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About Puffco 

Puffco Logo

A company with high goals, Puffco aims to be one of today’s best manufacturers in the wax consumption platform. Taking the high road to reach high hopes is one of Puffco’s maxim. It’s reflected in the products they make since their products are often seen as premium vaporizers that boast superior vaporization and provide customers an unparalleled experience overall.  

Puffco isn’t your average vaporizer manufacturer, in fact, Puffco is one of the biggest names in the industry. Like the vaporizers they produce, Puffco is regarded by many as a premier vaporizer manufacturer. A top-tier institution with top-shelf products, a company par excellence. Their dab pens are used by vaping professionals simply because theirs is a brand built around the pursuit of perfection.  


Puffco was established at a time when wax pen vaporizers and vape pens, in general, were seen as an insubstantial option to using dab rigs. While dab rigs were considered as the prime examples of concentrate consumption, there are many users who are intimidated by these large and bulky desktop devices. There are also some who simply just don’t have the budget to immediately and easily purchase a dab rig. Portable dab pens offered a simple and straightforward means of consuming concentrates; however, earlier versions of dab pens were re-purposed electric cigarettes that simply were not meant to be used as concentrate vaporizers. Early iterations of dab pens oftentimes break or melt. They used makeshift components that caused unwanted effects and results during and after each session. This is why Puffco wanted to innovate and recreate a new vaporizer product that offered better, if not the best devices, performance wise.  

Since then, they’ve released several award-winning vaporizers like the Puffco Plus. Considered as Puffco’s most award-winning dab pen, the Puffco Plus Vaporizer garnered recognition from some of today’s most prestigious award-giving bodies and placed Puffco on the map of some of the best vaporizers the wax consumption platform has to offer. Other devices gave Puffco the honor of winning awards like... 

  • The Midwest Cannabis Cup of 2017 – High Times Magazine 
  • The So-Cal Medical Cannabis Cup of 2016 – High Times Magazine 
  • The Cannabis Cup and Carnival of 2016 – High Times Magazine  
  • The Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup of 2016 – High Times Magazine 
  • The Nor-Cal Cannabis Cup of 2016 – High Times Magazine  
  • The High Times Magazine Medical Concentrates Cup and Art Show of 2016 – High Times Magazine 

And if you think Puffco’s going to stop there, they’ve revamped and gave what was already an awarded vaporizer a major facelift. They introduced the Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer, an updated version of their original flagship vaporizer which boasted minor and major enhancements overall. It had an improved mouthpiece, better battery life, better finish, and it featured Puffco’s remodeled logo. Overall, the Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer model looked more of a bad-ass vaporizer that had the features to back up its looks.  

The Puffco Plus and the Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer is a testament of Puffco’s unwavering drive to create the best vaporizers for wax consumption. However, innovation and the pursuit of perfection isn’t the only thing Puffco has to offer. Here are a few other traits which place Puffco as an award-winning and a premium vape brand.  

Innovative Dab Pen Design 

Puffco dab pen design

It’s true that dab pens, wax pen vaporizers, or concentrate pens (whatever you’d like to call it), is a product and a commodity that’s largely dependent on technology. Puffco knows that staying ahead of the game is an important aspect of staying relevant in an industry driven by the advancement of technology, this is why Puffco works hard to deliver new vaporizers that boast advanced and innovative features.  

Puffco ensures that they’re always a step ahead of the competition which is why they hired some of the best developers and engineers to work for them and help them produce premium dab pens and vaporizers. The founder, CEO and the man behind Puffco’s success, Roger Volodarsky, brought together the elements of technology, engineering, and design. The people he hired had the task of prioritizing the customer’s ability to unlock the true potential of their materials through the use of new and advanced technology. In keeping with this idea, Puffco began manufacturing devices with features you’d be hard pressed to find on other devices sharing the same platform with products from Puffco 

Puffco introduced the use of “sesh mode” in their products. It involved the use of a 12-second continuous burst of heat which allows you to enjoy the benefits of sustained and progressive heating which carefully and steadily unlocks the full potential of your select wax concentrates – all without having to press and hold the power button. This makes Puffco products equipped with the sesh mode a device that can offer you better sessions compared to the average wax pen. Also, getting long drags without having to hold the button saves it from damage and prolongs the lifespan of the button which is pretty sweet.  

Puffco also played around the idea of using pressure-sealed bowls to maximize vaporization of your favorite wax concentrates. By creating and imitating a pressure-sealed oven when heating up waxes and other concentrates, Puffco products get to maximize the heat produced by the heating elements. Not only does it put the energy and heat produced from a small and compact battery to good use but the pressure-sealed technology also provides the user with the purest flavors allowing the faithful preservation of the natural tangy taste and aroma native to your selected strain.  

Puffco also outfitted its vaporizer pens with a new mouthpiece technology, allowing consumers to use a mouthpiece that doubles as a dab tool. Because of this innovative design, dab pen users can say goodbye to the good old days of carrying a separate tool for picking up concentrates from your container. Oftentimes this leads to wastage especially when you have leftover concentrates sticking in the dab tool. By incorporating the dab tool directly into the mouthpiece, consumers can save all of the concentrates they have because any leftover will eventually be melted and vaporized within the heating chamber.  

By innovating their products and re-visualizing vaporization altogether, Puffco stays ahead of the wax consumption game.  

Powerful Atomizer 

puffco atomizer

Puffco’s experience in the vaporizer industry gave them all the tools they need to create the best vaporizers the market has ever been blessed with. They knew that one key component to making sure that the vaporizers performed and excelled is by equipping them with high-quality atomizers. While it’s true that many of today’s portable dab vaporizers and dab pens use powerful heating elements, Puffco had seemingly perfected the art of incorporating both power and performance on their atomizers. Selecting the proper heating element is as good as choosing the right material to be consumed. There’s simply no going around it.  

They used one of the best minerals known to the vaping industry that perfectly matched wax consumption. By experimenting and researching about the qualities and the properties of ceramic, Puffco was able to achieve the ideal heating element best suited for vaporizing wax concentrates.  

Ceramic has seen wide use in the vaping industry primarily for its inert properties. Ceramic’s inert properties are coveted by many because it prevents the alteration of the overall quality of the vapors. Unlike metal heating elements, the vapors produced using ceramic heating materials will not taste like metal. This way many consumers have enjoyed vaping sessions better by tasting the actual flavor notes their wax concentrates can provide. Let’s face it, consuming wax will not reward you with as many flavors as consuming the actual plant matter. Most of the flavonoids found in the terpenes of the plant die out or is destroyed in the process of extraction. This is why using a ceramic-based heating element is important because it allows you to taste the flavors on your concentrates instead of just getting the potency from which wax concentrates are most known for.  

Ceramic also offers a cleaner vapor output since the denseness of the mineral can withstand even the highest levels of temperature. With over a melting point of 3000°F, it takes serious use before ceramic shows any signs of wear and tear. It can be heated to far higher temperature levels even when compared to glass or metal. Another feature native to ceramic is its porous surface. Ceramic can take in concentrates into its microscopic openings and allow the waxy oil material to permeate the heating element. This goes hand in hand with ceramic’s poor ability to conduct heat. Because ceramic takes time before it transfers heat to the concentrates, it creates and facilitates a low and slow heating style which surprisingly allows the production of clouds that have high flavor retention.  

As an example, the Puffco Plus as we’ve mentioned earlier used a ceramic coil-less atomizer that provides even and balanced heating to your select wax concentrates. Aside from having to facilitate low and slow heating, ceramic heating elements also make for a more practical means of consuming wax concentrates since you get more out of it while using less.  

Long-Lasting Battery 

puffco battery

“I am inevitable...” said the purple dude.  

Likewise, having to run out of battery is also unavoidable. This is one of the reasons why Puffco ensures that their vaporizers are outfitted with the best batteries they can find. If you’re using a portable vaporizer, you know how hard it is to lose power in the middle of a session. Batteries are the sole source of the power of portable vaping devices like dab pens and wax pens and having to lose power altogether is simply unacceptable.  

Taking this into consideration, Puffco used higher-quality batteries on their devices and even improved the battery capacity of some of their earlier vape pens. The Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer is a good example. They have equipped it with battery batteries giving it 15% more battery life than its previous version. All this means is longer vaping sessions with fewer instances of having to wait while your battery is charging. Puffco batteries boast better performance than the average vaporizer. You’re sure to experience smooth vaping sessions with no interruption with Puffco’s high-quality batteries.  

And speaking of battery, Puffco’s vape batteries also offer a more calibrated temperature setting that’s closer to your sweet spot. Unlike other cheaper vaporizers that says they have multiple temperature profiles but seemingly have similar effects, Puffco products promise distinct and unique effects from each varying temperature profile. These temperature settings allow consumers to have the freedom of selecting which kind of effect they want. You can enjoy the flavorful and subtle effects from your select wax concentrates or you can opt to get that knock-off-your-socks upshot with your potent extract. Either way, Puffco’s long-lasting and high-grade batteries will never fail you.  

You simply can never go wrong with a Puffco. So, if you’re on the market for a new vape pen, make sure to check out VapeActive’s collection of Puffco products.  

A Trailblazer 

Puffco has always been ahead, making sure they’re always the first come up with the latest vape tech. Considered as a trailblazer in the industry, many of the vape market’s firsts came from Puffco.  

Ever wondered what was the first ever pocket nail was? It was Puffco Plus. As if we haven’t said enough about how good this device is, the Puffco Plus was dubbed as the first ever portable ceramic vaporizer pen.  

Want another first? How about the first portable dab rig? If you’ve been around vaping wax concentrates for the past two years, we’re sure you have already heard of the new concentrate consumption platform – portable dab rigs. Portable dab rigs offered the true experience of having a vaporizer that had the power and performance of a dab rig sitting at the palm of your hands. While earlier portable dab pens and vaporizer pens offered a great experience, they just can’t compare to the power of a portable dab rig. Early 2018, Puffco released the Puffco Peak.  

At the time of its launch, nobody knew what the Puffco Peak was. It combined the elements of a portable vaporizer, a stationary dab rig, and an e-nail. It was unique, there was nothing like it, it called to have a platform of its own. Puffco showed the industry that with proper research and development, a company and an institution dedicated to the betterment of the consumption of wax concentrates can make s significant difference. It left the industry and the market in awe, and inevitably, other manufacturers followed suit.  

Puffco has contributed many technologies to the vaping industry and we have the innovative and ingenious minds at Puffco to thank for. The Puffco Peak was the realization of Roger Volodarsky’s vision of providing the community with the best dab pens and dab rigs. Through its leader, Puffco exemplified the meaning of taking the high road. He wanted to have the cleanest and most potent consumption method there is and here we have it, the best dab rig to date. The man behind Puffco’s success never wanted to settle for anything but the best. By seeing wax concentrates as the actual future of consumption, Puffco devoted itself to achieving feats no company has dared to achieve. This was Puffco’s goal, to begin with. Before Puffco, most vaporizers for wax concentrates and even for herbs used fibrous wicks. It was all and good but the folks at Puffco knew it can be improved. Fibrous wicking materials often gave off a bad and burnt taste, especially when used for longer durations, they end up wasting the concentrates they were absorbing making them a counterproductive component to vaporization. Earlier models of vaporizers also were used to using glues and adhesives holding the vaporizer components together. Not only does it make for a weak fixative but it also creates toxic by-products especially when heated. Likewise, airpaths, mouthpieces, and other components used that have sub-standard plastic materials also pose a threat to your health which is why Puffco decided to eschew these materials in exchange for better ones.  

Not only is Puffco a trailblazer in terms of vaporizer technology but they have also been one of the first few companies to devote themselves to providing a safer and better vaporizer to the market.  

Puffco Products 

VapeActive is proud to carry Puffco’s best-selling devices. We take pride in having a good stock of products directly from the manufacturers themselves.  

Here are some of Puffco’s vaporizers we carry in our collection.  

puffco peak

The Puffco Plus Variants 

One of the most successful lines of vaporizers from Puffco. They have won and brought Puffco numerous awards and recognition earning the Puffco Plus Variants the first spot on our collection. The original Puffco Plus Vaporizer offered premium features to consumers both advanced and beginners alike. It had the best airflow a portable dab pen could offer. Pulling from the Puffco Plus Vaporizer was easy. It offered good resistance but not to the point that the experience was altogether restricted. The vapors freely moved and inhaling from it felt as natural as breathing. One of its most appealing features is its all ceramic heating chamber. We all know how good ceramic is with wax concentrates right? Because of its all ceramic heating material, the Puffco Plus Vaporizer was capable of generating vapors that are clean and smooth. The vapors allow you to taste the actual flavors of the botanical plant matter from which these concentrates are derived from. The ceramic heating element used in the Puffco Plus Vaporizer ensures that each consumer will enjoy top-notch vapor quality – the likes that are suited for flavor chasers and connoisseurs would want to have.  

Of course, the flavor isn’t only the important element to wax consumption. Both vapor density and especially potency plays a major role in a consumer’s experience. This is why the Puffco Plus Vaporizer is outfitted with three fine-tuned heat settings that allow you to change the temperature level the Puffco Plus Vaporizer is operating on. These preset temperature levels allow you to use and exploit the inert properties of ceramic and facilitate slow heating of your waxes. By doing so you’re extracting the fullest flavor your wax concentrate can offer. You're getting a somewhat thinner vapor production but you’re trading it off for more flavorful results. When you decide to go higher, you’re signaling the heating element to extract more of your material’s active ingredients. At higher temperature levels, more of these compounds are extracted and are integrated with the vapor. At the same time, the vapor production is denser and has a more visible body. This way, the vapor production is more visible but the flavor is somewhat reduced. It may be seen by some as a disadvantage by those who are after the potency offered by wax concentrates see this as a fair trade-off. If you want a more balanced outcome, you can select the middle-temperature setting which gives you a more proportional result, an ideal mixture of vapor density, flavor, and potency.  

The other Puffco Plus variant is the Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer. The second iteration of the award-winning Puffco Plus boasts some significant improvements which include an improved battery, an enhanced mouthpiece, and better finish with a new and improved logo. The old Puffco logo sports an icon of a cloud that illuminates with a green light when the vaporizer is powered on. The new logo, on the other hand, sports a more edgy look. A hexagon cut in half. The old model also had a dark finish while the improved version 2 has a lighter hue. Under the hood, some of the less obvious upgrades are the improved dart tool. The dart tool is an integrated dab tool hidden underneath the mouthpiece itself. The old dart tool was shaped like a pick and had a pointy end. It was an effective pick but it also offered weaker support to other types of concentrates. To address this issue, Puffco decided to change the style of the dart tools and change the straight pointed tool to a crescent-shaped pick to allow scooping instead of just picking the concentrates. This allowed for a more effective means of reloading the vaporizer. The battery was increased to about 15% more which allowed users to enjoy longer battery life which equates to longer vaping sessions.  

Ultimately, the Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer still has some of the best qualities we loved about the original Puffco Plus but now has some improvements which only shows that Puffco not only works hard to elevate its products but also listens to its consumers. Puffco gives its consumers what they want and what they need.  

The Puffco Pro 2 

puffco pro 2

The aptly named Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer is the pro version that Puffco offers to those who want more than what the Puffco Plus models can offer. For one, the Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer offers a larger concentrate chamber allowing you to take on larger loads. Why you may ask? For consumers who have a high tolerance, for those who need higher doses of the wax's active ingredients, it’s imperative that they have a larger chamber so they don’t have to reload their vaporizers frequently.  

Apart from the more generous chamber, the Puffco Pro 2 boasts a precision machined alloy body that gives the Puffco Pro 2 a lighter mass but a denser and a more durable housing overall. This meant that it had better chances of withstanding falls and bumps from daily use and carrying activities. To top that off, the Puffco Pro 2 came with an elegant carrying case with a loading tool out of the box. All these features and inclusive items make the Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer the ideal vaporizer for the on-the-go vaping professional. Of course, out of all these physical improvements and developments, you still get to enjoy some of Puffco’s most iconic features. These include the ceramic-based heating elements, but this time, the Puffco Pro 2 opts to use a coiled heating element to provide faster results. While the coil-less ceramic heating element provides you with efficient vaporization, the coiled heating element ensures that you get on-demand results by wrapping the ceramic rod with the actual heating coil. Not only this makes for fast heating but it also produces larger clouds with more potent rips. It may only carry decent flavor but the tradeoff for immediacy and reliability is justified. You can still find Puffco’s fine-tuned heat settings of 3 for that superior temperature variability. You’re sure to see the difference of what the coiled heating element can do with these preset temperature profiles. Sesh-mode is still available while being backed with a fast-charging and a long-lasting battery.  

The Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer was made for optimum vaporization while you’re on your feet.  

The Puffco Peak  

puffco peak

Puffco launched the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig Vaporizer early 2018. This device not only showed the world what Puffco can do at its peak but also what the vaporizer industry had to offer in general.  

It had combined the elements of all that was good the industry could offer; the whole world was watching and everyone was anticipating. The Puffco Peak introduced what they liked to call intelligent temperature calibration, smart software that automatically adjusts the temperature of the vaporizer to ensure vaping consistency. This means you’re never going to get a bowl too cold or too hot, always the right and same result every time you hit on it – basically the modern-day consumer’s dream. This makes the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig Vaporizer the perfect vaporizer to use during parties and group sessions. The fact that it ensures that everybody gets the same exact hit is simply mind-blowing. Puffco used high-tech and cutting-edge technology to make this happen. All to provide a higher-level of vaping experience because only they were bold enough to take the high road. And like all pioneers, many manufacturers followed suit. Different devices in the likes of the Puffco Peak soon surfaced the market but it the Puffco Peak was unmatched, unrivaled.  

It boasted 4 unique temperature profiles, the likes of those you learned to love using Puffco’s premium dab pens. These temperature profiles we’re backed by Puffco’s years of experience in manufacturing vaporizers used for wax concentrates. This is the main reasons why they have been so good at doing what they do. By devoting themselves, their company, to a single consumption method, Puffco has managed to find what it really takes to unlock the full potential your wax concentrates hold. The Puffco Peak was designed and engineered to do just that. The 4 preset temperature profiles were designed to ensure that you experience and extract some of the most potent and sought-after active ingredients found on your wax concentrates. The Puffco Peak also heats up in as fast as 20 seconds. To imagine a device that combines the power of a dab rig and the convenience of a portable vaporizer deliver results in less than half a minute is simply unheard of. This is why many connoisseurs and vaping professionals prefer to use the Puffco Peak over any concentrate vaporizer on the market today. And while the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig Vaporizer is a portable dab rig that heavily relies on a portable power source, it ensures that this does not affect your overall experience with it. The battery charges fast and stay on longer. You can squeeze out 30 dabs in a single charge, and charging the battery isn’t as much of a wait since it reaches a full charge in just 2 hours.  

Here at VapeActive, we’re proud to carry the Puffco Peak and its variant the Puffco Peak Lucid Lightning in our collection of vaporizers from Puffco. The Lucid Lightning version is a limited-edition vaporizer. It still has the features that the Puffco Peak has to offer but in a cool colorway.  

So, if you’re ever in the market for a Puffco vaporizer, make sure to keep it here where you can get some of the best deals for Puffco devices, guaranteed authentic and original.