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Rolling papers have been a part of smoking botanicals for as long as we can remember. Whether you’re into high-grade tobacco or some high-quality cannabis, using the right rolling paper is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow.

We, at VapeActive, do carry a wide range of rolling papers designed and engineered to elevate your smoking sessions. We know the importance of rolling papers to consumers who are purists, the ones who want to enjoy the raw flavor and potency of their dried plant matter and rolling papers are like vehicles that can either emphasize or overpower the elements that these botanicals have to offer. That said, we rely on our team of experienced professionals to search for the best rolling papers on the market today. Our team personally tests each product we list on our website to make sure that we offer and deliver the kind of product we ourselves won’t be ashamed of using.

On that note, it is our commitment to our customers to give them only the best products worthy of every penny they spend on our store. We’ve also been known to provide the best service that matches the quality of the products we carry. So, if you want to find the best smoking products on the market including rolling papers, make sure to keep it here only at VapeActive. For more information on rolling papers, check out the content below.

The Historical Importance of Rolling Papers

For the uninitiated, rolling papers have a deep historical connection to smoking that we could all have imagined. Rolling papers are believed to have been around relatively the same time humans have discovered smoking dried botanicals. It’s believed that there were ancient drawings from the Mayans from about 1400 years ago where there are individuals depicted smoking a roll of tobacco leaves tied using a string. It’s no secret that the human civilization is an innovative bunch and, on that note, we’ve experimented on various ways we can inhale the smoke or vapor from our preferred botanical plant matter. Whether it’d be through a pipe, a bong, or a vaporizer, we’ve looked and tried other ways on how we can elevate our experience. Around 1703, a Spanish company started producing rolling papers that were then known as Pay-Pay. It was also believed that it started from a man named Alexandro Rizlette de Cramptone Lacroix who then came across rolling papers French infantrymen, around 1562, that Lacroix traded for a bottle of champagne. The man tried to copy it and came to start a company that produces rolling papers.

Around 1660, the Lacroix family began their journey in manufacturing rolling papers, and in 1736, they were able to get their hands on a mill and established the Lacroix Rolling Paper Company.

While that was a long story to tell, it’s only half the story. Knowing where rolling papers have started is more than just identifying the Mecca, the journey to follow is more exciting. So, let’s pick up where we left off.

The big break.

Following the acquisition of a mill and the establishment of the family rolling paper company, The LRPC got its first big break. It was from none other than Napoleon himself. Napoleon granted Lacroix the license to produce rolling papers since Napoleon’s men were using the pages from important books to roll cigarettes and that did not sit well with Mr. Bonaparte. This gave them the ability to produce rolling papers on a wider scale and also gave way to the subsequent popularity of the brand.

That said, Pay-Pay rolling papers are now seen as collector items – legitimate and authentic Pay-Pays that is. They've become an icon and is the oldest brand of rolling paper in the world. The family has successfully carved their name in the annals of the industry’s history and have amassed more than enough fortune to put them on the top of the food chain. In the following years, Lacroix’s company stayed at the top of the shelf and many competing brands have since then entered the industry, therefore, providing consumers with a variety of rolling papers. Nevertheless, the company has then acquired a huge following of consumers. Overall, the means of producing rolling papers remained the same in a way that different innovations were introduced but the majority of the process involved remained the same.

From there smoking through the use of rolling papers has spread and people began seeing rolling papers as the only way of smoking dried botanicals. It even outweighed other means of smoking dried cannabis or tobacco which include wooden pipes, fruit pipes, and the likes.

Also, rolling papers gave way to the conventional cigarette we know today. Tobacco smoked by statesmen from cigars that have been thrown out on the ground once they’re consumed is collected and picked up by peasants who took them apart and rolled them into squares of a newspaper from which they smoked it. The appeal of smoking surpassed societal classes and those in the lower classes had to improvise to smoke. These newspaper-rolled tobaccos are the progenitor of today’s commercial cigarettes. Out of necessity, those who smoked tobacco from newspapers had to search for a healthier alternative because they became aware of the toxic effects that heated ink had on their health. Those newspapers had cadmium and lead in them that did more bad than good to their bodies. They began using rolling papers and not only did this demand increased the sales of many companies but it also gave way to the idea of selling pre-rolled cigarettes. They are cheaper than the actual cigars that the rich and the famous consume but these cigarettes had the same small ground tobacco that the peasants of old used to pick up, take apart, and fill their newspapers with.

Early Rolling Papers

The 90s was definitely a weird and fun era. In terms of rolling papers, the 90s saw the introduction of many technologies and innovations in the rolling paper industry. As you would imagine, we were not only smoking tobacco leaves but also cannabis during this era. That said, the industry saw a surge of rolling papers that had flavors – either bad or good. Companies began experimenting on other things aside from flavor. Before, rolling papers used a variety of materials including rice, flax, hemp, and paper pulp. During this stage, companies started to add a variety of elements to the concoction, from the way the rolling papers are packaged (plastic bags allowed rolling papers and blunts to dry out faster), the way rolling papers are folded (folding rolling papers leave marks that won’t go away while folding them or rolling them, a particular way eliminates these folds), and how they are to be produced to retain flavor or whatnot. Companies even started playing with rolling papers that had printed designs on them which makes smoking either tobacco or cannabis a bit more fun and safer.

Today, many companies have perfected the art of making and manufacturing rolling papers and the industry offers a slew of products that are designed and engineered to provide consumers with a wide variety of items that can help them emphasize the overall quality of their botanical plant matter.

Rolling Papers of the Future

As we’ve briefly covered above, companies have started to perfect the art of crafting rolling papers working harmoniously with the advancement in today’s technology as well as with the innovative features that each company with their respective products brought to the table.

Today, we see everything like printed rolling papers that are meant to look more like paper bills that are safe for smoking. These companies have found a way to eliminate the dangers of inhaling ink by using edible ink into their rolling paper products. This means that they can print almost anything they can think of and it literally won’t affect the flavor of the herbs you’re smoking. Some companies also endow their products with edible gold. If you could imagine how cool it would look to hold a golden blunt of weed or tobacco, you have to have these rolling papers. They allow you to both be flashy and safe at the same time. These golden rolling papers are made from the best and safest raw materials so as it will not affect the materials you’re smoking. Overall, the future is looking good for us smokers who want to make their smoking sessions fun and safe. Whether you’re a medicating patient who uses cannabis to battle stress and anxiety or a recreational consumer who simply wants to think outside of the box, these rolling papers will bring you to the future of smoking.

Alternatives to Rolling Papers and Why you Should Stick to Them

As we’ve mentioned earlier, rolling papers have always been the go-to when it comes to smoking tobacco or cannabis. They were simple, straightforward, and overall convenient. That said, many consumers preferred using rolling papers over other means of smoking. However, there are some that went for alternatives. If you’re interested, here are a few.


If for some reason you don’t have any smoking papers with you, you can always make your own. Not smoking papers but steamrollers, pretty much like a bong but it’s a viable last resort. Steamrollers are makeshift smoking devices that allow you to smoke your weed or tobacco without rolling papers. Here are some common materials.

  • Toilet paper (empty roll) or an empty plastic water bottle.
  • Something sharp to poke a hole out of the toilet paper roll.
  • Something to hold the herbs like a small tin foil.
  • A lighter.
  • Your weed or tobacco.

First, you’d want to poke a hole out of the empty toilet paper roll or the empty plastic water bottle. You can use scissors or a knife. Make sure the size would be just about the size that can accommodate the tin foil. If you’re using an empty plastic water bottle, you might want to sear the sides of the hole. Next, make a carb somewhere on the side of the first hole, just make sure your fingers can cover it. Take the tin foil and create a small cup that can hold a sizable amount of herb in it, don’t forget to poke small holes in the tin foil so that smoke can pass through it. Place it on the hole beside the carb. Test for air resistance. Lastly, fill the cup with weed or tobacco and you’re good to go.

Holy Smokes

Although we don’t literally encourage it, many swear by smoking pages off the Bible. That's because phone book paper and receipt papers don’t work exactly as good and like the newspapers used in the olden days, the ink in these papers aren’t exactly safe for smoking. Plus, the texture is really bad. On that note, many consumers do believe that the consistency of the paper used in books like the Bible has the same consistency as rolling papers. Just make sure you strip off an unprinted page, the likes that are usually found on the front or the back of the book called flyleaves. Before, a flyleaf is a piece or pieces of paper designed to protect a book. However, for smokers who are out of rolling papers, they seem like a viable option.

Just snag an empty page, and roll your tobacco or cannabis as you would with your rolling paper.

Empty Cigarettes

Another alternative to rolling papers are empty cigarette sticks. This can be done with or without the filter tip so it gives you a little leeway for smoking options. If you don’t like the tobacco on the cigarette your buddy offered you, fret not. You can load it up with one of your own. How? Here’s what you need to do. First, take a small poking device, one that’s so small and thin, you can move it around the cigarette without damaging the paper. Something like a toothpick would do. Gently insert the toothpick in the cigarette hole where you’d light it up and stir the tobacco in it. Once the herbs inside are loose, remove them from the cigarette stick until it’s emptied. Get your select botanicals and make sure it has the same consistency as the tobacco you just pulled out from the cigarette. Fill it up and you’re good to go.

It can actually be easier if you rip open the cigarette pulling out the filter. Then you’d just have to push the tobacco out from one way or the other. Fill it up, and you’ve got yourself a roll.

Corn Husks

This one lets you go all organic. The use of corn husks is popular in places like California and Jamaica and is used as an alternative by many health-conscious smokers. It’s a natural way of rolling up your tobacco or cannabis and is actually considered to be one of the healthiest alternatives to your standard rolling paper. Supplied by nature, corn husks will have very little to no toxic effects on your body and while there are no actual clinical tests conducted on the use of corn husks for smoking herbs, none has reported to have had adverse effects nor anyone reported to have died from using it. Seems legit right?

Once they’re dried up, these husks are surprisingly easy to roll up and offer some of the benefits rolling papers have over other alternatives in this list. These are slow-burning, less smoke, and the ability to hold your herbs without making a mess. Since corn husks are fibrous in nature, they can take shape and hold your tobacco or weed properly and because they’re as natural a rolling paper can get, they produce less smoke. Depending on the way the corn husk is dried and if they’ve been cooked with the corn (like if you boil them), they may or may not have added a small hint of corn flavor into your tobacco or cannabis. So, next time you’re serving corn for dinner, make sure you keep the husks – just in case.


Alright, this one may be a little off context but if you still can’t find a rolling paper. Might as well use a vaporizer. Herb vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes and if you happen to be in a friend’s house who coincidentally has a vaporizer, you can give that one a shot. The thing about vaporizers is that they truly are a healthier alternative even when compared to corn husks. Using corn husks still leads you to smoke the herb which means you’re using combustion as a vehicle to extract the active ingredients on your botanicals. With vaporizers, you’re using indirect heat to activate the components in your botanicals instead of burning them. Combustion creates way more toxic byproducts and vaping your select botanicals is one way of combating that negative effect.

Different vaporizers will require different means and methodologies to load them and operate them so it’s best to refer to the user manual for instructions.

Rolling Papers Versus Blunt Wraps

Although they’re often used interchangeably, rolling papers and blunts are two different things. Rolling papers are made out of a wide variety of materials, most of which we’ve briefly covered above. These include anything from flax, rice, or hemp. Meanwhile, blunts are made from either pure tobacco leaves or what is commonly known as HTL or homogenized tobacco leaf. HTL is a combination of a wide range of tobacco scraps that get mixed with other materials and then later made to form one large sheet of paper that you then use to roll your materials. Because of their composition and overall makeup, using a blunt or a rolling paper may have a certain effect on your session as well as on your botanical herbs.

Because rolling papers are made with lightweight rag fibers, they do not produce any effect in terms of smell, flavor, and potency which means that you’re basically getting the purest smoke from your herbs be it tobacco or weed. When you’re using blunts, you’re adding tobacco into the mixture so it definitely adds to the flavor and potency of your sessions.

On that note, blunts aren’t as popular today as they were a few decades back. That’s because before, we used to smoke shwag and therefore needed something strong to mask the taste of shwag. Nowadays, the quality of dried botanical plant matter became better and we want to taste the natural flavors and the natural tastes of your herbs. When you’re smoking tobacco, you’d want to enjoy the natural flavors and the natural strength of nicotine found in tobacco. When you’re smoking weed, you’d want to taste all the terpenes and the flavonoids in the herbs instead of it getting masked by the flavor of homogenized tobacco.

Spotting Rolling Paper Over Blunts

Because they’re made from two different materials, rolling papers and blunts will have dissimilarities that one will have an easy time spotting. That said, some of these differences are physical. One is color. Because blunts are made almost entirely out of tobacco, they will be darker in hue. On the other hand, your rolling paper will be of lighter hue because it’s made from materials that are naturally lighter in color. Also, the lighter color is an indication that it’s purer especially when it comes to the amount of materials in the paper that can cause irritants and toxic byproducts. Furthermore, blunts will appear to be bigger than rolling papers as blunts are often thicker because of the tobacco in it. They come in larger sheets and are unmistakably tobacco in composition and in appearance. In terms of design and the way they are presented, blunts are often just plain sheets of tobacco with very little variations when it comes to looks and appearance. On the other hand, rolling papers, as we’ve briefly covered above, will offer a large selection from printed rolling papers that feature many designs. There are those woven or embellished entirely with gold ornaments that are fairly safe for smoking. Today’s techniques and methods are far better than the olden days so you’re most likely to get better results smoking either from a blunt or from a rolling paper.

When it comes to experience, you’re supposed to get a cleaner taste when smoking with rolling papers. Because they’re plain thin sheets of clean and plain paper, you won’t taste anything in them and they will have very little impact on your sessions. Depending on what kind of tobacco you’re using, you can enjoy its musky and earthy flavor that’s fairly natural and native to the dried plant matter or if you’re using flavored varieties, you get to better taste the mint or whatever flavor’s in it. If you’re smoking cannabis, you’re going to better taste the flavonoids and the most sought-after terpenes in it. Rolling papers are able to preserve the flavor profile of your botanicals and allow you to experience its true taste. The same goes with potency, with tobacco, you’re getting the pure and raw nicotine in it while you reap the psychedelic cannabinoids in the weed.

Now, if you’re using blunts, you’re getting more. In terms of flavor, blunts will add a slight tobacco taste to whatever botanical you’re smoking. If it’s tobacco, then it will strengthen the flavor and if it’s weed you can expect to taste tobacco in it. On that note, many companies have started adding additives on their blunts which give them a more unique taste. We're talking about fruity flavors, pastry flavors, almost anything you can imagine. You're most likely to find a company that manufactures it. When it comes to smoking cannabis, it of course affects the flavor profiles of the herbs and gives you a somewhat fabricated taste. This means that it can mask the flavor profile of your herbs and overpower the taste especially when you’re using flavored blunts.

So, depending on your needs, you might want to use rolling papers or blunts and we carry them both here at VapeActive. We only carry the best rolling papers and blunts on the market and you can be sure of their overall quality because our team tests and checks every product we sell on our store. We’re sure that they’re safe and that they can elevate your sessions whatever type of material you want to smoke. We make sure that our products directly come from the source and that they’re authentic and original. So, if you’re looking for a store you can trust, make it VapeActive.

VapeActive Rolling Papers and Blunts

Interested to see our collection of the blunts and rolling papers we carry, well, here’s a sneak peek.

Shine Rolling Papers

Shine is a company that makes and manufactures 24K gold rolling papers and their products are one of our best-sellers. They are made from the finest raw materials including the best hemp and edible gold on the market. This ensures these rolling papers to burn slowly and evenly, something important for most smokers since an uneven burn can lead to many bad things. Not only does this mean that some of the herbs are burnt while some remain fresh, but this also means that you could be wasting weed or tobacco. When your herbs burn unevenly and when that happens, it means that you’re not smoking everything and that you’re not smoking to your full potential. Because these rolling papers promote a better burn, you’re able to maximize your sessions.

Shine rolling papers are a great addition to your arsenal whether you’re out smoking weed or tobacco because it allows you to enjoy the raw benefits of your select materials. Plus, they’re small and straightforward enough that you can carry them with you almost anywhere you go. Just roll up a spliff and start reaping the benefits of your select herbs at home or on-the-go.

Shine Gold Blunt Wraps

Shine also produces gold blunt wraps, they’re sheets of tobacco that you can use to wrap up whatever herb or botanical plant matter you want to consume. Shine’s gold blunt wraps are outfitted with the same safe edible gold you’d find on their rolling papers which means that they are also safe for smoking. The blunts are great for smoking tobacco because it lets you smoke in style. I mean, who doesn’t know gold right? It's arguably the most popular element in the periodic table and it’s one of the most valuable, sought-after, and expensive elements that bring a touch of class, sophistication, and opulence to your smoking sessions whether you like to indulge at home alone or with friends when you go out to party. Shine’s gold blunt wraps are a definite must-try.

Shine Woven Blunt Wraps

If you’re not sold on the solid gold Shine’s blunts have to offer, you might want to switch up your style with their gold woven blunt wraps. Think of designer bags like Coach and Louis Vuitton. Take that picture and apply it to your tobacco or weed, that’s how Shine’s gold woven blunt wraps make you and your smoke look and feel like. This tobacco blunt is given the edible gold treatment but instead of a solid gold appearance, it’s embellished with woven strips of gold and the gold accent over the brown skin of tobacco gives it a unique and beautiful appearance.

Shine Gold Cone Rolling Papers

While Shine produces sheets of golden rolling papers, they also make gold cones. These are a sort of pre-rolled sheets of gold rolling paper in the shape of a cone. What this does is that it allows for easier and a more convenient means of rolling a spliff since all you need to do is fill the cone up and tie up both ends instead of actually rolling the paper. This makes a simpler approach to smoking weed or tobacco since it’s aimed towards simplicity and convenience. So, if you’re out to get fast sessions, these gold cone rolling papers is what you should be looking out for.