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Oozelife Dab Pens & Batteries

Oozelife has been around the vape industry since 2007 when they began setting up shop and manufacturing their very first product. Since then, the name Ooze has been slowly climbing up the ranks of the biggest names in the industry. The brand consistently got featured in different media platforms which allowed their brand to gain more popularity.

Today, the name Oozelife has been consistently manufacturing not only vaporizers such as dab pens but also accessories and other essential paraphernalia for consuming your favorite herbs and concentrates. They have also added apparels like shirts, hoodies, caps, and beanies, as well as pet clothing to the Ooze brand making it the ultimate lifestyle label for those who enjoy using Oozelife products. This is all the culmination of the hard work the team behind the Ooze brand has put in. It has always been their mission to provide high-quality products and services to their customers which is something they believe the public and the cannabis consuming communities truly deserve. So, they devoted their time to developing a brand for those who enjoy the higher lifestyle, those who like to get medicated and get lifted.

They have always been at the forefront of innovation and has taken countless ventures to improve the vape pen platform and the vaporizer industry as a whole. Theirs is a noble journey that took years to accomplish, they have always been in the frontlines of development with the goal of producing vape pens and vape accessories that last longer and perform better than other devices and accessories that cost twice its price.

Because of their experience, they have managed to acquire sufficient knowledge they can use in selecting what raw materials work best in producing and manufacturing products and at the same time sell it to customers at a reasonable price. They have also gained important knowledge about how the market works allowing them to adapt and succeed through the changing times. While it could be true that many companies and manufacturers have had a fast route to popularity, not all of them remained at their spot. Oozelife managed to keep their name on the map because of the skill they acquired to keep up with the changing technology as well as the different needs of millions of consumers that continue to support the Oozelife brand.

Ooze products are often seen as cutting-edge items that disrupt the industry and create a new spectrum of benefits centered around the customer and their overall experience.

Oozelife Products: Unique and Artistic

Oozelife products stand out from the sea of mundane devices on today’s market. Where you see devices and accessories that do their best to look as plain and as vanilla as possible, you’d see Oozelife products popping up with colors and with a unique design. That’s because Oozelife believes in one’s creativity and that the consumption of infused products can enhance your imagination. After all, imagination is more important than knowledge as a wise man once said. Ooze

You can always point your finger to products and items that came out of the Ooze production line. Doodles for days, wild and crazy patterns that are anything but plain. Canvasses filled with imaginary images that do more to spark and spur your own imagination and give you inspiration making your sessions more worthwhile.

They partner up and collaborate with new and budding artists to support the local and the domestic art scene as well as to promote the works of these talented artists. This is why each Ooze product you buy can be considered a small masterpiece.

Affordability and Functionality 

The folks at Ooze believe that no one has to sacrifice affordability for quality, let alone for practical functionality. Many of today’s vape pens and vape accessories, as well as other vape-related apparel, may come cheap but their quality will speak for the amount of money you’ve spent on them. The people behind Oozelife believe that the public has already got used to the inflation of prices especially for products and commodities like vaporizers, rolling trays, and other vape kits. Because of how dependent vaporizers, in general, has been to technology, consumers have been accustomed to the inflation of vape-related products.

Ooze functionality

Oozelife has been devoted to providing consumers with affordable products but is not cheap in quality. They use their connections and their strong partnership with other companies that produce raw materials for the production of vaporizers, vape pens, wax pens, atomizers, and the likes.

An Up-And-Coming Lifestyle Brand

Backed with 12 years of experience, Ooze has risen from becoming solely a vaporizer manufacturer brand to an up-and-coming lifestyle label. They have added shirts, caps, razorback tank tops, hoodies, lanyards, and even pet clothes to the Ooze branding. This has been a clever and smart move for Ooze since they can grow their business and drive brand loyalty this way. Fans and loyal supporters of Ooze can now wear and flaunt their fealty to Ooze with pride.

Ooze lifestyle

Having to do the things you love is one thing, but to wear them is another. This is only a prelude for customers and fans of the Ooze brand, we’re sure better things are to come for those who use Ooze!

Ooze's Commitment to Quality Products

It’s rare for a company or an institution to look after its customers the way Ooze does. Oozelife not only ensures that their products are reasonably priced but they also make sure that their products are made with the best materials and are equipped with the best components today’s industry has to offer.


A good example is Ooze’s line of vape pen products. Their vape pens are packed with more than the average battery capacity giving consumers and vape pen users with longer battery life so they need to spend shorter time to charge their vape pens and enjoy more time using them. Vape pens are made to be on-the-go devices and one will not have the liberty of having to sit in front of a power outlet and connect their vape pens to it. The developers at Oozelife knows about how portable devices work so they see to it that their products address some of the most common issues of the product in line with how they see themselves changing the future of vape pens and dab pens. This is why Oozelife dab pens are outfitted with features like variable voltage functions, pre-heat modes, and 15-second hold time. This gives consumers the ability to customize their sessions as well as make sure that they get a more personalized experience when using an Ooze vape pen. This is true since Ooze knows that customer experiences matter more than flashy and sophisticated design.

To prove their commitment to quality, Oozelife continues to promote a healthier option by releasing high-quality products that can be used in conjunction with their vaporizers. A good example is its silicone glass pipes. To give consumers a high-quality product that’s affordable, Ooze created a hybrid pipe with silicone and borosilicate glass. Borosilicate has been known for years as a strong and sturdy component. Borosilicate glass has been used in many laboratories as glassware because of its properties. It has high resistance to heat and thermal shock which means it will not break easily even when you keep it in contact with high-temperature levels.

Silicone, on the other hand, is a durable plastic material. Like borosilicate, silicone is heat resistant which makes it a good duo for material for pipes. This innovative approach to vape-related products drives Ooze to create new practical tools for the consumption of herbs, waxes, and other forms of extracts which is why a lot of consumers continue to patronize products and the Oozelife brand in general.

Clothing Redefined 

Apart from the high-quality vape and smoke products they have been known for, Oozelife also improved the quality of apparels for vaping and consuming herbs and extracts.

Ooze clothing

They have redefined cannabis clothing and gave it a much-needed twist. For a reasonable price, you can get top-tier designed shirts without the top-shelf price. Their shirts and hoodies give out a strong statement about you and your chosen culture. You won’t just be living the high life you’d be wearing the high life. Ooze has amassed a pile of shirts with multiple designs that speak subtly or loudly about yourself. It’s all about living the Oozelife! You can now wear your favorite vape brand to work, when you go out with friends, or even when you just want to take a walk around town and express to the public how is it living the Oozelife. Maybe you’d cross paths with a fellow and get a nod of approval in return. You might even see a dog wearing Ooze apparel.

Now that the use of herbs and its consumption, in general, has been made legal in almost all states, people feel freer and less embarrassed to wear such statement shirts. With these shirts and other apparels for both men and women, you can be a little brand ambassador on your own.

Speaking of which, Ooze is constantly in search of new brand ambassadors to represent the Oozelife. They plan to build a street team with a slew of social ambassadors and campus reps who we assume will all be wearing Ooze merchandise. They might also include bands and other artists in their pool of talents who represent the brand. So, there will be a lot going on for Ooze and its large following which is why now is probably the best time to try out the Oozelife.

Ooze: Building A Brand

It might have taken Ooze several years but the time they took allowed them to gain the experience to build an empire and a brand. Ooze had taken the years seriously and focused on what mattered. Their customer’s overall experience. People began hearing how good Ooze products were and began trying out Ooze to see what was the buzz about. Backed with years of experience, Ooze now knew the perfect recipe for success.

They continued using the best materials and continued developing new products to release to the market. Being based in Michigan, Ooze began making local news and started to become known nationally as the go-to brand for affordable but high-quality devices. Having their devices designed in American soil, they showed ingenuity and craftsmanship American products are known for. Their mission has always been to give the people what they need, what they, deserve, what they want. Thanks to Ooze’s talented R&D team, they continue to create products that put them ahead of the pack and keeps them in the map of top-tier manufacturers.

Ooze Products 

VapeActive is proud to carry some of the best products Ooze has to offer. Our wide collection of Oozelife products includes best-selling vape pens, highly-rated accessories, and affordable vape kits.

Ooze Cryo Glycerin Bowl 

Ooze Cryo

Tired of hitting on your old bowl? Ooze has an answer to your problems. The Ooze Cryo Glycerin Bowl provides you with an easy method of cooling down your hits when you consume your favorite herbs. The Ooze Cryo Glycerin Bowl can be kept in your fridge and frozen for superior cooling. What you thought was never possible is something Oozelife likes to take as a challenge, the Ooze Cryo Glycerin Bowl can keep basic smoke sessions as cool as ice. Now that’s innovation at its best.

Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart Charger 

Ooze twist

Arguably one of Ooze’s best-selling devices, the Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart Charger is the perfect combo for both vape beginners and even advanced vape users. Imagine having to use a 320mAh battery to give you more than enough power for your daily vape rituals, the Oozelife Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart Charger also boasts an industry leading variable voltage levels that are fine-tuned and are calibrated to the best level for the optimum vaping experience. With voltage levels ranging from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts, you’re sure to enjoy a wide variety of temperature options for either a cool and subtle vapor production or that knock-off-your-socks kind of potent hit. The Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart Charger also boasts a 15-second hold off time plus automatic shut-off features, it's what dab pen dreams are made of. It can also be used in conjunction with oil cartridges which means that it can both function with atomizers and 510-threaded cartridges.

It features a single-button operation allowing it to be used with ease which is why even beginners can feel like pros when using the Oozelife Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart Charger. It was built to make vaporizing concentrates and other forms of extracts like thick oils and even runny ones seem less complicated. This makes the whole kit of the Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart Charger a seemingly the most perfect vape investment for people wanting to take a serious step into vaping.

Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit 

Ooze duplex

This product was seemingly made for those who want more. If you felt like the Ooze Slim Pen Twist Bundle was perfect, then wait till you get your hands on the Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit. It’s a complete, all-inclusive unit that was designed to provide consumers with more. It’s pretty obvious with all the added buff to the Oozelife Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit’s vape pen body. This is all due to the increased battery capacity at around 1000mAh. While the Slim Pen Twist Battery offered superior battery life, the Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit gives consumers a larger battery capacity and with it comes improved variable voltage settings.

The Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit boasts 4 fine-tuned preset temperature profiles that give this portable extract vaporizer more customization features compared to other devices and batteries in its class and price point. This means that you’ll have additional temperature profiles to play with in terms of getting a more personalized vaping session when using different cartridges. Having more temperature profiles to play with means that you’ll have more options to vaporize you select materials be it wax or thick oils.

Because the Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit is another of Ooze’s cartridge vaping system, it is outfitted with magnetic rings which allows you to easily remove and replace cartridges when you’re vaping on-the-go. You can enjoy unparalleled vaping experiences when you vape with the Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit. The main difference between the Oozelife Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit and other batteries manufactured by Ooze is it already comes with a refillable cartridge that can be used in conjunction with waxes or with oils. The Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit sets you up with all the essentials for vaping with the materials like wax and as the only missing piece of the puzzle. The Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Kit is a complete kit with all the right stuff you need.

Ooze Rolling Tray 

In the section of paraphernalia, there is a single standout amongst all accessory we’ve used whether in vaping dry herbs or smoking them. The Ooze Rolling Tray is a functional and an artistic take on rolling trays. These trays are made from high-quality materials which means that they will last you longer than the average rolling tray. And, why not? Each Oozelife Rolling Tray is made with an artistic touch to it. We’d imagine you’d do all you can to preserve the looks of these rolling trays.

Why Ooze logo?  

As we said, the Ooze brand is one solid brand built on experience and hard work. They've been in this business for 12 years and the time they spent in researching and developing products to keep up with the times. They have proved they have what it takes to make a successful brand, to make a brand work. They have stood the test of time and what better company to invest on than a company that has proven itself to be resilient and to have the ability to keep up with the times. Oozelife has been in the business long enough for them to see and know what works and what doesn’t. They have expanded from being just a vape manufacturer to a label that also creates apparels and accessories. They support local artists and they continue to show their support to the vape industry in general through their unwavering desire and attempt to provide the community, the public, with high-quality vaporizers, accessories, and apparels for that definitive vaping experience.

When you choose Ooze, you’re not just simply choosing to live out a hobby, with Ooze, you’re living the Oozelife!

Are Ooze Products Right for Me?

There’s no doubt that Ooze is a brand dedicated to cater to a wide audience. They have products that target a wide variety of consumer segments from medical patients to those that consume cannabis recreationally. If you’re curious to find out if Ooze is worth investing in, here are some things you can consider to find out if Oozelife is the perfect brand for you.

1. It’s an artistic brand

Unlike many vaporizer brands on the market today that go for simple and minimalistic design, Oozelife is a brand that has a strong focus on art and its value in the consumption of cannabis. It’s almost safe to say that art and smoking weed go hand in hand. Many people who create art, content, and just plainly make a living out marking creative materials can often be found sporting smoking paraphernalia or vaping gear from time to time. That's because many creatives and artists find that consuming an amount of cannabis helps induce a creative sensation. This is true amongst other notable individuals that showed great ability in creating novel and innovative things like Steve Jobs, Louis Armstrong, and even Charles Baudelaire.

That said, you will see various forms of art represented in their products. They see art not only as an expression of themselves (of the brand) but also as a means to share the artistic advantages of consuming different cannabis products. As a matter of fact, the very art displayed on Oozelife products like the Oozelife Rolling Tray is inspired by the same effect of consuming weed and wax and is also intended to inspire others in enjoying the same inspirational sensation. It goes without saying that if you enjoy art or if you want to incorporate art in your daily sessions, then picking up an Ooze product might just be the element you’re looking for.

Ooze does not stop with endowing not only their vaporizer and smoking products with an artistic twist. They even go as far as manufacturing heaps of stickers that have relatively artistic design, posters that are larger than life versions of their smaller accessory counterparts as well as apparel that offer the same aesthetic value allowing you to enjoy cannabis-inspired art in almost every way possible.

Ooze is a brand for creatives and geniuses of different levels.

2. Ooze is an affordable brand

For a brand that’s passionate towards art, Oozelife appears to be relatively affordable. This not only means that you can purchase their devices on the cheap but also allows you to enjoy the benefits of using a beautifully designed device without breaking the bank. Many of their devices are made to accommodate the needs of the general public. This means that even If you are vaping or smoking on a budget, you can still take advantage of Ooze’s high-quality products. Take the Ooze Slim Twist Pro Vaporizer Kit as an example. It’s under $50.00 but offers a complete vaporizer kit – that's everything you need in a package that contains everything from the battery, charger, atomizer, and even a dab tool.

They also have several notable products under $50.00 which makes them an ideal option for beginners who are just starting out and even for vape veterans who have been consuming for a long time. Because they are relatively cheap, they are often recommended as starter units or entry level vaporizers. On the other hand, many advanced consumers see it as a great backup device and even as a great daily driver because their devices and accessories are cheap making them easy to replace. They’re not disposable but they’re downright affordable.

It’s true that many vaporizer manufacturers try to outdo each other by outfitting their devices with some of the most advanced technology. However, Oozelife likes to keep their plain and simple. Nevertheless, it allowed them to create products that costs only a portion of other vaporizers on the market. Their products disrupt the industry by setting a different standard that many consumers have quickly begun to pick up. If you think you belong to either category of consumers (beginner or veteran), then purchasing an Oozelife vaporizer is what you need. You can also keep on adding more and more Ooze products in your arsenal because they’re basically easy to own and easy to use, making them the most affordable bang for your buck vaporizer and smoking brand on the market today.

3. They’re always reinventing

If you like being surprised, Ooze will be the best brand to go with. The way they create devices, vaporizers, accessories, vaping kits, vaporizer parts, and pipes, are pretty much like the very art represented on their products. There’s no pattern, these guys are unpredictable. One moment you think you’ve their products figured out, the other they’ll surprise you with new releases and new ideas. Ooze is a company that’s always inventing and always reinventing. We know they can’t wait to show the world what they have to offer and we just can’t wait to keep adding Ooze products to the growing products we offer our customers.

Like Ooze, we at VapeActive are always keen on providing our customer base with revolutionary products including that from Ooze. We have a dedicated staff that are always on the lookout for some of the most innovative products on the market and we’re not surprised that Oozelife seems to always come out on the top spots. Ooze as a company has had and earned an extensive knowledge and expertise in designing and developing vaporizers and smoking paraphernalia that they make it look so easy coming up with new ideas.

4. They’re simple and easy to use

Like many great innovations, the ability to take something complicated and make it simple and straightforward plays a huge role in making something wholly acceptable and basically doable. The same goes with using vaporizers and vaporization in general. Oozelife vaporizers seem to have found the perfect recipe in making top-notch products designed and engineered to create a significant impact into the industry and at the same time make use and operation of the very vaporizers that brought these unparalleled conveniences seem to be at an arm's length for many consumers. This allowed not only experienced vape users to enjoy and embrace the brand and what the brand stands for but also beginners and vape newcomers who have helped propel the brand to where it is today.

There are many benefits to having a device that is simple and easy to use. Some of these include the ability to wield the device without putting too much thought into it like having a device you can use naturally. This allowed consumers who have very little experience using vaporizers as well as those who do not have any experience at all pick up an Oozelife vaporizer and look like they’ve been at it for years. This make it appeal better to those wanting to try out vaporizers.

So, if you ever feel like you need a device or any vaping tool and paraphernalia that you can use with ease, an Oozelife is what you’re definitely looking for. Make sure to grab an Ooze now and experience it for yourself. When you need to buy Oozelife vaporizers and Ooze accessories online, make sure to get one from VapeActive.