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About The PAX 3 Vaporizer

PAX 3 is a super sleek and ultra powerful vaporizer from the leading vaporizer manufacturer PAX Labs. The PAX has always been one of the smallest, most lustrously designed and best performing portable vaporizers on the market since its conception. The PAX 3 comes in as the third generation PAX Vaporizer from a line of well known and established vaporizers.

This third generation portable vaporizer not only offers the same cutting edge technology like its predecessors but it also boasts unparalleled versatility, an even smarter, faster and noticeably stronger vaping experience. It features quick reacting heating materials and a beefier battery that allows you to enjoy ripping satisfying vapors longer without the exponentially noticeable decrease in performance.

The PAX 3 wax and dry herb portable vaporizer offer a truly unique vaping experience both for newcomers and the seasoned veterans.


Portability And Build Quality

The PAX 3 is carefully designed to have ergonomic physical dimensions and to provide consumers with a lightweight, smart and a durable portable vaporizer which you can use virtually anywhere. You can enjoy waxy oil concentrates and select dry herb strains at home, indoors or even outdoors all while you enjoy other activities like hiking, biking skiing or even snowboarding. The size to weight ratio of the PAX 3 wax and dry herb portable vaporizer is significantly perfect, it has a nice solid feel, PAX Labs uses only high-quality materials to ensure the device’s longevity and superb overall quality.

The PAX 3 has no loose moving parts and does not produce any rattling sounds when in use, its compact design feels sturdy to your hands and its high-quality material construct even makes the unit feel durable enough to withstand fair amount of carrying and use activity.

Outside, the PAX 3 herb and wax portable vaporizer features a highly polished finish with a smooth, reflective surface made from polished and anodized aluminum that’s as sturdy as it’s lightweight. The PAX 3 is surprisingly a pleasure to hold even with its metal coating, the unique engineering applied to this portable vaporizer ensures that you won’t lack the premium essentials. This Apple-like approach ensures a seamless and an uncomplicated vaping experience.


PAX Vapor App

The PAX 3 wax and herb portable vaporizer easily connects to the exclusive Vapor app via bluetooth on compatible devices. With the simple step of pairing your phone with the PAX 3 portable vaporizer, the dedicated mobile phone app will take care of the rest. The Vapor app even lets you name your PAX 3 device, no wonder the PAX 3 wax and dry herb vaporizer have been widely recognized as the “iPod of vaporizers” amongst wax and dry herb enthusiasts.

Most importantly, the Vapor app not only allows the user to personalize your vaping experience but to also customize your vaping sessions. Through the app you’ll be able to dial in the exact vaping temperature down to the degree using precision control allowing you to select the best temperature for your vaping style.


Innovative Heating Modes

Apart from having a customizable option that allows you to change the temperature down to the most minute detail using the app, the PAX 3 also comes with four preset temperature settings that can be selected using the control button near the mouthpiece.

The PAX 3 also has four unique vapor profiles that should come in handy for different scenarios like Boost, Flavor, Stealth and Efficiency. An empowering feature that allows consumers to explore and discover the profile most suited for their needs.


What’s in the box:

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