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About Eyce Molds  

Ever get tired of breaking your bong or any kind of glass attachment for your vaporizer or eRig? Well, VapeActive has a solution for you. We carry products from a company called Eyce Molds, who manufacture smoking and vaping paraphernalia made from premium, high-grade silicone. Theirs is a unique line of pipes, bongs, attachments, and all kinds of water filters, bubblers, and different kinds of fitting for your vaporizers made from the best silicone ever.   

Interested? Here’s more about Eyce Molds.   

Starting out in 2013, Eyce Molds was a family-owned and run company founded by two brothers from Bend, Oregon. The same year they launched a whole new product for smoking – silicone pipes. Passionate about innovating the cannabis game, Eyce Molds have made and manufactured some of the best bongs and water pipes on the market today. That said, their products are not made the conventional way and therefore do not feature traditional raw materials giving you a novel means of enjoying your select materials. Eyce Molds products have earned a reputation on the market and in consumer circles for being the go-to product for anything nearly indestructible. That’s right, products that come out of their production line are made to last and endure the most punishing tasks known to smoke and vaping accessories and paraphernalia – period. They are bar none the only choice for smoking accessories that won’t break and if they happen to, they will be replaced by the manufacturer making them industry leaders in terms of warranty and guarantee. While they were known for “durability that rips,” their products also had other features to offer the masses allowing them to take and gain a strong foothold on the vaporizer and smoking accessories market.   

Here are a few.  


Molded with silicone, Eyce Molds bongs can withstand any torture from bumps and falls that will break and shatter any regular bong or beaker. That in mind, Eyce Molds products are the ones you can bring anywhere you go, like literally. Take them on trail hikes, beach escapades, for when you go camping, and on other activities that might cause any glass accessory to fall into pieces. This makes Eyce Molds products truly portable accessories for the smoker or vape user that’s always active and always on-the-go. This also makes their products ideal for simply just bringing them into social gatherings like concerts and house parties since you can carry them anywhere and not worry about breaking them when they drop. It may just well be the ultimate when it comes to bongs, pipes, and all. Eyce Molds products let you enjoy true portability without the worry.   

Packing them in your bag is also a breeze. Imagine having to carry a water pipe in your bag when you travel. You might be packing it with newspaper so as to protect the structural integrity of the glass pipe or maybe as a precautionary measure so that when it breaks inside your bag, it won’t make so much of a mess. That’s something you won’t have to experience with Eyce Molds. You can just throw it in your luggage and even forget that you have it in there. It won’t make a mess because it won’t even break in the first place. Also, is it made out of silicone; Eyce Molds products can be fitted in tight-fitting spaces.   

Now, imagine your traditional water pipe doing that.   


You have all the right to be concerned about your personal health and safety – after all, it is your own body. One may always be wary when using a water pipe or a bong made out of silicone, it is plastic, right?   

No. Silicone is actually different from plastic, rubber, and its other derivatives although silicone can be considered a close relative. Their products are made only from some of the best silicone products on the market with BPA free materials making them safe for use and even to be in close proximity with heat which is one of the major concerns of health-conscious consumers that feel sketchy about using Eyce Molds products. When exposed to heat, plastic materials may bleed. This means that the stuff inside of the plastic product can move into your materials, smoke, and vapor. One easy indication is taste. When heated, cheap plastic can affect the smell and taste of the smoke or vapor making the final output somewhat undesirable. Although the chemicals that might bleed out of common plastic is too minuscule to cause immediate health concerns, long term exposure might cause future health problems.   

This is something devs at the Eyce Molds company know of so they opted to choose food-safe materials in brewing the perfect recipe for a tough silicone cookie.   


Considering how their products look and function, Eyce Molds are products that were carefully thought of. Based on the idea that design is a concept, an idea of how something works and not how something looks.   

Within this premise, the design language of Eyce Molds products speaks both to the hip and to the old-fashioned. Their products come in many different patterns and colors that there will always and almost be an Eyce Molds product for everyone. The way we made to look, used, and function make them products that showcase proper design and engineering. If you want durable, reliable, and cleanly designed products for smoking and vaporization, then this brand has the right products for you. Whether it be bongs, water pipes, small pipes, and anything in between, Eyce Molds has it all.   

And, when looking for Eyce Molds products online, make sure to check with us at VapeActive where you can find the widest collection of Eyce Molds products sold at the best price. So, when you need to buy Eyce Molds bongs and Eyce Molds water pipes online, make sure to buy only from VapeActive.   

Safety is Eyce’s Top Priority  

We’ve only covered safety briefly in the features above. Here's a more in-depth look at how Eyce Molds create safe silicone products for a wide variety of consumers.   

First, let’s talk about silicone.   

Silicone is a material that can be likened to plastic but offers better attributes making it the better choice for when crafting Eyce Molds’ flagship units. Since they manufacture bongs, beakers, and other paraphernalia used in smoking and vaping, the products they make are often subjected or are in close proximity to heat. We know that common plastic will bleed and mix its chemical compounds into the ground herb you’re consuming or that dab of wax you’re vaping. Not to worry, silicone is a heat-resistant material so using them with bongs, water pipes, and even with vaporizers makes them still a safe option. Moreover, Eyce Molds use BPA Free materials making them a lot safer compared to conventional plastic. BPA or bisphenol A is an industrial compound used to make materials like plastic. This chemical has been around the 1960s that’s why studies and research about BPA are not uncommon. That being said, studies have shown that BPA can be found in many plastic products like plastic bottles, for commercial food and beverages as well as in many industrial plastic products. BPA can make its way into food so there is no reason why this chemical cannot make its way into your wax concentrates and dry herb strains. Exposure to BPA can cause serious medical concerns in the future that’s why Eyce Molds were keen on selecting materials that do not contain BPA starting with the silicone they use.   

Here are a few other reasons why silicone is way better than plastic.   

  • Silicone is recyclable.   
  • Silicone is food safe.   
  • Silicone is durable.   
  • Silicone is easy to maintain.   
  • Silicone is oven safe.   
  • Silicone is ocean safe.   

Silicone is a recyclable material. Because it is a man-made polymer, silicone’s property prevents it from decomposing making it a non-biodegradable material and requires to be properly disposed of. Luckily many local waste management facilities have means of dealing with man-made polymers like silicone. It can be recycled or incinerated leaving almost zero footprints when the time comes for you to dispose of it. This means that you’re not doing anything harmful to Mother Nature given that your Eyce Molds accessory is properly disposed of.   

Apart from being a recyclable material, silicone is also ocean safe or ocean-friendly. Not that you are encouraged to leave your Eyce Molds into the ocean but should by any accident yours fall into the ocean, it will be more friendly towards it compared to traditional plastic. That’s because silicone won’t degrade easily and damage the ecosystem in the ocean nor immediately cause imminent harm to anyone or any wildlife near it. This gives you more than enough time to go back and get your Eyce Molds silicone bong away from the ocean.   

Silicone is also durable – nearly indestructible. Having been made from silica, silicone materials like the bongs and beakers from Eyce Molds, they can withstand almost anything including ultraviolet radiation, sterilization, use and exposure to harsh chemicals being subjected to extreme heat and cold, salt sprays, even ozone, and acid rain, and snow. This makes Eyce Molds an investment we’re sure you won’t regret. Having to buy a bong, a pipe, or a bubbler, that’s going to last you a lifetime isn’t bad at all. Eyce Molds products may just as well be the only smoking and vaping paraphernalia you will ever need. Heck, your Eyce Molds smoking accessories may even withstand a zombie apocalypse.   

Who can’t say no to food-safe materials? Food safe materials are either actual products that are safe for food storage or raw materials that were used to make and manufacture these products. Because Eyce Molds use silicone products, their bongs, and beakers, and other accessories are imbued with the food safe properties of silicone making them an ideal component for use with plastic bongs and pipes.   

All these properties make Eyce Molds bongs and beakers a great addition to your smoking or vaping arsenal. This makes maintaining and taking care of your Eyce Molds quite a breeze. You can wash it with almost any liquid soap to clean the silicone accessories so you can always enjoy a clean and healthy session almost every time. So, if you’re looking for a bong or a water pipe this strong and durable, make sure to check out Eyce Molds products. And when checking out Eyce Molds accessories, make sure to visit VapeActive and buy your Eyce Molds products online. Eyce Molds creates products that are suited for both waxes concentrates and dry herb strains allowing a wide variety of consumers to take advantage of its properties.   

Eyce Molds for Life!   

While having perfected silicone, Eyce Molds also made a good deal of providing its customers the best guarantee through their industry-leading lifetime warranty. The folks at Eyce should also be credited with reinventing durability altogether. This ensures you can use and enjoy your Eyce Molds bongs and beakers for life! Now wouldn’t that be nice?   

With a catchphrase that says “Break It. Tear It. Burn It. - We'll Replace It.” Eyce Molds covers its products with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked. Their products are made rugged, durable, and boasts hell and back reliability giving you all you’ll ever need. Whether your Eyce Molds pipe or bong gets accidentally chewed off by a zombie or got sliced in half by a lightsaber, Eyce avows to replacing your unit. You can’t get an assurance any better than that. Other companies and manufacturers give limited warranties to their products and none has ever declared confidence in their products so openly than Eyce Molds, they even promise to replace the glass! This is the Eyce Molds promise. A solid affirmation and declaration of their confidence in their products. Something you’ll find only in products and from companies that have full trust and belief in the products they manufacture.   

Here at VapeActive, we’ll help you with reaching out to the manufacturer and give you the necessary documentation you need to avail of their warranty. Here are some of the Eyce Molds products we carry for you to elevate your daily sessions and will help you understand the foundations from which Eyce Molds products were built from.   

The Eyce Spoon   

Arguably the cheapest Eyce accessory you can get, the Eyce Spoon boasts the same level of durability and longevity as other Eyce products do, this means that for its price, you can experience what top-shelf Eyce Molds products have to offer. This makes the Eyce Spoon a solid tool for consuming ground botanicals on-the-go. It’s a pipe that fits perfectly in your hands allowing you to carry it almost anywhere you go. Plus, there’s no need to worry about it because it’s made from durable material that can withstand almost anything!   

The Eyce Spoon features Eyce Molds' platinum-cured silicone material that exudes durability and reliability in just about any manner. Platinum-cured silicone has several unique properties that further increase the properties of the raw silicone material found in Eyce Molds products. Platinum-cured silicone can further withstand extreme conditions including ozone exposure, radiation, and temperatures in extreme levels just to name a few. High-quality platinum-cured silicone has seen wide use in the medical field with applications mostly involving the production of injectables, bio-tech, and other pharmaceutical products. That said, platinum-cured silicone is a material that offers and boasts high levels of purity, hence, having found its place in the medical field. Furthermore, the use of platinum-cured silicone improved Eyce Spoon’s chances of increasing its durability, tensile strength, resistance to shrinkage, and improve its range of hardness. This allowed Eyce Molds to easily mold the Eyce Spoon into a small and compact accessory that can hold out against just about anything. Even catastrophe won’t be able to stop you from toking with the Eyce Molds in your hands.   

Apart from the platinum-cured silicone they use in their products, Eyce Molds also take advantage of another inert and hard-wearing material – borosilicate glass. The bowl holding the herbs when you use the Eyce Spoon is made of high-grade borosilicate glass that ensures it can keep up with the durability of the platinum-cured silicone body holding it has to offer. Like platinum-cured silicone, borosilicate glass has seen wide use and offered vast application in the medical industry. Like silicone in its platinum-cured state, borosilicate glass is tough and durable. It’s highly resistant to heat allowing it to easily dodge the effects of thermal shock which may lead even the toughest materials to wane and break down. Thermal shock causes an object to expand in various levels and in varying places causing the visually perceptible cracks and fissures on the surface of the object. Because of the properties unique to borosilicate glass (low thermal coefficient), it is able to withstand these conditions and maintain its structural integrity amidst the punishment it’s taking from extreme temperature levels that can otherwise break the average glass. This means that no matter how many times you use the Eyce Spoon and light up your bowl, the borosilicate glass bowl in the platinum-cured silicone body of the Eyce Spoon will hold out just as fine. For its ability to hold out against heat, borosilicate glass has been used as laboratory equipment in the form of beakers, test tubes, and flasks. It’s a common fixture in many laboratories since its conception.   

Now the use of high-quality materials and components in products like the Eyce Spoon not only makes Eyce Molds products valuable accessories but also makes them unique forms of investments you can enjoy for a lifetime. When other vaporizers and pipes degrade as they age, the Eyce Spoon will retain its properties allowing you to enjoy it like it was the first time you unboxed it. The design and engineering involved in the Eyce Spoon are protected by a patent secured by Eyce Molds. It’s a solid pipe for solid stoners!   

The Eyce Beaker   

The Eyce Beaker is another premium product coming out of the Eyce Molds factory. It’s a beaker bong made to provide the clumsy consumer an unbreakable bong. If you’re tired of dropping your water pipes when you can no longer handle your fair share. Why invest in expensive glass pieces when you can put your money where it belongs and buy an Eyce Beaker.   

It’s made from the same platinum-cured silicone so you can expect nothing but durability from this beaker bong. This makes it so that no matter how punishing or how demanding your sessions are, the Eyce Beaker can keep up with it and provide you with memorable sessions especially when you need it the most. It’s also outfitted with the same borosilicate glass you’ll find with the Eyce Spoon making it a larger and more capable companion when you put the Eyce Spoon pipe down. While the Eyce Spoon keeps it short and simple, the Eyce Beaker was made to spice things up. It adds the element of water filtration to give you water-filtered and moisture-conditioned hits. It filters minor irritants you might get from smoking ground botanicals straight up as you would with the Eyce Spoon. Moreover, it also cools down the otherwise warm vapor production you would get from drawing from a pipe with the burning botanicals in close proximity of the mouthpiece. This prevents you from coughing and wheezing from inhaling an otherwise potent and overpowering vapor.   

The Eyce Beaker offers the benefits and the advantages of using a glass water pipe and more! Because of its platinum-cured silicone build, Eyce Molds was able to make something more out of a water pipe and add more features to it while still maintaining the essence of having to use a water pipe or a bong in the first place. The Eyce Beaker is outfitted with a large hidden container at the bottom that acts as a stash for everything you might need when toking. The container at the bottom is made with various rooms and divisions that can hold anything from ground materials to wax concentrates allowing you to toke and dab with the Eyce Beaker. You can fit tons of materials of different varieties in the hidden stash leaving you with a place as big as the base of the beaker for storage. This makes the Eyce Beaker a great paraphernalia you can bring to parties. Need more material for individuals wanting to partake? No worries, just pull out the hidden stash below the base and boom! More botanicals or extracts to keep everybody lifted till the party ends. Worried about Johnny-sweaty-hands dropping and breaking your bong? That problem is almost non-existent with the Eyce Beaker, the silicone body can withstand almost any drop and the glass itself can withstand thermal expansion leaving with you with an almost indestructible bong that can hold a few other components aside your materials since the Eyce Beaker is outfitted with magnetic connections allowing you to slap your lighter into the magnetic band so you won’t have to lose it mid-session, a great feature you’d be hard-pressed to find on traditional bongs and water pipes.   

However, the Eyce Beaker’s best feature yet is its built-in ice catcher. Yes, the Eyce Beaker can accommodate ice which not only smoothens the vapor but also cools it down allowing you to toke longer and take deeper pulls with your Eyce Beaker bong. All in all, the features that the Eyce Beaker features are far too advanced for the average bong to handle. If you’re looking for a bong that can do more than just add the element of water filtration, the Eyce Bong is the perfect paraphernalia for you.   

The Eyce Hammer  

Ever felt like Thor talking to yourself “I’m still worthy!” after taking a toke? The Eyce Hammer is the perfect tool to use in this scenario. Kidding aside, the Eyce Hammer is a great companion if you like smoking and taking tokes whilst on-the-go.   

You’re still getting the same platinum-cured silicone body but you’re now getting a deeper glass bowl since the Eyce Hammer is larger than the portable Eyce Spoon. The Eyce Hammer boasts a patented design that offers the exceptional marriage of utility and convenience. It’s large enough to hold larger doses of ground material allowing you to exceed expectations and transcend limitations. Speaking of which, the larger frame of the Eyce Hammer holds a hidden jar that can hold materials either ground herbs or wax concentrates.   


That’s because the Eyce Hammer is compatible with many other attachments including those that can be used for wax concentrates. Think of a quartz banger, you can attach a quartz banger on the Eyce Hammer to dab wax concentrates in a portable pipe. Now that’s ingenuity. The Eyce Hammer comes with an open space inside that you can put water in, just insert the quartz banger atop the Eyce Hammer and heat it with a torch. You’ll be surprised to see and experience fat dabs for yourself.   

The beauty of the Eyce Hammer is its ability to vaporize two varieties of material. You can vaporize both herbs and wax concentrate using the Eyce Hammer that it makes for a valuable tool for consuming different materials. Not to mention that the Eyce Hammer is made out of platinum-cured silicone makes it a great investment as it’s as constant as having paid for something you can use in a lifetime. Coupled with Eyce Mold’s industry-leading warranty, the Eyce Hammer may just as well be the quintessential pipe the modern-day gentleman deserves. It’s a value-laden accessory that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds on the cheap. Instead of having to buy two accessories at once, the Eyce Hammer lets you enjoy the benefits of two units for the price of one. Also, partner that with the unique looks and the flexibility you get from using platinum-cured silicone, you get a solid unit that you can enjoy until your lungs break – and seriously, there’s a fat chance your lungs will break first before the Eyce Hammer does.   

If you’re on the market for a pipe that won’t break and will let you enjoy the benefits of consuming various kinds of materials, then the Eyce Hammer is what you should be smashing with!   

The Eyce Mold 2.0  

Finally, the mother of all bongs, the one that allows you to make more bongs. The Eyce Mold 2.0 is literally a mold that lets you create ice bongs! The way it works is that you fill the mold with water and freeze it. Pop the fridge open and you’re good to go.   

Like many other products made and manufactured by Eyce Molds, the Eyce Mold 2.0 is a great display of ingenuity allowing you to smoke out of an ice bong – literally.   

When wanting to buy Eyce Molds products online, make sure to check out VapeActive and get your Eyce Molds bongs and beakers at the best price possible. We make sure that the Eyce Molds products we have on our collection come from the manufacturers themselves to ensure quality and overall reliability. All the products on our collection are handpicked by our team of picky team of professional vape users and smokers that help us decide which product is hot and what is not. You can trust that the Eyce Molds product we have on our online store are carefully chosen for smokers by smokers so you can be sure of the beneficial aspects of the products in the collection.   

VapeActive is a company dedicated to improving the experience of many vape users and smokers not only their online shopping experience. That’s why we make sure that the products we sell as well as the descriptions that accompany them are as accurate as we can have them be. So, you can make informed decisions when you make your purchase whether if it’s from a recreational or a medical perspective. So, trust in us when delivering you products straight from the manufacturer so you can get the best version of the product you’re buying and you are coming in your purchase knowing well what you’re going to get.