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  • 650mAh Battery 
  • Magnetic Coil Cover 
  • Micro-USB Charging 
  • 3 Preset Temperature Profiles 
  • Convenient Touch Coil Design 

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The Yocan Dive Nectar Collector Vaporizer

The brand known for manufacturing affordable and dependable vaporizers has done it again, the perfect combination of a nectar collector and a portable wax pen vaporizer is now possible through the Yocan Dive. The Dive allows you to experience the benefits of dabbing with a nectar collector while enjoying the convenience of using a wax pen vape. The Dive lets you dab right from your wax jar which means you can enjoy larger amounts of concentrates free from the restriction of a small chamber. This also means that you no longer have to worry about frequent reload especially if you have a high tolerance, this makes the Dive a perfect vaping device for parties and casual group sessions with friends. The Yocan Dive Nectar Collector Vaporizer Kit keeps you well informed of how much material you have on the jar, (pretty much like how you dab with nectar collectors) so no more guessing how much concentrate you've got unlike when using a traditional vaporizer. However, unlike the conventional nectar collectors, the Yocan Dive is powered by a 650mAh battery giving you the convenience of torch less heating. The battery easily charges via a Micro USB charger and has a battery life that can sustain more than just the average vaping session.  

The Yocan Dive is the perfect wax vaporizer for those who enjoy dabbing with a nectar collector but does not want the risks of burning their fingers with a red hot nail.  


Nectar Collector and Wax Pen In One  

While the Yocan Dive sports some of the key features of a nectar collector, it also brings some of the best of what a wax pen vaporizer has to offer.  

The Dive is equipped with three temperature/power settings which can easily be identified through the color-coded LED lights on the vaporizer. Red light means low power, green for medium, and white for high power. You can now enjoy a wide variety of effects and upshots from your favorite concentrates, the lowest is best for flavorful yet low viscosity clouds and the higher power setting is best for an amplified high, and the medium power level is good if you want just the perfect mix of flavor and vapor.  

The Dive Nectar Collector Vaporizer Kit is also equipped with safety features. That vaporizer itself will tell you if something is wrong. Should the vaporizer blink 10 consecutive times, it means that it needs recharging and it's running low on power. Should the vaporizer run into a short circuit or a bad coil it will blink 3 times. It also warns you if you've reached its overtime function and will blink 8 times which normally happens after 10 seconds of use.  

The Dive ensures your safety while giving you the benefits of both a nectar collector and a wax pen vaporizer.  


Optimized for Convenience 

The Yocan Dive Nectar Collector Vaporizer Kit is designed and engineered for convenient vaping. It emphasizes the user's overall experience and allows you to personalize your vaping sessions depending on your needs. With the use of its specialized touch style coils, you can easily dab concentrates without the use of a butane-based blowtorch.  

While it's easy to use Yocan Dive Nectar Collector Vaporizer Kit is also easy on the upkeep. The package includes a magnetic coil cover so you can keep your coils clean and safe till your next session. Another first from Yocan Vaporizers.


What’s in the box: 

  • 1 x Yocan Dive Vaporizer 
  • 2 x Touch Style Coils  
  • 1 x User Manual  
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable

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