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A company that innovates to elevate, DaVinci Vaporizers offer some of the most creative devices on the market. DaVinci Vaporizers can be used for both dry herbs and wax concentrates making them an essential companion to any cannabis consumer. VapeActive offers the best deals on DaVinci vaporizers, DaVinci accessories, DaVinci batteries and more. Maximize your savings with our DaVinci coupon code and buy the latest DaVinci Miqro and DaVinci IQ. Check out DaVinci collection today!

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About DaVinci 

DaVinci vaporizers are recognized as some of the best products the vaporizer industry has to offer. Like their namesake, DaVinci vaporizers boasts innovative and unconventional features you simply won’t see on average and cheap vaporizers. DaVinci vaporizers represent a higher sense of dry herb and wax concentrate consumption through the use of ingenious and innovative design and engineering especially on the part that matters most – the actual vaporization. DaVinci vaporizers and products are known not only for how sleek and sophisticated they look but also for how well they perform as far as heating is concerned. For individuals looking for a dependable and reliable portable dry herb vaporizer and portable wax concentrate vaporizer, DaVinci products will always be on the top of their lists.  


DaVinci vaporizers yield the best vapors in the business. Whether you’re vaping on botanicals or even extracts you’re sure to get the best output possible. That’s because DaVinci uses proven and effective technologies that ensure superior results. The newest and the latest technologies don’t always prove to be the best. That’s why the folks at DaVinci opts to go with tried and tested methods for vaporizing flowers and oils. They continue to develop newer technologies to make the overall consumption of herbs and waxes better and more convenient but they also keep in mind to stick to what works best and to selectively pick the better technology to improve their products overall. Here’s why.  

DaVinci Vaporizers' Purity 

Vaporizers made by DaVinci are known for producing vapors that are pure and are fit for consumption. They are known as true vaporizers because these devices do vaporize your materials instead of burning them as any cheap vaporizer would do. The basic idea of using a vaporizer is to extract and consume the active ingredients found in your flowers and extracts through the vapor instead of burning them and inhaling smoke. Smoke from burnt materials carries unwanted chemicals and toxic by-products that are bad for your system. Oftentimes, smoke from bunt and charred dry herb strains can cause negative effects to the human body which is counterproductive to what many are trying to achieve by consuming waxes and botanicals.

Many consumers use these materials to medicate since these herbs and essential oils have curative properties which make them a good option for those who want a non-synthetic and non-invasive means of treating and managing their medical conditions. What better way to consume these materials than to use a device that will highlight your materials’ purity?  


It’s as if mother nature herself handcrafted these products, DaVinci vaporizers facilitate a more natural environment for your herbs and concentrate to vaporize. DaVinci vaporizers use only the best raw materials the industry has to offer. These raw materials are carefully selected and are meticulously prepared using the most stringent and the strictest standards to ensure overall quality. They know that using the best raw materials in crafting the components of each vaporizer plays a crucial role in securing their promise to deliver optimum wax and dry herb consumption from beginning to end.  

DaVinci uses ceramic-based components and carefully selects the best of the best to create the ideal vaporizers that promote and encourage the best environment for both your herbs and your concentrates to vaporize. Ceramic is widely known as an inert and a pure mineral which makes it perfect for use with heating elements as well as herb and oil chambers. Ceramic is not the best catalyst of heat and for this very reason, DaVinci chooses ceramic since it won’t burn up your herbs. Ceramic allows for slow and steady heating of your materials especially when you run your vaporizer at low temperature. By doing so, you allow your materials to receive steady, constant, and even heating instead of having them getting blasted by a sudden surge of heat which will not only burn your herbs but will also damage the active ingredients in them.

DaVinci also uses glass components in some of their vaporizer models because like ceramic, glass is inert. One of the most common vaporizer parts to receive an all-glass treatment is the vapor path. Instead of allowing the vapor to travel in a plastic or a metal tube, DaVinci found that a glass vapor path keeps unwanted taste away from the vapors.  

So, if you want a vaporizer that faithfully preserves the qualities of your materials, make sure to take a look at DaVinci products and experience purity at the highest level.  

DaVinci Vaporizers' Innovation 

DaVinci is one of those companies who are always in the forefront of innovation, DaVinci believes that it is innovation that fuels competition and no one else benefits from companies that compete and strive for the improvement of the industry than you, the consumers.  


DaVinci is a company driven by innovation. They have a strong sense of commitment to conquer all the barriers known to vaporizers and the vape industry in general so they can create products that similarly break the barriers and the meta of the platform. The products they manufacture not only change how we see vaporization today but it also allows us to enjoy more of what vaporization can offer. As an example, DaVinci vaporizers use innovative technology like their smart path heating technology. Instead of just heating your herbs and your concentrates at a selected temperature level, DaVinci’s very own smart path technology allows its users to reap the benefits of their herbs and concentrates using a smart and simple pre-determined set of temperature settings.

The smart path heating technology is a refreshing and innovative take on preset temperature settings. The industry is flooded with vaporizers that use low, medium, and high-temperature levels and honestly, if you look closely into it, each vaporizer with the same preset levels operates at the very least the same parameters which make them generic, monotonous, and just pretty much the same wolf wearing only on different sheik clothes. While the infamous three-temp setting has been an industry standard, DaVinci wanted to change the meta and ultimately provide the industry with a more viable and practical means to heat your materials.  

These smart paths differ from the traditional preset temperature profiles in a way that they target specific results instead of just blasting your herbs with a certain temperature range. By targeting specific effects, it gives the DaVinci vaporizer users a clear “path” to the results they want to achieve allowing them to make “smart” and informed decisions when they vape. Hence, the term smart path.  

How DaVinci came up with the smart patch technology is, in itself, groundbreaking. First, they had to study the effects of temperature on your materials and from there determine what’s the best profile to use in extracting specific active ingredients. These active ingredients play a huge role in the effects your materials are going to have so it’s important that the folks at DaVinci pay close attention to these factors in order to achieve precise results from their smart path technology.  

Another groundbreaking innovation from DaVinci is its Bluetooth integration on some of its more advanced models. The Bluetooth integrated system allows users to connect their DaVinci devices via their smartphones. Via the downloadable Bluetooth application, DaVinci vaporizer users can easily access extended capabilities of their DaVinci devices allowing the said vaporizers to be smarter and more powerful.  

They also allow their customers to enjoy the benefits of mobile consumption as DaVinci continues to provide on-the-go support for their products in terms of having to manufacture accessories and parts that allow consumers to enjoy vaping while on their feet. They manufacture car chargers and external battery chargers so you can always maintain a solid battery state even when you’re out and about.  


And speaking of control, DaVinci vaporizers are known to feature advanced control over your sessions. Case in point, the Bluetooth app. The downloadable Bluetooth application not only allows you to power your device on via your smartphone but it also allows you to enjoy some of the benefits of full temperature control.  


Even without the Bluetooth app, DaVinci vaporizers can speak for themselves in terms of temperature control. They believe in the power their devices have to influence your experiences and overall control of your sessions creates a strong sense of uniqueness in using a vaporizer. The ability to own and make simple sessions your own not only empowers you as a consumer but also feeds your thirst for something better. This is one of the main reasons why the folks at DaVinci never get tired of creating and crafting exceptional products to work as you – exceptional individuals.  

DaVinci uses simple and straightforward controls for beginners and even advanced users to experience an easy and more convenient way of making both small and significant changes in your sessions. Their devices will often sport a single power button as the main control with two smaller buttons that act as the “up” and “down” button or the “+” and “-” button for controlling or changing the temperature. By staying to this simple layout, DaVinci vaporizers are able to let many of those who are just beginning to take on vaping enjoy a higher-quality vapor bridging the gap between skill levels in vaping. This is one of the reasons why many consumers find that DaVinci vaporizers make for great vaporizer products since they allow beginners and newbies to enjoy the same quality of vapors that veterans and advanced consumers enjoy.  

Furthermore, DaVinci ensures that consumers not only get to control how their vaporizers work but also control the amount of material they consume which is an essential part of wax and dry herb consumption. Many consumers suffer from low tolerance to the psychoactive effects of herb consumption. In most cases, vaporizers require you to pack a full chamber in order to achieve good results. While this allows you to reap the benefits of the materials you put in, you tend to be left to endure the potent buzz that these materials are known for. This is true, especially for many medical consumers. Consuming herbs in large amounts tend to be more counterproductive and puts them down for a good amount of time instead of actually helping them manage their condition.

DaVinci vaporizers now come with smaller chambers so you can microdose your herbs. Micro dosing allows many consumers and patients to enjoy a functional and light buzz so they can still perform their daily tasks and routines without suffering from getting into a more static state. Micro dosing has become more popular nowadays since many consumers prefer to experience the medical benefits of your material's active ingredients while avoiding its potent psychoactive effects. Instead of having to blast your system with high doses of these active compounds, you can now enjoy taking small doses through DaVinci’s revolutionary glass spacers. They promote better airflow while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of taking small doses of botanicals for a functional and productive buzz.  

DaVinci also allows consumers to control their modes of consumption and add the element of water filtration to their sessions. By manufacturing a slew of accessories like their water adapter replacement mouthpiece for the IQ and the Ascent models, they create a more flexible space for people to enjoy their materials in many ways. Their accessories include maintenance kits and accessory packs so you can keep your device in good running condition and prevent issues like breakage and poor performance from happening.  

DaVinci's Mentions, Awards and Recognitions 

It's only befitting for a company or a manufacturer to receive good words from other people and institutions that are considered as authorities and in the industries, they belong to. The DaVinci brand has received numerous awards and recognitions as well as special mentions from some of the biggest names in the industry. To name a few, DaVinci has entered the Spannabis Cup in 2017, a special event held annually in Barcelona. DaVinci brought home the bacon and won the prestigious title of the best product after having gone head to head with some of the largest companies in the vaporizer industry.  

DaVinci and DaVinci products have also been featured, mentioned, and praised by some of the industry’s top reviewers like TV.G (the vape guide), as well as other prominent online sites like Weed Republic, HerbonautVaporizerWizard.Com, Tu Vaporizaror, The Cannabist, The Potlander, The Huffington Post, and Hail Mary Jane. DaVinci’s products have also been complemented by figures from other media platforms like Westword, GEARCULTURE, Bustle, ABC 13 Action News, Forbes Magazine, MAXIM, CRAVE, Nu Futur, Inked Magazine, FHM, and Inc. 

We're sure that we’re about to hear about DaVinci from other institutions because of how well these devices are and how much they have changed people’s lives and vaping in general. It’s no secret that DaVinci vaporizers are one of the best the market, the industry even, has to offer. So, if you’re in the fence for a new device, make sure to check out DaVinci and experience the difference that others only talk and read about.  

Promoting the DaVinci Lifestyle 

Not every vaporizer manufacturer uses its brand to promote a particular lifestyle. This only shows that the DaVinci brand proves to encompass the boundaries that other vaporizers and vaporizer manufacturers have a hard time getting over. DaVinci vaporizers cover all aspects of herb and wax consumption like flavor, health and fitness, medical use, and your basic everyday needs.  


Their take on flavor involves their wide knowledge about the botanical plant matter and how it reacts to heat. As we’ve mentioned earlier, DaVinci has taken it to themselves to study the effects that heat has on your herbs and your concentrates. By taking a deeper and a more thorough look at your flowers, they uncovered that terpenes create a spectrum of flavor notes once the herbs and the extracts are heated.

They believe that the way your herbs are heated makes a significant difference between getting that sweet and aromatic flavor note or the taste of burnt popcorn. They too take into consideration that terpenes can be spoiled and damaged if you subject your herbs to high-temperature levels. They are pretty sensitive and proper care and caution should be observed when heating your botanicals. This is the reason why they create vaporizers that progressively and steadily bring your materials to vaporization temperatures instead of blasting them off with heat. They’ve also created additional accessories like their flavor chamber to increase and elevate the flavors native to your materials.  

This is one of the main reasons why DaVinci vaporizers are patronized by connoisseurs worldwide.  

DaVinci also knows that health, fitness, and medical use go hand in hand. They have observed how today’s professional athletes including swimmers, cyclists, runners, basketball and NFL players, as well as full-contact fighters crawl out of the woodwork to enjoy and experience the benefits of consuming herbs and extracts. They've noticed the surge of professionals who look to herb consumption because of its benefits in increasing overall appetite, pain management, memory enhancement, boosting creativity, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Many athletes use DaVinci vaporizers before, during, and after a workout to reap these benefits. Furthermore, people who carefully watch what they put into their system have been looking to DaVinci vaporizers for a healthier consumption alternative. They no longer want to ingest edibles that include sugary sweets and they have also stopped lighting up their botanicals in fear of inhaling smoke making DaVinci vaporizers the go-to products for people who look for a healthier alternative and for those who want to live a healthier lifestyle in general.  

For your everyday consumption, DaVinci knows that people use their vaporizers to manage stress and emotional states. This is why they continue to create and manufacture high-quality vaporizers for us to use.  

Finally, DaVinci also produces stylish apparel for their customers. These apparels include shirts and hats so that DaVinci style meets everyday functionality.  

DaVinci Products 

Here at VapeActive, we are happy to carry some of the best products that come straight from the DaVinci production line. Here are some of their top-selling vaporizers that we have in our collection.  

The DaVinci IQ 


One of DaVinci’s flagship models, the DaVinci IQ is a straight-up beast. It features their zirconia ceramic path technology as well as their revolutionary smart path temperature settings. It also offers several heat settings in its stand by and boost mode and is also equipped with the latest Bluetooth integration technology.  

Out of the box, the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer looks sleek and sexy. A rectangular unit without any protruding components which gives it a really solid dimension and a perfectly stable proportion. The size of the DaVinci IQ makes it easy for your hands to hold it, making your experience with the DaVinci IQ a pleasure from start to finish. The color options are likewise solid but subtle to promote discreet and low-key consumption of your select materials. It comes in black, blue, green, copper, and gunmetal. The exterior also boasts fine LED dots that serve as the actual interface of the unit. The 51 dot LEDs display the status of the DaVinci IQ as well as other information like temperature levels.  

Under the hood, the DaVinci IQ holds a single 18650 battery that’s removable and replaceable. Arguably one of the best innovations of the century, removable batteries rid portable vaporizers of the need to constantly recharge. Remember the time you ran low on battery when you were out and about and had no way of recharging your batteries? Well, now DaVinci has a solution to your dilemma. Basically, one can carry extra batteries they can pre-charge before they leave home. These batteries can be swapped as you go leaving no room for missed medications or sessions cut short because of a low battery. This innovative feature allows consumers to enjoy longer sessions in places where a power outlet may not be readily available. This includes situations like beach escapades, camping trips, and others.  

In terms of heating your materials, the DaVinci IQ features a boost and standby mode. These modes are perfect for all types of users. The boost mode allows on-demand heating allowing you to enjoy the advantages of the vapors produced by the DaVinci IQ if you don’t have the time to wait for your device to heat up. It increases the efficiency of the heating elements and allows it to deliver faster results than the usual. The standby mode, on the other hand, lets you save battery life if you forgot to bring spares or if there are no available outlets near you. Both these features allow you to play around with how temperature is delivered which translates not only to how well the materials are vaporized but also with how you manage your device’s longevity.  

The average heat-up time of the DaVinci IQ is around 16 seconds and the battery take roughly 3 hours to charge.  

The DaVinci MIQRO 


Smaller in size, the aptly named DaVinci MIQRO proves once and for all that in vaporizers, size never matters.  

The DaVinci MIQRO is packed with features you’d see on larger portable vaporizers. Plus, it’s got all the goodies the larger IQ has to offer including the aforementioned zirconium airflow system, an all-ceramic air path, and removable and rechargeable batteries.  Another great addition is the adjustable oven pearl which allows you to alter the capacity of the chamber for larger or smaller loads. This enables you to enjoy the benefits of micro-dosing and saving your herbs while maximizing your experience on every draw. This means that you get to use as very little amount of material as possible while getting as many active ingredients from your botanicals as possible. Not only is this an efficient way to consume herbs but it also makes for a great means of making the most out of your sessions.

The oven pearl we’ve just mentioned acts as a packer so you can pack your chamber as loose or as tight as you please. This also gives you the chance to adjust the airflow in the chamber giving you the option to make your draws more restricted or more loose depending on your preference. Arguably one of the best features the DaVinci MIQRO has to offer, the adjustable oven pearls give the MIQRO the ability to maximize its power and its function as a conduction vape. Conduction vaporizers use the heat from the walls of the chamber to vaporize the material inside it so having a neatly packed chamber allows the DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer to effectively vaporize your herbs almost every single session. The adjustable oven pearls are a solid addition to the DaVinci MIQRO’s repertoire of features and prove how ingenious and innovative the folks behind the DaVinci MIQRO are. It's well made and is well designed that the pearl does not shake nor rattle inside the chamber.  

The DaVinci MIQRO is also famous for its size, a noticeable advantage it has over its bigger and larger brother. The DaVinci MIQRO allows many consumers like you to take quick and easy hits on the fly. It’s an on-the-go vaporizer that can easily be carried in your pocket or in your bag. Inside your pocket, the DaVinci MIQRO makes for a compact and convenient portable dry herb vaporizer. It will not give excessive weight to it and it does not obstruct your daily activities whilst inside your pocket because it’s not bulky. This makes the DaVinci MIQRO a stealthy device you can take almost anywhere you go. You can take it to places where you won’t be able to easily sneak in a portable dry herb vaporizer. You can now enjoy quick but satisfying vape sessions in your favorite coffee shops, you can sneak in quick hits in theaters and even in restaurants for that after-meal sessions.

The DaVinci MIQRO only measures at around over 3 inches tall, over an inch wide, and at least a little less than an inch thick. The DaVinci MIQRO also weighs at exactly 3.53 ounces. This means that it’ll fit almost any pocket without you having to go through any trouble putting it in and taking it out. The DaVinci MIQRO is well built and will not easily be damaged when inside your pocket or even when kept inside your bag, the materials used in the manufacturing of this small and compact dry herb vaporizer is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear portable vaporizers get from daily carrying activities that would break the average vaporizer.  

To top that off, the DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer has a special edition model called the explorer’s edition. The DaVinci MIQRO Explorer’s Edition comes with a slew of accessories that makes carrying this small and powerful device more enjoyable. One fan favorite is the MIQRO Glove. It's a stylish and functional protector that can be used on the DaVinci MIQRO and can pretty much be used as how you would a silicone case for other vaporizers. The only difference is that the MIQRO Glove has large perforations that allow the DaVinci MIQRO to sort of like breath and dissipate the heat that is produced and that is coming from the inside of the DaVinci MIQRO.

Another great accessory is the carrying can. The carrying can serve as a receptacle for your herbs in a tight container. This way, you can discreetly carry your herbs wherever you may go. No more lugging around large and obvious herb containers, these herb containers will easily break your cover and will let others know you’re carrying botanicals, the carrying can lets you take your herbs with you discreetly. It also has a compartment for your battery so you can carry a spare battery for when you need it the most. You’d also get a DaVinci MIQRO Soft Case so you can rest assured that your DaVinci MIQRO stays safe inside a soft case that not only protects the DaVinci MIQRO but also allows you to keep a low-key when carting your new favorite dry herb vaporizer.