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Accessories are one of the most essential parts or addition to vaporizer kits that you would need. It technically makes your life easier as these accessories are always something that you need to make your vaping experience worthwhile. Most vaporizer manufacturers make sure that as their customers are into vaping, they will also be able to offer them the tools and accessories they need to make their vaping lives as easy as possible. Accessories are not limited to digital modern vaporizers only, the first ones to use accessories amongst others are the original vaporizers, one, in particular, are dab rigs. Dab rigs are large and desktop-like vaporizers used for extract and oil consumption. Dab rigs often have a water bubbler that filters the vapors as they pass through the water in the bubbler. The term dab rig came from the process by which the materials like oils and extracts are consumed, commonly known among enthusiasts as “dabbing.” Dab rigs will have a component where the wax concentrates are placed called bangers. The bangers are heated using a blow torch until it becomes red after which the wax is then placed. Dab rigs themselves are composed of several different accessories that ultimately vaporizes the materials efficiently. Some of the most common accessories are domes, nails, glass pieces, mouthpieces, and torches.

We currently carry the largest selection of vaporizer accessories and sell them at guaranteed lowest prices. We have everything you need to complement your favorite vape and improve your overall vaporization experience. Grinders, scales, smell diffusers, butane, torches, and apparel are just the tip of the accessory iceberg. Our warehouse is fully stocked with everything under the sun. We know vaping is a serious business, and we treat it as such. And don’t forget, we’re here to answer any questions you may have about any vaporizer parts we carry. We have been listening to your plea and we are here to give you what you need. We believe that vaping is not only a hobby but is also a lifestyle, with that being said, we make sure that your vaping experience is the best possible. VapeActive is backed by a team of professional individuals who are always on the lookout for some of the best vaporizers as well as the best tools to use in conjunction with these devices. We offer great deals and discounts on these tools and accessories as if we’re giving them away. So, if ever you find yourself in need of a new dab tool to load your vaporizer, make sure to check out VapeActive for a wide selection of dabbing tools and equipment best suited for your daily needs.

What Is A Dab Tool?

Dab tools are basically small and compact implements that you use to scoop up wax concentrates. They can also be used to cut down large masses of extracts and also to load up your wax concentrates into your vaporizer or dab rig. Dab tools often come in the form of elongated spoons. This allows you to easily scoop up your waxy extracts without having to touch them as most of the extracts on the market will have a sticky consistency and a large part of these wax concentrates can get stuck into your fingers which will most likely end up as waste since you cannot make anything out of the wax concentrates on your fingers since the active ingredients on the wax concentrates require heat to be activated. That said, the role that dab tools play in wax concentrate consumption is often overlooked because of how plain and simple this tool is. It does not require you to do anything to it nor does it look complicated. In fact, it looks like a common Asian household item, say an earwax spoon? So many consumers especially beginners take the dab tool for granted when in fact it provides the average consumer heaps of benefits including the ability to save and conserve their precious wax concentrates.

Dab tools are also called dabbers because aside from allowing you to scoop up the wax concentrates and load them onto your wax vaporizer, dabbers or dab tools are used to press the wax onto the heated surface. That being said, dabbers or dab tools should be heatproof. You are pressing the dabber against a heated object that glows orange because of how hot it is. Using a dabber or a dab tool made of weak materials or materials that are weak against heat will cause the dabber to melt as it comes into contact with the heated banger. Instead of having to vaporize the wax concentrates, the banger may just as well end up vaporizing the dabber itself. Hence, it is important that the dabber you use is of good quality. There are many dab tools and dabbers out there and they will have their own respective roles and purposes so read on to be guided about using the proper dab tool or dabber in conjunction with the vaporizer you are using.

But before we begin, let’s talk about the different kinds of dab tools you will encounter.

Different Kinds of Dab Tools

There are many kinds of dab tools on the market today varying in the shape of the tip and in what raw material they’re made out of. Let’s start with the most common type of dab tool, the flat-tip dab tool. This variety of dab tool has an end with a flat tip that can serve many other purposes. A flat tip dabber will have a tip that will look like an arrowhead which allows you to cut off snappy wax concentrates amongst other things. This is true especially when you’re breaking apart shatter. Shatter is a consistency of wax concentrates that is often hard and will be translucent with a texture similar to that of glass. That said, shatter breaks off because of its glass-like consistency making them one of the hardest varieties of wax concentrates to deal with when dabbing. They will break into smaller pieces with inconsistent shapes and sizes making it quite difficult do get proper dosing when you consume shatter. In order to do so, one must break these shards of wax into smaller consumable pieces of material that can be easily loaded and into the dabber, the wax vaporizer atomizer, of your traditional banger in a way that you can get the proper dosage and not knock yourself out of dabbing high doses of cannabinoids. To do so, one should use a dabber that can break the shatter and the flat-tip dab tool fits the bill. You can easily use its sword-like edges to cut the shatter into bits and pieces that would provide you the proper dosage instead of just leaving the level of potency to lady luck.

Flat-tip dab tools are often made from metal since it would be hard to fashion a flat tip out of plastic or silicone. That said, many consumers use flat-tip dab tools or flat-tip dabbers with their bangers and traditional dab rigs since the metal will not easily facilitate a chemical reaction to heat or to the heated banger. One good example is the Puffco Pro 2 Loading Tool. This set of 3-pack loading tool is made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure the overall quality of the dabber will not deteriorate and will not be affected by common factors that cause the degradation of common metals like rust and corrosion. Moreover, using stainless-steel allows the Puffco Pro 2 Loading Tool to maintain the overall quality of the wax concentrates as dab tools or dabbers made from weaker types of materials can contaminate the wax concentrates. Contaminated wax can be bad for you and preventing contamination of wax concentrates can be beneficial for someone who consumes wax concentrates every day. Because the Puffco Pro 2 Loading Tool is made from high-grade stainless steel, it completely eliminates contamination of wax and further unwanted chemical reaction when it is heated and comes into contact with rusted metal. This is important not only for consumers who use wax concentrates for recreational use but also for those who consume wax concentrates for medical purposes. Now that wax concentrates extracted from botanical plant matter is widely considered as a natural form of medication, stainless-steel dab tools allow the proper vaporization of wax concentrates without contaminating the actual material. This way you can reap the benefits of your select wax concentrates without any repercussions due to the contamination of your materials.

Another variety of dab tool is called scoop-style dab tools. Scoop-style dab tools or scoop-style dabbers are made for use specifically for wax concentrates that have runny or saucy consistencies. That’s because the flat-tip dab tool might find it difficult to scoop up the runny substance as the runny wax might just fall off the flat end of the dabber. Scoop-style dab tools let you just scoop up your materials into a banger, a dish, or a cup to use with an eRig or an eNail. Because scoop-style dab tools are made for runny extracts (and runny extracts do not necessarily need to be pressed against a heated banger) they can be made with a variety of raw materials including silicone. Some scoop-style dab tools made with silicone tips allow for simple and easy handling of wax either for transferring wax concentrates from one container to another or simply just by loading the wax onto an atomizer attached to a vaporizer. Some scoop-style dab tools made with silicone tips can withstand temperature levels reaching to 450F. That said, scoopers are useful when you’re consuming thick oils, distillates, and a wide variety of wax concentrates that require a broader surface to properly handle the extracts. The scoop-style dab tool can be the ideal tool to use not only for transferring wax concentrates but also can work as a great means of preserving the cannabinoids in the wax concentrates as silicone works as a great insulator. What it does is it keeps the wax concentrates cool and does not activate the wax concentrates allowing you to continue to reap the benefits of the wax concentrates and not waste the cannabinoids in them. The cool surface provided by the silicone tip can also help in keeping the consistency of the wax concentrates so it won’t end up all over your vape pen or it won’t spill and be hard to handle when you load it in your eNail or eRig.

While we have the stand-alone dabbers, there are some that are a combination of two tools in one. These are your tools and cap combo. These dab tools not only work as a means to scoop up or transfer wax concentrates but also a means to regulate the air on your dab rig. This way you can easily cap your dab rig as soon as you place your dabs on your banger. This way your carb cap is never out of reach, these varieties of dab tools and dabbers are often made from metal or some sort of titanium composite as well as glass. Glass is one of the most befitting material of choice when it comes to dab tools, that’s because like other durable and inert materials like stainless-steel, glass does not easily react to heat both physically and chemically. That being said one of the best features that glass dabbers have to offer is its ability to faithfully preserve the flavor and the potency of your wax concentrates. Don't you hate it when your dabs start to smell or taste like metal? How about a hint of plastic when you inhale the vapors? That's something you won’t get when you use glass dabbers. Glass dabbers are perfect for use with a tool and carb cap setup because glass won’t easily transfer the heat coming from the banger if you cap the banger with the glass tool and carb cap combo. This means that the glass tool and carb cap combos will be easier to handle as it will be cooler to the touch even if you use it consecutively. You won’t end up wasting your wax concentrates because it won’t be activated by the heat coming off from the dabber and will induce an effect similar to using silicone tip dab tools.

When looking to buy different kinds of dab tools online, make sure to check out VapeActive. We’re the best place to look for when wanting to buy vaporizers and vaporizer accessories from flat-tip dab tools made from metal to dab tool and carb cap combos made from glass. Make sure to keep it here in VapeActive, the top-rated online vaporizer shop that’s highly-recommended by some of the best and biggest names in the industry. We get out dab tools directly from the manufacturer to ensure the overall quality of the dab tools and how it handles the wax concentrates so you can elevate your dabbing experience.

Multi-Tools for Dry Herb Strains

Dab tools have been widely considered as a specific tool made only for wax concentrate consumption. However, because of how vaporizers and vaporizer companies have evolved, many dry herb vaporizers have started to use multi-tools to help consumers make their sessions more convenient. Case in point, the PAX Multi-Tool. The PAX Multi-Tool is a dab tool that can be used the same way you use dab tools on wax concentrates but instead use it as a means to handle your select dry herb strains. The PAX Multi-Tool features two parts; one black tamper tool to pack your dry herb strains tightly. Likewise, the PAX Multi-Tool is made with a silver pick to remove the materials inside the chamber. The black tamper tool is made from high-quality plastic while the silver pick is made from high-quality metal.

The PAX Multi-Tool we sell on our online store comes directly from the manufacturer so you can be assured of the overall quality of the materials of the packing tool. It even comes in a small and compact packaging plus a key-chain hanger which makes it look like an inconspicuous tool that’s discreet and stealthy compared to the traditional dab tools we use for wax concentrates. That's why many consumers find that using the PAX Multi-Tool helps them get better sessions from their PAX devices as both tools revolve around the principle of using the tool to avoid physical contact with the material as much as possible to prevent material spoilage and contamination.

Preserving Herbs and Wax Through Multi-Tools

One of the main reasons why many consumers consider using dab tools for wax concentrates and multi-tools for dry herb strains is that it effectively limits your physical contact to the material. Your hands will not only carry sweat and acids but will also carry small germs and bacteria that are virtually invisible to the naked eye. The moment you touch your materials with your bare hands, you risk transferring the germs and the bacteria to the herbs and wax concentrates, therefore, minimizing its efficacy and even risking contaminating the materials. This is true especially if you do not fall into the habit of cleaning your hands before your sessions. Moreover, your hands will potentially carry sweat which will have acids in them that when it touches or comes into contact with your wax or weed can potentially destroy some of the cannabinoids and reduce your materials’ potency in the process. Hence, many consumers began using dab tools or any other tools for that matter that will reduce their contact with weed and wax. Sort of like a means of handling their select materials without using their hands.

Because of this, many consumers have taken up the practice of using these tools to preserve the quality of their wax concentrates as well as their dry herb strains.

Another benefit of using these dab tools and multi-tools aside from the aforementioned is that they are effective implements in cleaning up storage containers. When storing both dabs and dry herb strains, you can notice that you leave behind remnants of these materials. As an example, wax concentrates will leave behind sticky and waxy oils that may be difficult to remove. You can use your fingers to scrape the oil but you’re basically wasting the oil. To make sure that you maximize every bit of material left during storage, you can use a dab tool to scoop up these leftovers so you can either dump them on your vaporizer or just transfer it on a different container for later use. Dab tools that work best for this purpose are dab tools that are made with silicone tips since the can best scoop the oily wax concentrates on the wax container. The same goes for dry herb strains. Most dry herb strains are ground before they get stored in containers. In some cases, many consumers who are always on-the-go do store their dry herb strains in grinders. When the herbs are ground, they mix the pollen together with the ground material and these pollens or trichomes can get sticky and can make their way into the crevices, corners, or edges of the container. That said, you can use your fingers to collect them but if you wish to put them to good use, you can use a multi-tool to do the job. Multi-tools allow you to collect the remaining pollen on the container that you can use for various applications including sprinkles for your ground herbs to increase its potency. You can even use the collected pollen for edibles.

Dab tools and multi-tools have definitely evolved from its traditional roots. Many consumers now use dab tools for various reasons simply because they’re simple and practical tools you can use for your daily vaping and smoking sessions. When looking for the best dab tools online, make sure to check out VapeActive, we’re the best place to check out dab tools and many other accessories for use with vaporizers. We have dab tools for wax concentrates as well as multi-tools for use with dry herb strains. We're the best source for all things dab tools and accessories, we’ve VapeActive!

Other Vaping Accessories

Here at VapeActive, we do carry other accessories aside from dab tools and multi-tools. That’s because we believe in the potential that accessories have in elevating your daily sessions. They are made by manufacturers to serve a purpose and act as more than just cosmetic improvements on vaporizers. There are a lot of accessories on the market today, many of which are made by various manufacturers that have made vaporizers while others specialize in manufacturing just accessories made for devices manufactured by other companies. In general, accessories provide a way for many consumers to give their daily vaping sessions a twist while other accessories are made plainly for utility purposes. It may be a flaw that the company who manufactured the vaporizer overlooked or it may be an addition or an upgrade they have thought of later after the product was already released. Either way, accessories serve as a part of the product released that can cause significant advantages and benefits to the user.

An example is the SideKick Tongs. They are replacement tongs for the SideKick Vaporizer made and manufactured by 7th Floor Vaporizers. It’s also compatible for use with a slew of other devices and desktop oil kits made by the same brand. One way to use the SideKick Tongs is to just pinch, pack, load, and scoop. It’s a multi-purpose tool that can serve many other purposes depending on what the situation calls for. It’s a very versatile product that allows you to maximize your spending since it literally can be used for many applications. SideKick vaporizers tend to use an oil can that allows you to consume waxy oil concentrates on the SideKick Vaporizer. When handling the oil can in removing and replacing it in between sessions, it may tend to be hot and it’s not recommended that you touch it with your bare hands for obvious reasons. Having said, you can use the SideKick Tongs in handling the oil can if you want to reload your SideKick Vaporizer in between sessions. Nevertheless, the tongs can be used for other purposes other than handling the oil can. You can use it to hold other hot materials and vaporizer components so you can avoid burning yourself in the process. The tongs can be used to lift burnt objects including charred dry herb strains aside from the actually heated oil cans used by the SideKick Vaporizer. Moreover, the application to where the SideKick Tong can be used encompasses the brand. If you use dab rigs, you can use the Sidekick Tong to handle hot quartz bangers. You can literally use the SideKick Tong for everything that requires a tong which makes it a worthy investment that has real-world use aside from the applications it has on vaporizers. This is why investing in vaporizers as well as the right accessories will not only provide you with added utility but will also improve your vaping sessions on the cheap.

Vaporizer accessories truly make vaporization of your select wax concentrates and dry herb strains more exciting than they seem. Companies and manufacturers like PAX, 7th Floor Vaporizers, and Puffco that manufacture dab tools, multi-tools, and tongs show just how ingenious they can be in thinking of ways on how to elevate and improve your vaping experience from what you thought was already superior to what the industry has to offer. That's because brands like them are constantly developing new ways to get ahead of the game, new ways to get ahead of the competition and provide their customers with some of the best vaping sessions their money can buy. Here at VapeActive, we support companies like Puffco, 7th Floor Vaporizers, and PAX in their goal to revolutionize the vaping industry and the way people experience vaporization. That's why we carry their products in our collection and continue to acquire products from these brands to help improve the lives of our customers allowing those who seek for more than what many consider as industry standards. Products that are simple and straightforward like dab tools, tongs, and multi-tools need not much thought and therefore instantly improves your experience instead of having you take the time to study and learn new things just so you can improve your vaping sessions.

These tools and accessories often come packaged with devices and vaporizers sold by these manufacturers. However, even the best dab tools and accessories can suffer from wear and tear and might even get lost in your trove of vaporizer accessories you hold in your arsenal. To help you maintain the same experience you’re used to or maybe upgrade your sessions via these dab tools and accessories, you can easily check VapeActive where you can find these products and several others that share similarities with them conveniently curated under one roof.

VapeActive is a place where you can find vaporizer accessories as well as other vaporizer parts, attachments, extras, and add-ons. We make sure to always stock our collection with the newest and updated list of all things vaporizer. We have a team of professional vapers who are always looking at the next best thing in the vaporizer industry so you can trust that we will always bring you the best and the latest market has to offer. We make sure that all the dab tools and all the vaping and smoking accessories we carry are original and authentic and come only from the manufacturer. We wouldn’t want you to receive counterfeit products as we’re against the sales and distribution of fake products. So, the next time you’re looking for legit vape accessories, dab tools, and multi-tools, make sure to check us out first and get exclusive deals from the leading name in the industry – VapeActive. We're home to the biggest brands like PAX, 7th Floor Vaporizers, and Puffco. So, when you need to get your vape paraphernalia online, buy from the name you can trust – make it VapeActive.