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SLX grinders offer unique herb grinders with their proprietary non-stick ceramic coating. We, at VapeActive, carry SLX non-stick ceramic herb grinders for use with your tobacco and weed. It's the best non-stick herb grinder for use with vaporizers and with pipes. SLX grinders are small and compact portable weed grinders. Enjoy grinding weed for your vaporizer or for when you need to smoke on-the-go. Use our exclusive SLX grinder coupon code when you buy SLX grinders online.

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About SLX Herb Grinders 

SLX Herb Grinders’ vision has always been to create the best herb grinder in terms of design and in engineering – and they’ve done so in flying colors. SLX Herb Grinders are unique in a way that they offer something other dry herb grinders don’t. SLX Herb Grinders use a ceramic coating on their products and claims to have created something better than what other dry herb grinders offer like the ones found on their SLX Grinder – 4 Piece 


SLX Herb Grinders are designed to let you reap all the benefits of your select dry herb strain, down to the very atom. The principle and the aphorism behind this innovation are to allow herb consumers to focus on the experience of the actual herb consumption instead of having to pay more attention to the process of grinding the herbs. While it’s true that herb grinding is the cornerstone of herb consumption, one should not focus on grinding herbs alone. It’s an integral part of your consumption method but one should pay more attention to the actual consumption of the botanicals.  

Today’s consumers are so invested in the steps and the process necessary to achieve the best results that they forget to savor the experience of consuming their select materials. Whether you’re smoking it, vaping it, and even adding the botanical plant matter to your food, what’s important is that you enjoy consuming or ingesting these materials instead of having to spend all your energy in grinding your herbs and preparing them for use. This is true amongst those who practice the art of grinding the herbs before use. While grinding the herbs offers a slew of benefits, it can sometimes be a daunting task.  

Common Issues When Grinding Herbs 

While grinding herbs may seem like an easy and straightforward task, it can sometimes be a tough nut to crack. The process of grinding does not come without its sets of issues. Every type of grinder presents several common problems that can affect your grinding experience.  


Let’s begin with the average 2-piece grinders. The average 2-piece grinder will generally have one compartment because of the workmanship required to craft these tools. Having said, its design and overall build make it so that the ground herbs are mixed with the pollen it comes with. This is one of the reasons why the common and the average 2-piece herb grinders (and other 2-piece grinders for that matter) tend to get sticky and stuck so easily. Consumers oftentimes find themselves fighting with their grinders and the overall output of using these grinders are mainly mediocre especially when there are already a lot of buildups of pollen and crushed botanicals. Not only do these sticky resinous substances make their way into the grinding mechanism but they also make their way in the threaded connections making overall operation seemingly difficult over time. One way to resolve this is to consistently clean the grinder which can be at times, tiring.  

SLX Herb Grinders’ ceramic coating ensures that their products are easy to clean since the ceramic coating used in SLX Herb Grinders give it a non-stick surface. This makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. While other herb grinders will require you to brush them and scrap the corners of the grinders religiously, SLX Herb Grinders requires only a few taps to knock off any leftover materials. You don’t have to spend precious time cleaning and brushing your grinder. Doing so might even put you in a situation that you scrape off the screen of the coating of your grinder. Not only do you risk having scraped off coating mixed up with your herbs but the dents you created actually creates microscopic gaps that may allow bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. Not only does this affect the overall quality of your ground botanical plant matter but it also puts you at risk of accumulating serious medical conditions because of inhaling or ingesting the said microorganisms.  

With SLX Herb Grinders, you can focus more on consuming the ground herbs rather than worrying about making time to clean up your herb grinder after your session.  

Another common issue with grinding herbs is weakened spots. Similar to flaking and scraping off paint or coating, weakened spots may cause some of the parts of the grinder to crack, therefore, allowing shards or slivers of metal to make their way in the mixture of your ground-up weed. This is an obvious defect seen in aluminum grinders that are not subjected to treatment. Raw machined aluminum is durable but can flake and burr after subjected to constant use. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the quality of raw materials used in the construction and manufacturing of your dry herb grinder.  

The same can be said with grinders made from plastic materials. They can break and shatter not only from being banged up from accidental drops and unexpected bumps along the way but the components inside the grinder, like the teeth and the blades. These components can likewise break and crack over time and the particulates that fell from the grinder will end up getting mixed with the ground herbs. For those who prioritize health and safety above all else, using these grinders will have cost them dearly. People who use herbs for their medicinal benefits require only the best grinders in the industry. SLX Herb Grinders use a proprietary ceramic solution developed from raw materials that are designed and engineered to reduce friction and abrasion on industrial blades and shearing and cutting tools. The aluminum raw materials that are coated with these will never break, burn, chip, or flake.  

SLX Herb Grinders are made to address the common problems encountered by those who use dry herb grinders on a daily basis. They manufacture products that are designed to elevate the lives of daily dry herb consumers; not only those who use herbs for casual and recreational purposes but also for those who rely on medicinal botanical plant matter for natural sustenance, treatment, and management of their medical condition. SLX Herb Grinders are made to perfection.  

More Than Just a Herb Grinder Company 

SLX Herb Grinders are run and are founded by the Raphael family. Rick Raphael and wife Leslie Fuller together with their son Sean Raphael started the company we now know today as SLX Herb Grinders.  


Sean Raphael started working on SLX Herb Grinders back when he just graduated from college. Fresh from UVM, Sean immediately got to work on some herb grinder prototypes. His idea was sparked by a question from his roommate in college who asked him right after graduation why was there no non-stick grinders on the market. He took inspiration from this idea and quickly called companies to source raw materials for the actual grinder as well as his planned coating. He and a team of other enthusiasts came up with about five working beta versions and passed them around to their friends.  

They all loved the prototypes and some even offered to buy them. This gave Sean the idea that he can turn his newfound invention into a full-fledged innovation. However, he knew back then that he did not have the means nor the know-how to run a large-scale business. Heck, he didn’t even have the money to bring the prototypes to actual production. He was young so he turned to the only person he trusts the most – his father Rick Raphael.  

Rick knew that Sean’s idea had potential so he asked his son if he thought this could be a viable business. The both of them knew that the industry and the market for these kinds of goods are stronger now more than ever. Because of the rising popularity of medical cannabis and its continued legalization in almost all states, they knew that it was more than a viable and practical business idea. News reached Leslie and they teamed up together to make SLX Herb Grinders a reality. It took Rick nearly 9 months to bring Sean’s prototypes into production. Rick made sure that the grinders are made meticulously with serious attention to detail. They know the kind of individuals and consumers who would be interested in their products and they knew well enough that today’s market is littered with likewise competitive herb grinders. They were serious about making a difference, about making a mark in the industry. So, they ensured that the raw materials used in manufacturing the initial batch of SLX Herb Grinders were of the utmost quality.  

Alas, they completed production, and in July of 2014, SLX Herb Grinders debuted at the Champs Show. The rest is history. 

Today, the family uses their own expertise to make sure that the business runs smoothly and at the top of its level. Sean’s experience in media production helps SLX Herb Grinders as he manages the company’s digital marketing and content creation amongst his many other roles. Sean has a background in content management and media production as well as commercial photography and has worked with some of the largest publicly-traded companies in the United States.  

His father Rick, has his roots in television and motion pictures production and has developed a passion for helping Sean manage SLX herb grinders because of the culture he grew up with during the ’60s. Likewise, Leslie, with an extensive background in motion picture make up helped the family-run SLX Herb Grinders and became the force that kept the family and the business together.  

SLX Herb Grinder’s family effort made their venture in the industry of dry herb grinders a sure success.  

A Company with A Heart 

SLX Herb Grinders take manufacturing and quality control very seriously. They believe that quality is harnessed and is nurtured from the beginning, it comes from the core. This is one of the reasons why they opt only to use the best raw materials the industry has to offer and build their products using these high-quality materials from the ground up. This is why their herb grinders are considered to be one of the best in the industry today. They go to lengths just make sure that the quality of the herb grinders that leave the production area is of the best quality. After all, SLX Herb Grinders are marketed as premium grinders and the only grinder that’s ceramic coated at the time of writing.   


Each of the dry herb grinders is carefully inspected and are meticulously checked for defects and deformities. Every herb grinder that does not pass SLX Herb Grinders’ standard whose parts are not suitable for use is replaced. This is one of the reasons why consumers who experienced the SLX Herb Grinder difference tend not to go back to their previous grinder brands. SLX Herb Grinder does touch the lives of some individuals and change their experience for the good. That is Sean’s primary goal. As he delved and dug deep into the business and in the industry of herb grinders, he learned that to create products that change the lives of his customers gives him a certain satisfaction – something that money and other material things can’t buy. Geographic expansion and revenue growth are also important but at the end of the day, Sean and SLX Herb Grinders’ mission is to continue to provide the industry with high-quality herb grinders that can improve the lives of others. Sean handles the company’s customer service and takes notes of suggestions and recommendations on how their customers think and believe SLX Herb Grinders can further improve the quality of their products. They know that it’s an incremental process and certain small changes can make significant impacts and eventually change someone else’s life.  

Sean is also invested in local communities and have launched a company that focuses on cannabis industry media promotion and production. They featured local artists and startup companies and investors. Since Sean had a background in commercial and art photography, he started helping other glass artists at trade shows. He helped them get good pictures and featured them in his company, especially those who do not have the money to get them done professionally. He helps deserving artists hit the spotlight and get much-needed exposure. It's SLX Herb Grinders’ way of paying pack from all the help they received along the way.  

Of course, heart isn’t the only thing that’s attributed to SLX Herb Grinders’ success. Here are a few things that launched the SLX brand to success.  

Ceramic Coating 

The key to SLX Herb Grinders’ success and the main meat offered by their herb grinders is their proprietary ceramic coating. Their coating was made to prevent friction, traction, and adhesion. This is why SLX Herb Grinders will perform and look the same in several months as it was the day you pulled it out of the box. If you love how your SLX Herb Grinder looks, rest assured it’ll stay the same even after a couple of months. Likewise, no matter how much punishment you subject your SLX Herb Grinder to, it’ll stay spinning and turning the same way it did the first day you had it.  

Gone are the days when you had to deal with sticky resinous buildup. No more scraping, no more brushing, no more cleaning. That's basically a thing of the past since SLX Herb Grinders promise self-cleaning features which make for a low maintenance dry herb grinder.  

Their proprietary solution is made from some of the best materials the industry can offer and have been used and tested to keep industrial tools in good shape. The ceramic coating allows SLX Herb Grinders to have exceptional non-stick capabilities. They ensure that the materials used in their ceramic concoction do not contain Teflon, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), or any other chemicals that are considered carcinogens or those that have cancer-causing chemicals. The ceramic coating itself is as strong as steel because it’s made and is designed to be bonded to the aluminum at a molecular level. Straight from the actual machining process using precision equipment, they are the best at what they do. The ceramic coating allows each SLX Herb Grinder to become as solid and as strong as steel and as slick and as smooth as grease.  

The ceramic coating on each SLX Herb Grinder ensures that it’s in a league of its own, there’s no other herb grinder that spins as smooth as these herb grinders. The ceramic coating covers the SLX Herb Grinder inside and out. This means that the same level of protection your SLX Herb Grinder enjoys is the same level of security it provides your herbs which is why it’s no wonder that SLX Herb Grinders is everybody’s new favorite. What’s more is that the very ceramic coating they use is inert, non-toxic, and is FDA certified. This means that it’s safe and is approved for food contact. So, if you’re in the fence for a new dry herb grinder that offers something else you won’t find on other dry herb grinders, make sure to check out SLX Herb Grinders and find out why others have made the switch. Many customers have testified that SLX Herb Grinders have eliminated stuck grinders once and for all.  

Durable Aluminum  

Aluminum seems to be the raw material of choice for manufacturers in the herb grinder business. It has been an industry standard since aluminum, in general, is sturdy and is lightweight. However, not all aluminum alloys are made equal. 



SLX Herb Grinders are made from aircraft-grade aluminum. They are machined from 7075 aluminum alloy; these raw materials are widely used mainly on precision and performance applications like jet aircraft and aerospace rockets. Aluminum alloy displays superior mechanical properties and excellent ductility. It has superior strength as well as good resistance to fatigue. It is generally tough but has a lightweight. Furthermore, it boasts corrosion resistance properties making it the perfect raw material for people who want metal tools that will last them a lifetime. These properties alone set aluminum herb grinders from those that are made with wood or with acrylic materials.  

For us dry herb consumers and herb grinder users, these properties play a vital role in why aluminum grinders (SLX Herb Grinders in particular) make the best dry herb grinders.  

They're by far the toughest aluminum alloy used in a dry herb grinder so far which makes SLX Herb Grinders the strongest and the most durable herb grinders in the industry. This, coupled with the relatively durable ceramic coating makes its products nearly untouchable. The aluminum material is then machined to the strictest standards and highest tolerances to ensure overall quality. Machined to the thousandth of an inch, these herb grinders are crafted to exact specifications. Forget herb grinders with loose and wobbly parts. Because these herb grinders are fabricated with precision down to the most minute detail, you’re almost assured that they won’t fumble, flop, or dangle. Having been built to give you the perfection you deserve and they (SLX Herb Grinders) demand, you just won’t see any imperfections on these dry herb grinders.  

Durability and precision machining make SLX Herb Grinders the epitome of how dry herb grinders should be made. Tough and without defect. SLX Herb Grinders are the ultimate herb grinders.  

Chewing on The Competition 

Another unique feature which sets SLX Herb Grinders apart is its grinding teeth. The actual component that grinds and shreds the herbs into smaller, finer pieces that are more suitable for vaporization or for combustion.  

Each standard-sized SLX Herb Grinder is built with 55 razor-sharp teeth. The smaller, pocket-sized versions, on the other hand, is outfitted with 27 grinding teeth. Each tooth is similarly coated with the same proprietary ceramic mixture found on the outside of the herb grinder. This gives both versions of the SLX Herb Grinders the smooth and impressive shredding power you won’t find on other herb grinders.  


This is the reason why each twist and turn on SLX Herb Grinder products is as easy as threading through butter. While other grinders require multiple twists and turns that necessitates raw and robust torque, SLX Herb Grinders only takes a couple of turns. Even if you’re milling sticky strains, the ones with high moisture content, you won’t experience finding yourself in a position where you’re pushing yourself too far and stressing yourself out in operating their products.  

This is perfect for people who are having problems with having to deal with joint pain and muscle strains especially in the wrists and in the carpal area. It’s true that consuming herbs with medicinal properties is widely practiced especially today. This is why the people behind SLX Herb Grinders have anticipated that there will be a lot of medical patients who will be using their products. And just exactly how Sean wanted to make a change and impact their customer’s lives, their products allow millions of patients to enjoy easy and effortless grinding of their select herbs and medical botanical strains.  

SLX Herb Grinders make smooth grinding action happen without having to take too much effort in grinding your herbs. Their products are made to be simple and straightforward solutions to the needs of various individuals whether for casual and recreational or for medical and therapeutic reasons. SLX Herb Grinders will get the job done with very minimal to no effort at all.  

Another secret to this easy grinding action lies in how the teeth are shaped. Now some grinders will have poles which will only mash the herbs together. They can break them into pieces but will turn sticky herbs into balls instead of actually grinding them. These types of grinders will only be effective with dry herb strains that carry very low moisture content. There are also the ones that have pyramid-shaped teeth and ones that have diamond-shaped teeth. There are also ones that are made to be shaped like blades and mimic the action of scissors. The teeth on SLX Herb Grinders are shaped like trapezoids which allow you to break even herbs with stems and at the same time cut leaves and flowers.  

Because Grips Matter 

SLX Herb Grinders have come to acknowledge how important a smooth and straightforward experience is, this is why they didn’t just stop with aluminum, ceramic coated and trapezoid-shaped grinding teeth. They equipped their dry herb grinders with grips that are designed and are engineered to be used comfortably and with ease. Even dry herb consumers with sweaty hands will find that SLX Herb Grinders are far easier to use with these advanced serrated designs.  

While other dry herb grinders feature ribbed and textured edges only on the top lid of the dry herb grinder, SLX Herb Grinders have serrated grips both at the top and at the bottom. Instead of having to grip the herb grinder loosely at the top and tighter at the bottom, the serration on both the top and at the bottom of SLX Herb Grinders allow for an even application of pressure and torque when using the grinder itself. Furthermore, the texture on the edges of other herb grinders may cause discomfort on your fingers but the ones found on SLX Herb Grinders provide optimal grip and leverage without hurting your fingers in the process. Even if you’ve got sweaty hands, you’re sure to be able to get a good grip on your SLX Herb Grinder.  

SLX Herb Grinders use slab cuts and gentle serrations instead of small and pointed surfaces that can create traction but can also cause uneasiness when used over time.  

Even if you find yourself grinding your herbs in a storm, in Ragnarök, or even when the zombie apocalypse hits, you’re still going to get comfortable grips and a fine grind. SLX Herb Grinders provide superior grinding wherever, whenever because of these carefully designed serrations.  

Care and Maintenance; Almost Never 

SLX Herb Grinders are designed and are engineered to be self-cleaning herb grinders. They are advertised as herb grinders that need very little to no cleaning required. That’s because their ceramic coating allows the herbs to just simply slide away from the grinder. However, in some cases, herbs and other botanical plant matter that carry high moisture content (above 12%), can cause the grinder to slow down. This is due to the dampness of the herbs and the small and finer ground material that can make its way to the threaded parts. The same can be said when you use excessive amounts of herbs or when you use your SLX Herb Grinders excessively. This only means that your grinder has accumulated a significant amount of material and it requires a light cleaning to maintain its performance.  

When this happens, all you need to do is to tap the grinder into a solid surface, like your table. Do it lightly until you see the remaining residue or buildup fall from the grinder itself. It’s also best if you do this over a piece of paper so you can scoop and collect the leftovers and use them later. You can also brush the inner parts of your SLX Herb Grinder with a toothbrush. This will allow the small specs that have made its way into crevices to just fall out of the grinder.  

In some cases, dirt and smudges might build up on the exterior of the herb grinder. Just dampen a clean cloth with a solution of soap and water to clean the external surface of your SLX Herb Grinder.  

Furthermore, in the event that the above steps will not work and you still find that your SLX Herb Grinder still sticks to each other, use hemp seed oil to lubricate your herb grinder. You can then wipe the remaining residue on the grinder easily.  

The ceramic coating is durable and tough and will generally be resistant and resilient versus minor solvents like rubbing alcohol or acetone. However, stronger materials may cause discoloration on the external surfaces and you are advised to proceed with caution.  

SLX Herb Grinders does not recommend you to use any metal tools like picks and other components to scrape off your herb grinder. In most cases, metal tools can cause damage to the coating of the SLX Herb Grinder.