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 About The G Pen Nova Vaporizer  

Looking to outshine the competition, the G Pen Nova Vaporizer aims to like up to its moniker as a bright star wanting to overcome the market with its advanced features as well as its slim and sleek design. The G Pen Nova Vaporizer comes from a family of notable vape pens made to feature “superior functionality with the convenience of transportability,” such as the maxim that Grenco Science makers of the G Pen Nova Vaporizer believe in.  


The G Pen Nova Vaporizer boasts superior features like a powerful 300mAh vape pen battery – allowing it to outlast the average vape pens. It’s also outfitted with a quartz bowl with a ceramic dish to help preserve the flavors of your materials all while facilitating the ideal temperature for vaporization. The G Pen Nova Vaporizer by Grenco Science also sports a ceramic loading tool as well as 510 threaded connections for ease of use and compatibility over a wide range of attachments and accessories. The G Pen Nova Vaporizer leads the way for vape pens and allows dual functionality and can vaporize both dry herb strains as well as waxy concentrates – a rarity for vape pens in its size and price point. And, if that’s not enough for you, the G Pen Nova Vaporizer has a variable voltage setting which allows you not only to explore but reap the benefits of your chosen materials. An extended draw mode is also available for those who are used to one hitter which emphasizes and amplifies the effects of their herbs and extracts as well as the visibility of their vapors. The G Pen Nova Vaporizer is the perfect vape pen for any types of consumers. 


Two Vaporizers For The Price Of One 

The G Pen Nova Vaporizer is a two for one unit. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds in a single vaporizer, you literally don’t need to purchase an extra vaporizer or any additional attachments in order to vaporize either wax concentrates or botanical blends. The secret lies in its specialized “dual-use” tank that is compatible with both concentrates and loose-leaf materials.  


While other vaporizers require you to change atomizers or heating elements when you switch as you use different materials, the G Pen Nova Vaporizer sticks with the same heating element. Because of how easy it is to use different kinds of materials, the G Pen Nova Vaporizer is pegged to be one of the would-be most sought-after vape pens in its class. It combines functionality and practicality as well as ease of use and straightforward operation. There’s no special procedure when loading different materials, simply pack your desired material and load it as you are used to. It requires no learning curve that’s why beginners and pros can use the G Pen Nova Vaporizer with ease. 


The heating element is made from a combination of two of the most used minerals in modern-day atomizers – quartz and ceramic. The heating element in the G Pen Nova Vaporizer is a quartz bowl with a ceramic dish. Now, quartz is known for its attributes as a catalyst of heat. Having high heat conductivity, quartz can deliver ling ripping clouds of vapor as it immediately ramps up and heats up either herb or extract. Ceramic, on the other hand, tends to ward off heat and absorbs it slower than ceramic. Allowing more of the flavor and the terpenes to be extracted for more tasteful vapors. The combination of both quartz and ceramic provides the G Pen Nova Vaporizer the perfect balance of cloud visibility, flavor, and potency.  


Ideally, ceramic is best for extracts while quartz is good for herbs. Having both minerals at one’s disposal and conveniently placed in a single heating element makes for an easier and smoother vaping session. This makes the G Pen Nova Vaporizer a great option for people looking for a dependable vaporizer at an affordable cost.  


Temperature Control  

Because the G Pen Nova Vaporizer allows the use of both herbs and concentrates, it requires a more versatile means of heating various materials.  


The G Pen Nova Vaporizer is equipped with three preset temperature settings that allow you not only to adapt to whatever material you’re vaping on but to customize your vaping sessions as well. These preset temperature levels are fine-tuned and are calibrated for optimum wax and herb consumption. By selecting the lower temperature modes you can extract the terpenes on you materials which gives off a clear headed high and is perfect for mild euphoria and sleep-inducing effects. The mid temperature levels will help you relax and gives a balanced high that’s perfect for dealing with stress. The higher temperature profiles will yield more potent results triggering the psychoactive components found on your materials. Whether you’re an extract lover or an herb fanboy, you’re sure to get a knock you off your socks effect with its high-temperature mode.  


In terms of vapor production, the lower and lid temperature profiles yield thin to decent clouds while the high-temperature level will give you more visible clouds of vapor.  


An All-In-One Kit 

The G Pen Nova Vaporizer is an all in one kit which includes all your vaping essentials with the exception of the actual materials. The pen itself has a ceramic loading tool integrated on the mouthpiece, it makes it easy for users to reload the G Pen Nova Vaporizer especially when using wax concentrates.  


The G Pen Nova Vaporizer has a powerful 300mAh battery with pass-through charging capabilities allowing you to use this vaporizer even while it’s plugged into your wall socket. You no longer have to wait for the battery to reach a full charge, you can vape on it as soon as you find a secure and stable power source. This is best for people who rely on their vaporizers to administer their cannabis-based medication. And the good stuff doesn’t stop there. The G Pen Nova Vaporizer is equipped with an extended draw mode which allows 15 straight seconds of heating without holding the power button – best for group sessions.  


What’s in the box: 

  • 1 x G Pen Nova Battery 
  • 1 x G Pen Nova Tank 
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable  

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