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  • Compact Torchless Enail
  • Dual Quartz Coil Atomizer
  • Airflow Button Carb
  • Male-Female Attachment
  • USB Charging

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About The Yocan Torch Vaporizer Enail

Looking for a domeless Enail? You're looking at the right vaporizer! It is the only torch wax vaporizer that takes away the frustration that comes with a normal dab rig. This simple yet innovative vaporizer takes all the danger out of dabbing and provides a unique but easy way to do dabs on the go or if you're at home. Definitely a first choice of premium Enail. It brings together the bond between your dab rig and concentrates. Crafted by the creators of Yocan, this Torch Enail wax vaporizer is the best if you want an excellent vapor and flavor. When it comes to price, this nicely made machine is not made to burn your wallet. Yocan's powerful new Torch Vaporizer Enail is more adaptable and visually striking than anything you have ever seen. Have I mentioned that all parts of this vaporizer is detachable, replaceable and cleanable? Well, yes it is.


Crystal Quartz Atomizer

The Torch Enail wax vaporizer is fitted with two quartz coil rods that creates a lung-expanding dab rips without damaging the flavor and aroma of your wax oils that guarantees a crystal clean and smooth essence. The temperature of this vaporizer heats between 250 to 280 degree in Celsius which is 482 to 536 in Fahrenheit and due to this, this vaporizer features a medical-grade of 100% quartz crystal. That said, it ensures the purest dabs ever that solves all of the problems quickly. The carb cap can also be released on a hit by pressing the airflow button which can give smooth, rich and marvelous flavor you could ever imagine. You can also use this vaporizer for a dry herb material by getting the replacement dry herb coil or the pancake dual coil from your supplier.


Airflow Button Carb

Another awesome thing about this Torch Enail wax vaporizer is the airflow. The airflow button quickly allows a massive amount of air to replace the smoke. How to have that done? All you have to do is depress the spring loaded carb and in an instant, you can enjoy a smooth, pure, ultimate wax concentrate experience. It supports 15 seconds continuous heat each puff while a fully charged battery can support 45 puffs. The Torch wax vaporizer fits for 14mm and 18mm ground joints in which you can use a male or female attachment according to the size of the glass you'll use. You can also use either the airflow tube or glass tube of this vaporizer for a wonderful and one of a kind dabbing experience.


Innovative, Smooth and Glossy Design

Everything about the appearance and style of the Yocan Torch Enail vaporizer screams high-end and futuristic. It is durable, heavy-duty construction that dazzles the eyes of the vaporizer lovers around the world. This awesomely made unit comes with silver and black colors to choose from that will surely suit your lifestyle and daily activities. It is really exciting to see something that has a more science fiction inspired high-tech looking type of appearance of vaporizer. Eyes-catching creative aesthetic is not the only thing that makes this wax vaporizer so up-to-the-minute but is also the way it provides perfect aroma and flavor.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Yocan Torch Enail Vaporizer
  • 1 x Quartz Dual Coil Rod Atomizer
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x USB Cord
  • 1 x Glass Tube Pipe
  • 1 x User Manual

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    Ask a Question
    • How long does the battery last?

      Hi. This vaporizer provides up to 45 rips per full charge.

    • Can this be used for dry herb?

      The Yocan Torch Vaporizer Enail is designed for wax concentrates.

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