Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

BRAND: Arizer

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  • Compact Design
  • Clear LCD Screen
  • Midnight Chrome Finish
  • Ceramic Heating
  • Solid State Circuitry
  • Precise Temperature Control with Triple Heat Sensors
  • 50% More Energy Efficient

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About Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

Azier’s products have been extremely popular in the market over the recent years due to their affordable and highly effective vaporizers. Even though this device is the toned-down version of the Extreme Q Vaporizer, the Azier V-Tower Vaporizer still delivers exceptional draws from its whip-style method. This unit is arguably the best by far in its category, with its affordable price tag and outstanding manufacturing.



Being a whip-style vaporizer, the V-Tower features a digital display that lets you precisely control the vaporizing temperature. Although the V-Tower vaporizer does not have the dual-functionality feature of the Extreme Q Vaporizer, it's still capable of creating aromatic and flavorful vapor at an inexpensive price. This unit uses high-quality toxin free glass that produces pure and clean vapor. This device also uses the vertical Cyclone Bowl which makes heat distribution in the vaporization process an even and effective one. Combining that with the vertical design of the unit allows the hot air to spread throughout your herbs evenly, making your vaporizing experience more satisfying and enjoyable.

The Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer has a new, more compact design, which includes a dual-wall stainless steel housing with classy midnight chrome finish. This helps the device feel cool to touch even when it’s being used. It also has glass parts to deliver smooth, tasty, and cool vapor. It also features a bright LCD display, extra long medical grade whip, and auto shut-off settings.


Aromatherapy Vaporizer

Similar to the Extreme Q Vaporizer, the V-Tower can also serve as an aromatherapy vaporizer or an oil diffuser. This device is perfect for those who are searching for a high-quality unit that is user-friendly and highly efficient.


Temperature Control

This handy-yet-powerful device ensures a personalized vaping experience through its precise temperature control. With this feature, this unit gives you the power to adjust your ideal temperature, satisfying your delicate taste. The triple-heat sensors in the device will help you find the right level of heat to release aromas, flavors, and effects of various dry herb strains, creating high-quality vaporization.

This device sports an LED display that allows you to control your temperature to suit your preference. Once the temperature is set, the heating element acts quickly, which helps the device reach your desired temperature in just a couple of minutes.

Apart from the wonderful LED display, the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer has a wide range of temperatures, which can reach up to 500F. Don’t fret that your herb will have a harsh taste, because this unit ensures quality vaporization even at the highest temperatures.


Auto-Off Settings

You might forget to turn off the device, and sometimes bad things happen when you do. That won’t happen with the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer! With its auto-shut off settings, you can simply wait for the device to switch off on its own when you are done with your session. It’s a helpful feature to save your device from wear and tear, as well as your battery from using too much juice. Now, all you have to do is load in your favorite dry herb, set your desired temperature, wait for a few minutes, and experience the smooth and flavorful hits that this unit creates!


Lifetime Warranty

With its unique design and quality construction, the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer is one of the devices that are considered as future-proof. Arizer carefully created this device, from its conception to manufacturing, making sure that you will buy something that is built to last.

To make sure that this product stands against wear and tear, Arizer included a manufacturer lifetime warranty with the unit. This covers any defect related to its ceramic heating element. If something happens with your V-Tower’s heating element, you can be sure it will be fixed because of this rare inclusion to the product.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x 3 ft. Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer Food Grade Vinyl Tubing
  • 1 x Glass Cyclone Bowl
  • 1 x Glass Stirring Tool
  • 1 x Mini Whip w/ Glass Elbow Adapter
  • 1 x Additional Replacement Screens
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Oil Dish

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