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Vaping is a discipline, furthermore, the process and the act itself is an art. Involved in this art is the use of herb grinders or weed grinders. Those who are truly devoted to vaping botanicals invest a lot of their money, time and effort to find the best vaping device, whether it be a desktop vaporizer or a portable handheld vape. Some take their time to grow their own buds, others follow rituals that have been practiced by vaping veterans who have stood the test of time. All these they do to achieve the best possible result in their craft. Whether you’re vaping casually or if you’re legally medicating, you’ll always want to get the perfect, most ideal results from vaporizing your select dry herb strains.  

If you’re all of the above and you want more, or if you’re looking to achieve a better sense of high, you might want to invest in a premium weed grinder. Weed grinders or herb grinders are used to grind your materials, it breaks up the leaves of your botanical herbs into finer, smaller pieces. Grinding herbs are beneficial as they make the process of vaporization effective and efficient. Having ground materials allow you to pack more into the heating chamber compared to having bulky crumps of leaves. Apart from increasing your loading capacity, ground herbs tend to heat up better and often result in evenly heated and vaporized materials preventing unwanted burnt taste.   

A good herb grinder can save you more money in the long run, more than what you’d ever expected. Efficient vaping means you get the best possible output for the least amount of material, grinding your dry herb strains allow you to maximize the amount of material you use. Remember, whatever you put in the chamber of a conduction vaporizer gets cooked and the materials nearest to the heating element or the walls of the convection oven get cooked first. In this respect, you need to make sure that your materials are evenly packed to eliminate inconsistent vapor production. A weed grinder also allows you to avoid throwing wasted materials in the dump. Moreover, a different type of herbs requires different heat levels to achieve its full potency and best results, ground herbs makes for a good starting point when you’re using a single temperature setting vaporizer. Apart from these factors, here are some things to consider why you badly need a good grinder.   

Segregation of Materials  

Leaves on your select herbs are comprised of different parts that need to be separated due to its reaction to heat, so it's important to know how and why these have to be separated. Well, you can cut them up using a scissor which can be laborious, and if you’ve got sweaty hands, some of the materials can go to waste, like kief for example. Kief refers to the resin glands that contain the terpenes (components that produce fragrant oils which give the cannabis herb its addictive aroma) and the cannabinoids (an inducing compound which can reduce discomforts like pain, nausea, and anxiety, it gives medicinal value to the herb). Kief offers a multitude of applications but the most popular is through the infusion of kief in oily substances and even to edible cannabutter an excellent way to make medicated food. In general, you’d want to separate the resin glands that develop on the flower bud since they deliver the highest high. You can make a mess out of it by using scissors or you can just use a grinder. You’ll be surprised that grinders have their own sections at your local shop and on websites, they’ve garnered widespread popularity for the benefits they bring to botanical dry herb strain consumers. Some grinders are specifically designed for the separation of dry herb materials, like the 4-Piece Phoenician Grinder - Elite Series and the Space Case 4-Piece Grinder that features a screen to catch pollen and kief. After grinding your materials, they can be separated later for whichever application you deem necessary. Using a grinder opens more opportunities on how you can enjoy your materials, your botanicals aren't just made for smoking and vaping – you'd be surprised they can be used for so much more.  

Efficiency and Efficacy  

Not only does grinding allow a more efficient way of vaping but also it increases the efficacy of your select dry herb materials. Like what is said earlier, the idea of efficient vaping is to achieve the best possible results and draw the best performance out of your herb without wasting any material. Grinders can help improve vaping efficiency not only by increasing your packing capacity but by also improving the vaporization of your material. Whether you’re using conduction or convection heating materials are still cooked better when they have been shredded to pieces, that’s why ground herbs yield better outcome whatever vaporizer you use. Ground materials also play a very significant factor in preserving the lifespan of your devices, since ground materials vaporizer faster, the amount of stress on your heating chamber and on your battery is slightly reduced.   

Many advanced vaporizer users will testify how much vapor they get from the ground product. Ground material will allow convection vaporizers to have hot air permeate the smaller particles of herbs and allow each grain of ground material to release its share of active ingredients. Likewise, it does have the same result when using ground materials on conduction vaporizers. That said, it’s vital to know how important a role and herb grinder plays in enhancing the overall capacity and in bringing out the full potential of your ground botanicals.    

Types of Grinders  

Grinders, like most vaping accessories, come in various designs and specifications. Here at VapeActive we carry top of the line grinders to help you improve your vaping experience.  

1. 2-Piece Grinders.

    For starters, you’ll have your 2-piece grinders.   

    They’re cheap and they provide the very rudimentary benefits of grinding herbs, these grinders are perfect for entry-level vapers who look to uplift their casual sessions. As an example, we have the Clear Top 2-Piece Grinder from SharpStone, it features aircraft-grade aluminum steel and diamond cutting blades for that superb grinding experience.   

    Many other features unique to 2-piece weed grinders is its portable design. Because the 2-piece grinder offers only a 2-part design, it offers a slim and compact body that allows you to easily stash it into almost anything you can keep it. This means you can stow your 2-piece herb grinders in your bags, in your jeans, and even in the glove box compartment of your vehicle. 2-piece weed grinders are known not only for their compact and slim design but also for their ability to grind your botanicals on-the-go. Imagine having to pop up a nugget of weed while you’re out and about. You definitely don’t want to use your hands to pick the herbs apart. These events call for a small and compact grinder you can use to cut the herbs into smaller parts.   

    Many consumers will carry one variety of grinder in his pocket like that of card grinders. Card grinders can be effective depending on how you plan to use it. They act more like graters that allow you to scrape off the herbs until they reach smaller, consumable pieces. While they do the job they were designed to do, they are not the best grinders to use outdoors. First and foremost, any herb that gets grated using these card grinders can easily get blown away when you scrape your herbs outdoors. The wind can easily blow the herbs into nothingness and can result in unwanted, unnecessary wastage.   

    This makes using 2-piece herb grinders such a hit amongst consumers who always find themselves in places where vaping, smoking, or consuming herbs in far off places, like the beach or in the mountains.   

    Carrying a 2-piece weed grinder in these situations will certainly get the job done. This is the advantage of using a 2-piece design. It’s not complicated. While they can look like very old school and rudimentary tools and implements, they rely on time-tested knowledge and technology that you can rely on when wanting to grind your herbs while on your feet. No other dry herb weed grinder can get the job done except the 2-piece grinder.   

    3. 3-Piece Grinders.

      Next, is the 3-piece grinders which offer more versatility and can separate the larger from the smaller pieces of herbs like the 3-piece Santa Cruz Shredder which scratch resistant finish and an anodized aluminum construct.   

      One of the best features these implements have to offer is a compartment. That’s right, a 3-piece grinder will have a bottom compartment that allows you to easily store ground material for later use. It was intended to be a basin for when your herbs are ground. The design concept of a 3-piece grinder is to have three layers to the actual grinding unit. These include a lid, a grinding section, and the actual bottom compartment. However, they are commonly referred to as the top piece, the middle piece, and the bottom piece.   

      The lid is where you’d find the actual creases or the rough edges which increases your grip as you manually twist and turn the actual grinder. The lid is also outfitted with the grinding teeth of the grinder that’s responsible for cutting the herbs into smaller pieces. It sits adjacent to the middle piece or the grinding section that houses the other half of the grinding teeth which will make up the full grinding setup. The middle piece or the grinding section will also have small holes at its bottom. These small holes serve a purpose of having to allow smaller portions or smaller sized herbs to fall down on the lowest and last portion of the 3-piece build, the bottom piece or the actual compartment.   

      This bottom compartment will house the ground herbs. There are advantages and disadvantages to using both varieties of weed grinders. First is its portability. 2-piece herb grinders will definitely be more portable and can be carried almost anywhere you go. The advantage of using a 3-part weed grinder is its ability to produce uniformly sized herbs. Thanks to the holes bored into the middle piece of the 3-piece dry herb grinder, you can rest assured that the herbs falling into the actual compartment is of single and uniform size.   

      3. 4-Piece Grinders.

        And lastly, the cream of the crop, the 4-piece grinders capable of separating and holding pollen or kief after you shred.   

        Our top of the line 4-Piece Cali Crusher Homegrown Grinders showcases patented dual action radial cut teeth, a bead blasted interior, aerospace-grade aluminum and Neodymium rare earth magnets. All these attributes work to improve the shredding and cutting of your herbs allowing you to obtain the optimum results.   

        4-piece grinders are famous for their significant addition to the grinding equation – kief screens. Kief screens do one job and that’s to funnel the larger grits of botanicals and allow only the finer, lighter, and more delicate particles to fall down the chamber. This way you can get to collect some of the most potent parts your botanicals have to offer – the pollen. The pollen on the flower of the herbs is paced with concentrated portions of the active ingredients found in your plant matter. These include both the curative and the psychoactive ingredients that give the plant its medical and recreational properties.   

        4-piece grinders are just some of the most complicated and complex herb grinders. Some varieties even have hand cranks. Hand cranks allow the even distribution of force and power by using a heavy-duty crank instead of using the textured surface found on the lid of the grinder.   

        This is commonly found at the top of the lid of the weed grinder. Other 4-piece herb grinders are outfitted with other features like an ashtray and a rolling paper holder. This allows the 4-piece grinder to break the mold and offer features the average grinder could. The 4-piece grinder will easily allow you to cut your botanicals while still giving you the option to collect herbs as you grind your materials.   

        The pollen can then be used to spread into the herbs and even into your food so you can start to make edibles.   

        So, the next time you vape, make sure you grind them first and experience the difference and improve your vaping sessions, show your herb some love, buy a weed grinder here at VapeActive.   

        Kinds of Weed Grinder  

        Weed grinders come in different kinds. Each will have a certain niche or a group of people for whom the grinder was intended for.   

        You may be using your grinder at home of you may prefer to grind your botanicals on-the-go. Depending on your needs, you will find that there is a grinder for you.   

        1. Acrylic Grinder.

          Acrylic grinders are small and rudimentary herb grinders made from acrylic materials that range from cheap plastic to high-quality acrylic. That said, acrylic herb grinders are one of the most affordable weed grinders because of the quality of the raw materials used in these tools.   

          Moreover, acrylic grinders oftentimes come in two-piece setups because of how its plastic components are made. Plastic is hard to mold into a 3-part or even a 4-part configuration. That’s why grinders with multiple layers are only often found on metal grinders.   

          While acrylic herb grinders are not the best option for consumers who are looking for a long-lasting investment, they are definitely one of the top recommended herb grinders for those looking for an herb grinder that they can take with them and not worry if they break them or not.   

          Acrylic grinders are also good for beginners who are looking to get a feel of consuming ground herbs and for grinding the very herbs they will consume.   

          2. Wood Grinder.

            Wood grinders are made with an all-natural component made often from sustainable wood. Compared to acrylic, wood makes for a better material overall when used for weed grinders. That’s because your grinder is one of the only few tools that touch the actual herbs. Acrylic, especially poor and weak plastic, may bleed and may affect the herbs in its taste. That's why you may sometimes experience your vapors smelling and tasting like plastic altogether.   

            Wood grinders will preserve the flavor and the potency of your select botanical plant matter. Wood grinders also make for herb grinders that boast superior aesthetic appeal. That’s because the wood has some aesthetic value and is often easy to shape. However, wood grinders have gained a bad rep when it comes to the actual grinding process. It’s common for wood grinders to have pole-type or nail-type teeth which will basically crumple the herbs instead of cutting them into smaller pieces like that of what metal grinders would do. One unique way wood grinders would grind your herbs is by pressing it close to a sheet of metal that will grate the herbs like the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder. In place of grinding teeth, the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder offers a grating screen as you push the herbs down.   

            Wood grinders have their pros and cons; one advantage is its unique, carved appeal you won’t find on any grinders. Also, many of the companies that manufacture wood grinders use sustainable wood which means that you’re not taking anything valuable from Mother Nature when buying a wood grinder. However, wood weed grinders may carry weight to it which will make it a less effective portable grinder. The wood can easily get scratched too and the crevices from the scratches can be home to bacteria.   

            3. Metal Grinder. 

              Metal grinders come in many different forms. The best ones are made from aluminum, specifically aircraft-grade aluminum. Aircraft-grade aluminum makes metal grinders lightweight and durable. That said you can take it almost anywhere you go and still enjoy a longer lifespan because of its reliability.   

              Another advantage of using metal weed grinders is its ability to hold several compartments. While both wood grinders and acrylic grinders only come in a two-part design, many metal grinders come in a 3-piece or a 4-piece build. Others even come in a 5-piece build allowing consumers to take advantage of other features these varieties of herb grinders have to offer.   

              One benefit of using an herb grinder that has multiple layers is having a kief catcher and a kief sifter. The screen and the extra compartment to hold the much-coveted pollen allows many consumers not only to maximize their yield but also to make the most of what their materials can offer. Kief or pollen can be used in a myriad of ways, one is to use it as an additive to edibles or to beverages. Kief is best added to hot beverages like coffee or tea as the heat from the beverages will activate the compounds in the pollen allowing you to infuse your drinks with the effects the plant matter has to offer.   

              Grinders and How to Use Them  

              Since the herb grinder began as a simple and a rudimentary contraption, the way it’s used and operated was intended to be simple and straight forward.   

              Like many manually operated devices, the standard herb grinder had a part from where you can hold it. Even the modern-day weed grinder still uses this principle to this day. Herb grinders like the Mendo Mulcher 4-Piece Grinder is known for its robust edges where weed grinders can easily hold the device as they turn it around. Because of its mechanical action, having a good grip increases the efficacy of the herb grinder in milling the plant matter.   

              Other grinders will have rubber fittings on the edge that functions both as a means to grip the grinder as well as to protect it from bumps and bruises when you drop it or if it just falls down. Just check the Phoenician Grinder – 4 Piece. It has grooves on the edges that allow you to fit rubber rings on it.   

              The average grinder will have edges with textured surfaces that allow you to have a decent grip as you turn it around. While this can be good, other grinders top the traditional operation by installing a hand crank atop the weed grinder’s lid. What it does is that it allows those having a hard time gripping the average herb grinder to easily mill their product. The force is distributed evenly and you can mill a larger number of herbs for more demanding vaping sessions. This is ideal for consumers who like to consume herbs with friends and those who like to partake in group sessions where the demand for ground botanicals is higher than what one would need consuming herbs alone. Hand crank grinders, like the SharpStone Grinder V2 Hand Crank - 4 Piece - Clear Top, will essentially allow you to grind your herbs without having to put stress on your hands. The hand crank weed grinder is ideal for consumers who like to consume herbs to help them deal with their medical conditions including joint pain and rheumatism. These kinds of consumers will have a hard time operating the average grinder but with the hand crank grinder, they can easily grind to their heart’s content.   

              Lastly, because of the advancement in today’s technology, we are gifted with electrical grinders. Take the Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder for example.   

              It offers automatic grinding action while conveniently loading the ground herbs into a rolling paper. This allows you to roll your joints and your spliffs with ease. Those who vape and who like to light up blunts will find that the Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder is a great tool to have in their arsenal.   

              Hooked on Herb Grinders  

              Many consumers began to get hooked on herb grinders and it’s not difficult to see why. Weed grinders allow consumers to easily maximize their herbs. There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t stretch your materials to their full potentials and one of them is their price. Good quality herb will not come cheap, herbs that offer the best results are often tended and cared for in controlled environments where they are grown. You don’t want to waste good herbs just by letting the pollen fall down into the table or just by burning and heating the buds unevenly. You want to treat it with care and make the most out of every part of the plant matter.   

              Herb grinders gave consumers that power and that advantage. What’s more, is that weed grinders allow for better-tasting sessions. One, because the herbs are shredded to smaller pieces, they release their active ingredients evenly and prevent the material from getting burned. Burned weed will affect the quality of the vapor and cause the vapor to taste bad. That said, the burnt aftertaste masks the natural flavor of your botanicals preventing you from enjoying what the herbs truly have to offer.   

              That’s why consumers from beginners and advanced levels have incorporated the use of an herb grinder in their rituals. Having a weed grinder in your arsenal ensures that you will have the means to maximize the yield of your materials when you need it. Whether you’re keeping a grinder at home or inside your backpack for on-the-go use, an herb grinder will allow you to easily pack the vaporizer chamber of your bowl.   

              When wanting to use the basic herb grinder here’s what you do.   

              First, make sure to prepare your herbs. Evaluate if the herbs you’re about to consume will be enough for your session or if you will have an excess after your session. If you feel like you will have leftovers, make sure to grab a container. You can also use a grinder that has an integrated container like the Space Case Grinder – Scout. The Space Case Grinder – Scout has a large container built inside the grinder. This way, all the herbs you’ve milled falls directly down the container so you can faithfully preserve the overall quality of your materials.   

              Next, after assessing the number of herbs you need, begin by taking your grinder and remove the lid. With the lid removed check for leftover herbs from when you last used it. Depending on the frequency of how often you use your herb grinder, you might want to clean it by lightly brushing the grinding section with a small brush to remove excess herbs. These herbs, if they’ve been left inside the grinding section for long periods may get spoiled and can be the breeding pool for bacteria and other microorganisms.   

              After cleaning the grinding section, take your nuggets and place them directly on the grinding section allowing the teeth of the herb grinder to hold the herbs and prevent them from getting out of its place. With the lid at the ready, seal the weed grinder and push the nugget of herbs down until it’s crushed by the lid. You may begin lightly twisting the lid sideways to help it crush the weed. Continue until the lid and the grinding section closes in place.   

              With the herb grinder sealed, begin to twist the lid to grind the herbs. When going for a coarse grind, make sure to keep the grinder sitting right side up so that the herbs will fall into the holes once they reach the proper size. When going for a finer grind, you may turn the grinder upside down and continue to grind the herbs until the grinding action of the weed grinder begins to feel smooth.   

              Once you feel that you’ve achieved the right consistency, you can open the container at the bottom of the grinder to access the ground material. Tap the grinder so you can get every bit of herb you’ve milled.   

              Place the ground materials in a container or on a small piece of paper. From there you can roll your spliffs or you can pack your vaporizer chambers with the ground materials from the grinder.   

              Remember, when choosing an herb grinder and when buying weed grinders online, make sure to buy from VapeActive to get the best grinders for the best price.