Puffco Coupon Codes for 2020

Get a discount off all Puffco products including Puffco Plus V2, Puffco PEAK and Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer


Get a $10 discount on Puffco Peak Lucid Lightning by using this coupon code:

Get a $10 discount on Puffco PEAK Vaporizer by using this coupon code:

 Puffco Vaporizer Discount

One to go against the flow and break the norms, Puffco is a company founded at a time when dab pens were basically cheap alternatives. Like Puffco, here at VapeActive, we want to break the cycle and be the first online vape shop with a heart. We’d like to thank our customers for always supporting our shop and making us the number one site. To show our gratefulness, we’re giving you the chance to get 10% off on all Puffco vaporizers as well as $10.00 off from the Puffco Peak. This is what you get for shopping with us. While you’re still preparing what you need to start shopping, here are a few details on Puffco’s best vaporizers.

The Puffco Peak is a next generation vaporizer that combines the elements of great vaporization and optimum efficiency. All the components attached and used in the Puffco Peak is of the highest quality. Let’s start with the borosilicate glassware. Borosilicate has high resistance to heat and thermal shock making it a befitting component to the Puffco Peak. The Peak harnesses the inert attributes of borosilicate glass to wield and yield clean and pure vapors. If you’re a junkie for everything clean, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of getting yourself a Puffco Peak at a discounted price. Using borosilicate allows the Puffco Peak to allow the vapor to travel and cool down without having affected its taste and overall quality. Glass does not immediately react to heat – especially borosilicate because of its high thermal resistance and inert properties. This means the vapors remain pure and clean. And while we’re on the subject of all things inert, it’s best to know that the Puffco Peak is outfitted with a similarly inert material and that is its ceramic bowls. Ceramic has been widely used in the vaping industry because it can withstand heat better than quartz. Because it takes a decent amount of time before it heats up, it makes for the ideal heating surface for vaporizing concentrates because it promotes slow and low heating. Low heat and slow cooking allow the best flavors to come out of wax concentrates. This also promotes a more subtle upshot rather than a knock off your socks experience.

Apart from the Peak, Puffco has some sweet products including the Puffco Pro 2 and the Puffco Plus. Both are well and capable vape pens that boast dab rig like performance all in a pocketable and a compact vape pen. You can literally take the dab rig experience wherever you may go with these premium vaporizers from Puffco. Both vape pen promises the best ad can extract the best effects out of your select waxy concentrate materials. Take advantage of our coupons and take home a Puffco vaporizer at a lower price. The coupons on our website are always up to date. Our updated coupons ensure that you get the latest discounts from the vaping industry’s leading brands like Puffco. Enjoy the best discounts today only here at VapeActive.


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