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As the name implies, vaporizer cases are carrying cases for your vaporizers that allow you to take them with you almost anywhere safely and in some cases in style. While the main purpose of these cases is to provide you with a means of safely transporting and even sometimes storing your vaporizers, they do serve other purposes that can help you maintain your devices. There are a lot of companies that dedicate themselves to manufacturing these types of products and provide vaporizer users with a wide range of products that are intended to help them make sure that they protect the vaporizers they’ve invested money and time in. So, if you’re someone who likes to treat their vaporizers like their babies, throwing in a few bucks to get a carrying case can be a good investment that will protect your investment.

We, at VapeActive, aim to be the industry’s best online vaporizer shop. We’re one of the most recommended online retailers not only because we carry the best products for consuming your favorite herbs and extracts but also because we carry a lot of products from vaporizers to carrying cases. These items are curated and inspected by our staff that works day and night to scour the web with some of the best products for keeping your vaporizers safe and secure. All the products we show and sell on our website are pre-tested and carefully checked by our staff to ensure their efficacy and functionality. This also allows us to capture the essence of using these tools (vaporizer cases) so we can take them and put them into writing allowing us to provide you with truthful and accurate product descriptions. This important because not only will it give you a strong sense and idea of what you’re buying or getting yourself into but a truthful and objective product description will also allow you to make an informed decision so you can just as easily make a decision that you will not regret.

If you want to know more about what vaporizer cases are and how they can help you, here are some of the advantages of using these types of products whether you’re always on-the-go or if you never leave your home, investing in one can only do you good.

1. Vape cases keep your vaporizers safe.

The same way phone cases and laptop cases keep your gadgets safe from harm, using a case can help keep your vaporizers safe for when you’re carrying it or simply just storing it. Vaporizer cases keep your vaporizers safe and secure during travel or when you bring your vaporizer outdoors most especially if you have a busy day schedule.

Here’s how.

  • It protects it from dirt and dust – A vaporizer case helps protect your vaporizers from dirt and dust that can easily get in the way of your sessions. Why you want to keep dust and dirt away from your devices is that not only will they require more cleaning than they already need but also, these fine specks of dirt and dust can get into the small nooks and crannies of your vaporizer and impede optimum function. Dust can get inside the gaps of the power button and once they’re inside, they can accumulate and cause all kinds of problems like getting the power button stuck, or in some cases, dust can be abrasive and can cause corrosion which can damage the switches and the metal contacts inside the vaporizer. Not only will these specks of dust cause the need for further cleaning but it can also potentially damage the device.
  • It prevents your devices from bumping into each other – While bumping into friends is a good thing, your vaporizers don’t want that. A vaporizer carrying case can prevent that from happening as most vaporizer cases will have specific slots, holes, and grooves so your vaporizers (if you’re carrying a lot, or if they’re disassembled) will not bump into each other. This is important because vaporizers are often made from metal and two metals bumping into each other can cause both metals to scratch each other and cause abrasion. Some vaporizers also have glass components and for obvious reasons, you don’t want glass bumping with glass. Having a vaporizer case on the ready helps you preserve the looks and the aesthetic quality of your vaporizers by preventing them from getting scratched or cracked.
  • It keeps your other stuff safe too – Apart from keeping your vaporizer in good shape, a vaporizer carrying case or a vape case can also keep your other stuff safe too. Some of us, especially those who are always out and about, are accustomed to carrying backpacks where they put a lot of their everyday carry inside along with their vaporizer. These include anything from smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Traveling creatives also carry around cameras with them as well as small drones and the likes which can easily get damaged should they rub elbows with your vaporizer. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about tech backpacks and just about how these YouTubers pack em with their “workhorses.” You certainly don’t want your MacBook to get scratched by your vaporizer.

Basically, a vape case ensures your device's safety from ordinary wear and tear in between usage. Different variations of Vape cases are equipped with multi-chambered designs, extra pockets, and locks for a better storage container for you vape. Some manufacturers offer vape cases that are specific to model of vaporizer for more personal and custom feel and to give you an exact space just for your vaporizer. While some cases take the form of travel bags with pockets and back straps, others feature hard shells that would definitely withstand any falls and bumps of your vaporizer.

2. Vape cases act as organizers too.

Aside from keeping your vaporizers safe, vaporizer cases can also act as organizers. As we briefly covered above, some vaporizer case manufacturers produce vaporizer cases that have dedicated slots for vaporizers and vaporizer paraphernalia. There are two types of vaporizer cases that can be used as organizers. First are product specific cases where the manufacturer specifically designed the vaporizer case for a particular product. One good thing about using these vaporizer cases is that they will have dedicated slots exactly for your vaporizer. This means that the slots are tailored exactly just for your vaporizer. This ensures a perfect for your vaporizer and its relative parts and that there will be a specific slot for everything your vaporizer has to offer. Usually, these cases are more expensive as they allow your vaporizer to sit snugly in the case and that each compartment is as fit as they could be.

Next are generic vaporizer cases made by third-party manufacturers that can be used with just about any vaporizer. These types of cases are the kind that can accommodate any kind of vaporizer with generalized compartments. These compartments are usually outfitted with seams with garters as well as modular holes that can be adjusted depending on the size of the vaporizer. These are practical carrying cases and will often be more affordable as it is not having that bespoke feeling and that tailored look. Most generic cases are ideal for storing various kinds of vaporizers making it a perfect cheap little gem.

Generic vaporizer cases can be used to store not only vaporizers but also other paraphernalia like charging cables, wax concentrate jars, dab tools, dry herb containers, as well as dry herb vape stir tools. Some of the other varieties of vape cases can be used as a storage compartment for replacement parts like batteries and atomizers for your vaporizers. If you like using pod vaporizers it could be a good way of storing pods both refillable and pre-filled ones. If you’re using an e-juice box mod, you can use generic vaporizer cases to store vape juice bottles for when you want to travel without the fear of carrying bottles that might spill inside your luggage. Using a vaporizer carrying case might just help you save yourself from unwanted spills. There are a lot of vaporizer cases that feature hard EVA casing which means that even if gets pressed against other stuff inside your bag, it won’t be deformed which can cause the juice bottles to be squeezed and cause the juice to be spilled.

3. Vaporizer cases can let you travel discreetly.

Another advantage of using carrying cases for your vaporizers is that they let you travel in style which means you can discreetly carry your vaporizers and you vape accessories discreetly. There are a lot of products on the market that look like your average mobile phone charger carrying case or a carrying case for your headphones or your video game controllers. Most especially if you’ve bought a discreet vaporizer case (one without too much branding or one with conspicuous colorways), other people won’t be able to tell what you have hidden inside that case. If you don’t have people trying to be nosy with your stuff, you get asked fewer questions when boarding a train or a vessel or checking in an accommodation.

You can also carry these vape cases separately and not just by packing it inside your bag. Because vape cases can be discreet, you can just carry them separately. It's a great way of carrying your devices and accessories without having to worry about other people looking at you or even questioning why you’re carrying such devices. This works well for medicating consumers who are in need of consuming their favorite materials periodically. This means that they can carry their vaporizers and their materials so they can take quick hits when they need it the most.

We, at VapeActive, do our best to find the best vaporizer cases for your devices. We understand the importance of using a vaporizer case for keeping, carrying, or storing your devices. Whether it’s a large duffel bag or a small vape pouch, you can take advantage of vaporizer cases to keep your devices looking as good as they last. As a company, it has always been our goal to give our customers the best when it comes to vaping, smoking, and everything in between. We scour for the best products on the market so we can be sure to give you the products you need and the products you deserve. When looking for vaporizer accessories like vaporizer cases, make sure to keep it here in the best place to buy your vaporizers and vaporizer accessories online, buy your vaporizer cases only at VapeActive.

Now that you know what advantages using vaporizer cases may bring, here are some of the most common varieties of vaporizer cases on the market today.

1. Hard-Sided Vaporizer Cases.

As we’ve briefly mentioned above, there are vaporizers that are meant for giving your vaporizers the utmost level of protection and by saying hard-sided cases we’re referring to those that are like the pelican cases where you put guns or power tools in or the type of cases where you put musical instruments in. These hard-sided cases can protect your devices regardless of the situation. As one might expect, the advantage of using a hard-sided vaporizer case is its durability, reliability, and ability to keep whatever you store in it protected from the elements and anything that may cause the vaporizer to be scratched, abraded, dented, or damaged. That said, here are some of the things you might enjoy when using a hard-sided vaporizer case.

  • High-quality construction – Most hard-sided vaporizer cases boast high-quality construction and relatively high-grade raw materials. Companies and manufacturers dedicated to producing these accessories spend a lot of time and resources in finding both reliable materials and the stringent manufacturing processes to craft accessories that can hold your vaporizers and protect it from physical and cosmetic damage. Often called hard shell vaporizer cases or padded vaporizer cases, some hard-sided vaporizer cases are made with steel corners intended to make the vaporizer case strong and sturdy which acts as a reinforcement to support the actual vaporizer case. Not only does it act as a form of reinforcement or support but it can also become features that can make the use of these hard-sided vaporizer cases more convenient. On that note, some cases use the same material to make handles for easily carrying hard-sided cases. These steel corners are often built into the case which makes it capable of handling accidental bumps and drops which makes it great at handling tough situations while protecting your precious devices.
  • Improved security and protection – As an added feature, hard-sided cases can also have some sort of locking mechanism which can help add a layer of protection and security. Hard-sided cases are meant to keep what’s inside, inside of the case. These locks often come in the form of combination mechanisms that aren’t too complicated and are usually three to four digits which can help ward off children and other nosy individuals from checking what’s inside of the case especially if you’re also carrying your select materials in it like your buds, ground herbs, and even wax concentrates and other forms of extracts. In most cases, having some sort of mechanism that locks the carrying case can send a message to those who like to look into other people’s stuff to stay away. The locks can protect your vaporizer not only from damage but also from those who like to steal stuff.
  • Added room for your stuff – Most hard-sided vaporizer cases come in large sizes. This means that you can pack more of the stuff you want in your vaporizer case that you would in some pouch. Hard-sided cases may also come with built-in pouches and elastic straps for holding a variety of vaporizers and accessories so you can pack everything you need for when you need to go on a trip and bring your vaporizer with you be it a portable unit, a desktop vaporizer, or an eRig. Hard-sided vaporizer cases are a good option of those who like to consume a lot of material and those that like to be the one to deliver the fun in parties and other gatherings.

While there are definitely pros to using a hard-sided vaporizer case, there are some downsides to having one too, so, make sure to check your usage method and how will a carrying case affects the way you carry your vaporizers and how it can be beneficial or detrimental. Anyway, here are the cons.

  • Can be really bulky – As we’ve just covered earlier, hard-sided vaporizer cases often come in larger sizes and might not be a good idea if you want to carry a portable device around. That said, you don’t want to always want to keep on opening your carrying case whenever you want to take a hit from your vaporizer. However, these types of carrying cases are best for when you want to carry portable vaporizers in bulk and say take them when traveling or when you’re moving places.
  • Might attract attention – While hard-sided cases may provide impeccable protection and security, they may give other people the wrong impression. The fact that they are durable cases that are outfitted with a full suite of safety features might give other people the idea that you’re carrying something far valuable. That said, when using these hard-sided cases, it’s best to not carry them flauntingly.

2. Soft-Sided Vaporizer Cases.

On the other hand, soft-sided vaporizer cases are the opposite of hard-sided ones. Not that they’re less functional or not, but they offer a different set of advantages and disadvantages. As the name implies, soft-sided vaporizer cases have soft sides that are often made from durable and heavy-duty fabric that allows for some sort of protection but can let the case extend to various lengths and sizes so that they can accommodate the things you put in there. It’s also a good way of carrying a lightweight organizer so your vaporizers and the accessories you use with it don’t look untidy. On that note, here are some of the common advantages of using soft-sided vaporizer cases.

  • An affordable option – These types of vaporizer cases are often cheaper compared to hard-sided ones not because they are made with weaker materials but because the type of raw materials and the manufacturing processes involved in making hard-sided vaporizer cases are often more expensive than soft-sided ones. The costs of procuring and manufacturing reinforced steel to line the sides of a hard-sided vaporizer case are definitely more expensive compared to that of buying hard-wearing fabric, durable threads, and a solid and stout zipper. A soft-sided vaporizer case will also have elastic bands that feel more at home in the insides of this type of vape case compared to that of hard-sided ones that feel more that they can use cut out foams to provide your vaporizers with specific slots to put your stuff in. The use of these affordable yet reliable materials can help you provide your vaporizer with decent protection. This is why soft-sided cases make for an ideal carrying case for consumers who are on a budget and those looking for a practical option.
  • Lightweight protection – Soft-sided vaporizer cases offer relative protection without unnecessary weight. Plus, they also come in smaller sizes which means you can easily carry them without having to worry about the bulk you have to deal with when traveling or simply when you want to protect your vaporizer as you roam around town. When carrying large and heavy hard-sided vaporizer cases may seem a little inappropriate, a soft-sided carrying case can certainly do the trick. It allows for easier carrying of your devices and accessories without compromising yours and their safety. With soft-sided vaporizer cases, you can easily pack one in your bag, your fanny pack (hey we’re not here to judge you), or simply just carry one in your hands. Because they’re lightweight, you won’t have to worry and plan your every trip to the grocery whether or not you’ll have to bring your large vape case or not.
  • An easy-access case – Soft-sided vaporizer cases are the definition of how one can blend the elements of simplicity, functionality, and convenience. Simplicity because it doesn’t require locks, codes, or keys in any way, shape, or form. All there is to it is a zipper that you’ll have to unzip to access what’s inside. Functionality because it offers not only a means to keep your vaporizers safe and secure but also a means to organize your devices and the accessories that come with it. Lastly, convenience because these types of cases act only as a softcover to keep your vaporizers safe and organized without having to cause any unnecessary steps in order or you to access what’s inside. A soft-side vaporizer carrying case allows you to enjoy a lot of the things you would when you simply carry the device by hand bare and all. Plus, there are soft-sided vaporizer cases that have dedicated slots where you can slide your belt into allowing you to carry one as you would an open-carry gun holster. Moreover, there are those that have holes to put carabiners so you can clip them in your backpack or in your belt loop allowing you to carry your vaporizer safely in more ways than one.

These are just some of the advantages of using a soft-sided vape carrying case. While it makes for a more attractive option for consumers who are beginners and those that are simply just starting to get their wet feet in using vaporizers in general, soft-sided carrying cases do come with their own share of cons. Here are some common disadvantages to using these types of vape cases.

  • Limited slots only – Because they're often small and lightweight, many soft-sided vape cases might only have limited slots or pockets for your vaporizer. That said, you can’t expect to carry ten juice bottles with ten replacement batteries using a small and compact soft-sided case. You can only pack just enough materials and accessories for a day out vaping. This is one of the common pitfalls of using such a small and lightweight case but for most consumers and fans of soft-sided vaporizer cases, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.
  • It’s not shock-proof – For obvious reasons, a soft-sided or soft-shelled vaporizer case will not provide the same level of protection as a hard-sided one. For one, soft-sided cases do not usually accommodate cut out EVA foams that can help reduce shock when your case accidentally falls off your hands.

Using soft-sided carrying cases has its own pros and cons. Compared to hard-sided cases, these types of vaporizer cases are the ones we often see our customers using as they are more practical and easier to deal with. Hard-sided ones are the kind we see consumers use when carrying larger devices like desktop vaporizers and eRigs and are often used when handling more expensive devices. So, make sure to check your needs and select the type of carrying case or vape case to use that will be best depending on your situation.

3. Custom Cases.

Lastly, you’ve got custom cases for your pleasure it can be purchased in most specialty shops that actually manufacture custom-made cases not only for vaporizers nut also for other objects. That said, custom-made cases allow you to fit or accommodate a wide variety of vaping and smoking paraphernalia from glass dab rigs, water pipes, herb grinders, to stuff you never knew needed a case for carrying and storage like lighters, brushes, and other cleaning materials used to maintain your vaporizer. Because they are custom-crafted, they can be had in various shapes, colors, and designs. You can select the material of your choice and have it used to line the insides of your vaporizer carrying case. Thought of a design you want? Your own brand you want to promote, that can be slapped on the side of your carrying case. The world is your oyster and the sky’s the limit when you work with custom-built cases. However, they’re far more expensive compared to both hard-sided vaporizer cases and soft-sided vaporizer carrying cases because they can give you the liberty of customizing the design, and the functionality of your case that can fit your needs. These are no-compromise cases that will hold up against wear, tear, and the test of time.

We, at VapeActive, carry a wide range of vaporizer cases that you can use to keep your devices safe and secure. One of our best-sellers is the Storz & Bickel carrying case from VapeCase. VapeCase is a company that started off in 2010 when they realized the industry was in dire need of reliable vaporizer cases that can really protect the devices put in them. Before the company came into being, many consumers were just accustomed to using makeshift vaporizer cases from old toolboxes and other containers that can hold their vaporizers and their select materials. It was only when the company started to market its brand that there was a decent vaporizer case in the industry. Before VapeCase the only prime source for reliable vape cases was from the manufacturer themselves that usually are given away in conventions and sometimes sold at an exorbitant price. VapeCase entered the industry and set a standard for vaporizer cases in terms of price and functionality.

On that note, vape cases don’t always have to be just containers. Some cases like the JUUL The Gem is an all-in-one vaporizer case and battery charger that holds the vaporizers themselves and charges the battery while kept in it. This makes it an extremely functional device that not only allows you to keep your e-cig safe but also allows you to recharge it even when you’re on-the-go.

We, at VapeActive, carry a wide range of carrying cases for your vaporizers, smoking equipment, and material containers. Whether you’re an avid smoker, one who is into vaporizers, or maybe someone who likes to consume your herbs raw and add it to edibles, you’re sure to find something that can help you with our collection of cases and containers.