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Designed for home use, desktop vaporizers often sport a large frame and will generally require to be plugged to a power outlet. Hence, desktop vaporizers wield unlimited power and superior vapor production. Desktop vaporizers have evolved from basic heating appliances to more sophisticated devices packed with the latest technology today’s industry has to offer. 
Most desktop vaporizers are designed to vaporize botanical plant matter. That said, it’s common for desktop vaporizers to use ovens where your ground material is to be heated. Desktop vaporizers may use convection ovens, conduction ovens, or a mix of both heating technologies to extract the active ingredients from the dry herb. Vapor is produced when the materials are heated and are then inhaled through a whip or collected in a balloon bag.
Desktop vaporizers are known as the golden standard in vaporization. That being said, they are packed with some of the best technologies relating to the vaporization of select dry herb strains. These include larger ovens, better fans, more sophisticated heating elements. Moreover, desktop vaporizers use unique attachments like balloons and whips that you won’t find in other vaporizer varieties.
Many desktop vaporizers use advanced heating elements made from high quality materials. They also employ technology on a larger scale which makes for more effective applications. As an example, a convection oven on a desktop vaporizer will prove to be more effective as it can produce more substantial hot air to effectively permeate the ground material in the chamber which makes for better extraction of the active ingredients resulting into cleaner and more potent vapors. Plus, the ability to maintain power through an outlet means you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. 
While desktop vaporizers offer better power and more substantial vapor production, they are limited to home use. Their size makes it nearly impossible to carry them and the fact that they require to be plugged to a stable power source means that you can never use them on-the-go. 

Buy Desktop Vaporizers Online  

Desktop units allow for the application of more advanced and sophisticated technologies as well as the ever-appreciated access to unlimited power. Since most desktop vaporizers allow you to plug it on a wall socket, there are not many limitations to how long you’ll be vaping or how much power can the unit produces. One good example is the Storz and Bickel Volcano Digital Vaporizer, the Volcano features top of the line technology coupled with premium durability. It has high-grade heating elements and a wide range of temperature control. Another unique desktop vaporizer is the Arizer Extreme Q, it allows you to remotely control the device and allows you to precisely adjust the temperature up to the most minute detail. Desktop vaporizer technologies and innovations vary from model to model and the wide range of devices online only adds to the complexity and the competition amongst these seemingly large and bulky devices.   

Moreover, desktop vaporizers excel in the areas of vapor quality and vapor production. The fact that these desktop tanks are powered through an A/C power plug means they produce more substantial vapor output compared to battery-powered handheld units. Desktop vaporizers can reach higher power levels and can, therefore, manage higher temperature production compared to portable vaporizers like dab pens, herein lies the true benefit of the desktop unit that most enthusiasts sought after. High temperature levels will allow you to extract some of the most potent active ingredients found on the actual plant matter. Higher temperature profiles also increase the efficacy and the efficiency of your materials. That's because higher temperature levels allow you to vaporize your materials faster regardless if it’s dry herbs or wax concentrates.   

Nearly almost all desktop vaporizers vaporize your materials using convection heating, that’s why desktop vaporizers are the most sought-after units of enthusiasts and therapeutic consumers who prefer a cleaner and better-tasting vapors compared to their conduction heating counterparts. Convection heating eliminates the harmful elements of conventional dry herb vaporization, it also saves you from some of the risks of inhaling combusted materials and helps prevent cancer, emphysema and other health issues. Moreover, convection heating allows for a more favorable result compared to other methods of material consumption. The science of convection heating guarantees the best level of heat without getting to the point of combustion to produce the most favorable flavor, cloud density, and potency. Desktop vaporizers tend to be more reliable and are built with better quality materials to ensure a perfect performance to durability ratio.   

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Why Choose A Desktop Vaporizer?  

Desktop vaporizers are dedicated machines that are geared towards performance, they’re like the gaming computers of vaporizers as portable vaporizers are laptops to them. If what you’re looking for is a pure performance that’ll get you high in a fly and if you’re willing to sacrifice transportability for power, then you’re looking at the right place.  

One of the modern desktop vaporizers’ most important component is its fan since most premium desktop vaporizers use convection heating and utilize heated air to cook up your materials. In general, the stronger the power output the more potent the vapor is. Desktop vaporizers are packed with unique features that are sure to elevate the way you vape, some classic desktop vaporizers use medical grade whips or “tubing” that allow you to directly inhale the vapor right from the heating element, this makes for a more grounded and robust vaping experience, the vapors come directly as they are heated from the heating elements which may at times taste intense.

For the seasoned veteran, a strong hit is as satisfying as a home run, apart from the direct method of drawing vapor you get from classic whip style desktop vaporizers, you’ll also be amazed at how much its glass components can improve your vaping experience. Whip style desktop vaporizers can be used hands-free, thanks to ground glass wands, you’ll get to enjoy a more convenient vaping experience having eliminated the need to hold the whip in place to draw.   

Modern desktop vaporizers, however, are much attuned to the application of technology to lift up your vaping experience. Most modern desktop vaporizers utilize balloon bags that contain the vapors produced by the unit and keeps them in a bag, you can still draw using a whip but keeping the vapor in a balloon allows the vapor to cool down, giving you smoother hits compared to directly drawing from the vaporizer. These new vaporizers also come with precise temperature control which allows you to customize your vaping sessions depending on your delicate taste.  

Another advantage of using desktop vaporizers is durability. Because desktop vaporizers are made with more performance parts, they will often last longer compared to other smaller vaporizers on the market. As an example, desktop vaporizers tend to use heating elements that can reach higher temperature levels faster than their smaller and more portable counterparts. Because it can ramp up heat quickly, its components need to be able to withstand the performance of the heating element.

So, desktop vaporizers are often outfitted with materials and components that are made from the best raw materials today’s industry has to offer. We’re talking about borosilicate glass, high-quality medical-grade metals, food-grade silicone plastics, and relatively same materials that boast durability and overall better build quality. Unless you’ve bought a knock-off, you can’t expect a desktop vaporizer to break down on you the first week you use it like other small and compact on-the-cheap vaporizers do. Also, because of how much better these types of vaporizers are in terms of price, it’s only befitting that the manufacturers use better materials to improve their performance and overall quality.   

Desktop vaporizers will give you the perfect balance of durability and advanced vaping technology because of its large body and its ability to pack high-quality components in its body. Each desktop vaporizer has its own unique build, this means that no two models may be the same and the level of features each offer varies catering to different kinds of customers with relatively different needs. Make sure to check our guides and our how-to sections so you can understand each vaporizer better and help you make an informed decision when you buy.   

Sharing Is Indeed Caring  

As the saying goes, it means a lot to share the satisfying experience of cannabis consumption to your friends and even to those who are under strict medication. Desktop vaporizers make a good vaporizer for sharing with others because of its capability to generate better vapor output in large generous quantities. Desktop vaporizers are far too well equipped compared to portable vaporizers, desktops have significantly larger bowls and chambers to house and accommodate your materials, they can perform longer since they are connected to a stable power source unlike the battery-operated portable vapes and most especially, a group of friends can sit around a table with the desktop vaporizer on it making it a far superior social way of enjoying cannabis.  

The thing with vape pens and every other portable vaporizer is its decline in vapor consistency when it comes to group sessions. Technically, the first one who draws gets the best-tasting clouds, the farther you are the more you should be wary about refilling and reloading the portable unit since you’ll be more exposed to burnt materials due to the prolonged exposure of the dry herb strains to the heating element or because the wax concentrates are already heated to the point of combustion.

Desktop vaporizers ensure the most consistent vapor production, one way is through the balloons. Ideally, one extra-large sized balloon can accommodate 3 – 4 people more or less depending on the frequency you hit the balloon. It’s easier to pass the bag of air than to pass the small unit round, plus prolonged use increases the unit’s chances of overheating. The longer you hold on to the balloon, on the other hand, lets the vapors cool down significantly. This improves your overall vaping experience since one of the main reasons why any consumers get irritated when vaping is because of the warm vapor production when they inhale from the vaporizer. The cooler the vapors are, the smoother it is to inhale and the better you can experience and reap the benefits of the materials you are consuming.   

These are just some of the factors you might want to consider when looking at purchasing your new vaporizer, remember, vaporizers are investments and desktop units make for a sound and secure investment that could last you a lifetime should you treat it with proper care. Make sure to check out VapeActive’s collection of desktop vaporizers where you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. Find something the works for you whether you’re into partying with friends or if you just like solid vapors for when you chill alone, you’re sure to find the right one for you. Vape Active is the home to the best desktop vaporizers online. Make sure to buy your vaporizers from us and from our wide selection of tabletop vaporizers.   

When Temperature Matters  

The process of vaporization involves the use of heating to activate the ingredients on your vaporizer. This means that the way your materials are heated plays a huge role in how effective the vaporizer is. Desktop vaporizers are devices known for their accuracy in reading and delivering proper temperature during your sessions.   

Desktop vaporizers like the Pulsar Elite Series Mini E-Nail are outfitted with precise digital screens to display the accurate and correct temperature reading of the heating element. Desktop vaporizers like the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer are better equipped with technologies to provide you with the most exact temperature reading so you know exactly just where you stand in your sessions. The lower you take the temperature setting, the smoother and the thinner the vapor production is. This means that it can retain more flavor and can potentially provide you with a more satisfying session because you can experience and enjoy the natural flavor and aroma of your materials. Lower temperature settings would also mean a decrease in the potency of the vapor. Those who consume materials like wax concentrates will find that a lower temperature level will help them attain a weaker body buzz and will let them remain functional even after several sessions. What’s more, is that the very materials they consume contain helpful ingredients that can be used to help them with several medical conditions. So, having to get the medical properties of their materials without its psychoactive effects can make them enjoy vaping with desktop vaporizers even more.   

Alright, so much for low-temperature vaporization. Vaping on your materials on a higher temperature level allows you to increase its potency and its psychoactive effects. Those who like the hard-hitting vapors they get from potent dry herb strains will find that they can easily experience the effects of their materials with high temperature settings. Because desktop vaporizers can display the actual heating level of your device, you will not go blindly into inhaling your vapors. Moreover, these types of vaporizers allow you to set precise temperature profiles so you can pinpoint the effect you want to elicit from the materials you are using. Desktop vaporizers are the type of vaporizers that care about how your materials are heated. Compared to using small and portable devices with preset temperature profiles desktop vaporizers will give you the correct heating based on the temperature level you’ve keyed in on the unit.   

So, when wanting to enjoy better use of temperature flexibility, make sure you invest in a desktop vaporizer. And when buying desktop vaporizers online, make sure to check out VapeActive.   

Who Are Desktop Vaporizers For?   

While vaping is recommended for everybody, desktop vaporizers aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. It’s true that there are many advantages to using desktop vaporizers; however, there are also some disadvantages that make desktop vaporizers not the best option for other users. Many people would think that desktop vaporizers are just common appliances that vaporize your select materials but they’re more and offer more than just the average vaporizer appliance. They may be large and bulky devices but they are more complex than just tanks that let out vapors. Here are some of the advantages and the disadvantages of using desktop vaporizers, may this simple guide help you understand the importance of desktop vaporizers and their role in how it can improve your overall experience.   

One, of course, is its cost.   

Desktop vaporizers aren’t cheap. In fact, they are the kind that needs some saving up for. They are more expensive than just buying a vape pen at the gas station or at your local head shop. Also, buying a desktop vaporizer is normally a well though-out decision based on your needs and your consumption habits. That said, desktop vaporizers are or those who are serious consumers. It entails some informed decision making and is often considered as a form of investment. Many of the consumers who buy desktop vaporizers are those that have medical conditions and require constant and consistent consumption of their natural prescription. Patients need only the best vapors and should not settle for anything less than perfect. Many desktop vaporizers are made with medical-grade materials that allow the vaporization of your herbs and wax concentrates without ever affecting its overall quality. We’re naming the Storz & Bickel Volcano Digital Vaporizer with Easy Valve as a good example. To stress how good this desktop vaporizer is, one should know that the Volcano Vaporizer is the only vaporizer approved by the Canadian government for use for medical purposes. One of the reasons why the Volcano Vaporizer has been an approved device is because of its check valve which closes and reduces the chances of contamination in the vapor. You can’t get as medically inclined as that when you have a vaporizer approved by the government. So, if you’re a consumer who needs performance as solid as that of the Volcano Vaporizer, make sure to consider buying a desktop vaporizer online.   

Another reason is its limitation.   

Unlike portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers are devices you can’t take anywhere. However, desktop vaporizers can do something portable vaporizers can’t and that’s delivering raw power. Portable vaporizers use batteries. Because batteries are a limited power source the power output of a portable vaporizer has to be regulated in order to make the battery last longer, desktop vaporizers, on the other hand, provides you with the opposite. Like portable devices, desktop vaporizers also present several limitations of their own. Because of their size, they can only be used within the house or within a closed space. You need to have it plugged into a power source like a wall outlet for it to function. This means that it will not have the power and the capacity to provide you with vapors when it’s not plugged in. Those who require on-the-g consumption methods may find that desktop vaporizers are not suited for their needs. However, many of those who have been using portable vaporizers find it hard to go back once they’re used desktop vaporizers. Limited because of its size, desktop vaporizers give you a worthy trade-off with the quality of vapors it produces.   

While it may often look like a daunting feat, desktop vaporizers are also some of the best devices you can get on the market. Let’s look back at the reasons we talked about and find out why investing in a desktop vaporizer may just be the best thing for you.   

Let’s look back at the costs.   

With vaporizers, you will always get what you pay for. So, part of making the decision to buy a desktop vaporizer is knowing that paying more will give you better features and a desktop vaporizer with better materials. They will last longer and will prove to be worth your investment and worth your time. You should remember that vaporizers, in general, are investments and investing more in your chosen lifestyle and chosen mode of consumption gives you better results in the long run. Many cheap vaporizers are built with relatively cheap components. These are the devices that break down easily when they are subjected to stress and constant use. Cheap devices are often susceptible to wear and tear and will break down from average use. Desktop devices that are made with high-quality components, on the other hand, will outlast other devices that are built with weaker materials which prove that the amount you invest in a vaporizer will determine its longevity and reliability. Desktop vaporizers are seen as tanks and behemoths in the vaporizer industry and one would expect long-lasting sessions and even a lasting experience when using these devices.   

Let’s revisit its limitations.   

Using a desktop vaporizer keeps you at home because it requires to be plugged in and connected to a power source. When you think about it, using a desktop vaporizer will require you to sit down because of the quality of vapors it can produce. That said, the vapors you get from desktop vaporizers are potent enough to give you the body buzz that will put you down for a good amount of time. This makes having to stay at home during your sessions a good thing. Plus, having to stay indoors while you vape on a desktop vaporizer allows you to focus on your session and really savor the quality of the vapors produced when you use your desktop vaporizer. Those who are serious about using desktop vaporizers will understand why sitting down and appreciating the vapors produced by desktop vaporizers are important.   

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Why Buy Desktop Vaporizers Online?  

There are many reasons why you should consider buying a desktop vaporizers online. One of which is because of the large bulk of desktop vaporizers. It would be understandable to easily buy a vape pen or a portable vaporizer from your local head shop. Because these vaporizers are small, you can easily keep their relatively small boxes inside your pockets and make for a quick exit so that no one will see you inside the shop. Nowadays, even if the consumption of the plant matter and its derivatives have been legalized, the public still has a social stigma to the use of these materials. So, having to stay and be seen in these head shops may actually leave you like the topic of the town. When you buy your vaporizers online, you don’t have to spend hours and even minutes on a line and risk being seen by your friends, families, or colleagues. All you need to do is to sit comfortably on your couch and find the desktop vaporizer you want in a wide collection of devices online. What's more, is that the desktop vaporizer you ordered will be delivered to your doorstep   

Should you order from VapeActive, you can enjoy discreet packaging so your desktop vaporizer will arrive in your house without any branding whatsoever. Your neighbors won’t even notice the inconspicuous package that has arrived in your doorstep. If you need to be discreet and don’t want any of the members of your household know that you have ordered, our discreet packaging is best for you. Maybe you’re ordering a desktop vaporizer as a gift, our discreet shipping won’t blow your surprise.   

We’ve made online desktop vaporizer shopping easy for you. VapeActive has categorized products allowing you to easily find the device that you’re looking for and easily check the availability of the products on an easy to read and an easy to understand website layout. With VapeActive, you don’t need to be a pro in ordering desktop vaporizers. Even if it’s your first time navigating our website, you will find that it’s simple and easy to use. VapeActive is the premier place to shop for your desktop vaporizers online. Although we know that nothing beats walking in and out of the head shop with a brand-new vaporizer in hand, we assure you that all the vaporizers in our collection are brand-new and are authentic. While shopping from a brick and mortar store will give you the liberty to check the item face to face before splashing the cash, we guarantee that by reading the descriptions and the reviews on our website it’s as if you’ve seen the unit in person. The overall experience of shopping online at VapeActive is geared towards providing you with simple and straightforward means of making an informed decision before you hit that check out button.   

That’s why VapeActive is different from all other online vape shops that sell desktop vaporizers online. We test our website and change it until we ourselves are satisfied to shop in it. Our dedication to providing you an online marketplace where you can find desktop vaporizers and relevant information like reviews and blog posts relating to the desktop vaporizer you’ve been eyeing makes VapeActive a one-stop-online-shop for all your vaping needs.   

Another reason to shop for desktop vaporizers online is the guarantee and the authenticity of the products sold online. Many consumers find that when they buy desktop vaporizers from head shops and smoke shops, they find it hard to claim any warranty and guarantee they have. Other vape shops will just direct them to the manufacturer’s website but let’s admit it. Even these websites are sometimes hard to find. That said, when you shop for desktop vaporizers online with VapeActive, we will help you find the manufacturer’s website for you instead of just asking you to do it yourself. We will also provide you with a digital receipt that you can use to claim your warranty with the desktop vaporizer manufacturer should you experience any problems with it. However, ultimately, what we want is for you to never experience any issues with your desktop device and enjoy it for a long time.   

That said, VapeActive stocks up on devices that are sent to use directly from the manufacturer themselves so you can always rely on its authenticity and the overall quality of the desktop vaporizers you buy from us.   

Authentic Desktop Vaporizers  

VapeActive is the home of authentic desktop vaporizers online. When you need to buy a desktop vaporizer and want original and authentic desktop vaporizers, there’s no place to shop except at VapeActive.   

More than anyone else, we know that desktop vaporizers are investments. Our customers often save up for these devices just so they can bring home a desktop vaporizer they can use for themselves and even with friends and families. Many of these consumers cannot afford to have their money wasted and obviously, no one wants to be ripped off. It's just not right to buy a device and still have to spend more money on buying replacements because parts and components of these desktop devices broke down. We’re not saying the desktop vaporizers on our store are indestructible, we’re saying that these devices are guaranteed to provide the same level of quality as advertised by the manufacturers themselves.   

That’s the mark of a true authentic vaporizer, that’s the mark of desktop vaporizers coming from VapeActive. We carry vaporizers from brands like 7th Floor Vaporizers, Storz & Bickel, Dr. Dabber, Pulsar, Arizer, and more.   

VapeActive takes pride in having built a strong business relationship with these manufacturers and are proud to carry some of their best-selling desktop vaporizers. We get our stocks directly from them and because we care about you, we sell them on our website at the lowest price possible. No one knows desktop vaporizers as we do. We know desktop vaporizers like the back of our hands. Feel free to reach out to us when wanting to buy desktop vaporizers, we’ve got experts in desktop vaporizers ready to answer and help you with your concerns. When you think about buying desktop vaporizers online, think of VapeActive.