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The Storz & Bickel Vaporizer Parts  

The Storz & Bickel brand has been producing top-quality vaporizers on the market since 2000, over 17 years and counting. The Volcano Vaporizer has set the standards and has been the benchmark of modern-day desktop vaporizers. Almost every hardcore vape enthusiast knows and owns one of these desktop vaporizers that offer formidable durability and relatively formidable reliability. Not only did they help shape the vaporizer industry by creating the Volcano vaporizer but they helped shape the vaporizer parts industry by releasing some of the best parts and accessories for use with their devices. This allowed many customers to take personalization and customization into their own hands and also allowed many consumers to easily replace broken parts. Other manufacturers noticed this and were quick to follow thus starting the revolution on vaporizer parts and accessories. At the time of its release and during its production run, the original Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer was one of the first few devices that came out with a slew of accessories with it. This spurred many companies to make different kinds of accessories for their vaporizers as a replacement or upgrade.   

VapeActive is committed to supporting vaporizer companies and vaporizer products like the Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer. That's why our team of professional vape users are always on the lookout for some of the best vaporizers and vaporizer parts dedicated to the aforementioned device. Rest assured that the products in our collections pages are the best the manufacturer and the industry have to offer. So, if these parts are on our site, this means that they’re well worth your money. Before we put up these vaporizer parts, they are handpicked and are personally tested by our staff to ensure that we can provide you real-world descriptions and we can vouch for the quality and the practicality of the parts and accessory. Nevertheless, because the products we have in our collection come directly from the manufacturer, you can rest assured of its quality and overall dependability.   

Below are just some of the Storz & Bickel vaporizer parts we carry.    

Volcano Maintenance Parts   

The Volcano vaporizer was built to last, with high-grade materials like its metal body, it's simply the perfect marriage between functional design and durability. In order to maintain and preserve such an iconic piece, one has to use parts that are equally and relatively durable and dependable. To keep the value of the Volcano vaporizers Storz & Bickel manufactured replacement parts for the Volcano. The vaporizer parts are made not only as a means to replace the actual component but also to provide consumers with replacement parts that are as good as the original components that came with the Volcano Vaporizer out of the box.   

Anyone using a vaporizer will know that a device is only as good as the parts it’s made from. That being said, the Volcano Vaporizer is backed by a slew of replacement parts and accessories that not only boost its performance but also reinforces its overall structural integrity as these replacement parts and accessories are built to last. They also allow the original Volcano Vaporizer to redefine vaporization standards while still maintaining the belt as the golden standard in dry herb vaporization.   

The first of these notable parts are the Volcano Balloon Bag. The Volcano Vaporizer is arguably the first desktop vaporizer to have used or even popularized the balloon bag technology in vaporization. Like a good trailblazer, the Volcano Vaporizer set a path where many vaporizer manufacturers have followed suit. They’re made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic which is a thermoplastic polymer resin commonly used in everyday materials like clothing fiber, food containers, and a slew of other things you see on your household. This means that while the balloons themselves are made from plastic, having been receptacles of warm vapor, they are still safe and will not pose a significant harmful threat to your body. That being said, the material itself boasts decent thermal resistance because PET is used for oven hoses that are made to handle temperature levels up to 200°C or 392°F. The original Volcano Vaporizer can produce warm vapor that reaches temperature levels up to 130°C or 266°F, that’s well below the capacity that PETs can handle before they start to degrade. This means that the balloon bags are safe to use even if you crank the temperature at the highest settings. You won’t have to worry about the toxic byproducts of using plastic in conjunction with a heated plastic. That’s why it’s the most sought-after desktop vaporizer not only by recreational consumers but also by medicating patients since it really is the healthier alternative to smoking your dried cannabis. This also proves that the Volcano Vaporizer, although it is a simple and straightforward desktop vaporizer, can also be versatile allowing you to inhale the vapor not just directly from the vaporizer but also from anywhere in your home through the use of this portable balloon bag.   

Speaking of versatility, the Original Volcano Vaporizer is can be outfitted or used in conjunction with two sets of equipment. These are the Easy and the Solid Valves. Here at VapeActive, we sell both the Storz & Bickel Volcano Easy Valve Starter Set and the Storz & Bickel Solid Valve Starter Set so you are fully equipped with the best components for the best possible scenarios. Alright, it’s more of an upgrade rather than a replacement part, but because it essentially is a replacement kit, both the Easy Valve and the Solid Valve Set’s offer simple and straightforward installation and connection of balloon bags complete for those who consume heavily and will often require them to frequently change their balloon bags. If you’re someone who finds yourself in a situation where you go over a set of balloon bags quickly.   

Volcano Enforcement and Upgrade Parts  

Apart from regular maintenance and replacement parts, Storz & Bickel also manufactures upgrade pieces and accessories like the Storz & Bickel Plenty Filling Chamber Reducer, the reducer is a performance part which lets you pack less herb in every session, allowing you to enjoy efficient vaping without compromising vapor production, the Storz & Bickel Plenty Filling Chamber Reducer also works well with Storz & Bickel’s dosing capsules and can also be used with various vaporizers.   

Microdosing is a growing trend amongst many consumers because of its overall benefits that are well suited for daily consumption. By reducing the dosage of your materials, you are basically decreasing the number of active ingredients you inhale and the compounds you take in your system. This allows you to control the dosage of your sessions which then lets you control the outcome when you consume. The Volcano Vaporizer has earned a reputation as a medical-grade vaporizer and is often used by patients who are medicating and are using weed for its therapeutic benefits. That being said, some of the patients that use weed for medication still need to perform daily tasks and still need to attend to their needs like coming to appointments or going to work. By microdosinig, cannabis consuming patients can easily keep the psychoactive effects of consuming weed to the minimum and still reap the medicinal benefits of the plant matter. This is why the Plenty Filling Chamber Reducer plays such an important part in how a consumer can control and customize their sessions with the help of this upgrade and performance part for the original Volcano Vaporizer.   

Other accessories and parts that allow personalization and customization include liquid pad sets and dosing capsules. Using the liquid pads enables you to use wax concentrates and other forms of extracts with your dry herb desktop vaporizer. It’s another revolutionary innovation from Storz & Bickel since it allows you to seamlessly incorporate wax concentrate consumption to your daily loose-leaf sessions. This can be done with just a few simple steps letting both vape beginners and advanced vaporizer add a certain level of potency one can only get from consuming wax concentrates.   

There are a few other parts the Volcano Vaporizer has to offer. Make sure to check VapeActive, the leading online vape shop when you want to buy Storz & Bickel parts online. We have a wide variety of products that can be used in conjunction with various Storz & Bickel products for that cohesive vaping experience. Meanwhile, Storz & Bickel also offers available parts for their other devices. Here are a few.   

Storz & Bickel Mighty Parts   

Although Storz & Bickel has made a name for itself by manufacturing high-quality desktop vaporizers, they also made some portable devices that boast relatively similar high-quality portable units. Befitting of its moniker, the Storz & Bickel Mighty is a portable dry herb vaporizer that offers precision temperature. Because of how well the Mighty was made, using it felt like you were using a desktop vaporizer at the palm of your hands. However, like most portable vaporizers, the Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer suffers from wear and tear from daily use, and, one of the components that suffer from wear and tear are the screens and the mouthpiece. Because you vaporize dry herb strains that are often ground for better results, often ends up getting clogged up because of the small particles of the herbs get trapped in the holes and the crevices of the screen. Also, over time, the mouthpiece will begin to accumulate dirt from constant use.   

Storz & Bickel has released a replacement set or rather a maintenance set for the Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer which includes a full suite of replacement parts so you will have everything you will need in one convenient package. You basically just need to buy one item and all you’ll possibly ever need is included in there. The Storz & Bickel Mighty Wear & Tear Set includes the cooling unit, a set of mouthpieces, one cleaning brush, a set of chamber tools, one liquid pad set, and one screen set. This allows you not only to remove and replace old and clogged screens but also to use wax concentrates via the liquid pad allowing you to turn up the potency of your sessions as you would when using wax concentrates with your original Volcano Vaporizer. The cleaning brush can be used to further improve maintenance and increase the longevity of the pats and the components used in the Mighty Vaporizer by allowing you do routinely remove and unclog lodged weed in the screen and in the chamber, you’ll be surprised at what a few brushes can do to preserve the lifespan of your device and provide you with clean sessions altogether. Furthermore, when the time comes for you to replace your mouthpiece, this maintenance kit comes with a brand-new mouthpiece so you can replace it allowing you to yet again enjoy cleaner and smoother hits. Oh, and you’ll also get a slew of new screens so you can replace the old ones and have backups for quite a few more sessions.   

To make sure that your Storz & Bickel maintains a solid, air-tight seal, Storz & Bickel manufactures a seal ring set so you can easily replace old and worn out O-rings making sure the device you’re using is as good as new. When looking for replacement parts and upgrade parts for your Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer, make sure to check out VapeActive where you can find the best vape products whether they’re the actual vaporizers of accessories you use in conjunction with these devices. Make sure to get your vaporizer parts from the most trusted seller online make sure to get it only from VapeActive.   

Storz & Bickel Plenty Parts   

The Storz & Bickel Plenty is yet another portable device from Storz & Bickel that utilizes relatively similar high-quality components to provide optimum vaporization of your select dry herb strains. The Plenty offers adjustable temperature settings but does not have precision control instead allows you to operate the temperature control via analog control. This makes adjustment of temperature a little less daunting for beginners being that some of Storz & Bickel’s digital controls may seem intimidating and unsettling for others. This way, you will basically use this as you would your regular vaporizer and allows you to focus more on the good stuff your device and your material has to offer.   

One of the available parts for the Storz & Bickel plenty is the Plenty Wear & Tear Set. Like the one made for the Mighty, the Storz & Bickel Plenty Wear & Tear Set includes a bunch of tools and implements you can use to maintain and keep your Plenty vaporizer in good working condition. Included in this package set are a brush, a cooling coil, various tubing sections, a mouthpiece, a liquid pad, and a set of screens. Everything you need to make sure your Plenty vaporizer is well taken care of. Because the Storz & Bickel Plenty is also made for the consumption of ground materials, smaller and finer milled herbs are can get stuck to the screen causing a stiffer or hardness of inhalation because the clogged screens will create a restricted airflow. This will not only make inhaling the vapors a task but it may even cause the vaporizer to work harder than usual. To avoid any unnecessary issues when using your Plenty vaporizer, it’s best to use the Plenty Wear & Tear Set to allow you to keep your vaporizer working in its best condition. This allows you to save money in the long run. Buying a Wear & Tear Set is a small price to pay compared to buying a brand-new unit. What these replacement and maintenance parts do is empowered Storz & Bickel’s customer base and allowed them to maintain and keep their devices pristine on their own. It also prevented unnecessary time and money spent on sending your vaporizer out for repair especially when the problem at hand can be addressed and can be resolved by daily cleaning or simply by replacing a part you can do on your own.   

Storz & Bickel, being a company that’s innovative and forward-looking has anticipated these issues and has capitalized on this situation by manufacturing replacement parts not only to resolve minor issues a consumer or an owner might face with their device but also allowed their customers to feel emancipated and unfettered by performing minor repairs and maintenance as a car owner would do with his or her vehicle. So, when searching for Storz & Bickel replacement parts online, make sure to check out VapeActive. We're the best place to find Storz & Bickel parts online and we get our products straight from the manufacturer so if you’d be in need of a quick fix, we can deliver the parts you need as fast as local shipping goes. You don’t need to wait for weeks or even months for your order to arrive and even worry whether or not it could get lost somewhere in international customs, we have the stocks ready and we update our listing as well as our warehouse whenever new stocks are needed. So, make sure to keep it here in the home of the best Storz & Bickel parts online, only here at VapeActive.   

Importance of Storz & Bickel Replacement Parts  

Storz & Bickel has done a great job of creating and marketing their vaporizer parts that many of today’s consumers take it for granted.   

At an age where vaporizers weren’t as popular and as mainstream as it was today, finding replacement parts for maintenance and upgrade was difficult which made taking good care of your vaporizer rather relatively difficult too. Many vaporizer owners will find themselves having to deal and bear with makeshift components when the vaporizer they have just lost a part or if they ran into some errors. You'd have to have at least some background in engineering to understand some of the concepts of vaporizers back then as “Googling” wasn’t as popular as it was before as it is today. There was a very small library of YouTube videos and a likewise small number of blogs and articles as consuming cannabis was seen as a taboo back then. With the introduction of Storz & Bickel’s medical-grade vaporizers, many consumers and even other large companies and similar entities took notice of the healing and therapeutic benefits of consuming the plant matter. Others would call it coincidence but it was at that time that many studies and reports were written about its health benefits and how Storz & Bickel products were made to elevate its potential.   

In these times, when you ran into a problem with your vaporizer, the most sensible thing to do was to go to your owner’s manual, user manual, or instruction manual and pray to God you’ll find some sort of answer written within the printed material. If you can’t find any, the next best step is to find the manufacturer’s number and pick up the phone. All is well if you live in Germany since the company is based and situated in that country if you live anywhere within the States or anywhere outside of Germany, you’d have to face large telephone bills for overseas phone calls and what would be a massive bill for reshipping and sending your vaporizer back to the manufacturer if it necessitates a full-fledged repair. And, that’s not the worst part. Because you have to send your device over for repair, you’d be off without a vaporizer the whole duration your vaporizer is out. What if you’re a patient suffering from a medical condition like rheumatism and arthritis. What would you have to rely on when wanting to experience an all-natural means of pain relief? What if you’re an individual suffering from anxiety? What then will you use to combat the effects of stress and anxiousness while you do not have your vaporizer with you? There are also athletes who use their vaporizers as a means of experiencing the same level of relief as drinking or taking pain killers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for muscle pain after training. What then will they use while waiting for their vaporizer to return?   

These are just some of the questions that Storz & Bickel’s replacement parts were able to answer.   

In fact, you literally didn’t have to send your vaporizer over since many of the parts and components of the device can easily be purchased and can easily be replaced even if you don’t have any background or any know-how in repairing your vaporizer. Storz & Bickel have built their vaporizers around the idea of ease of use and simplicity of operation that maintaining their vaporizers will be a no-brainer. That’s why many consumers have flocked towards Storz & Bickel devices because of their ability to be maintained and upgraded which also allows many consumers to customize their experience making their vaping sessions truly their own.   

If you need to buy Storz & Bickel vaporizer parts online, make sure you buy from a trusted seller. One that’s been recommended by customers and actual end-users as well as some of the biggest names in the industry. VapeActive is the top-rated online vape shop that’s trusted by many others in delivering the best devices and parts for your vaporizer. We have some of the best Storz & Bickel parts including Storz & Bickel wear & tear sets, Storz & Bickel liquid pads, Storz & Bickel O-rings, Storz & Bickel balloon bags, and Storz & Bickel mouthpieces, as well as Storz & Bickel chargers.   

Other Storz & Bickel Components  

While Storz & Bickel has had huge success with their replacement parts, they also were able to provide consumers with optimum convenience with some of the products they have manufactured.   

Here are a few parts and accessories that we carry that are intended to provide you with stellar sessions.   

1. Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules. 

Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules are small compartments that are intended to be pre-filled with your select dry herb strains. They provide you with a means of loading your vaporizer as if you’re putting the magazine in a semi-automatic pistol.   

Many other consumers prefer using Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules not only because it allows easy and straightforward loading of your preferred materials but most importantly it keeps the chambers of your dry herb vaporizers clean. This makes it so that you don’t have to clean the chamber almost every time which makes it even better. As you might have noticed when we covered some of the parts above, finely ground herbs tend to get stuck in the screens that filter the vapor and actually end up restricting the airflow of your vaporizer which may cause discomfort when using the vaporizer for others. Moreover, when you heat the ground botanical plant matter, there’s a tendency that some of the charred plant matter may stain the chamber leaving unwanted residue inside. The dosing capsules will prevent these issues from happening.   

Most importantly, these dosing capsules create a more compact and enclosed space within the chamber allowing you to load and consume smaller doses of your materials instead of packing a full chamber. One of the benefits of microdosing is the ability to shift the focus of your consumption so you can better reap the medicinal benefits of cannabis over its psychoactive benefits. This makes it great for working professionals who prefer using and consuming within their level of tolerance proving the Storz & Bickel to be a valuable part of your Storz & Bickel vaporizer arsenal.   

2. Storz & Bickel Grinders.

Anyone consuming dry herb strains will attest to the importance of using herb grinders. It has often been called the cornerstone of consuming herbs because of the advantages it offers. It not only allows you to cover better surface area when loading your herb chambers but it also makes for a great means of extracting the most active ingredients out of your weed. See, your herbs react better to heat when they are cut or shredded to smaller pieces which allow more of the curative and psychoactive ingredients to be mixed into the vapor so you can maximize your materials and your yield in every session.   

While there are many other varieties of herb grinders on the market, Storz & Bickel chose to stick with the traditional acrylic design with pyramid teeth. It’s an affordable option that does as good of a job as any other vaporizer on the market. It also offers a translucent build allowing many consumers to see the consistency of the herb being ground inside the grinder. No more guessing how coarse or how fine the herbs are. You can literally see through the grinder which means you don’t have to pop it open every time you want to know how well of a grind your herbs have had. Lastly, one unique benefit of using Storz & Bickel grinders is their purposeful build. Once the herbs are ground, you can open up the grinder, flip the lid open, connect the top part of the lid on the chamber, and voila! You've got a tray.   

This simple but innovative approach makes these grinders useful implements that can do more than one job. Plus, it sports that iconic orange colorway the Storz & Bickel brand has been known for.   

3. Storz & Bickel Chargers. 

Like many other manufacturers, Storz & Bickel found that it’s essential to manufacture replacement chargers for their portable vaporizers. That’s because chargers can be subjected to stress and punishment depending on the consumption patterns of the user. For those who heavily use their vaporizer and consume a large proportion of herbs, their devices will most likely have to be charged more often to cater to their level of tolerance when consuming weed. This will put the battery and the charger into more cycles of charging which will cause the charger to work harder.   

In some cases, the charger can just be misplaced and consumers will find no other means of charging their batteries.   

So, when wanting to buy Storz & Bickel parts and products online, make sure to buy only from the best source of authentic and original parts, VapeActive.