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Based in Austin Texas and founded and established in 2010, Cali Crusher is a company dedicated to manufacturing the best marijuana accessories on the market. They produce all kinds of products for use with cannabis from bags for carrying vaporizers and cannabis, glass jars for storage, wax concentrate consumption tools like nails and carb caps, pollen presses to make hashish, and a slew of other apparels like shirts, caps, and arguably the very first grinder cleaning solution we’ve seen. However, Cali Crusher has made a name for itself mainly for manufacturing high-quality weed grinders.   

Dubbed as “the world’s first designer grinder,” Cali Crusher has been the go-to brand of cannabis connoisseurs and those looking for more than what the average herb grinder has to offer. Manufacturing next-gen cannabis grinders made from high-quality medical-grade aerospace aluminum that’s outfitted with a few other original concepts and design elements from Cali Crusher put the company on the map and into the limelight where many cannabis consumers have discovered the difference for themselves. That being said, you won’t see Cali Crusher on paid advertisements since the popularity of the product spread and grew by word of mouth. That’s how good their products are. They didn’t have to spend a penny for commercials and promotions, instead, they let the overall quality of their weed grinders make a name for themselves.   

Here at VapeActive, we love supporting products that make it big purely from quality and dependability. While paid promotion and endorsement from some of the biggest names in the industry is one thing (like what many vaporizer manufacturers do to promote their products), reaching mainstream status purely by just how good your products are is another. That’s why we decided to carry some of the best-selling herb grinders from Cali Crusher and let our customers experience the same stellar grinding performance others have found in the brand. Like them, we’re sure you’ll be hooked with just how good these grinders are. The weed grinders in our collection are just some of the best the brand has to offer and are handpicked by our staff so you’ll be left with just the best. Leave the selection process to us, we’re backed by industry experts who have been consuming cannabis way before it was made medically legal so we’re pretty sure we know what’s good, what’s bad, what’s hot, and what’s not, and grinders from Cali Crusher are definitely one of the good and hot ones. So, when you’re in need of buying Cali Crusher grinders online, make sure to buy only from VapeActive. We’re the best source for all things weed grinders, herb grinders, and marijuana grinders. We get our products directly from the manufacturer and we pass them on to you at the best price possible.   

The Makings of a Good Grinder   

Because of their passion and desire to produce the best products the market has to offer; Cali Crusher has worked long and hard to find the perfect recipe for the perfect weed grinder. Although it’s not literally sugar, spice, and everything nice, it’s been the brand’s bread and butter winning them millions of customers and a solid cult following.   

Here are a few elements you’d find (and we’re sure you’ll love) in Cali Crusher’s weed grinders.   

1. Aerospace Aluminum. 

What is aerospace or aircraft-grade aluminum anyway? Aren’t all aluminum the same?   

Well, there are actually different kinds of aluminum alloys. Each is classified by what they call a series number (a four-digit numbering system) which ultimately defines its characteristics and whether it was heat-treated or not. Aerospace aluminum is one of them. Aerospace aluminum, aircraft-grade aluminum, or aviation-class aluminum refers to the 6061 T6 alloys and is commonly used in manufacturing aircraft components, hence, the term “aircraft-grade.” This variety of aluminum is coveted because of its lightweight and durability as well as its ability to resist corrosion which makes it ideal for use with airplanes and other aircraft. It also boasts tensile strength comparable to that of mild steel so you won’t have any problems with it breaking or cracking even when put to stressful use. Selecting a raw material this high of quality made Cali Crusher’s grinders one of the best the industry has to offer. That being said the grinders they manufacture are imbued with the properties of this aluminum made for use with one of the most demanding industries in existence. Imagine that the lives of many depend on how strong and how reliable these aluminum components are and to find the same level of quality on a weed grinder just blows people’s minds.   

This makes Cali Crusher grinders easy to carry because they don’t weigh as much as they look and they’re quite durable which makes them well suited for everyday use. You can sport one of these as a daily driver and yet the overall quality will remain relatively the same for years – of course, that’s with some cleaning and maintenance. This proves that using high-grade components and building your products using the best raw materials from the ground up will actually put you on the map. Yet another reason to use aircraft-grade aluminum is because of its resistance to corrosion. Remember, the grinder itself gets into actual contact with your herbs and has the potential to directly affect them. That being said, exposing your weed to corroded metal can contaminate it and may just cause unwanted results from simple ones like your weed starting to smell like metal to more pressing ones where rust may get into the mixture and you start to smoke rust altogether. This makes their herb grinders great not only for connoisseurs but also for everyday consumers who are just trying to stay healthy and get the most out of their herbs.   

2. Indestructible Radial Cut Blades.

One of the main components that make a grinder a good grinder is its teeth. Although it goes by many names (pegs, blades, teeth) they all serve a single purpose and that’s to grind the herbs into smaller pieces allowing you to take full advantage of the active ingredients it has to offer.   

Before we talk about the unique blades used by Cali Crusher, here are a few common types of grinder blades.   

  • Diamond blades.  
  • Pyramid blades.  
  • Post-like pegs.   

One of the most common are pyramid blades and are found in cheap acrylic grinders. They can do a decent job of grinding your weed if you put enough time into it. Fine consistencies will be hard to achieve since the pyramid-like structure of the blades creates a small room or space where the ground up weed can move. Now amongst the cheapest and ineffective kind are post-like pegs. They are common amongst wooden grinders since it’s the only type of teeth a wooden build can accommodate. For obvious reasons, installing blades in the shape of a pyramid or that of a diamond will be hard to achieve in a wooden grinder. It’s not impossible but it is downright impractical. Post-like pegs will not cut your weed but will only mash it up and create a grinding-like action that can either break the herbs into smaller pieces or just roll them over and press the juices out of them. Either way, using them is one of the most ineffective methods of grinding weed. Lastly, you’ve got diamond-shaped blades. This design is common to high-quality weed grinders because of how effective they are in cutting weed. The diamond-shaped poles have sharp corners that will chop the herbs effectively and efficiently without rolling them over. So, why not use diamond blades?   

The answer? Radial cut blades, these blades have proven to be far more effective in cutting down weed and in breaking them into smaller pieces that activates the active ingredients the moment they are exposed to heat. The way the blades are arranged in a radial setting allows the herbs to circulate the grinder while getting cut. This increases the cutting speed and the efficacy of the grinding the herbs so you can use very little torque and still get the same quality as milling the herbs for minutes. Compared to different blade layouts, the radial design also allows you to load more herbs and enjoy better output for better results. The blades are also made to be indestructible so you can cut tougher nuggets of flowers or even the stickiest moist herbs. They are durable which makes them all the more reliable in almost any grinding situation possible. The blades are also covered with a lifetime warranty showing just how confident the folks behind Cali Crushers are with the quality of their product. The radial cut blades not only revolutionized grinder design but also the industry standard for providing consumer warranty. You can’t get any better than a lifetime guarantee of a weed grinder.   

3. 4-Way Quick-Lock Feature.

This feature is a useful addition to what Cali Crusher grinders have to offer. This technology virtually eliminates the issues of cross-threading and eschews traditional threaded design that requires you to give the conventional grinder a few twists and turns until you feel resistance. While it’s a tried and tested technology, it can bring about some dangers that have been talked about in the industry for years.   

Twisting the grinder too much can cause damages to the traditional thread. What it does is it can cause abrasion between both the aluminum materials where it may produce slivers of metal that can make its way into the herbal blend. When two metals experience chafing, small bits and pieces of the metal’s surface can break and part of these will get heated when they are either loaded in your vaporizer chamber or rolled into your spliff. Either way, it will still enter your system and can affect your overall health. While exposure and inhalation of small amounts of aluminum or any metal are generally not harmful to your health, prolonged exposure may cause lung-related health issues in the future. This nifty locking technology uses four slots that can be locked together in place minimizing the possibility of abrading and metal to metal chafing. This makes the Cali Crusher grinder products relatively safe for use not only by beginners but also by advanced consumers who like vaping or smoking weed. This locking technology allows you to remove and replace the parts quickly since it only takes a quarter of a turn to open and lock the components of Cali Crusher grinders in place. This is best if you’re in a hurry or if you’re grinding herbs on-the-go. Not that we recommend it but if the need arises, you’re sure you can grind weed efficiently while on your feet.   

Another benefit of the 4-way quick-lock technology is its ability to eliminate incidents of jamming where the threads get caught against each other which is the primary cause of loose threads. When your grinder’s threading loosens it can be rendered useless as it may prevent the chambers from locking in together and the herbs inside the grinder might just actually spill out. So, the 4-way quick-lock feature makes this grinder a secure enough tool for grinding your weed on-the-go.   

4. Unique Bottom Catch Chamber. 

You can say that Cali Crusher grinders revolutionized the way we use weed grinders. In fact, they revolutionized herb grinders altogether and have changed all the parts of the common herb grinder into things that would benefit the daily consumer more. This proves that they are a company that does not settle for anything less. They will innovate everything they are not satisfied with to provide their customers with products that they themselves can be proud of and confident with.   

That said, Cali Crusher did not find the bottom catch chamber of traditional grinders satisfactory. The traditional design on grinder bottom catch chambers are usually flat and will have corners where the pollen you’ve collected can get stuck in. This does not only make removal of pollen hard during the onset but can sometimes leave pollen stuck in the grinder that they attract and develop microorganisms and other bacteria like mold and mildew. To avoid the problems posed by this old and outdated design the folks at Cali Crusher used a smooth and rounded contour design at the bottom of the chamber so you can easily scoop out the content allowing you to maximize the pollen you’ve collected and prevent the growth and development of bacteria and microorganisms in the bottom chamber. This design revolutionizes the way we collect pollen since prior to launching the new bottom catch chamber design, consumers are content to go through additional steps like freezing their grinder and putting a coin in it so they can shake and remove any pollen that might have gotten stuck in those tight crevices while this new bottom design allows for easier and more straightforward means of collecting pollen.   

Moreover, by creating a contoured design, the folks at Cali Crusher made the chamber twice as large as the average catch chamber allowing you to collect more than the usual pollen. So, if collecting pollen was one of your primary reasons why you started grinding your herbs in the first place, Cali Crusher grinders will make your experience worthwhile. You can literally collect twice the amount of pollen using just a single weed grinder.   

5. Grooved Edges. 

Alright, this one might not appear as revolutionary as it sounds. Almost every weed grinder manufacturer has had their take on grooved and textured edges at some point. This can either be in the form of rubber rings that are placed around the edges of the herb grinder or just plain large chunks of metal that will aid your grip when you grind your herbs. Now, Cali Crusher grinders are made with the latter instead of the former because as you would recall, the blades and the construction of the actual herb grinder will give you the benefit of having to apply less torque and power when grinding your herbs. You literally will only have to give it a few twists and turns to allow you to maximize your grinding experience without having to exert a lot of effort this makes their grinders suited for people suffering from medical conditions that will impede and hamper their ability to grind their herbs. Individuals who are experiencing muscle and joint pain from arthritis and rheumatism making it severely difficult for them to mill their botanicals manually. This design can be seen throughout their products and is aimed at providing a convenient means of grinding botanicals suited for almost everyone.   

These features prove that Cali Crusher grinders are not from your ordinary lot. They have been made with exceptional attention to design and detail making them one of the most sought-after accessories on the market. This proves just how innovative products from Cali Crushers are, and seeing just how this brand crushed is crushing it, we knew we definitely had to carry the brand. So, when looking for Cali Crusher grinders, make sure to keep it here only at VapeActive.   

Cali Crusher Grinder Cleaning and Maintenance Tips  

All right, so grinders are meant to grind botanicals and depending on the quality and the consistency of the material being milled, your grinder can accumulate a lot of resinous buildup from the herbs which will include small pieces of dried and desiccated leaves, flowers, and buds, as well as the sticky trichomes that will catch on all the sides of your grinder. To make matters worse, when you grind moist herbs the moisture in the flower when it gets crushed and pressed can make its way into the crevices of the weed grinder further making it sticky and hard to turn. Unfortunately, even top-shelf grinders like Cali Crusher grinders aren’t immune to the effects of accumulating resinous buildup from constant use.   

That being said, to improve and maximize the lifespan and longevity of your weed grinder, it’s best to make sure that you clean them periodically. Here are a few tips in maintaining your dry herb grinders.   

1. Use a paper towel. 

When cleaning your cannabis grinders, it’s best to have all the parts (and we’re referring to the chambers) separated and neatly set aside. You can use a paper towel as a bed when placing and setting aside the chambers of your weed grinder while cleaning. Not only does this allow you to see the different parts of your weed grinder clearly but the white paper towel will be an ideal backdrop to let you see if any foreign objects are mixed into the remnants of the weed in the grinder. From here you can use a light brush to gently breeze through the leftover herbs in the grinder as well as any resinous buildup that might have accumulated in the screen that separates the pollen from the actual ground herb. Any slivers of metal, parts of dead bugs, seeds, or anything out of the ordinary can easily be seen from a white background. Plus, this makes cleaning the surface easier should any dry weed might fall off from the grinder.   

2. Freeze your grinder. 

This is a neat trick in cleaning your weed grinder which makes the actual cleaning and maintenance process quick and easy. This life hack involves freezing the actual grinder if you don’t feel like brushing off the buildup in the herb grinder. This step also allows you to remove sticky substances that light brushing can’t remove. Give the grinder an hour or two to freeze and let the sticky trichomes set and become more solid of a matter so you can easily remove it. This is a trick many consumers also use when they find it hard to remove the pollen they collected inside the pollen catcher as the pollen seems to fall right off the grinder with ease once the surface is frozen.   

After an hour or two inside the freezer, just take your weed grinder out and give it a few taps and see the accumulation of dried and sticky herbs fall right off. You can either use it or throw it away depending on your preference. Nevertheless, keeping your botanical herb grinders this way allows you to remove runny buildups with very little to no effort. Just leave it off the freezer and give it a few taps. You may need to brush the grinder clean or wipe it with a paper towel or a clean dry cloth.   

3. Soak it in alcohol. 

This cleaning tip is something you do only for metal grinders as grinders that are made from acrylic will get severely damaged and may even cause the compounds in the acrylic plastic to break down causing the smell and the taste of plastic to rub off on your weed. On the other hand, Cali Crusher grinders are made from high-quality aluminum so you won’t have to worry about dunking them in a pool of isopropyl alcohol.   

That being said, using isopropyl alcohol will cause any hardened buildup to loosen and break away from the grinder. Observe the water as the duration of how long you need to leave the grinder soaked depends on the gravity of how dirty the inside of your herb grinder is and how tough the resinous buildup is. One good indication is when the alcohol starts to become murky or muddy. This means that the particles of herbs have started to come loose and can be removed with a light brush. Always dry the grinder before use when you clean it with isopropyl alcohol so you can avoid chemicals getting mixed up in your ground botanical blends.   

Remember that a weed grinder can be put to tough torture but you also have to show it some love by regularly cleaning it. This also prolongs the lifespan of your grinder which all the more makes it a great investment to possibly last you a lifetime.   

Why Should I Clean My Cali Crusher Grinder?   

So, we know that cleaning your grinder may entail some level of work. And while all of the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned require little to no effort at all, dedicating a particular time in a week or a certain day to maintain your grinder takes up a piece of your precious time. Here are some compelling (and obvious) reasons why you should always be cleaning your grinder.   

1. Smoking or vaping mold. 

While this can only and virtually happen only for people who consume cannabis infrequently, an uncleaned grinder can harbor microorganisms like mold and mildew as well as other bacteria that will damage and contaminate the botanicals and the grinder itself. That’s why it’s important to clean your grinder especially when you plan to store it for a long time and you do not anticipate to use the grinder anytime soon. When you grind your herbs, especially fresh buds, can leave a small amount of moisture in the grinder. And, when you store it in a dark and warm place like your drawers of your storage boxes, it can create a conducive environment for the growth and development of mold which can pose significant health issues in the long run. Apart from bad smell and a ruined flavor, consuming weed with mold can cause health problems and might even increase the risks for people with pre-existing lung-related conditions like allergies and asthma that can and may be worsened by consuming mold in your blend. That being said, it’s a good practice to clean the grinder before storing it and before using it.   

2. It makes grinding easy. 

Like what we’ve covered above, using your grinder for a long period of time can cause the herb grinder to get sticky which can make use and actual operation a pain. Sticky connections can make twisting and turning the grinder a little difficult than usual. The dense resinous build up can get into the cracks and crevices in the threaded connection that will make applying torque and even closing and opening the chambers difficult. Consumers who suffer from muscle and joint pain may find it hard to use and operate sticky grinders. Grinders are made to make the process of breaking the herbs into smaller pieces and should not make it all the more inconvenient because your weed grinder is sticky. So, make sure to clean the grinder periodically to make sure it operates in its peak condition.   

This brings us to the question, ”when should I clean my grinder?”  

Being that most grinders are made with the intention of collecting pollen (and pollen may take time to collect), it’s safe to say that you can clean your grinder during the 15 to 30-day mark of constant use. For consumers who consume heavily and daily, 15 days of consistent use will be a good time to start cleaning the grinder. If you consume less frequently, 30 days will be a good starting point when cleaning your herb grinders. And, when you need to buy weed grinders online, make sure to check out the best place to start buying herb grinders online – VapeActive. VapeActive is the best source for all things weed grinders, especially Cali Crusher grinders. We get our herb grinders straight from the manufacturer to ensure that they are of the best quality and offer 100% authenticity. You wouldn’t want to spend your money on knock-offs and on counterfeits. Make sure you purchase the real deal any buy only from VapeActive.   

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