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About Pax Labs  

PAX Labs are one of today’s most successful manufacturers and designers of ultra-modern portable vaporizers. Their devices boast sleek and minimalist design but hide unparalleled, advanced technology under the hood. One of their latest devices, the PAX 3 as well as the PAX 2, is regarded by many as the iPhones of the vaporizer industry. They see themselves more as a tech company rather than as a vaporizer manufacturer. By incorporating the latest trends and innovation in vaporization technology allows PAX Labs to create some of the most advanced devices on the market today.  


PAX Labs was founded nearly a decade ago. Starting their company around 2007, the folks at PAX Labs knew what kind of competition they were up against – and they knew they were up to it. Because of their dedication to their work and a strong sense of passion for what they do, PAX labs quickly rose to success and became an award-winning consumer tech brand in 2018. They have studied the standards in portable vaporization and have surpassed what the industry knew and had to offer. They've created a meta of their own and have raised the bars high to the point that they are now seen as a company to have genuinely represented the golden standards in portable vaporization.  

They have initially crafted devices made for dry herb and loose-leaf use only but have branched out to making their vaporizers capable of vaporizing wax concentrates and other forms of compatible extracts. Their ability to adapt and adjust to the changing needs of its customers shows just how flexible and versatile this company is.   

Today, PAX Labs continue to transform the lives of many consumers as they continue to produce some of the best portable vaporizers in today’s industry.   

PAX Labs: A Quick Glance  

PAX Labs have only released a few products in the PAX brand name, but this does not mean they are in any means inferior to those who have been in the game years before them and those who have produced a couple more products than they have.

Headquartered in San Francisco, United States, PAX Labs is at a prime spot to be in contact with some of the best tech investors in the industry. These include Fidelity investments, Tao Invest, and Tiger Global. The exceptional team behind PAX Labs are well equipped with the right skills with computer backgrounds with computer hardware and software technology, as well as healthcare, and biotech allowing them to have all the right knowhow to create the ideal vaporizer for both recreational and medical use. Making their devices fit for people who use their vaporizers to help them manage and deal with their medical conditions. Having said, the brand has received some positive reviews and special mentions from other well-known online media platforms like Tech Insider, Business Insider, Engadget, TechCrunch, and Mashable. Their products have created a ripple of positive vibes and positive influences from people with different consumption preferences.  

The folks at PAX Labs use specific design and engineering with a focus on innovative, functional, and practical features. They employ the best developers to design and develop the latest and the most advanced software and hardware in vaporizers to ensure that every individual that rely on products from PAX Labs will have a tool that can allow them to personalize each session and enjoy a customized vaping experience.  

Consumers of different skill level and of different needs and requirements have since looked up to PAX Labs for vaporizers that will enhance their lifestyle. The very value and culture they promote from inside their company resonate through their products. Integrity, diversity, creating an impact and having a deeper passion for a product and a movement that has the very potential to change people’s lives make PAX Labs a unique and distinct vape tech company.  

So, if you’re in the fence for a new portable vaporizer, make sure to check out our PAX Labs collection to find out more.  



Because of the growing influence of today’s social media sites and other social media platforms, PAX Labs has taken it to themselves to promote their products and the brand itself via the hashtag #PAXlife.  

They've partnered up with people who not only use PAX Labs products but also represents and embodies the very values of the PAX Labs team – hard core, everyday PAX fans like you and me. #PAX life captures a day in the life of these personalities and allows you to browse through snapshots picturing the lives of these individuals. The #PAXlife series also involve questions about the interests that are somewhat fashioned to allow you to get to know them better. These individuals include athletes, musicians, photographers, business owners, advocates of movements and belief systems, and a whole lot more. Essentially, #PAXlife takes you on a monthly trip with different people who are united by the lifestyle that is PAX.  

The idea of incorporating a product only proves to show that PAX Labs is more than your average company. They go above and beyond not only to market their product but to reach people who have needs that they and their products can help, can touch. The #PAX life is an avenue for PAX Labs to let you that there are individuals like you who have found solace and comfort as well as convenience in PAX Labs products.  

Other Ventures of PAX

Apart from manufacturing vaporizers and sharing life stories of other PAX Users, PAX Labs has been known to have been a company that’s not afraid to take on new ventures.  

In the year 2017, PAX Labs have launched an Artist Series. A slew of PAX Labs vaporizers that are products of a collaborative effort between local (San Francisco) artists Casey Gray, Jayde Fish, and Ricardo Richey, also known as, APEXER. These limited-edition PAX Labs products. While the PAX vaporizers included in this limited-edition series are creations by the said artists, the designs in the actual devices are laser engraved which means they’ll stay there longer and won't easily fade away allowing you to keep with this collective piece longer than any other collaborative vaporizer on the market today. PAX has been challenged with today’s surge of collaborative ventures from other vaporizer manufacturers and artists that are based locally and internationally which inspired them to launch their own series of vaporizers that feature the works of some of today’s most promising artists. The works of the aforementioned individuals were featured on PAX Era and PAX 3 devices. The people commissioned by PAX Labs were not just some amateurs you’d see spraying paint on walls in the city streets. Like the products they were bound to represent, these artists were the cream of the crop. Having said, one of these artists, Jayde Fish, is a professional whose works were already featured on GUCCI, one of today’s most luxurious lifestyle brands. Her drawings were one of the highlights in GUCCI’s SS 2017 runway event. Her works are also featured in some of today’s premier editorials like Vanity Fair, Elle, and Vogue. Her works can also be seen in other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  


Also, PAX Labs announced and pledged support for our veterans' community last year. PAX Labs partnered up with Gold Leaf SF and LEVEL Blends, which are veteran-owned companies, for a $100K veterans pledge. The program consists of several projects. One is a pay it forward initiative where PAX Labs made a commitment to contribute the proceeds of its limited-edition vaporizer. This program gives the proceeds to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America or IAVA. Part of this project also involves PAX Labs’ effort in encouraging its customers and other consumers to join PAX Labs and the IAVA in pledging donations to the Cannabition Museum in Las Vegas. PAX Labs matched all the donations in the museum’s The Giving Tree program. It's a project that allows consumers to enjoy and experience an immersive encounter of the herb and concentrate consumption culture. PAX Labs rounded out the program by joining the IAVA in an annual event which drives awareness about aiding veterans' advocacies and support.  

PAX Labs have also partnered up with Hollywood Hotel in an effort to revolutionize the way people see us, consumers. PAX Labs believes how the consumption of botanicals and extracts have evolved and how it integrates to the lives of today’s consumers. From entrepreneurs to athletes, food enthusiasts and creative artists, it has evolved from just recreational use to sparking inspiration and providing individuals with a natural form of medication.  

PAX Labs have proven time and time again that they’re not just another company that’s in it for the money. They’re here to make a difference in any way they can and not just only in the areas they know they’re good at. This allows PAX Labs to make a significant impact not only on the industry but also in the community.  

PAX Labs is a company with a mission and its goals are reflected in the products they manufacture. Here are some features that make PAX Labs vaporizers ones to look out for.  


May it be outdoors or even indoors, Pax Labs vaporizers are the best choice for you. It is available for use wherever you wish to go. PAX Labs vaporizers promote portability alongside its technologically advanced features. PAX Labs devices have a lightweight build allowing you to carry it without any issues anywhere you please.  

PAX Labs products are geared towards discreet and low-key consumption with an emphasis on portability and in technology. This is the reason why PAX Labs vaporizers are the go-to devices of techie on-the-go consumers. The modern-day gentlemen who live a fast-paced lifestyle but crave an intimate experience with nature, and with their own selves. PAX Labs vaporizers allow you to enjoy these intimate experiences wherever you may be.  


Their vaporizers are designed and are engineered to be highly concealable and to be highly portable. This makes them perfect companions as you can easily take them out of your pockets during short breaks when you desperately crave to break that momentum during long and stressful office hours. For people in the creative industry, who make music and art, PAX Labs vaporizers can help them elevate their creative juices and spark inspiration from an otherwise boring and monotonous day.  

The size and the dimensions of PAX Labs vaporizers allow them to be the ideal devices for those living the modern lifestyle. It’s a window and a respite from stress and anxiety you face daily.   

You can easily throw a PAX Labs vaporizer in your pocket. Because it does not have an awkward shape, it will fit easily in your pocket and will not have an excessive bulk making it a joy to carry around. You literally do not have to bring a bag or a pouch to carry a PAX Labs device. While other vaporizers make you feel that you need a separate carrying case, it’s a different story when you bring a PAX Labs vaporizer around. You can bring it with you as you carry it around town and no one will question you about what’s in your pocket. The portable dimensions of PAX Labs vaporizers also make it so that they can be used as fast and be concealed even faster so you can get your daily quick fix.  

If you need a compact and a lightweight device that doesn’t sacrifice performance and reliability for portability, then PAX Labs vaporizers are the right ones for you.  


While PAX Labs vaporizers are designed and engineered to be small and compact vaporizers, they also boast durability you’d find on larger and more robust devices.  

PAX Labs vaporizers may look sleek and sophisticated smartphones and laptops but they sure can take a beating from daily use as well as daily carrying activity. These portable vaporizers utilize a premium scratch-resistant aluminum. While other portable vaporizers run into the inevitable problem of dents and scratches, PAX Labs vaporizers are made to last you a good time and give you a run for your money. 


The internal circuitries of these portable vaporizers are also made from high-quality components. This means that they won’t easily break even when you drop them that’s why many PAX Labs users report dropping their vaporizers but still profess how durable these vaporizers are. They’re not indestructible but they boast superior build quality and impeccable durability. These reports run around some of the most popular online forums giving PAX Labs vaporizers notoriety for being dependable devices. You’ll easily find positive reviews and opinions from actual end-users whose stories will do more than encourage you to go with PAX Labs devices.   

For people who need a dependable and reliable vaporizer, PAX Labs easily makes for a good candidate and will easily be recommended by both beginners and seasoned veterans alike.  

Individuals who use their vaporizers as a means to deliver the curative properties of select herbs and botanicals can always depend on PAX Labs vaporizers. They'll stand the test of time and they will not give up on them easily. Many medical consumers look at vaporizers as a form of investment. They want to have a device that they can spend money on because they want a device that they can depend on. For people who use herbs for medical purposes, a cheap vaporizer is not an option. Devices that are made with shoddy and sub-standard components means that it may easily break on them. These devices feel flimsy and will look like it won’t be able to withstand excessive use. PAX Labs vaporizers will have a decent feel to it and will feel sturdy and solid to the touch.  

The scratch-resistant aluminum not only gives PAX Labs products a more durable shell but also adds to giving it a lighter weight. The combination of a durable body and a decent weight makes it perfect for parties, concert, and even on vacations. You can take it with you during camping escapades, a holiday at the beach, ski trips, and more. The durability of these vaporizers allows you to live the life you want. PAX Labs vaporizers are definitely built for the active and on-the-go consumers and for those who value reliability above all else.  

PAX Labs vaporizers are also covered by an industry-leading warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. PAX Labs vaporizers (PAX 3 models) are covered for 10 years. This is how confident they are with their products that they’re willing to guarantee 10 years allowing consumers to have their devices repaired or replaced given that it meets the requirements set by PAX Labs. Other PAX devices (PAX 2 models) are covered with a 2-year warranty.  

Technologically Advanced 


Another feature that makes PAX Labs vaporizers a total standout is how technologically advanced these vaporizers are.  

PAX Labs see themselves as a leading consumer technology brand, and with a technologically oriented company like themselves, it’s quite inevitable that they come up with the most advanced vaporizers. One of the technological features PAX Labs vaporizers are known for is their downloadable Bluetooth application. For a device this small and compact, it’s almost impossible to think that integrating technology so advanced as a downloadable application is possible for this vaporizer. The application is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. This means that PAX labs have dedicated extensive development efforts to create and initiate a program to allow its users to have a more personalized experience with their vaporizer. While other companies are satisfied with equipping their products with mediocre preset settings, PAX Labs made sure that their small and compact vaporizer is outfitted with the latest trend in vape technology.  

The PAX mobile app allows you to enjoy more dynamic modes that are super discreet and gives you the option to extend the battery life of your device. Session control is also possible with the PAX mobile app allowing you to manage several important factors to your sessions like flavor, potency, and overall vapor production. Plus, you also get to take advantage of the PAX ecosystem.  

For people who want to create and personalize their vaping experience, the PAX mobile app is a must.  

Apart from the downloadable application, PAX Labs vaporizers, like the PAX 3, is also outfitted with more than 60 temperature settings so you can enjoy premium temperature control right out of the box. This means that while other vaporizers in its class and those of the same size offer 5 temperature profiles the most, PAX Labs products are far more advanced in terms of temperature selection than the average device. This is why it’s best for connoisseurs and even for beginners willing to spend time to learn about finding their sweet spot.  

PAX Labs also use haptic vibrations to notify you of any changes in the status of the vaporizer. You can also play games and initiate a party mode with the latest PAX Labs vaporizer models.  

PAX Labs also uses the new groundbreaking lip sensing technology. This advanced vape tech allows PAX Labs’ latest device to know and detect exactly when your lip is pressed on the device’s mouthpiece. Once it detects that you have your lips on the mouthpiece of the device, it immediately boosts the oven temperature. From your set temperature level and going beyond that setting allows it to maintain a good vapor output. As soon as you take your lips from the mouthpiece, it automatically cools down the vaporizer preserving the materials in the oven. Its automatic lip-based cooling and boosting make the latest PAX Labs vaporizers one of the most technologically advanced units on the market today.  

PAX Vaporizers 

Here at VapeActive, we’re proud to carry some of PAX Labs’ best-selling vaporizers. These devices have been raved by consumers of all kinds on social media platforms and online forums. If you like to experience superior vaporization and one of the most technologically advanced lines of portable vaporizers, then you’re in for a treat.  

The PAX 2 Vaporizer  

The PAX 2 Vaporizer is a loose-leaf vaporizer that’s designed to vaporize dry herbs only.  

The PAX 2 Vaporizer is outfitted with a powerful oven and is a conduction vaporizer which means that I heat up your dry herb strains through the surface on the oven. Instead of using hot air to vaporizer ground material, the PAX 2 uses the heat coming from the surface and vaporizes the herbs as they come into contact with the heated surface. Now, many consumers dislike conduction vaporizers and prefer convection vaporizers instead. However, because of how well the PAX 2 Vaporizer was made, it still delivers outstanding vapors even if it’s a conduction vaporizer. It is outfitted with 4 temperature setting which makes it best for beginners and advanced users who prefer to use a vaporizer that won’t bother them with having to go through many settings just to vape their materials.  

The 4 preset temperature settings make on-the-go sessions simpler and easier so you no longer have to go through a lot of steps before you get the vapors you want. It may lack precision temperature control but its fine-tuned temperature level allows you to enjoy fast and quick sessions on the fly.  

Arguably one of the most sought-after features of PAX Labs vaporizers and the PAX 2 Vaporizer, in particular, is its simple and minimalistic design. While other consumers prefer to make that loud and fancy statement, many want to go with that simple and minimalistic approach. This kind of design allows many consumers to enjoy high-quality vapors discreetly. The finish of the PAX 2 Vaporizer is plain and smooth without any extravagant and fancy lights and design that make other vaporizers obviously look like vaporizers. However, the PAX 2 Vaporizer lets you keep a low-key so you can enjoy the benefits of your dry herb strains in peace.  

While the PAX 2 Vaporizer was clearly known for being a compact and a portable vaporizer that allows you to enjoy high-quality vapors, it has also been known for one thing – easter eggs. If there’s one thing we want from a vaporizer, that’s the ability to surprise us with easter eggs and hidden features to discover and reveal.  

Some of the more ubiquitous ones are the stealth more and the party mode. Stealth mode will allow you to dim the lights of the PAX 2 Vaporizer allowing you to vape your materials without having to deal with the bright colors of the LED light. This is best for people who are annoyed by the lights are those wanting to vape in the dark. The party mode is the exact opposite of the stealth mode and will give you a display of lights when in use. There are also games like Simon Says and Pacman. Other easter eggs can be unlocked by completing specific achievements which makes time with the PAX 2 Vaporizer a fun one.  

The PAX 3 Vaporizer 

The PAX 3 Vaporizer is a newer version of the PAX line of portable devices from PAX Labs. The PAX 3 Vaporizer can vaporize both herbs and extracts making it one of the most flexible and capable vaporizers on the market today.  

It allows superior vaporization of your dry herb strains and select extracts via the superior oven of the PAX 3 Vaporizer. The oven of the PAX 3 Vaporizer is made out of surgical-grade stainless steel and is completely sealed from the other components of this versatile vaporizer. This means that it won’t cause any chemical reaction from any of the parts of the PAX 3 Vaporizer. The plastic components of the PAX 3 Vaporizer are made from all food-grade and heat-resistant materials so as not to create any toxic by-products when the process of vaporization is started. The concentrate inserts from where you are to place the extracts are made from CNC machined aluminum.  

The PAX 3 also boasts haptic feedback or vibration functionalities which allows you to understand the statuses of the PAX 3 Vaporizer as it vaporizes your materials. The PAX 3 Vaporizer reacts to each status change and informs you immediately in instances like when the device is powered on when it is ready to vape when the devices are about to enter standby. You'll also feel vibrations when the device enters game mode, when Bluetooth is connected or when dynamic mode changes.  

Apart from the vibration of the PAX 3 Vaporizer, you’ll also experience a variety of light displays as the LED lights of the PAX 3 Vaporizer changes depending on the status as well.  

The PAX 3 Vaporizer also comes with its own sets of easter eggs and the most popular of these are the inclusive games in the device. Games you can play are PAXrunPAXsays, and PAXspin. Each game allows you to spend time on your PAX 3 Vaporizer allowing you to have fun not only just by experiencing the benefits of your herbs and your concentrates but also by playing fun games. This makes for a good way to pass time if you don't have your smartphone with you.  

There are also different modes hidden in the PAX 3 Vaporizer like the standard mode, the boost mode, the efficiency mode, the stealth mode, and the flavor mode. Each mode offers a different experience allowing you to enjoy and reap all the benefits your materials have to offer. If you want to enjoy top-notch vapors from a compact and a portable vaporizer make sure you check out PAX Labs products. They also come with a slew of accessories and replacement pieces which means that whatever problem you run into, you’ll always have a way of addressing the matter at hand and the process of repairing or replacing these vaporizers will be fast and efficient. You're also covered by an industry-leading warranty for your devices. Keep it here in VapeActive for a wide array of vaporizers and products from PAX Labs. These products offer premium vaporization and superior vaping experience. Get yours now!