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Bringing you exactly what the doctor ordered, VapeActive introduces Dr. Dabber Vaporizers!

Vape aficionados know well that products from Dr. D are considered the best when it comes to consuming wax concentrates and other extracts. The folks at Dr. Dabber is known for manufacturing some of the best dabbing tools on the market today, including dab pens, dab rigs, and dab atomizers. They equip their devices with some of the best heating elements on the market today, like titanium, quartz, and ceramic.

Dr. Dabber has everything you want for all your dabbing needs!


Dr. Dabber offers one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty for Dr. Dabber vaporizer products. They provide a ‘no questions asked’ warranty on vaporizer batteries and battery chargers. Their one (1) year warranty includes some of the best line of devices and award-winning models like the “Dr. Dabber Ghost,” the “Dr. Dabber Aurora,” and the “Dr. Dabber Light.” Warranty is also offered to some of their best-selling units like the “Dr. Dabber Boost.”

Dr. Dabber Parts  

Dr. Dabber has established itself as a premium brand in the concentrate consumption scene having manufactured some of the best and most awarded dab pens on the market. These well-decorated vaporizers are backed by a wide range of replacement parts and other accessories that are made available to Dr. Dabber vape users helping them with either upgrading their units and elevate their experience or even to just simply replace worked and used parts and maintain the quality and performance of their favorite Dr. Dabber vaporizer.   

Dr. Dabber has earned many awards because of how well-made its devices are. They manufacture some of the best dab pens on the market today that have won numerous recognitions from some of the most prestigious award-giving bodies like acclaimed High Times Magazine and its Cannabis Cup making products from Dr. Dabber overnight celebrities. The same award-winning quality can be found in the very parts that support the vaporizers that they manufacture. If you love Dr. Dabber vaporizers, there’s just no reason for you not to love Dr. Dabber parts. You can use it either for replacement or for upgrade purposes. However, many consumers buy Dr. Dabber parts online for maintenance purposes. Dab pens and wax pen vaporizers are outfitted with various moving parts and components that are subjected to heat, torture, and punishment. While they are initially made to withstand these punishments, they eventually wear and break down from constant and consistent use.   

Vape pen parts like the atomizer are one of the most common components to see abuse from constant cycles of heating and cooling. This causes a thermal shock and puts the object to various phenomenon causing to expand in various parts as the heating and cooling cycles continue. This causes the materials heated and cooled to experience a significant drop in the quality of its overall integrity. Unfortunately, even the most durable and reliable heating elements and atomizers fall prey to thermal shock. That’s why Dr. Dabber has created replacement atomizer parts like the Dr. Dabber Boost Ceramic Nail. Ceramic is a durable and a hard-wearing material, and when the time comes for your Dr. Dabber Boost Ceramic Nail to be replaced, you can always buy a replacement part here at VapeActive.   

Another component that often gets replaced because of getting worn out of use is the battery. Vaporizer batteries work hard in giving your atomizer the power to heat up and vaporize your materials. However, rechargeable batteries are susceptible to damage from constant cycles of recharging and discharging. Just like how your atomizers suffer from thermal shock, your rechargeable batteries will also decrease its overall integrity and overall lifespan from constant recharging and discharging cycles. While bad charging habits will definitely kill your battery, consistently recharging and discharging the batteries will decrease its lifespan.   

These are just some of the important reasons why replacement parts for your Dr. Dabber device are important. Furthermore, they will help you prolong your device’s overall lifespan allowing you to enjoy your investment for longer. When wanting to buy Dr. Dabber parts for your vaporizer, make sure that you buy only from VapeActive, home of the best parts for your Dr. Dabber vaporizer and all things Dr. Dabber.  

Dr. Dabber Parts for Maintenance   

The key to keeping your vaporizer in its best shape is to replace worn out parts that can affect the performance of your e-rig or your dab pen in ways both big and small.   

The quality of your vapors can be dependent on the quality of the parts you use on your vape setup – like your atomizers and your batteries for example. An atomizer nearing the end of its life oftentimes leads to a busted heating element, this burns your materials leading to combustion and vapors that have that burnt and bad taste. Regularly checking on your atomizers and replacing them from time to time will help keep your sessions healthy and enjoyable. Their lineup includes replacement atomizers that feature different heating components like ceramic, quartz, and titanium coils. The Dr. Dabber Aurora Quartz Atomizer boasts two quartz rods wrapped in high-grade titanium coils housed in a pure quartz dish. The Dr. Dabber Aurora Quartz Atomizer is designed with its heating element sitting close to the base of the chamber to allow better vaporization of extracts and concentrates and prevent the buildup of residue from leftover material. It's also outfitted with holes on the side for better airflow and a balanced draw.     

The same goes especially with batteries. Rechargeable batteries are the main source of power for portable handheld units like dab pens and other vape pens. Improper use of battery will not only shorten its lifespan but will also affect its overall integrity which may lead to performance reduction. Keeping spare batteries not only means you’ll have extra juice when you’ve run out of power but it also means that you’d have a spare battery just in case your primary vape pen battery gets busted. Dr. Dabber batteries feature 510-threaded designs and magnetic connections which makes them compatible with a wide range of attachments and heating elements. Although you can use atomizers and tanks from other manufacturers, using the specifically designed Dr. Dabber atomizers for each battery for best results. Nevertheless, you can use a different heating element on a battery should you desire. Take the Dr. Dabber Ghost Battery as an example. The Ghost vape pen battery offers great versatility as it works well with the Budder Cutter thanks to its 510 threaded design.    

Investing in replacement parts will ensure that you’ll always enjoy your vaporizer and that it’ll always function and do the job it was designed to do. Avoid being stuck with a vaporizer that performs only nearly as half as it should because of bad parts.   

When looking for Dr. Dabber parts to help you maintain your device, make sure to buy only from VapeActive, the best place where you can get the best deals on Dr. Dabber parts online.   

Dr. Dabber Parts for Upgrade   

Not only does Dr. D manufacture products used for the replacement of old and used parts but they also have a collection of attachments and accessories one can use to elevate their vaping sessions.    

Dr. Dabber offers glass pieces that provide additional functionality and even improve the performance of their select vape devices. The Dr. Dabber Ghost, for instance, can be equipped with a glass attachment. The Dr. Dabber Ghost Glass Globe allows the Ghost vaporizer to be used with thinner and runnier extracts and adds to the Ghost’s aesthetic appeal by allowing the user to experience vaporization virtually and see the Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer in full action. Watch your concentrates bubble up and get vaporized through this intuitive attachment from Dr. D.    

Another upgrade piece from Dr. Dabber is the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter. The Budder Cutter is an essential tool for every concentrate consumer. Forget about spending time scraping those hardened and stubborn wax concentrates. Heat them up and easily load them onto your dab pen by using the Budder Cutter. The Budder Cutter utilizes the Ghost’s battery and connects it to a heating tip that allows you to easily take your desired extract from your container without resistance. This is ideal when you’re vaping out in the cold or when you’ve stored your materials somewhere chilly.    

When shopping for brand-new upgrade parts for your Dr. Dabber vaporizer, make sure to buy only from the source, buy online at VapeActive.   

Dr. Dabber Parts for Every Vaper   

Dr. Dabber’s comprehensive collection of replacement parts and upgrade pieces caters to any type of vaper. Whatever Dr. Dabber vape you’re using, you’re sure to find the right component for your favorite device. Dr. Dabber offers a wide range of replacement parts and all your needs. Many vape users have different inclinations when using vaporizers. Other consumers would prefer the flavorful vapors from your select materials while others prefer consuming the vapors that are potent and powerful. Here are a few parts for Dr. Dabber vaporizers that are designed to answer these inclinations.   

Quartz Atomizer for Potent Vapors  

Quartz is a heating element designed for potent vapors; quartz is a heating element that can ramp up heat fast. Dr. Dabber has studied the effects of heating in vaporization and has found out that the higher the temperature level applied, the more potent the vapors are. That's because higher temperature levels allow you to extract the more potent active ingredients in your material. Thanks to the fast-acting properties of quartz, you can easily reach high temperatures faster. This means that you can get that potent vapor production you’ve been looking for really fast. This makes Dr. Dabber’s quartz atomizer well suited for consumers who want potent vapors on-the-go. When you’re out and about, you certainly don’t want to just sit there and wait for the vapors to come. Quartz reacts to heat the moment you press that power button on your Dr. Dabber vape pen, so you can easily reap the benefits your wax concentrates have to offer. In terms of speed quartz heating elements are the best for use with Dr. Dabber vaporizers.   

Quartz atomizers are also tough and durable atomizers especially when you consider the task they are assigned with. That means you can trust on quartz atomizer to remain strong and sturdy and not break down on you. This is important especially because you don’t want slivers and shards of quartz to end up in your materials. Quartz will not get mixed up with your materials and will not affect the overall quality of your wax concentrates and your oils, unlike traditional wicked atomizers, do. They leave fibrous materials that can cause coughing and all kinds of irritation when heated that’s why they are almost no longer used in this day and age. Quartz has been around in the vaporizer industry and it looks like it’s here to stay. Dr. Dabber has been using this material for its devices since they started production and have been the highlight of Dr. Dabber products like the Dr. Dabber Aurora Quartz Atomizer.   

Ceramic Atomizer for Flavorful Clouds  

Ceramic atomizers are the exact opposite of quartz atomizers in terms of how fast they react to heat. That said, they offer different results that are far from what quartz atomizers provide. Because of its low and slow heating, ceramic atomizers heat up your wax concentrates progressively to the point that it extracts the active ingredients in your wax concentrates without having to reach the point of combustion. This means that when you use ceramic atomizers, the vapor is produced without burning the material. When this happens, the flavor of the wax concentrates is preserved instead of having burnt material or burnt taste mask and overshadow the natural flavors of your extracts. This makes ceramic heating elements such a hit amongst consumers whose inclination is the aesthetic value of vaping wax concentrates. These consumers value flavor and aroma over the potency of the vapors produced by consuming wax concentrates and are often called connoisseurs. Ceramic’s ability and tenacity for extracting the most flavorful vapors are linked to the science of vaporization. The flavonoids and the terpenes in the wax concentrate are activated when heated at a much lower temperature setting. This means that the low and slow heating you get from using ceramic atomizers is perfect for activating the flavor components of the wax concentrate.   

Like quartz heating elements, ceramic atomizers are also inert. They are strong and durable and they do not break easily from stress and thermal shock. While they do have to be replaced from time to time, they certainly last longer than other heating elements used in wax vaporizers which make them an ideal investment that will last longer and you can enjoy long. Dr. Dabber has earned quite a reputation in the market because of its premium ceramic atomizers. They have used ceramic heating elements in their products like the Dr. Dabber Aurora Ceramic Atomizer. Many consumers have found success in finding the perfect vapor production using these products which is why Dr. Dabber is considered as one of the best dab pen manufacturers in the business.    

Coil-less Heating Elements  

Both the atomizers we’ve mentioned above (quartz atomizer and ceramic atomizer) are two common heating elements that use a rod for heating your materials. However, heating elements that use rods and coils can sometimes cause residue buildup. This means that when you fail to heat your wax concentrates properly and leave some of your materials on the atomizer, the materials left on the heating element can cling on to the rod and the coils and develop residue buildup. When heated wax cools down, it hardens and can be the breeding ground for microorganisms and other bacteria should you leave your atomizer open allowing other organisms to enter and breed in your atomizers. To combat this issue and to provide an answer to this dilemma, Dr. Dabber created a heating element without any exposed coils.   

Coil-less atomizers like the Dr. Dabber Aurora Halo Atomizer use a technology that efficiently heats your materials while effectively hiding the coils from plain sight. This allows you to vaporize your materials to the very last drop and leaving no room for wax concentrates to simply cling to any type of rod or coil eliminating any possibility of residue buildup. Coil-less heating elements also facilitate an even distribution of heat since unlike traditional atomizers with rods and coils that emanate heat from the middle, coil-less heating elements will have the actual heating element distribute the heat on all sides of the base of the atomizer giving your materials the proper treatment and vaporization. Many consumers have later discovered that using coil-less heating elements is not only beneficial but are also economical. That's because you do not only get to heat your materials without leaving any residue but also because you vaporize your wax concentrates on the very last drop. You consume all of the materials you put in your atomizer and nothing ever goes to waste. Like any good wax atomizer, coil-less atomizers also offer seamless vaporization and often come in ceramic builds while others like the Dr. Dabber Aurora Halo Atomizer offer the best of both worlds and is built using both ceramic and quartz materials for the perfect balance of potent vapor production and flavorful cloud generation.   

Dr. Dabber offers various parts for replacements as well as a slew of heating elements that allow different types of consumers to enjoy their sessions. If you like flavorful cloud production, you can go with Dr. Dabber’s line of ceramic heating elements; if you value potency amongst others, you can use Dr. Dabber’s line of quartz heating elements; or if you want the perfect balance of flavor and potency, then you can take advantage of Dr. D’s coil-less heating element made with both ceramic and quartz. Needless to say, whatever your preference is, Dr. Dabber has the right replacement part for you. Likewise, if you need to find replacement parts online for your Dr. Dabber vaporizer, make sure to check us out here at VapeActive! We sell Dr. Dabber replacement parts at an affordable price and allow you to browse through our collection of Dr. Dabber parts conveniently under one roof! So, the next time you need to replace or upgrade your Dr. Dabber vaporizer. Make sure to buy replacement parts online at VapeActive.   

Dr. Dabber Replacement Parts for Switch  

Dr. Dabber is home to innovative and award-winning vaporizers.   

The Dr. Dabber Switch is such a device that it was one of the first rigs to ever be sold on the market when portable vape e-rigs and portable dab rigs became popular. They were one of the first companies to get a strong foothold in the portable e-rig market and that was all thanks to the Dr. Dabber Switch. Oh, and one more thing, Dr. Dabber Switch is the world’s first induction vaporizer – ever.   

Because no other company manufactures replacement parts for a vaporizer that uses induction technology, Dr. Dabber knew they had to manufacture replacement parts for the Switch. It’s not because the parts of the Switch break down easily, it’s because they wanted to make sure that the people supporting the Dr. Dabber Switch will get relatively competitive support and will be empowered to change and replace broken and worn-out components on their own and not have to send their device back to the manufacturer. Dr. Dabber has thousands of customers living outside of the States and having to send their Dr. Dabber Switch back for repair would be just too much of a hassle.   

Here are some of Dr. Dabber Switch replacement parts we carry in VapeActive.   

Dr. Dabber Switch Standard Glass Attachment  

The Dr. Dabber Switch Standard Glass Attachment is the same glass attachment that came with your Dr. Dabber Switch out of the box. This means that you get the same quality you get from stock Dr. Dabber Switch parts and that’s a compliment. The Dr. Dabber Switch Standard Glass Attachment is made from high-quality glass materials allowing you to take advantage of the qualities that glass has to offer. One, glass is a relatively inert material. It will not chemically react to heat and it will not affect the taste of your vapors. That said, it makes for a great attachment as this glass component houses the water and is the avenue where your vapor travels. It keeps the overall quality of your vapors preserved for a better and a more enjoyable vaping experience. The Dr. Dabber Switch Standard Glass Attachment is outfitted with large percolating holes that make use and cleaning simple and straightforward. The glass itself is durable but it does not make it indestructible and can still break and shatter when dropped or bumped from a significant height. You can trust on VapeActive to give you high-quality and authentic Dr. Dabber Switch replacement parts.   

Dr. Dabber Switch Black Standard Glass Attachment   

Apart from the standard clear glass attachment, you can purchase for your Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer, you can also buy an upgrade part in the Dr. Dabber Switch Black Standard Glass Attachment. It offers the same durability and reliability as the original glass attachment and also provides the same ease of use as the original clear glass but offers a better discreet experience as it masks and hides the vapor and the water with a black tint. Made from premium borosilicate glass, the Dr. Dabber Switch Black Standard Glass Attachment is the ultimate upgrade for your Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer allowing you to sport a blacked-out setup with your Dr. Dabber Switch rig. You get to experience the same quality as with your clear glass attachment but with the added stealth in the black glass attachment.   

Like the clear glass percolator, we at VapeActive also sell original and authentic Dr. Dabber Switch Black Standard Glass Attachment straight from the manufacturer themselves.    

Dr. Dabber Switch Glass Loading Tool and Carb Accessory  

It’s common to see loading tools and carb cap accessories on dab rigs. However, it’s not common to see on made from high-quality glass materials. The same way that you benefit from glass components with Dr. Dabber’s Standard Glass Attachment, the Dr. Dabber Switch Glass Loading Tool, and Carb Accessory offers the same quality of inter materials to preserve and not affect your materials for the better. A loading tool is an accessory that comes into direct contact with the heating element. After all, your loading tool is the accessory you use to put your wax concentrates into the heating element. When using loading tools made from cheap and low-quality materials, they can bleed and affect the quality of your wax concentrates and your vapors. If you use a metal loading tool, when it gets close to the heated material, it may cause your vapor to smell and taste like metal. The same can be said with loading tools made from plastic. This can be dangerous since the taste of plastic and metal rubbing off on your vapors can be an indication that it’s mixing with your vapor. The Dr. Dabber Switch Glass Loading Tool and Carb Accessory will prevent this from happening because of the inert high-grade glass material used in the construction of this accessory. Your original Dr. Dabber Switch will also come with this part and you can purchase a replacement part of the original glass tool that came with the box broke down or got lost. Make sure to check on VapeActive for authentic and original Dr. Dabber Switch parts online.   

Dr. Dabber Switch Induction Cup Tweezers  

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a revolutionary device. Hence; the parts that come with it and the accessories used to operate it are also unique and revolutionary. The Dr. Dabber Switch Induction Cup Tweezers feature reverse action so you can easily and conveniently pick up the induction cups even if they are still hot. Because you have to take the induction cup from the inside as you pull it out of the base, the average tweezers cannot perform the action needed. That’s why you can easily mess your sessions up when you use a standard action tweezer. The Dr. Dabber Switch Cup Tweezers push the walls of the induction cups as you press the tweezers together hence the reverse action.   

The Dr. Dabber Switch Induction Cup Tweezers come with your purchase of every Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer but can also be purchased separately here at VapeActive should you lose or break your tweezers. We sell original and authentic Dr. Dabber replacement parts and accessories online.   

When investing in a vaporizer, it’s good not to look only at the appearance of the device. One must always bear in mind that a vaporizer is made up of several moving parts and the more moving parts a vaporizer has, the more parts and accessories it will require to be replaced in the future regardless of how strong and durable your device is made. That said, choose a vaporizer that offers a ton of replacement and upgrade options like Dr. Dabber. And when searching for Dr. Dabber parts online, always go with VapeActive.   

Tips in Buying Dr. Dabber Parts Online  

When buying vaporizer parts online, one must always be wary of the products they buy and the company they purchase from. You don’t want to buy products from companies that look like they don’t know what they’re doing. You may not be covered by consumer laws when you buy stuff online and while you may get your money back, you may not get the time you wasted back from chasing up the items you purchased. So, here are a few tips you can use when buying vaporizer parts online, specifically, Dr. Dabber parts.   

Make sure to check the website. You don’t want to do business with a seller that is not recommended by other consumers. You can check online forums and other sites to find out what is the top-rated and most recommended online store you are to put your investment on. VapeActive is a highly recommended website by some of the biggest names in the vaporizer industry including blog and vlog sites like TheVapeGuide, The Stoner Mom, and SmokeFree.   

Another tip is to read product descriptions and customer reviews about the product you’re buying. Many consumers are fans of the Dr. Dabber brand and they won’t mind sharing their thoughts about the product they tried. The vaping community is a helpful one so always check for guided reviews. Likewise, also read the product description on the product description. VapeActive is backed by a team of experienced experts of professional vape users. So, make sure to check the product descriptions so you can understand what the product does so you can make an informed decision when making your purchase.   

Avoid getting stuck with a vape device that won’t function properly just because of having parts in poor condition. Invest in a Dr. Dabber vape and Dr. Dabber parts and keep yourself lifted longer.    

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