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 KandyPens Vaporizer Discount

The name KandyPens has been synonymous with the word quality and superiority. KandyPens have manufactured and produces some of today’s most competitive and sophisticated vaporizers, specially dab pens, making their products truly a statement. You’ll be the envy of your peers when you pull out a KandyPens vaporizer in one of your sessions. That’s why we're proud to give you discounts on such a premium device. That’s how much we love our customers. So, if you’re looking to get yourself a brand new KandyPens vaporizer or even some parts and attachments for your favorite KandyPens vape, make sure to check out the VapeActive KandyPens collection and get sweet deals when you shop. Having said, here are some of KandyPens’ products you should be looking out for.  

The KandyPens Elite Vaporizer is arguably one of the most iconic KandyPens product to date. The KandyPens Elite Vaporizer was featured in DJ Khaled’s I’m The One music video. Not only was the vape pen stylish enough to be featured in this music video but it’s also similarly superior performance wise. The KandyPens Elite Vaporizer is equipped with a variable voltage battery that’s calibrated for the optimum wax concentrate consumption. The KandyPens Elite Vaporizer offers four enhanced preset temperature profiles allowing you to go slow and low vaping to that high and fly experience. With these preset temperature settings, you can adjust the heating capabilities of the KandyPens Elite Vaporizer to suit your needs. The KandyPens Elite Vaporizer was also made with value in mind. Out of the box, the KandyPens Elite Vaporizer comes with two atomizers, a quartz rod atomizer and a ceramic dish atomizer. The quartz atomizer is ideal for high temperature profiles while the ceramic atomizer is best for low temperatures. We simply can’t run out of reasons why you should let this coupon pass. By using our coupon code, you can get 10% off from all KandyPens vaporizers including the KandyPens Elite Vaporizer. The perks of shopping with us. 

Another KandyPens product worth buying is the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer. The Galaxy was the wax pen that took the KandyPens brand to greater heights. The KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer won the coveted High Times Best Vaporizer Award which only shows the caliber of the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer. It was one of the first wax pen vaporizers to feature a variable voltage setting. While other vaporizer at its time only had a single temperature profile, the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer shocked the industry by offering not only two but three temperature profiles at that time. To this very day, these temperature profiles remain one of the best in the business. This legendary wax pen vaporizer can be yours at a discounted price. These exclusive offers are only available here at VapeActive 

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