KandyPens - Parts

The KandyPens Vaporizer Parts

One of the leading names in the portable vaporizer industry, KandyPens have gained widespread popularity for their innovative and stylish products. A result of KandyPens’ long and strong history of collaborating with some of the best artists and brand ambassadors in the music and entertainment industry today.

Much is to be said about how good their collection of herb vaporizers and wax pens are, equipped with the most modern and sophisticated components today’s technology has to offer as well as dressed and designed to look as cool and as fashionable as the artists and ambassadors that represent them. The quality and effort they put into these products are unparalleled. The same can be said with the parts they manufacture specifically designed for their products, KandyPens know that top shelf units only deserve top shelf replacement parts and accessories.  

True Superiority

KandyPens make their products to last, however, due to wear and tear, extensive use and product mishandling, we couldn't help for some of the parts to break. Luckily the same outstanding quality and performance superiority can be achieved and maintained with the replacement parts from KandyPens. For the ultimate KandyPens devotee, nothing will compare to the quality of products made by this Santa Barbara, CA based vaporizer manufacturer.

We at VapeActive offer KandyPens replacement parts like the KandyPens RUBI Pod, this premium replacement piece features leak proof design which is reminiscent of KandyPens’ superb manufacturing quality. It also includes high quality materials like ceramic coils and Japanese cotton. The KandyPens RUBI Tank is refillable as well as easy to clean. This product stands as a true testament to the build quality of KandyPens’ units and their replacement parts and accessories.