Grenco Science G Pen microG Original Vaporizer (Dual Set)

Grenco Science G Pen microG Original Vaporizer (Dual Set)

BRAND: Grenco Science

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Grenco Science

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About the G Pen microG Original Vaporizer (Dual Set)

Portability in portability. Have you ever seen anything as portable as the G Pen microG Original Vaporizer (Dual Set)? All I can say is that it is amazingly convenient and lightweight as it can be concealed within just your palm. As small as the microG original can’t be as powerful as you say? Think again. This portable vaporizer does not just give importance to portability but it is also packed with a shocking powerful high – quality atomizer that can cater all waxy oils and wax concentrates of your choice. With its sleek design, it also comes with a very stylish way on how you can enjoy your dab session each time. The G Pen microG Original Vaporizer (Dual Set) is perfect for people who wants to have an extra vape set or also perfect for couples who are most especially beginners as this wax pen is also very easy to use and operate. The affordability that Grenco Science offers also makes it the best choice to choose for a portable wax pen vaporizer, with even lesser than the price of one vape, you are actually getting two! This is the best of the best vaporizer set ever made



With an emphasis with portability, this wax vaporizer is incomparable to some e-juice vaporizers and dry herb vaporizer in the market. It is very compact that it is even more concealed even with just the use of your palm. It can easily fit anywhere and does not consume much space so you can discreetly use it anywhere and anytime. It won’t even be obviously seen if you keep it hidden in your pocket. Even including the whole kit set, you will never be under the hassle of worrying how to carry it around as it has a very stealth built. Whether you choose to use it in the car, in the park, during concerts or while doing a walk in the park, this is the perfect choice as it will never draw much attention from crowds even if you use it in a public place.


Well Made Atomizer

An affordable but with a high – quality atomizer is what Grenco Science had in mind for the market when they had their creative minds make the G Pen microG Original Vaporizer. When it comes to choosing the best wax pen, most wax vape users always make sure that the atomizer will be a kick. The reason is because different wax oils and wax concentrates require a certain heat level that ensures your filling will be vaporized and not cooked or burnt as it would produce a very awful and a disliked burnt taste that everyone avoids. With the powerful atomizer that the G Pen microG is equipped with, you can make sure that whether it is a runny or thick wax profile, it can definitely be catered by the atomizer that the portable wax vaporizer is built with. No other vaporizer can be compared to the greatness and awesomeness that this wax pen offers.



  • 2 x G Pen microG Original Vaporizer
  • 2 x Atomizers
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 5 x Mouthpiece Sleeves
  • 2 x Mouthpieces
  • 1 x Loading Tool
  • 1 x Key Chain
  • 1 x Charger Cord
  • 1 x Wall Adapter
  • 2 x Glass Containers
  • 3 x Cleaning Tips

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