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KandyPens Vaporizer Parts   

One of the leading names in the portable vaporizer industry, KandyPens have gained widespread popularity for their innovative and stylish products and is a result of KandyPens’ long and strong history of collaborating with some of the best artists and brand ambassadors in the music and entertainment industry today. That said, their products are as iconic as the personalities that were seen using them and fans were hooked with the same vaporizers that were somewhat endorsed by these individuals. However, hard-core fans know that KandyPens vaporizers are popular not only because they were seen with today’s most popular rappers and Hollywood artists but because they are good and are capable of delivering what the brand promises. In fact, KandyPens vaporizers were already making a name for itself even before they began collaborating with artists. They are known for their dab pen and how they sort of revolutionized wax pen vaporizers in their own little way, that’s why KandyPens earned a huge and dedicated following from various wax concentrate consumption circles who became loyal fans of the brand.   

Much is to be said about how good their collection of herb vaporizers and wax pens are. Their dab pens are equipped with the most modern and sophisticated components today’s technology has to offer as well as having been dressed and designed to look as cool and as fashionable as the artists and ambassadors that represent them. The quality and effort they put into these products are unparalleled. The same can be said with the parts they manufacture specifically designed for their products, KandyPens know that top-shelf units only deserve top-shelf replacement parts and accessories. Here at VapeActive, we believe in what the KandyPens brand stands for. We believe that quality products can be achieved without having to tax the customers and the consumers. That’s why we were honored to have carried products directly from KandyPens as well as the replacement and upgrade parts that support them. KandyPens have shown the industry that with hard work and a little ingenuity, one can go far. Far enough to be considered one of the top dab pen brands in the industry.   

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Why Invest in KandyPens Parts?   

KandyPens make their products to last, however, due to wear and tear, extensive use and product mishandling, we couldn't help for some of the parts to break. Luckily the same outstanding quality and performance superiority can be achieved and maintained with the replacement parts from KandyPens. For the ultimate KandyPens devotee, nothing will compare to the quality of products made by this Santa Barbara, CA based vaporizer manufacturer. We at VapeActive offer KandyPens replacement parts that boast KandyPens’ superb manufacturing quality. These parts also include high quality materials that are relatively similar to those that came in the box with your original KandyPens piece. These products stand as a true testament to the build quality of KandyPens’ units and their replacement parts and accessories. KandyPens parts are worth investing in because they keep your KandyPens vaporizers in pristine condition if not in a condition close and similar to when you first pulled it out of the box. Buying parts is a small price to pay than having to buy the whole vaporizer. In fact, you don’t have to wait for any of these parts to break down, you can buy KandyPens parts in advance and just keep them safely stashed and within reach so you can grab them when you need them.   

Having a replacement part on the ready will help you maintain your device easily when you encounter problems in the future. Moreover, having replacement components on the ready allows you to save money in the long run by making sure the problem stops here and does not spread through the device. When a component in a vaporizer or a dab pen for this matter is broken, the device itself tends to work harder. As an example, we’ll use an atomizer. When your atomizer is gunky and full of residue, your battery tends to work harder by supplying more power to the atomizer in order for it to run efficiently. What happens is that it operates with greater effort when compared to how it functions with a clean and a properly working atomizer. In turn, this causes you to press the button longer, if not harder, suck on the mouthpiece with more pressure, and so on. This affects the entirety of the vaporizer and causes it to work under pressure which will then cause other parts and components of your dab pen to break down faster. That’s the reason why having a replacement part readily available is important. Not that we want all things in our vaporizer to be new but we want it to function properly in order to preserve the longevity of the device itself. What could be remedied by just replacing a cheap and inexpensive atomizer will turn out to cost you an entire dab pen. The folks behind KandyPens know this after being in the business for decades. That’s why they opted to create additional components and parts that are meant to support the very products they manufacture. They know through their experience as a manufacturer that some problems can be solved or rather prevented by replacing the parts the moment it breaks down so the problem won’t affect the device overall.   

Investing in replacement parts for your vaporizer is important, not only because it allows you to quickly address the problem when it started but also because it allows you to continue your sessions immediately almost after detecting the problem. You can almost just pick up from where you left because replacing KandyPens parts like an atomizer wouldn’t take more than a minute. This is true especially with KandyPens vape pods since all you need to do is just remove and replace them as you go.   

KandyPens manufacture replacement parts, especially those that often need to be replaced. These include atomizers like the KandyPens Oura Atomizer, vape pods like the KandyPens Feather Pod and the KandyPens RUBI Pod, vape tanks and cartridges like the KandyPens Slim Tank, and lastly, vaporizer batteries like the KandyPens Slim Battery. Whatever parts need to be replaced, KandyPens and VapeActive have your back, you can find the replacement part you need under one roof because we’ve collected all the KandyPens parts that consumers often buy and pass them on to you at the most reasonable price possible. VapeActive is home to the best parts KandyPens has to offer. We get our products directly from the manufacturer and can vouch that they are authentic and original. We provide you with new stocks by replenishing our warehouse every time we get the chance to. When buying KandyPens parts, make sure to buy online at VapeActive.   

Common Replacement Parts   

While a vaporizer may have several components that work together in order for the actual vaporizer to operate, there are some components that are often replaced than others. This does not mean that they are weaker in nature, this only means that they are more exposed and subjected to rather stressful situations. Here are a few examples of vaporizer parts that often require to be replaced.  

1. Atomizer. 

Atomizer, heating element, coils, whatever you might want to call it, these parts are often one of the first few vape components that need to be replaced regardless of what vape setup you’re running. That’s because compared to other vaporizer parts, atomizers or heating elements are subject to factors that cause wear and tear on the daily. The constant cycles of heating and cooling greatly affect the longevity and the structural integrity of the heating element causing it to break down faster than any other component in the vaporizer. Moreover, consistently heating and cooling an object causes it to undergo thermal shock. Thermal shock happens and is triggered by the same phenomenon and causes the exposed object to expand in various levels causing the manifestation of superficial cracks and fissures that can eventually develop into something worse. This is why many consumers find that maintaining a vaporizer, whether it would be a dab pen, a pod vaporizer, or a vape e-rig starts with maintaining the atomizer as we’ve covered above, a faulty and even a gunky atomizer will cause your vape set up to work harder spreading the stress across the entirety of the unit.   

Oftentimes, atomizers are easy to replace. That’s because top vaporizer manufacturers like KandyPens take it into consideration that vaporizers will require the atomizers to be replaced. And, in making the experience easy for their customers, they make it so that the atomizers and the vaporizers themselves will require only as few steps as possible to have the atomizers replaced.   

While cleaning the atomizer can be considered a first aid solution nothing beats having to replace the actual part. This keeps the vapors smelling and tasting clean and also lets you avoid the issues of having to inhale vapors that include gunk or heated residue in it. In fact, many manufacturers (including KandyPens) make their heating elements as tough and as durable as possible so that costumers and consumers will not have to replace them every now and then. However, the stress and tension of thermal shock can break even the most hard wearing of atomizers. That’s why apart from reinforcing these heating elements, KandyPens made it so that they are made simple and easy allowing beginners and novices to quickly remove and replace these parts without having to read heaps of manuals and spending hours watching YouTube videos online. That said, it’s good to stock up on atomizers so you can always have a replacement part readily available when you need one.   

2. Battery. 

Another component that often requires replacement is the battery. Like your atomizer, the battery is also subjected to more rigorous activities. Like the constant cycles of heating and cooling, your batteries are subjected to similar scenarios in the constant cycle of draining and recharging. In a battery’s lifecycle, having been drained and recharged plays a huge role in how long a battery can last. A cycle can be determined or described as recharging a battery that’s completely dead to 100% and then using it until it’s drained or until it reaches 0%. Most smartphones nowadays are designed and engineered to last around 500 to 600 charge cycles, vaporizer batteries can go as far as 300 cycles and can be stretched to about 400 to 450 cycles before the quality of the battery starts to decrease. A battery that has reached its limit in terms of its recharge cycle will show tell-tale signs like the inability to hold a charge or to lose battery power faster compared to when you first had it. Having said that, the batteries you use on your vaporizers should be properly taken cared for and when the time comes that they need to be replaced, you should have a backup battery in hand since using a battery of poor integrity will not only drain faster but will also pose danger to the user.   

When comparing smartphone batteries to vaporizer batteries, it’s good to take note that smartphones are often equipped with advanced technology like firmware and software settings that help maintain and regulate battery. On the other hand, most vaporizers, especially rudimentary setups like dab pens and pod vapes will not have or enjoy the same advantage as they are often equipped with less sophisticated technology. Furthermore, the common means of using a vaporizer is taking a drag out of it until the battery is depleted. This is true especially portable vaporizers like dab pens and pod vapes are almost and always used when you’re on-the-go. When you’re out and about, you won’t always have the liberty to stand next to a power outlet so your tendency is to use your vaporizer and suck out every bit of power you can get from the battery which then adds to its charge cycle. You can carry a portable power bank but that’s not always the most convenient route to take.   

Like how many renowned manufacturers take atomizer replacement into consideration when designing and developing vaporizer products, the battery is also an element they try to factor in. KandyPens make it so that the batteries on most of their vaporizers can be easily replaced. Relatively, it’s also good to keep replacement batteries within reach as it’s not recommended to use a battery in poor condition.  

3. Mouthpiece. 

An unlikely component that is often overlooked but needs to be replaced is your mouthpiece. In most cases a mouthpiece can be considered a separate or a standalone component, however, more modern devices or platforms have integrated the mouthpiece in the heating element. This design can be found in devices that use pods and cartridges that incorporate the mouthpiece together with the coil or the atomizer. The reason why your mouthpiece needs to be replaced is not that they’re made from cheap and weak materials but because it’s the part of the vaporizer that comes in direct contact with you through your lips. This is true especially when you bring your KandyPens vaporizer with you and share it with friends when you’re in public and social events like concerts and parties. While we definitely encourage sharing the fun, we strongly suggest cleaning, and if possible, replacing the mouthpiece when you have had other people take drags from your vaporizer. Especially now that viruses and diseases are rampant, pressing your lips against a clean mouthpiece is imperative. Viruses can survive on plastic surfaces for five to seven days. Imagine having people you don’t know and have just met in parties inhale from your vaporizer and then just moments later, you’ll inhale from the same mouthpiece. While it’s good to have a cleaning kit or a cleaning wipe on the ready, sometimes, a replacement mouthpiece is a better option.   

Your mouthpiece can also develop residual deposits as vapor carries a certain amount of moisture in it. Moisture can leave dirt and dust sticking inside your mouthpiece and may attract and even harbor bacteria inside the airpath as it can be a conducive environment for small microorganisms being the vapors produced by your vaporizer are often warm. Cleaning can rid most of the bacteria but again, it’s best to have them replaced as it’s not recommended to inhale from a dirty mouthpiece given that many consumers use vaporizers because it’s a healthier alternative to smoking and inhaling combusted wax or plant matter. So, if you’re using a KandyPens vaporizer, make sure to stock up on KandyPens vape pods and KandyPens cartridges so you can have a replacement part available.   

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Are KandyPens Parts Worth It?   

When considering purchasing vaporizers, a good buyer will factor in the availability of parts as well the overall quality of the parts being sold by the manufacturer as well as by its partner companies. Having said that, you can trust in the quality of KandyPens parts. Like the very products they make, the parts they manufacture boast unparalleled quality and affordability. You’d be hard pressed find any other company like KandyPens, a brand that was able to capture and captivate a broad audience through their stylish, avant-garde vaporizer parts. They have made a significant impact on the vaping culture and have brought much appreciated attention in the vaping industry by partnering with some of the biggest names in various industries.   

So, if you’re ever wondering if KandyPens parts are worth it, just look at the impact and influence they made in the industry. Just think if stars and personalities like DJ Khaled, Amber Rose, and Dave East would use products they wouldn't be confident with especially that their faces and names are slapped on the product branding. KandyPens parts offer superior quality for the price. They make for great additions to your vaping arsenal and allow for maintaining the overall quality of your device. Some of KandyPens’ vaporizer products do sport 510-threaded designs. This means that it can be compatible with a wide range of 510-threaded attachments on the market today and while you can use any other compatible attachment you can find in conjunction with these batteries, using original and authentic parts from KandyPens allows you to maximize your vape session as well as to maintain the same level of competency and functionality as you would with other attachments. KandyPens parts will bring the full potential of your KandyPens vaporizers so make sure to use authentic and original parts when you plan on replacing and upgrading your KandyPens pod vaporizer, KandyPens dab pen, KandyPens vape e-rig, or KandyPens cartridge vaporizer.   

If you think you still need some convincing, come and take a look at some of the KandyPens parts we carry at VapeActive.   

1. KandyPens Feather Pod.  

The KandyPens Feather Pod is the official pod used for the KandyPens Feather Vaporizer – the company’s limited entry to the e-juice platform. KandyPens is known for its products used for wax concentrates but they proved that they can tread on uncharted territory and still come out on top.   

The KandyPens Feather Pod is made to provide individuals who are into consuming nicotine salts a run for their money. The pod itself is made from high-quality materials and boasts handmade quality. To ensure proper control, KandyPens made the Feather Pod with air-activated technology allowing you to activate the heating element without having to press any button. All you need to do is to draw from the mouthpiece in the pod and the heating element will be triggered and vapors are produced. What this does is it mimics the sensation you get from smoking a traditional and conventional cigarette and not press any button when wanting to draw vapors from the actual pod. To help you achieve dense cloud production, the KandyPens Feather Pod is equipped with coils that can withstand low resistance of 0.8-ohms to vaporize your e-juice without reaching the point of combustion.   

Each pod can accommodate 2ml of e-liquid making it one of the largest pods in the industry and can offer a hefty amount of e-juice when you’re on-the-go. This means you don’t have to bring your bottles because the 2ml e-juice is more than enough for a day’s use especially for consumers who don’t vape heavily. The KandyPens Feather Pods make for a great inclusion to your arsenal or collection of vaping accessories and attachment.   

2. KandyPens RUBI Pod.  

The KandyPens RUBI Pod is another pod system made and manufactured by KandyPens. Like the Feather pod system, the RUBI Pods are refillable which means you can put your select e-liquid blends in its 1ml pod. The KandyPens RUBI Pod continues what limited run the KandyPens Feather had. The KandyPens RUBI also boasts air-activated technology which makes drawing from the pods pretty much like drawing from a conventional cigarette.   

However, what separates the RUBI pods from other pods in the segment is the components used in the actual heating element inside the pod. The KandyPens RUBI pod is outfitted with Japanese cotton and ceramic coils to preserve the quality of your select e-juice in terms of flavor and potency. This means that the vapors you get from the KandyPens RUBI Pods are smooth, clean, and flavorful. It’s a throwback to old vaporizers but offers modern features allowing it to be relevant for today’s consumers. The KandyPens RUBI Pod boasts a leak-proof build allowing you to bring it with you almost anywhere you go without ever worrying if your vape pod will make a mess. This means you can put it in your pocket or just throw it in your bag and not worry about spilling e-liquid in your bag or damaging the tech you have inside. You don’t want to make a sticky mess of your laptop and your tablet. Its leak-proof design also contributes to the KandyPens RUBI Pod preventing any spit-backs when in use. This means that your tongue nor your lips won’t get hurt or burned from the hot e-liquid that bubbles and spurts as it is vaporized.   

Stocking up on KandyPens RUBI Pods is a must especially if you’re using a RUBI vaporizer.   

3. KandyPens Oura Atomizer.  

The KandyPens Oura Atomizer is the heating element used by KandyPens’ entry to the portable dab rig and vape e-rig platform.   

Like many other atomizers and heating elements produced by KandyPens, the Oura atomizer was designed and engineered in the United States. This means that this heating element features American ingenuity and craftsmanship. To show how well the KandyPens Oura Atomizer is, KandyPens made it with nichrome coils and a quartz glass bucket. This gives the KandyPens Oura Atomizer superior vaporization capabilities in both preserving the flavor of your materials and elevating the potency of your vapors for a truly satisfying session. This means that the KandyPens Oura Atomizer can easily activate the full potential of your select wax concentrates and can get you medicated faster while still providing you the aesthetic advantages of consuming wax concentrates on the fly.   

Quartz is known for its ability to easily conduct almost anything from energy to heat. That’s why you can always trust on the KandyPens Oura Atomizer to deliver fast and potent hits making it a viable option for medicating patients who require fast acting relief from pain and other medical condition that can be addressed by consuming wax concentrates. Instead of having to wait for a couple of minutes for the vapors to yield, the KandyPens Oura vape e-rig quickly produces vapors allowing you to immediately reap the benefits your select wax concentrates have to offer.   

4. KandyPens Slim Tank and Slim Battery.  

KandyPens’ entry to the 510-threaded cartridge platform. The KandyPens Slim Tank is a 510-threaded refillable cartridge tank with an included mouthpiece allowing many consumers to enjoy their select oils. Made with relatively high-quality materials, the KandyPens Slim Tank offers top-tier vapor production and likewise top shelf experience. The KandyPens Slim Tank is made specifically for the KandyPens Slim Vaporizer although many find that it’s still compatible with many other 510-threaded batteries on the market.   

Paired with the tank is the KandyPens Slim Battery. The battery is also 510-threaded which makes it also relatively compatible with other attachments although it is recommended that you use the KandyPens Slim Battery with the KandyPens Slim Tank for best results. Either way, you’re getting the best experience when using any of these replacement parts whether together or apart.   

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