select materials for vaporization. What’s more, the Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer offers an industry-leading lifetime warranty. Imagine, paying for a vaporizer at a discounted price and taking full advantage of what the product has to offer! Talk about a hot deal!  

This is probably the best vaporizer deal to happen in the history of vaporizer deals.  

Getting a lifetime warranty at a discounted price is something that’s unheard of. Again, we’re redefining what discounted vaporizers are and we’re spearheading how discount vapes are seen by many consumers, sellers, and manufacturers alike. Each of the items we sell on our page has gone through a painstaking selection process and is only either sold at a lower price because of its current market value or because it’s from a later, dated collection and not because it’s defective or broken. We assure top quality from products sold under our Super Sale collection and assure that they come with the same guarantee as those sold under regular pricing. That’s how much we value you as customers and that’s how we see discount vaporizers. VapeActive is the source of high-quality vaporizers that aren’t just of good quality, we want to be the home of vaporizers with good pricing. So, if you’re looking for the best place to find vaporizers on sale or discounted vaporizers, make sure to check out VapeActive now!  

Discount Vape Rigs  

Vape rigs are a huge part of the industry. They make up a great number of devices that range from those that require the use of a torch to that using an electronic heating element. They provide many consumers with high-quality vapors that are generated without having to reach the point of combustion since they allow for the vaporization of materials instead of actually burning them.  

That said, we’d love to offer our customers cheap vape rigs and discounted vape rigs.  

One we currently have in our collection is the Wulf Dab Rig Kit. A discounted vape rig, the Wulf Dab Rig Kit is an all-inclusive kit you can attach to your 510-threaded battery. The Wulf Dab Rig Kit allows for superior quality wax vaporization without the need of a blowtorch or any butane-based heating element. The Wulf Dab Rig Kit is like any discounted vape rig, it’s cheap, affordable, and easy on the budget. But unlike any other discounted vape rig, the Wulf Dab Rig Kit offers the same quality you’d expect from devices twice its price.  

Cheaper than many other dab rigs, the Wulf Dab Rig Kit turns your 510-threaded battery or box mod battery into a capable rig that offers water filtration and moisture conditioned hits. What’s more, if you want an economical means of consuming wax concentrates and other extracts, the Wulf Dab Rig Kit is the perfect attachment for you. Many of the components this kit has to offer are replaceable making it ideal for those who hate buying brand-new vaporizers just because of some worn-out components. Furthermore, the Wulf Dab Rig Kit can be categorized as an attachment and not an actual vaporizer. This means that you’re not paying for the price of an actual dab rig instead you’re paying for the attachment making it the ideal rig for those looking for a budget-friendly deal.  

This accessory kit is what you need if you want to experience dab rig-like hits on a budget. Nevertheless, the discounted Wulf Dab Rig Kit won’t make you feel that its price is anywhere within the budget range. It comes with high-grade heating attachments, one made from titanium, quartz, and even one per ceramic. This wide range of heating elements included in this kit make it so that you enjoy and experience the quality of vapors as well as the level of customization and personalization you’d get from devices that are expensive and as exorbitant as other devices.  

The Wulf Dab Rig Kit is a befitting addition to our Super Sale collection. It's the perfect budget vaporizer that’s all the more made better by making it a discounted vaporizer rig. We plan on adding more discounted vaporizer rigs in the future so be sure to watch out.  

Discount Wax Vaporizers  

Dab Pens have played a major part in our journey. Both as a business and as an industry. Wax pens make it so that wax and extract consumption become a mainstream thing, therefore, allowing a more discreet and tactful means of medicating. Many of today’s medical consumers and medicating patients use wax and other forms of extracts to reap the benefits that the actual botanical plant matter has to offer. Having said, because using wax concentrates and wax pens made consuming cannabis more defensible and therefore, more acceptable.  

However, today’s market is ripe with cheap vaporizers that give you exactly what you pay for.  

Here at VapeActive, we make sure that while the prices of the dab pens we sell at our Super Sale page is at its lowest, the overall quality of the vaporizers on this collection is at its highest. One good example is the Atmos Forge Vaporizer. From the company known for manufacturing medical-grade devices, Atmos built the forge around the idea of having a fully customizable experience. The Atmos Forge Vaporizer features a powerful 900mAh battery that allows for longer vaping sessions in between charges. It also gives you a deep-dish atomizer that allows the vaporization of wax concentrates in a larger heating element that can accommodate more materials. The combination of both the powerful heating element and a relatively powerful battery allows you to enjoy substantial vapor production and superior vaping sessions. With almost half the price slashed on checkout, the Atmos Forge makes for a truly budget-friendly device and discounted vaporizer that will satisfy you for years to come.  

Speaking of budget-friendly dab pens, the Source Ultimate Vaporizer is another device that comes to mind. Included in our Super Sale collections page, the Source Ultimate Vaporizer makes good use of its multi-purpose heating elements and variable voltage batteries. SOURCEVapes is a company known for manufacturing devices that come with a slew of attachments giving you various options in customizing your vape sessions. Many of the vaporizers sold by SOURCEVapes come with many attachments that allow various styles of extracting the active ingredients your extracts have to offer. The Source Ultimate Vaporizer uses a ceramic-based heating element to vaporize your materials without having to reach the point of combustion. This means that the extracts won’t get burned resulting to a more flavorful experience since the taste of burnt wax won’t be too overpowering and won’t get the better of your materials. You can taste the natural flavors your extracts have to offer to make your sessions smoother and more pleasurable. While the Source Ultimate Vaporizer is simple and easy to use, it ensures that you get varied and complex results from its variable voltage battery. Lower temperature profiles make it so that you get what the ceramic heating elements have to offer and the higher temperature settings make it so that you maximize the level of potency of the vapors from your wax concentrates. Again! With almost half the price cut off on checkout, you get to enjoy the quality of vapors products from the SOURCEVapes line of devices that have to offer. Now that’s a good deal you simply can’t say no to, we’re redefining budget dab pens and discount dab pens with the Source Ultimate!  

Another device we’d love to showcase in the discount wax pen category is the DipStick Vaporizer. This is THE definition of value. With more than half the original price deducted, the DipStick Vaporizer makes for a dab pen that’s right on the money. What makes using the DipStick Vaporizer special is not how it’s used but what kind of raw materials and the technology used behind this high-quality dab pen. There are many devices on the market today that allow you to use a vaporizer as you would a nectar collector. However, the DipStick Vaporizer uses a nickel-plated chrome as its heating element allowing the fast production of high-quality vapors without the risk of burning your materials. Moreover, this high-grade nickel-plated chrome heating element makes for a highly durable and reliable heating element which ensures you enjoy using the DipStick Vaporizer for a long time. This dab pen also boasts removable and rechargeable batteries – a rarity for vaporizers in this class. This only means that you can take the DipStick Vaporizer with you almost anywhere you go without having to worry about running out of batteries as long as you plan your trip and your sessions correctly. It also comes with two glass jars so you can store and consume different strains of wax concentrates with the amount you're comfortable with. If you’re someone who cares about the quality of vapors you inhale, then the DipStick Vaporizer is the right dab pen for you. Our DipStick Vaporizer deal gives you as much as 75% off the original price. So, if you’re on the market for discounted dab pens that boast high-quality, now’s the right time to check our page out!  

We want to offer more cheap dab pens and discounted wax vaporizers in the future so make sure to keep it here.  

Discount Portable Vaporizers  

Portable vaporizers offered consumers the ideal marriage of power and portability. Known for having modified specifications, portable vaporizers and box mods usually provide some kind of temperature control via the modified setting built in the device. Portable vaporizers are often expensive because of the technology involved in making these devices and the quality of the raw materials used in manufacturing them. Portable vaporizers also offer larger battery capacities which meant that they make for more consistent performance during the day, in between charges.  

When looking for high-quality discounted box mods and cheap portable vaporizers that won’t disappoint, make sure to check us out.  

One of the brands we carry in our Super Sale page is Iolite. Iolite has been in the business for decades dating back as far as 1984 as Oglesby & Butler. Since then, they’ve been known as one of the trailblazers of the industry. Under the Iolite brand name, they have been producing high-quality portable vaporizers known for its smooth and consistent performance. Iolite vaporizers have the product and the pedigree to match, buying discounted Iolite portable vaporizers is something that’s hard to come by. Prepare to enjoy massive savings from our collection of cheap Iolite portable vaporizers. The first on our Super Sale collection is the original Iolite Vaporizer. Colloquially known as the Iolite Original Vaporizer, this butane-powered dry herb vaporizer allows the use of butane as its main driving power instead of a compact and rechargeable battery. Using butane rids you of the burden of having to recharge your device every now and then and instead allow you to carry butane to easily reload the device and use it as soon as possible. The Iolite Original Vaporizer makes use of its catalytic heater in powering its conduction oven for consistent vaping sessions. You can save as much as half its original price when you buy the Iolite Original Vaporizer from VapeActive. An updated version of this discount portable vaporizer is the Iolite Wispr 2 Vaporizer. The Iolite Wispr 2 uses the same technology that the Iolite Original Vaporizer was known for. You still get to enjoy using butane as a means of powering the device which is why you’d notice that these discounted portable vaporizers are far lighter than their counterparts that use rechargeable batteries as a source of power. You also get to save as much as half its original price when you buy the Iolite Wispr 2 Vaporizer online from VapeActive.  

Lined with our goal of changing how we see discounted vaporizers and cheap vaporizers as well as vaporizers on sale, we continue to provide our customers with high-quality portable devices with more affordable pricing.  

Another example is our offering of the PAX 1 Vaporizer. PAX Labs is arguably one of the most famous names in the industry and has made a name for themselves through the reputation their devices have earned through the years. Many of today’s consumers see devices with PAX Labs branding as the golden standard in vaping if not one of the best brands on the market today. We know many consumers are always on the lookout for discount PAX Vaporizers, so here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. The PAX 1 has been a groundbreaking innovation in the vaporizer industry, that’s why it was followed by later iterations that enjoyed the same warm welcome from many consumers. The PAX 1 Vaporizer vaporizes herbs using an all-metal bowl or chamber. It also offers a fine-tuned preset temperature setting allowing you to easily change the running temperature of the device to suit your liking. This allowed many consumers customization and personalization with a more precise and pronounced effect that’s easily distinguishable and recognizable. The original PAX also offered longer battery life from its competitors while having a fast recharge time to boast. The PAX 1 Vaporizer took dry herb consumers to a whole new level and you can enjoy the same experience at a discounted price. Enjoy a discount of more than half its original price making the PAX 1 Vaporizer from our Super Sale page a steal. If you’ve been waiting till forever to get a PAX vaporizer, now’s the best time to get one.  

If you still won’t believe we can deliver, wait till you heat our next discounted vaporizer. Prepare to enjoy savings from the 7th Floor Sidekick Vaporizer. Yes, you’ve heard that right! The famous portable vaporizer from esteemed manufacturer 7th Floor Vaporizers is now on sale on VapeActive. Known for its overall quality, the 7th Floor Sidekick Vaporizer boasts unparalleled vapor production. It has the iconic ceramic heating element from which the manufacturer has come to be known for. This portable vaporizer can vaporize both wax concentrates and dry herb strains using this ceramic heating element and can do so without having to reach the point of combustion. This discounted portable vaporizer is perfect not only for recreational consumers but also for patients who are prescribed with botanicals and extracts for their medication. However, the key to this device’s utter success is its similarly high-quality precision temperature setting. The 7th Floor Sidekick Vaporizer allows you to dial in your preferred temperature setting for a more precise and accurate burn. Another feature that made this portable vaporizer such a hit is its removable batteries. While integrated batteries make for a more solid build, removable batteries allow for more portability and flexibility. Devices like the 7th Floor Sidekick Vaporizer redefined the industry as we are trying to reshape the market by offering original, authentic, and discounted vaporizers.  

We still have other notable devices on our collection like the Goboof Alfa Portable Vaporizer and the miVape Portable Vaporizer and we plan to add more. So, if you want to catch your portable vaporizers with a cheap and affordable price tag make sure to visit our store more often.  

Discount Pod Vaporizers 

Arguably one of this generation’s best innovations is the pod-based vaporizer. Using technology and engineering geared towards convenience and comfort, pod vaporizers made the consumption of e-liquids and other forms of thick extract easier and more straightforward. While many pod vaporizers are cheap and affordable, the best ones are often expensive and hard to come by.  

Speaking of bests, we’ve got one of the best brands with their best model right on our store – on sale!  

We offer the Mi-Pod and its several collections both limited-editions and the standard ones at a discounted price. Alright, let’s talk Mi-Pods.  

The Stars Collection from Mi-Pod is a limited-edition color option that offers e-liquid consumers the same features and technical specifications any other Mi-Pod would offer but with more flair. What makes this limited-edition release so special is its overall exterior finish. It’s true that under the hood, devices from this collection bear no significant difference from the bunch but the actual body and housing of the Mi-Pod Stars Collection makes you and your favorite pod vape shine from the rest. Intended to make you feel more like a celebrity, the Mi-Pod Stars Collection shows just how much you are ahead of the rest.  

Another Mi-Pod collection we have on sale is the Mi-Pod Metal Collection. While the Stars Collection is aimed at opulence and luxury, the Mi-Pod Metal Collection wants to be refined and simple. It combines the elements of style and sophistication and creates a vibe that’s discreet yet fashionable. The Mi-Pod Metal Collection offers the standard advantages and benefits a small and compact pod vape has. However, it was designed and engineered for those who are more tactful and thoughtful of their ways and their methods of consuming their favorite e-liquids be it nicotine-based of thick oils extracted from botanical plant matter.  

The Mi-Pod Digital Collection is another part of the Mi-Pod series. Although not a limited-edition release, the Mi-Pod Digital Collection makes for a minimalistic yet sophisticated approach to how these compact pod vaporizers are designed. The digital collection boasts a look and feel that's geared towards tech-savvy consumers who are often attracted by a touch of cyber, digital style if you feel like you need to appease your itch for modern and minimalist looking devices, then the vaporizers in the Mi-Pod Digital Collection is what you need to have. Like all other Mi-Pods in this list, the devices in the Mi-Pod Digital collection still offers the same features and the same quality devices from the brand has to offer.  

While these choices will leave you scratching your head and thinking hard to find the best design for you, our lowered prices make these discount pod vaporizers an easy choice. We know that deciding what color and style from such a vast collection of Mi-Pods is a tough decision, but buying it with a discounted price make this cheap vaporizer an obvious choice if you’re looking for affordable pod vaporizers and cheap pod vaporizers online. Look out for more discounted pod vaporizers because we’re sure to add more.  

Make sure to order from VapeActive today and maximize your total spending from our wide collection of discounted vaporizers today. We constantly check for the market value of each of our products and we add them accordingly so you, our most loyal customers, get to buy these devices at the lowest and most competitive price possible. No more having to wait in line on physical stores, we offer the convenience of online shopping and the bargain you get from clearance sales, nobody does vaporizer sales like we do! Nobody sells cheap and affordable vaporizers like VapeActive! So, make sure to keep it here.