How to Spot a Fake JUUL and Fake JUUL Pods

How to Spot a Fake JUUL and Fake JUUL Pods

How to Spot a Fake JUUL and Fake JUUL Pods  

Because of the rising popularity and demand for vapes, it is not surprising that these devices have been the major target of very aggressive counterfeiting. The reason why vapes are being counterfeited is to rip consumers who desire popular brands at more affordable prices. High-end brands, like JUUL, are generating higher consumer appeal and recognition. In fact, the profit margins on vaping devices like vape pens are high, and many want to take advantage of this by making fake JUUL it and fake JUUL pods. 


What JUUL Say About Fake JUUL Devices Proliferating Online 

JUUL Labs is fully aware of counterfeit JUUL kit and fake JUUL pods online. They highly recommend purchasing JUUL products only through authorized vendors. Counterfeit JUUL products pose serious safety and health risks because they're not constructed with the same high-quality materials like the authentic JUUL. Because of the increased clamor from consumers about fake vaping devices in the market today, JUUL Labs created a dedicated team that works with various law enforcement agencies to stop the manufacturing and distribution of their trademarked products.  

JUUL Labs monitors marketplaces regularly, contacting sellers to ensure that they're not inadvertently selling fake JUUL kit and fake JUUL pods. Through certain verification programs, the company contacts sellers with postings that are believed to be counterfeit and those with trademark infringement issues. JUUL encourages the cooperation of customers when they're requested to provide information through their online monitoring team. It is best to purchase JUUL pods and devices directly from their website or from an authorized retailer to prevent getting a counterfeit JUUL item.  


How to Spot Fake JUUL Pods and Devices From Authentic Ones 

Of course, you can expect that a JUUL pod is fake if it comes at a very cheap price. The price for four packs of authentic JUUL pods ranges from prices at around $18, while fake pods come half the price. For JUUL devices, the authentic JUULs are priced at somewhere around $37, whereas you can get as low as $15 for the fake ones. There are general guidelines to know is a vape is fake or not such as barcodes, stickers, logos, and packaging. Fake JUUL products include blurry barcode, TM instead of R with a circle, and a different color for the QR code (should be black). Real pods that are sold from the website directly don't have barcodes because they don't distribute them. The real JUULs have a serial number and logo on the one and the same side. For fake JUULs, they have the serial number and logo on opposite sides. 

Fake JUUL pods have harsh e-juices. Their caps are brightly colored. For example, one flavor has an orange cap, wherein the real one is yellow-orange and the fake is red-orange. The coils are very different too and so as the charger. Refillable JUUL pods come in cheap packaging with e-juice spills scattered around. Real ones are spill-free and professionally packed. 


How JUUL Labs Addresses Counterfeit JUUL Products 

There is a very long journey to take when it comes to fighting counterfeit fake JUUL pods and vapes. It is considered a long-term commitment to maintaining the excellent quality and service of the company. They are dedicated to ensuring that consumers always receive the modern and advanced technology, with beautiful product designs and world-class customer support encompassing the JUUL brand. 

To protect their customers and their business partners, JUUL Labs actively investigates and pursues counterfeiters. JUUL is now a partner of several local law enforcement agencies to stop the parties who are responsible for the production, distribution, and sales of fake JUUL kit and JUUL pods. JUUL also has a product registration site to know if your JUUL device is authentic or not.  


Where Do Counterfeit JUUL Vapes Originate 

In Shenzhen, China, the majority of counterfeit vapes are being manufactured, with more than 600 factories making vaping devices. While there are genuine vape factories complying with intellectual property laws, there are a lot of them to regulate and supervise. They are able to penetrate the western countries through smart sellers who tempt consumers by offering low prices. Sad to say, but there are also innocent sellers who are completely unaware that they're selling counterfeit items.  

There are fake JUUL products sold online including counterfeit accessories such as refillable pods. As with the cheap and fake vaping devices, these accessories can also pose danger to you and to your authentic JUUL vape as well. 


Consumer Warning and Precautions on Counterfeit Vapes  

If the standard price of the item is far lower than the average price, then there's a high probability that the product is fake. Manufacturers put authenticity codes to combat counterfeits. It works by revealing a code once the surface is scratched and the code is entered into the website of the company to check if it is valid. Of course, the real products are the only ones with valid codes. If the code shows that it was checked several times, there's a high probability that the item is fake because every code is unique.  

You can also try integrating the vape's Bluetooth with your smartphone or gadget. A fake vaporizer will not be able to pair with your device because it does not have the serial number of the company's database. Always check the packaging by comparing to online product sites. Always do some research before buying a new brand of vape and stay vigilant at all times. 



Fake vapes, like counterfeit JUUL products, pose danger to safety and health. While legitimate companies are trying their best to maintain and improve the quality of their products, there are many factories imitating these brands to make money. Counterfeit vaping devices and accessories cause harm not only to consumers, but also to authentic manufacturers, legitimate distributors, and the entire vaping industry. It is not the fault of the consumer when they buy fake vaporizers but they end up paying a higher price in many ways, risking their health and safety. Always apply the best practices mentioned above when shopping to ensure you get quality and genuine products like JUUL vapes. 

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