WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Pod vaporizers are vaporizers designed for oil and e-juice consumption and uses a pod (pre-filled or refillable) to contain the materials. The pods then snap into the battery completing a two-part system that’s simple and easy to use.
Different consumers will have different picks in which is the best pod vaporizer. Nevertheless, one common denominator amongst these products are observable. These pod vaporizers often have refillable pods because it allows consumers to fill the pods several times and use an e-liquid of their liking.
Pod vaporizers, on average, cost anywhere from $24.00 to $50.00 making them easily affordable and accessible to most consumers. On the other hand, the pods used in these pod vapes often range from $1.00 a piece to $20.00 a pack.
Vape pods and vape pens shine in their own respective platforms and choosing between the two is a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking for power, vapor production, and customizability, vape pens are what you should be aiming for. If you’re looking for stealth, convenience, and ease of use, vape pods are the way to go.

Vape Pods  

With the advancement of technology, many vaporizers have also moved forward. One of the most recent platforms to advance into the future of vaping is the pod vaporizer platform. One of the key elements to its success is in the very source it uses to both hold the materials it vaporizes and the heating element responsible for the vaporization of these materials. The pod in these actual vaporizers have come to be as iconic as the part they play in how convenient pod vaporizers are to use.   

Since the introduction of pod vaporizers, the production of pods for replacement and maintenance has increased. That's because pods provide you with the convenience of easy and simple removal and replacement but that’s not all vape pods can do.   

Let’s talk about some of the advantages you can get from using vape pods.   

Vape Pods for Portability  

Vape pods are a great way to transport or even carry e-juice or e-liquid. This is true especially for vape pods that are pre-filled. Pre-filled pods are those that are packed with e-liquid in them, usually a proprietary brew by the manufacturer, that is sold to customers so that they no longer have to refill the pods because they’re already filled. Usually, these types of pods are packed in a sealed container. Because the packets are themselves sealed, you will have no problems having to carry them around because they won’t leak and won’t make a mess even if you keep them inside your pocket of inside your bag. One of the main concerns of many consumers who are very keen on the portability of the devices and the accessories they are using in conjunction with these devices are the way they can be carried and just how well they will hold up before they are ever used.   

Some of the old models that use a similar concept known as cartridges, failed in this part as cartridges tend to leak when not handled correctly. An accessory so delicate that it affects the level of portability of the product may be seen as counterproductive and many consumers who are keen on this feature prefer to use pods. Pods that are packed quite nicely do not leak and do not spill sticky e-liquid all around. Imagine having a pod leak next to your Mac Book, your iPad, or even in your pocket together with your iPhone. That's just unacceptable. Because of how portable vape pods are, many consumers have taken the liking of using these products. These include consumers who are always on-the-go and who live with their livelihood behind their backs. We're talking about professionals like digital nomads who work in remote places and carry only the essentials behind their backs. People like them simply cannot afford to mess up the technology they carry around. Likewise, digital filmmakers who take snaps and short videos of their journey when they go out and about. Those who keep a digital journal of their lives to share with their friends and families. They all benefit from the portable build of pod vaporizers and vape pods as well.   

Vape Pods for Convenience  

Another notable advantage of using pods versus traditional means of consuming e-liquids is convenience. Don't you just hate it having to drip e-juice into your atomizer tank either with a unicorn bottle or with a glass dripper? We're all glad someone had to say “there’s got to be a better way.” Pods connect to the battery almost as seamlessly as one slides a phone into one’s pocket. And honestly, that’s all there is to it. Vape pods and pod vaporizers do not require some complicated setup. The pods have a strong magnetic connection that allows them to bond into the battery quickly and be ready to use the moment the connections snap together. This no-frill technology made pod vaporizers so popular that they were immediately regulated by the government. It's even more convenient than lighting up a cigarette. Conventional tobacco smoke is a two-part affair that requires you to pull out your cigarette, take an igniter to light it up, and then you’ll be able to smoke your cigarettes. With pod vaporizers and vape pods, you get a singular vaping device that can stand on its own. Everything can be prepared before you leave home and you need not do anything but take the pod vaporizer and pull from the mouthpiece. Heck! You don’t even have to push a button.   

Vape pods contain the actual technology that allows it to trigger the heating element and draw power from the battery below. They are outfitted with small heating elements that are triggered by sucking air from the mouthpiece. The average vape pod will have a mechanism installed in them that uses two sheets of metal and operates via the vacuum created when you inhale from the mouthpiece. As you draw air, one metal sheet is sucked close to another metal sheet and the heating element is triggered as these sheets make contact with each other. They then draw power from the battery and vapor is produced almost instantly. What's more, is that these pods require no learning curve and once can easily use a pod vaporizer even if you have no prior experience using any kind of vaporizer allowing you to even use one like a pro would. We can say at the time of writing, we have not encountered a kind of vaporizer as comfortable and as easy to use as a pod vaporizer.   

Vape Pods for Stealth

Vape pods as well as pod vaporizers are known to be discreet devices and can be hidden in plain sight as the fit easily in the palm of your hands. Most pod vaporizers will be less than three inches tall and will weigh lighter than your smartphone. That being said there are various places you can stash your pod vape and vape pods that worrying about the weight and the bulk of this variety of vaporizer and accessory is pointless.   

One can easily pack a pod or two in a bag or in the pocket and never have to worry about showing signs that the accessory they carry is showing. This means that you can carry more than enough liquid material in your pocket to keep you going through the day. Plus, you can enjoy more than enough battery life to help you through your sessions without any problem. This is the beauty of having to carry small and compact devices that accommodate likewise small and compact accessories like pod vapes and vape pods. Compared to box mod vaporizers that are often large and clunky, pod vapes offer the ideal blend and the perfect marriage between power and portability. This allows you to take a strong and potent material like nicotine salts and use them in an unlikely compact and convenient device. The overall vapor output is discreet in most pod vaporizers letting you get the best experience without having to bear with the intolerable bulk and weight of large and outdated portable devices that require you to carry various attachments just so you can vaporize various materials.   

Which brings us to our next advantage...  

Vape Pods for Versatility  

One of the most surprising advantages one might expect from a device and a component this small is the ability to accommodate various materials. Even devices larger and ones that look more capable than pod vaporizers require you to connect several attachments to the battery just so you can use various kinds of materials.   

What’s great about vape pods is that they have learned to adopt various heating styles from different vaporizers like oil vaporizers, wax concentrate vaporizers, and e-liquid vaporizers. Vape pod manufacturers have learned to downsize the heating elements to be able to fit that of the said heating elements. Modern-day vape pods now have the ability to vaporize various heating elements that are made to accommodate various materials. Don’t worry, we’ll have examples which we’ll get to in a few. These vape pods are tweaked to have the same results as their full-sized counterparts and oftentimes use the same kind of materials as them. This means that you can enjoy the experience of using various vaporizers for the price of one. Although at the time of writing, there is still no vape pod designed for dry herb consumption, there’s no telling what the future might bring. Today’s pod vaporizers are designed to cater to various kinds of extracts and oils and do a great job of doing so.   

To give you an idea of what these vape pods are, here is a list of some of today’s most versatile vape pods.   

1. YocanTrio Pod.   

The Yocan Trio Pod was designed and engineered for use with a single battery and had three pods that were made for use with wax, thick oils, and e-liquids respectively. The way the pods are designed closely follows that of how traditional atomizers used for these materials were constructed. The wax concentrate vape pods are equipped with a heating element made out of a quartz rod wrapped in titanium coils. Likewise, the pods that cater to thick oils and vape e-juice are made from ceramic coils. All three vape pods produce relatively similar effects to that of their counterparts and were built with convenience in mind. The pods are refillable so they might leak given that you do not seal the pod properly compared to having a sealed pod that was closed and sealed by the manufacturer.   

This innovative approach to consuming various types of materials in a single vaping unit has led to the versatile nature in the vape pods we see today. Vape pods started out as chambers and receptacles for e-juice and e-liquid only and are mainly used by smokers wanting to ditch the habit. However, evolution has found its way even in vape pods and has brought us the versatility we enjoy amongst vape pods today.   

2. YocanEvolve 2.0 Pod.  

Before the aforementioned Yocan Trio, there was the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Pod that provides its consumers with three pod selections made specifically for each material type. While the Yocan Trio Pod offered an improved design, the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Pod was made with the very basic and rudimentary technology that’s why it gave the final vapor output a somewhat raw feel to it which pleased many consumers but felt distasteful to some. Nevertheless, the Yocan Evolve 2.0 Pod paved the way for many other devices to follow suit and create a trend of versatility by pushing the limits that these pod vapes have to offer. Imagine having to push the boundaries that these small and minuscule pods can do.   

Today, many look at Yocan and appreciate the contribution and the impact it has had on the market and the industry. Pod vapes and vape pods won’t be the same as when Yocan had influenced the playing field.   

Closed and Open Pod System  

Vape pod manufacturers have learned that they can play around with the variety of pods they produce. Other manufacturers have decided they are going with a pre-filled product while others have decided they will go with a refillable system. This became today’s pod vape system known as the open and closed pod systems. Let's dig deeper and find out the difference between the two.   

1. Closed Pod System. 

A closed pod system is a pre-filled pod product. This means that the manufacturer themselves brew the e-liquid to their specification and use a proprietary recipe on e-juice blends. Since they are professionally brewed, these vape pods and the e-liquid inside them boast superior quality in many aspects including flavor and potency. This is true especially amongst e-juice pods that are made to provide consumers the best flavor and the most potent nicotine hit.   

Because the pods are sealed, no one can tamper the product inside. That’s why vape pods that run on the closed pod system can faithfully preserve the quality of the material they contain inside. The e-juice does not leak, the aroma does not escape, and the quality is preserved. On the flip side, these pods are expensive. You are basically paying for the quality and the longevity of the e-liquid inside as they are most likely will always be in pristine condition. Having said that, the range of e-liquid options you can consume is basically limited to what the manufacturer has to offer.   

Some examples of vape pods in the closed pod system include those that come from the JUUL brand. There are also pods from Bo Vaping and PHIX.   

2. Open Pod System. 

You guessed it, vape pods that run on the open pod system are the exact opposite of those in the closed pod system. The pods come in with the actual vape battery without any material or any form of e-juice or e-liquid in them. This means that you can fill it with your choice e-liquid blends. Some consumers purchase e-liquid in bulk and refill the pods as they go and just change them when they begin to develop gunk and other residual byproduct. This means that the open pod system offers its users the freedom to use almost any compatible e-liquid on the market and does not limit the consumer to what the manufacturer produces. However, you are running the risk of putting low-quality e-juice in the pod especially when you buy your e-liquids from an untrusted seller. Nevertheless, you can do as other consumers do and brew their own materials. This way those knowledgeable about brewing e-liquid can adjust the material they brew to their liking and to their own personal preference. If you want to crank the potency up a notch, just adjust your brew until you find your sweet spot. Want to increase the flavor? No problem, you can even brew your choice flavor or even create a flavor that’s not on the menu, whatever kicks your fancy, you can do it on an open pod system.   

There are also downsides to this vape pod design. Because you can freely tamper with the pod, there’s a tendency that the pod will let out some of the flavor and the aroma of the material out and therefore reducing its overall integrity. Also, the materials in the pod may leak since the pod is not factory sealed but instead are sealed by your own hands. If you are meticulous enough and know that you are strict in your sealing the pod, then that’s okay. Otherwise, you may run in the risk of spilling your e-juice out of the pod and into your pocket or worse – in your bag. This can cause an unwanted mess that will be hard to clean and may even damage other gadgets in your bag or in your pouches like smartphones, laptops, or tablets.   

Here are some examples of open pod system vape pods.   

KandyPens RUBI Pod   

The KandyPens RUBI Pod is a refillable pod system that offers superior vaporization of your select wax concentrates and thick oils. KadnyPens is a long-time player in the industry and is a company that has long discovered the ins and outs of vaporization. To preserve the overall quality of your materials even if you’re running an open pod system, the KandyPens RUBI pod was outfitted with premium Japanese cotton – the best the industry has to offer. Likewise, you will also find ceramic heating elements that are designed and engineered to bring out the best flavors in your e-liquids and wax concentrates. Plus, the KandyPens RUBI Pod was designed to be a leak-proof solution as many other vape pods tend to leak because of their open pod system design. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain vaporizer accessories that are why they make for a great addition to your vaping arsenal.   

The KandyPens RUBI Pod was designed and engineered for use with the KandyPens RUBI vaporizer.   

Yocan Lit Replacement Thick Oil Pods   

Made specifically for use with thick oils, the Yocan Lit Replacement Thick Oil Pods can handle almost any type of infused oil and boasts a large e-juice capacity at 1ml per pod. That's already a decent amount of thick oils since many thick oil pods on the market can hold only below 1ml. Because of its size and how it’s built, refilling the pods won’t be a problem especially if you’re in a hurry. Tired of spilling over the thick oils because the Yocan Lit Replacement Thick Oil Pods are outfitted with wide holes for refilling the pods. However, the real gem this vape pod has to offer is not in the size of the oil reservoir but in the actual heating element as the Yocan Lit Replacement Thick Oil Pods are equipped with a 1.4-ohm resistance coil which means that it can easily vaporize your select oils. This lets you easily consume your favorite materials without having to wait long enough that you have to look silly waiting for the vapors from the Yocan Lit to make ready and begin vaping. You're almost assured of almost on-demand vaporization of your favorite materials making it the perfect on-the-go oil vaporizer.   

Mi-Pod Mi-Pods  

The Mi-Pod pod vaporizer has gained popularity as a high-quality pod vape and along with it, it offers relatively high-quality vape pods. The Mi-Pods are designed and engineered by Mi-One brands, the Mi-Pods boast of what they like to call an oil-air-separated (OAS) system which crudely separates the oil from the airpath allowing you to enjoy the full potential of your select thick oils. Moreover, the Mi-Pod also offers superior airflow you wouldn’t imagine was possible for an accessory as small as a vape pod. The Mi-Pod is outfitted with an adjustable airflow plug which allows consumers to either take a drag with direct-lung or mouth-to-lung hits. This way, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds and enjoy blowing fat and dense clouds of vapors that are packed with flavor.   

The Mi-Pod Mi-Pods are used specifically for nicotine salts and are best for flavored e-liquids. Each pod can be used for at the very least five times giving you real value for your money. Because of how well these pods are designed and engineered, they do not gunk up easily and can endure long and demanding use. It's the best nicotine salt pod on the market that’s packed with features that make the Mi-Pod Mi-Pods a worthy investment. It’s a practical and a customizable pod you won’t see on other units.   

Suorin iShare Replacement Pods   

Another open pod system product, the Suorin iShare Replacement Pods are a unique addition to our collection of open pod system products that it only allows a consumer to carry a small amount of e-liquid on-the-go. That's because the Suorin iShare Replacement Pods can only accommodate 0.9ml of e-juice. However, what others think as a limitation is actually an advantage. Because it can only hold a small amount of material, it can faithfully preserve its overall quality and maintain its flavor and potency making it ideal for those who seek the best flavors and the most potent hits from their select materials.  

That said, the Suorin iShare Replacement Pods can be used in conjunction with a slew of materials on the market today, including nicotine salts, free-base e-liquid, nicotine-free e-liquid, as well as traditional e-liquid blends derived from PG/VG blends. This makes the Suorin iShare Replacement Pods a universal solution for all your e-liquid needs. The Suorin iShare Replacement Pods takes full advantage of the open pod system that it outfitted the pods with some of the most premium components used for vape pods like gold-plated connections and magnetic links. The gold-plated connections ensure the superior flow of electricity so the flow of power when you vape will not be interrupted. Furthermore, the Suorin iShare Replacement Pods are outfitted with magnets that make removal and replacement easy and straightforward. No other pod system is as seamless to use as the Suorin iShare Replacement Pods. Even reloading the pod is made quick and easy through the top load system allowing consumers with flimsy hands to easily refill the Suorin iShare Replacement Pods with their favorite materials. Each of these replacement pods, just like all other replacement pods made by Suorin, are made with careful attention to detail, this means you are getting the best version of their product. That's why they are seen as one of the staple names in the vape pod industry.   

Now that we’ve talked about the advantages of using vape pods, lets now talk about some of its known disadvantages to help you decide if using pod vapes and if investing in vape pods is right for you. Here are some of its disadvantages.  

1. Small vape batteries. 

While pod vapes are one of the most compact and the most convenient varieties of vaporizers, they are not the best option if you’re looking for a device that can offer a lasting performance in between charges. You can go around this problem by bringing a power bank when you leave the house so you do not need to find an outlet every time you have to recharge your batteries. This is a great solution for heavy consumers who will find that they have to constantly recharge their vaporizers a couple of times in a day.   

2. Small vapor production. 

Let's face it, pod vapes and vape pods were not made to produce fat clouds of vapors. They are, however, great when used with a potent material like nicotine salts and are great when used in a discreet and stealthy manner. The limited vapor production you get from using pod vapes and vape pods are counterbalanced by the fact that you can use vape pods and pod vaporizers almost anywhere you go because you don’t have to bother people when you inhale and exhale the clouds when you use your vaporizer.   

Although they pose some disadvantages, the advantages and the benefits they bring to the table. That's why many consumers are drawn into the allure of using vape pods instead of traditional RDAs and RTAs because using vape pods are convenient and make far less mess compared to using traditional means of consuming e-liquid blends. If you’re still in the dark about using or even selecting a pod vape and a vape pod to use here are some tips.   

Are Vape Pods for Me?   

If you’re a smoker who wants to quit, then, a pod vape with the right vape pod is your best choice. That's because many pod vaporizers are made with specially designed vape pods to help smokers quit smoking. That's why many of these vape pods are built to accommodate e-liquid products like nicotine salts. They pack a large amount of nicotine that a few hits can satisfy your nicotine cravings. This makes carrying a few vape pods along with your pod vaporizer an ideal solution to fixing your cravings for nicotine. You can trick your brain to thinking that you are consuming nicotine at every puff simply by switching the pods that contain one with nicotine salts and another with e-liquids that have zero nicotine content in it.   

This makes using a pod vape with several vape pods more sensible if you’re a smoker trying to quit.   

If you’re a vape user who likes to be discreet, using vape pods are also for you. As we’ve covered above, most vape pods are not capable of creating large clouds of vapor. So, bringing a pod vape when you go to a bar or to a concert or any type of public even lets you enjoy and reap the benefits of your select materials without having to sound the alarm. All you need to do is to pull out your vaporizer, slide the vape pod in, and start blowing. Also, if you’re the kind of consumer who likes to mix it up in terms of flavor, using vape pods can be the perfect means of consumption for you. What you can do is buy a bunch of pre-filled pods or you can refill refillable pods with different kinds of flavored e-juice and just use them as you go.