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  • Quad Coil Quartz Atomizer
  • Portable and Discreet
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Durable and Leak-Proof
  • 1300mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Safety Shutdown Feature

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About The Yocan Pandon Vaporizer

The Pandon Quad Wax Pen is a portable handheld wax vaporizer you can carry around and use discreetly. It is assembled using the latest in vaporizer technology by the engineers of Yocan. You can never go wrong with this wonderful wax pen.


Smooth, Stealth and Glossy

The Yocan Pandon Vaporizer is one powerful device, it can produce very thick clouds and the heating system is off the charts, all that and the wax pen was designed to be elegantly stealthy. Its heating system would give you dab like experience with a double quartz coil head and two dual rods, maximizing your wax vaporization is guaranteed. Vaping all day won't be a problem with its 1300mAh vape battery, fast heat up is also ensured. The Yocan Pandon vaporizer is an on-the-go vaporizer, very easy to use with an awesome performance that won't let you down.


Quad Quartz Coil Rod Atomizer

With its quadruple coil quartz rod atomizer, the Yocan Pandon vaporizer is a sure stand out from all other vaporizers available in the market. It was engineered by the makers from Yocan with a dual coil head design made of two separate double-rods letting the users customize based on their vaping preference, you can choose between vaping with the use of two or four rods. The tube in between the coil heads houses the wax and the chamber is leak proof, making clean up very easy convenient to use. With the clever use of quartz for its rods, pure flavorful vaping is a sure thing as aroma and flavor is well preserved. The Yocan Pandon pen vape quickly heats up waxy oils efficiently, with gradual vaporization, smokiness is prevented by fast burns. If you enjoy vaping huge thick flavorful clouds, this wax vape is definitely for you.


Temperature Flexibility with Power Vape Battery

The Yocan Pandon vaporizer is powered by a 1300mAh vape battery which can be customized in three optimized levels. To turn on, click on the power button. 5 clicks enables you to toggle through the available voltages. The LED light is color coordinated to represent each voltage making the Yocan Pandon vaporizer extremely easy to use - Green corresponds to Low (3.5v), Blue corresponds to medium (3.8v) and White corresponds to High (4.2v). The Yocan Pandon wax vaporizer can be easily adjusted whether you want discreet hits or big powerful draws. With a USB charger included in the box, you can charge your device anywhere. To ensure longer vape battery power and auto-firing, the Yocan Pandon vaporizer has an automatic shut down feature after 10 seconds of standby.


Slick and Simple Creation

With a simplistic elegance, the Yocan Pandon wax vaporizer was made in 4 dazzling colors. You can choose from Black, Blue, Silver and Red that matches your lifestyle. This wax vape is certainly a sight for sore eyes. Its ergonomically built to fit the palm of your hand. With its stealthy design, the Yocan Pandon vaporizer can be easily concealed in your hand and fits right in your pocket. This wax vaporizer promises only high-performance, quality vape production and the sleek stealthy aesthetics. Powerful exterior but feels as comfortable in the hand as the stick shift of a Porsche.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Yocan Pandon Vaporizer
  • 1 x Atomizer Tube
  • 2 x Quartz Dual Coils
  • 2 x Coil Cap
  • 1 x 1300mAh Battery
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable

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    Ask a Question
    • How to toggle through temp level?

      Just click 5 times to toggle through each voltage. Here are the settings: Low: Green, Medium: Blue, High: White. Hope this helps.

    • Can this also be for dry herb?

      Hi, Coby. The Yocan Pandon Vaporizer is specifically designed for wax concentrates.

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