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Santa Cruz Shredder herb grinders come in many designs and sizes. Here at VapeActive, we have Santa Cruz Shredder 2-piece grinders, Santa Cruz Shredder 3-piece grinders, and Santa Cruz Shredder 4-piece grinders. We also have Santa Cruz Shredder special-edition grinders. Enjoy weed grinders like never before and see your weed ground up to perfection. Use VapeActive’s Santa Cruz Shredder coupon codes for better savings when you buy Santa Cruz Shredder online.

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About Santa Cruz Shredder  

There's more to Santa Cruz Shredders than meets the eye. They are the first ones to create the world’s first medical-grade grinder. Based in San Jose, California, Santa Cruz Shredder, is a company that envisions superior grinding of your select herbs and botanical plant matter. They have released a slew of standard products like the Santa Cruz Shredder – 2 Piece, the Santa Cruz Shredder – 3 Piece, the Santa Cruz Shredder – 4 Piece, as well as a few collaborative grinders like the Santa Cruz Shredder – Medium TGOD, the Santa Cruz Shredder – 4 Piece Medium – Special Edition, the Santa Cruz Shredder – 4 Piece – Medium – Cookies, and the Santa Cruz Shredder – 4 Piece – Medium – SHMOPLIFE 

The folks at Santa Cruz Shredder believes that grinding your herbs is the cornerstone of dry herb consumption. This is why they believe that finding the right grind is important to your overall experience. This is why they have gone to lengths to ensure that they can create the best dry herb grinders on the market.  


Santa Cruz Shredder was founded by some of the most capable and most prominent names in the industry. Mark Hansen a former engineer, Berner a hip-hop artist, and an anonymous NASA scientist; with people their background, coming up with the world’s best dry herb grinder is simply inevitable. Santa Cruz Shredders are engineered to perfection. They have carefully analyzed the inner workings of a dry herb grinder. Their research has led them to find that the secret to a superior grind lies in a grinder’s tooth design. They questioned the very basics of what makes a dry herb grinder allowing them to understand dry herb grinders. Furthermore, by looking at the meta of the grinder industry, they’ve found that all grinders were basically the same. They have identical diamond shaped cutting teeth, aluminum build, and a different logo slapped on top. However, aesthetics was the least of their worries, they’ve found that aluminum grinders had the tendency to easily waste away. This meant that it scratches very easily and the slivers of metal in the herbs can cause unwanted effects when the herbs are ground up and are consumed. The people behind Santa Cruz Shredder knew the deficiencies and the impacts of that flawed design and decided to make one of their own.  

Redefining Dry Herb Grinders 

Because they’ve understood herb grinders well enough, they were able to come up with a plan to reinvent and redefine herb grinding in general. They believed that a tool as straightforward as an herb grinder can still be improved upon.  

While the average Joe would think that dumping your herbs in, covering the grinder, twisting the cap, and scooping the herbs is enough, the folks behind Santa Cruz Shredder thought otherwise. This method will have led the average company to believe that following the dry herb grinders are too simple to even improve upon. Santa Cruz Shredder’s deep understanding with how dry herb grinders work, their background in engineering, actual herb consumption, and NASA-level critical thinking allowed them to take herb grinders to a whole ‘nother level! 

Santa Cruz Shredders are seen today as dry herb grinders that boast advanced-level design and engineering. The folks at Santa Cruz Shredder used the most advanced technology in engineering and in developing their products. They used a special computer program called Siemens CAD Software to develop their grinders. They believed that a grinder with a sharp-edged tooth isn’t exactly the best approach. In fact, it could be the worst. Grinders that claim they use sharp-edged teeth on their milling components are bound to run into problems. These include eventually dulling down and leaving slivers of aluminum as the edges break and flake away. The slivers of aluminum in your herbs can cause toxic effects upon consumption. Also, sharp-edged teeth will require a lot of initial torque causing you to twist the grinder and turn it more than you should. This causes stress to your hands as well as metal fatigue which is brought by the initial force and pressure causing the teeth to bend at the base. This action can release even more flakes and cause your overall mixture of ground herbs to be contaminated with aluminum.  

There are also acrylic grinders that present its own sets of problems. These grinders are made out of plastic materials and plastic can induce a static shock to your herbs. They will kill most of the trichomes as well as the terpenes and the flavonoids native to your botanical plant material. Moreover, they do not have the accuracy and the precision to grind up your herbs and basically just break them into smaller chunks of herbs. Acrylic grinders oftentimes reduce the efficacy of your ground materials and will cause you to use more of them because of the reduction in potency and flavor. You will end up consuming more of your herbs because the number of herbs you’re used to will not suffice your tolerance level.  

Wooden grinders also prove less effective since they just roll up your botanicals into small balls of herbs.  

With these in mind, they were set on creating a new dry herb grinder that will redefine grinding as you know it.  

The teeth used on grinders of Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are made strong and durable that they can withstand even extreme use. Their grinding teeth are radius at the base and are twice as strong as what you’d find on average dry herb grinders. Because they’re made stronger than other grinders, they will not flake or release burrs of aluminum ensuring that the material you consume are kept pure and safe. Moreover, other grinders on the market will only cut one way, Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are designed to cut both ways and will have clearances to both sides of the teeth. That's why with only a few twists and turns, you can achieve a fluffy consistency.  

With this, they have redefined herb grinding and the future of dry herb consumption overall.  

The Definition of Shredding 

There’s a reason why they took up the name Santa Cruz Shredders, and the reason behind that can be seen emanating from the very products that embody the perfect grinder.  


Santa Cruz Shredder was founded in California where the term “shredding” was not to be taken lightly. They had wide beachfront where people loved extreme sports, particularly skateboarding and surfing. The term “shred” or “shredding” was commonly used to refer to skate or to surf so fiercely that it can damage your board or worse – yourself. Shredding had been a local spectator sport because seeing these athletes pull off these stunts looked really cool. To perform such stunts were to make something extraordinary out of an otherwise ordinary and monotonous sport. From a non-skater's perspective, skateboarding and surfing is just basically just riding a platform with wheels or a platform on the water. But to shred means to devote yourself into it, it’s to make such hobby or past time an art form.  

This was probably one of the inspirations of Santa Cruz Shredder and the coolness and the essence of shredding as these athletes become masterful adepts in their craft made it so that Santa Cruz Shredders also became leaders and pioneers of a craft of their own.  

Purposefully Designed 

Santa Cruz Shredder purposefully designed their grinders to meet the standards and the requirements of different kinds of grinder users and dry herb strain consumers. Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders have a slew of innovative features which improve user experience. Here are a few.  

Improved Thread Design 

In their pursuit of perfection, Santa Cruz Shredder has developed their own threaded design.  

It has frustrated many herb grinder users and has baffled many manufacturers that parts of the grinder would have run into the problems of binding and permanently seizing the parts that screw together. The threads on traditional and conventional grinders tend to break down easily as they are one of the most vulnerable parts because they receive the most punishment during grinding sessions.  


To prevent this issue from ever happening, Santa Cruz Shredder anodizes the threaded surfaces to eliminate breakage and common issues that occur when the aluminum material on the herb grinder is weak. Galling is also a common issue that can be prevented by anodizing the aluminum threads. Galling happens when wear and tear affect sliding surfaces, the traction that occurs between both surfaces causes tearing of crystal structures beneath the surface of the aluminum and can be likened to that of burring of aluminum materials. One of the problems they found on conventional aluminum grinders is that they are weak and suffer from galling and breaking. Raw aluminum threads will transfer wear debris resulting to aluminum buildup. When this happens, an obvious lump, deformation, roughness, and even loose threads can be observed which may render the actual grinder useless due to the fatigue and traumas suffered by the threaded connections. The combination of friction and the cohesion of both surfaces will leave some of the metal materials stuck between the adjacent surfaces. Aluminum is very susceptible to galling which is why it’s important to subject these components to anodization.  

Anodization is the process that involves electrolytic passivation which increases the strength and the durability of the aluminum material by increasing the thickness of the natural oxide layer of the aluminum. This happens mainly on the surface of the aluminum and by increasing the overall integrity of its surface, Santa Cruz Shredder prevents common issues that happen in the threading of average herb grinders.  

Another improvement done by Santa Cruz Shredder is its own innovative invention they call the 7-catch design. This brilliant innovation allows consumers to conveniently connect and disconnect parts of the dry herb grinder with very little to no effort at all. By using the 7-catch design coupled with the anodized aluminum components, Santa Cruz Shredder has addressed a significant issue that affects the product milled in the grinder and the overall longevity of the dry herb grinder itself. Because almost all grinders function in a way that it rotates to grind the botanicals you place inside it, users and consumers find that the thread catch and is this damage continues as the user persistently screws the parts till it’s securely locked into place. These are other causes of loose threads as you just slap the pieces together and the threads aimlessly bang each other until you find that they are adjoined and are fastened together. This causes additional wear and tear but can be solved through the process of anodization.  

Improved Grip 

Santa Cruz Shredder continues to give its products innovative designs and one of these that are used on their grinders is the knurled grip on their dry herb grinders. They believe that an easier grip allows you easier use. This is true since one of the common problems encountered by those who use dry herb grinders is slippage. Not only does having your fingers slip through the smooth surfaces of the grinder makes for a frustrating experience but it also means that you have to put more effort in twisting the grinder manually to achieve the grind and the consistency you desire. The smoother the surface, the more torque and the more pressure you need to apply especially if you’re grinding large chunks of dry herbs. Some strains can be stubborn and hard to grind because of the difference each strain has in terms of moisture content causing other strains to be stickier than other strains.  


The knurled grip found on Santa Cruz Shredder dry herb grinders allows you to have better traction and better grip when grinding. It’s true that all manufacturers claim that they have the best-knurled grip but grinders from Santa Cruz Shredder products are more pronounced and are more prominent than that of other grinders on the market today. They’ve focused on the user experience and by doing so they were able to touch base on one of the most important aspects of using a dry herb grinder. The folks at Santa Cruz Shredder also considered medical patients who rely on grinders to consume medical blends and not only the experience of casual and recreational consumers. A superior grip is preferred by medical consumers. Like what they did when they looked for what can be done to improve the humble herb grinder, Santa Cruz Shredder studied the grinding patterns of medical patients. They've found that a superior grip allows patients to feel easier and experience a more comfortable grinding session. This applies especially for those with arthritis and rheumatism, those who have a hard time turning and twisting the components of an herb grinder and could use a little help with the added grip of Santa Cruz Shredder’s dry herb grinders’ more pronounced grip patterns. Patients who use their grinders to get better results from their medical botanicals can now enjoy a more suitable grinding experience. With the knurled grips on the lid of Santa Cruz Shredder dry herb grinders, grinding your herbs feels like grinding butter.  

Improved Screens  

For many consumers pollens are important. Colloquially known as kief, the pollen native to the herbs you grind possess a potent amount of the prominent active ingredients found on your select dry herb strains.  

These resinous trichomes accumulate over time and can be used in many applications allowing you to incorporate and experience the benefits of your botanicals in your daily routine. Pollen collected from ground materials can be used as an additive when you smoke or vape your herbs. You can sprinkle the collected pollen which increases the potency of your materials a process commonly known as crowning. It can also be used to make hash. It can also be used to infuse the benefits of your herbs to your food and beverages. These pollens are otherwise lost when you just break the nugget of herbs using your hands and your fingers as they end up falling on the floor or just sticking on your fingers. To allow consumers to maximize the benefits of their herbs, Santa Cruz Shredder uses superior screens on their grinders.  

Santa Crus Shredder only uses T304 Micron Stainless Steel Screens. These screens are precision-woven and are non-fraying. By researching the best micron size, they were able to come up with the best screen for dry herb grinders. It’s no surprise that the folks at Santa Cruz Shredder come up with these ideas. After all, they’re backed with some of the most capable people in the industry and the brains of a NASA employee.  

They’ve found that other grinders use a lower micron size which then means that it will have a larger opening. The higher the micron size, the smaller the gaps between the screens are. Having said, the larger the gaps, the more bits, and pieces of the herbs are let through. This renders the screens almost ineffective because it literally let ground-up material pass though instead of sifting pollen from the mixture of ground-up herbs. This means that instead of having just the pollens in the basin, you’ll have some of the ground-up materials there. Because it has larger openings, it may affect the purity of the collected pollen as the larger gaps may let dirt, plant fertilizer, and even parts of dead bugs pass through the pollen compartment. This produces an unhealthy collection of pollen that’s clearly not suitable for medical consumers.  

Improved Magnets 

Santa Cruz Shredder uses one of the best magnets the industry has to offer. Magnets play an important role in grinders. They are responsible for locking the integral compartments of your grinders in place, specifically the part where the actual herb is being ground up. Your herbs might spill and end up going to waste should your grinder break open when in use. By studying the average grinder on the market, they’ve found that the flaw of the common and cheap grinder is weak magnets. This is why Santa Cruz Shredder refrains from using toy magnets and ensures that they get only the best in the world.  

Santa Cruz Shredder uses neodymium magnets. A type of a rare earth magnet that was independently developed for commercial use. The neodymium magnets they use diametrically magnetized and are cylindrical in shape. These magnets boast 18 times stronger connection when compared to other magnets. These are special types of magnets and are triple layer coated in nickel, copper, and nickel. By triple coating the magnets, they become more durable and hard-wearing which is only befitting for a dry herb grinder designed and engineered for extreme and excessive use. Cheap magnets that do not have protective coatings tend to chip away and the broken fragments of the magnet will most likely end up to the mixture of herbs and botanicals in the grinder itself. This is again not a healthy way for individuals to use grinders nor to consume dry herb strains. This poses a far more serious issue than just having the magnets give and cause the herbs to fall and spill from the grinder.  

These magnets give Santa Cruz Shredder dry herb grinders superior and dependable lid closure so you won’t run into the trouble of wasting your select dry herb strains. There are other benefits to having a securely closed grinder lid. These include preservation of the actual herbs since other consumers tend to store the herbs in the grinder for a moment until all the ground material are consumed. Apart from the accidental spillage, the odor and the aroma of the ground herbs are preserved because of the reliable closure system on the lid.  

These magnets are ISO certified which means that they are of the utmost quality and that the performance of these magnets is guaranteed for life.  

Medical-Grade Grinders 

Any manufacturer can say that their dry herb grinders are medical-grade grinders. But only Santa Cruz Shredder states and ensures that their products go through a special process called ultrasonic cleansing.  

Santa Cruz Shredder dry herb grinders are the one true medical-grade grinders because not only do then ensure that the grinders they make are made from clean and safe materials but also ensure that they undergo the proper procedure to make their products better than others.  

The medical-grade, ultrasonic cleansing methods used by Santa Cruz Shredder ensures that the materials subjected to this procedure are cleansed of all contaminants. That's right, the very raw materials used in each Santa Cruz Shredder are cleaned to ensure that they will not affect the herbs you put inside these grinders. The process of ultrasonic cleansing ensures that the contaminants in the subjected raw materials are thoroughly removed leaving nothing on the raw material. Ultrasonic cleansing allows the penetration of cracks, crevices, recesses, and blind holes which means that any contaminant adhering on the solid surfaces of the raw material will be cleaned of any unwanted contaminant.  

Ultrasonic cleansing removes anything from dirt and dust, to rust, grease, oil, pigments, fungi, bacteria, algae, mold, and biological soil like blood and other fluids, as well as fingerprints. This also rids the raw materials of limescale, flux agents, polishing compounds, and soot wax. The same process is used to disinfect tools and equipment used in medical facilities especially the instruments used in operations for surgical procedures.  

Santa Cruz Shredder has considered the physical makeup of the very aluminum material used in constructing their dry herb grinders. They know for a fact that aluminum is porous in nature and raw aluminum is littered with toxic substances especially after the machining process making it unsafe for use in products like an herb grinder. This is why aluminum requires to undergo ultrasonic cleaning in order to be called a medical-grade material. Those who claim otherwise means that they have not done their homework and have false claims of being a medical-grade dry herb grinder. Other manufacturers that produce and manufacture cheap dry herb grinders will only dip their raw materials in a solution and just blow it off using pressurized water. Instead of having to go through this special and necessary procedure, they just barely clean their grinders and call them medical-grade.  

Because of these procedures, Santa Cruz Shredder claims to be the only medical-grade dry herb grinder on the market.  

Improved Overall Integrity 

Anodizing is the only way to go! Santa Cruz Shredder made sure that its grinders can withstand even bumps and falls and also the scratches that grinders normally encounter especially with extreme usage and daily use. Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process that is used to cover the outer layer of the unit with a strong protective coating for aluminum that prevents any scratches as you use it. As we all know, raw aluminum is a soft material prone to even the tiniest scratches. Santa Cruz Shredder made sure that this problem is solved. This is another feature that makes it better than any other grinder in the market today. You can now bring your grinder anywhere you want with no worries of having it scratched or dented by any falls as it is very durable and strongly coated 

Another thing that is great with Santa Cruz Shredder is that it is made locally in the United States which lets you have peace of mind that it has great quality. Products made in the USA certifies each to be well made with a keen quality control before it is being sold. As herb connoisseurs consider these grinders as the best, we highly recommend you checking the Santa Cruz Shredder as it surely is the best among the rest. 

Each dry herb grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder goes through the same anodization process as aerospace metals which ensures that the coating it receives is of the utmost quality. Anodization ensures that not only does your grinder remains durable and scratch-resistant, but it also looks good and maintains its aesthetic appeal over time. While other grinders suffer from poor painting as well as irremovable marks from smudges, acidic reactions, as well as wear and tear, Santa Cruz Shredders are made to last a lifetime and to give you a good run for your money.  

Santa Cruz Shredder grinders exceed its user’s expectations and continue to deliver superior grinding results for grinder users and consumers with different needs.  

Santa Cruz Shredder Notable Products

Through the years, Santa Cruz Shredder has accumulated a slew of dry herb grinders but there are a few that stand out from the rest of their products. VapeActive is proud to carry some of these dry herb grinders and we’re happy to be able to have them on our collection and offer them to our customers. 

Here are a few of them. 

  • Santa Cruz Shredder TGOD Version: The TGOD Version is a collaborative piece between rapper Wiz Khalifa and his crew. The Santa Cruz Shredder TGOD Grinder is perfect for all those who are fans of the famous rapper turned cannabis icon.  
  • Santa Cruz Shredder Cookies Version: The Cookies Version of the Santa Cruz Shredder 4-piece grinder is reminiscent of the iconic cookies strain, a combination of other strains making it a more potent variety.  
  • Santa Cruz Shredder SHMOPLIFE Version: This unique SHMOPLIFE Version is a collaborative product from Bay Area clothing company SHMOPLIFE which is considered as an icon in the industry and in dry herb consumption communities.  

These are just some of the more to offer. We have a wide collection of standard-editions and special-edition dry herb grinders for you to choose from. So, if you’re ever in the fence for a brand-new herb grinder, keep it here for a wide collection of true medical-grade grinders.  

Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are considered as the top of the line and the cream of the crop when it comes to high-quality grinders. Their products are of the utmost quality and can easily pass the standards of meticulous consumers who use their grinders for medicinal herbs. These grinders are also preferred by connoisseurs so you can never go wrong when choosing Santa Cruz Shredder dry herb grinders.